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Ulquiorra was sleeping, wedged tightly between his two lovers and the slender man's face was contorted into a scowl. Grimmjow grunted when a sharp elbow hit him in the face as his pale lover cracked him in the temple. Slowly he opened his blue eyes and observed his mate's fitful thrashing, noting that on Ulquiorra's other side Byakuya was also awake. Steel colored eyes met blue in silent understanding before both of the men gently wrapped the smaller man in their combined embrace.

He was restless, he felt nervous, something wasn't right. His big jade eyes blinked taking in the desolation of his inner world. The landscape was as it always had been; bathed in inky black as if in the dead of night, but what gave him alarm was the fact that no longer was it barren. He had grown accustomed to his vast wasteland that stretched as far as the eye could see, the blackness only broken up by dots of light from the few stars illuminating his sky. Where there had once been nothing there was a lush jungle, the scent of sakura wafted to him and his delicate nostrils flared at the smell that reminded him of his mate. He slowly turned around in circles, taking in the sight. Trees as far as he could see covered the landscape like a blanket, the stars illuminating just enough for him to see the variety of colors and shapes. He shook his head, blinked, and then looked again; nothing had changed. Was he truly in his inner world? He turned his head up to the sky and summoned his segunda etapa, green and black energy burst forth as his body contorted. Tail lashing he stretched his wings out and took to the sky.

He flew and flew, it was as he had suspected, and trees covered the once barren land and the smell of sakura rose from among them combined with a watery smell. He glided from tree to tree, alighting on each one to examine its color, feel and texture, his lips twitched upward into what some would call a smile. On Ulquiorra's face his smile looked more like a grimace of constipation, but it was indeed a smile nonetheless. He crouched on top of the tallest tree he could find, winding his tail around the branch for support as he folded his wings. The wind ruffled his hair slightly and he looked up to see a rather ominous figure perched precariously on the branch across from him. The man was clad in all black, loose pants sat at his toned hips highlighted the musculature that sloped down to his groin. He wore no shirt which only served to make him appear that much more ominous. Broad shoulders formed a wall of taunt muscle, two dark nipples pierced through with glinting silver bars winked in the moonlight as he stood. His skin was smooth, the darkest shade of ebony possible, his eyes two pools of black, and when he spoke there were no teeth only an empty void. Two giant webbed wings sprung from his back and were stretched open at their full and very impressive wingspan.

"Ulquiorra, it has been quite some time" his voice was smooth, deep, like rolling thunder and velvet.

"Murcielago" it was a whisper yet the reverence in his voice was apparent.

"I had expected you sooner, in light of all of this imprinting and mating" he gestured to the landscape "as you can see things are changing."

"Yes" Ulquiorra nodded, looking around his lips twitching. "What exactly is going on?"

"Well, you imprinted on Byakuya who had also been imprinted upon by Grimmjow. Imprinting is something that rarely happens unless the species is in danger which it is in this case. Once you have imprinted your inner worlds begin to merge, so you are joining with both of theirs." Ulquiorra's delicate eyebrows rose at this information, he had heard about this happening with the others and knew it would happen to him at some point but as time drug on and it didn't he had begun to think it wouldn't.

"Why did it take so long to merge? The other's happened instantly it seemed."

"Ulquiorra" Murcielago said kindly, his bald head bowed slightly "you know you are not normal and because of that it took longer."

"You mean because I am broken?" Ulquiorra spat out bitterly, his hands clenched into fists at his sides, his nails drawing blood as his tail lashed through the air viciously.

"No you aren't broken. The process was more delicate because of what you, what we, were subjected to by Aizen. The nuances and subtleties were harder to navigate because of that and also because you are with two mates not just one. As you merged you entered into an already completely merged world, thus we were forced to take it very slowly in order not to disrupt the delicate balance between the three."

"Kasai had two, and his didn't take that long."

"Kasai has two submissives not two dominants. Also, Starrk and Tatsuki are not mates as Starrk is with Ichigo so it is still one to one mostly. Kasai's energy is split between Tatsuki and Starrk, Starrk between Kasai and Ichigo. You three however are all intertwined, equal. You are exceptional" he alighted onto the branch next to Ulquiorra, his hands gently stroking the smaller man's slender face.

"It is a great honor to have these two as mates, one by instinct the other by choice. You are the only one to achieve this despite being the submissive. Byakuya, though it started as an imprint, has grown to love you and Grimmjow has always loved you, he just didn't know how to tell you; in fact according to Pantera he was not consciously aware of it for quite some time. You are very much treasured and cared for by both of them; this is why it took longer as well. Their spirits knew of your mutilation and wanted to move slowly until you fully accepted their masters into your heart."

Ulquiorra's big eyes blinked as he took this in "and now, now we have merged because I have truly accepted and returned their love?" Murcielago nodded a smile on his lips.

"Where are the others? Pantera and Senbonzakura?"

"They are waiting to meet you; I will take you there if you are ready?" Before he could second guess himself Ulquiorra nodded and took flight, following Murcielago as both of their wings beat gently in the night sky. He surveyed his new inner domain from the air, the yawning stretch of trees, the sweet sakura smell and the sounds of streams and brooks flowing. He thought quietly and briefly to himself that perhaps he could get used to this, that his world was no longer so empty, so barren and so cold. In place of the vast desert shrouded in blackness he now had a lush forest, two spirits and a jungle it was quite the difference, his thin lips twitched as he saw they were fast approaching a fire. As they alighted on the ground he could make out two figures rising to their feet, he saw the spitting image of Byakuya and a tall, lean and fur covered woman. Senbonzakura and Pantera, he was in awe as Murcielago approached them and he watched the three spirits converse animatedly. Finally, his inner most world felt full.

If Kenpachi was surprised he didn't show it as a small dark blur shot out from under a canoe and launched itself into Byakuya's arms squealing. The force of the impact sent the stoic captain catapulting backwards, his arms tightly wrapped around the small form of his adopted sister. Chuckling Kenpachi approached the pair, who were tangled in an array of limbs and clothing. Rukia was sobbing, tears streaming down her small face and Byakuya appeared to be in some sort of daze.

"Kenpachi!" She proclaimed as she stood up quickly, and much to the big man's surprise, gave him a hearty hug. He chuckled as he put a big paw of a hand atop her head, he felt his heart tug as he thought of Yachiru, she had been like a daughter to him her life ended too soon. He closed his eyes for just a moment to see her face and Rukia, seemingly knowing what he was doing, stilled. What Kenpachi didn't realize was that Rukia was having memories all her own flash before her eyes, she had been there when they tortured and killed Yachiru, the small pink haired girl's cries still haunting her dreams.

Yachiru had separated from Kenpachi in order to cover more ground, but the small girl was unfortunately discovered by Rudbornn Chelute; the founder of the Exequias and the 61st arrancar. Rukia stumbled upon the rather macabre scene too late to help the small girl, her body still, her blood splatter painted upon the dismal landscape. The wind picked up her dark bob and she felt her hair brush against her face, a quiet reminder that she was still alive; summoning her nerves she stepped forward to where the man was. He was high up, his body forming what appeared to be a trunk underneath him, and from his branches humanoid figures were dropping to the scorched earth. He turned to eye her, his face covered in a bony mask with two protruding bull like horns.

"Have you business with me shinigami?" His voice was even, calm, not the voice on someone who had just brutally murdered someone.

"I have." She felt a wave of curiosity from him.

"Then what is it you desire?" His voice was now darker, lower, more deadly. She stood her ground but wondered what she could do? Yachiru was much stronger than her and he had killed her, she closed her eyes for a moment and allowed her power to snake out in the hopes someone would come.

"You have killed a vice captain arrancar, you have killed my friend." She thought her voice was shaking yet she ground those words out with as much venom as she could muster.

"Your friend?" He sounded almost amused. "And tell me shinigami, what is the definition of friend? For right now your friends are killing my friends if that is your way of looking at it."

She grit her teeth "I do not have time for mind games arrancar!" Sode no shirayuki sang out as she was drawn for her scabbard.

"My name, is Rudbornn Chelute you insect. I am the 61st arrancar yet am stronger than even the primera." She stopped and peered up at him, her eyes drinking in the frightening figure in front of her.

"Stronger?" It came out before she could stop herself.

"Ah yes" he preened from his perch "much stronger. For I can give and take life, while the primera may have brute strength I have finesse. My powers are much like a god's in that I can control and manipulate my very surroundings."

She looked at Yachiru's small body, the girl lay draped over a rock, her eyes two bloody empty sockets. Her fingertips were painted red, dripping with her blood and she noticed that the fingernails had been pulled off very precisely. Worst of all the body that had once been together was split straight down the middle starting at the base of the head and down the backbone, she had been spread apart like a science experiment, all of her insides clearly visible. She grimaced, she saw the esophagus, stomach, the grey of the lungs, pink of the bladder and deep red of the small girl's uterus but one thing was missing in her inventory.

"Where, what, what did you do with her heart?" She demanded, her previous fear gone and replaced with bitter rage.

"Oh, did you want that?" A slow sinister smile crept across his features, "here, here" he beckoned to one of the humanoids. Slowly a white figure came forth, and in his hands held her heart. The blood was still dripping down to his wrists, painting him bright red in sharp contrast to his snow white body. The heart was the size of her fist and she began to shake with rage at the sight.

"Wondering why I have it?" He chuckled, looking at her panic and confusion with amusement. "It is said that when one consumes the heart of their enemy after defeat they become stronger. It is of course an ancient thought and tradition but I find it wholly satisfying" he stated calmly, as if to drive his point home he signaled the humanoid and gingerly took the heart in one of his branches.

"She was a vice captain you said? And now I will be that much stronger for having consumed her heart." She couldn't move, she was rooted to the spot as she watched the branch snake up to his mouth, and without hesitation take a bit out of Yachiru's still warm heart. She felt her energy spike, her power swirling around her in an angry tornado as rage seeped out of her every pore. Rudbornn's expression changed into one of seriousness as she began to gather her power around her like a cloak.

"Rudbornn Chelute, 61st arrancar, I Rukia Kuchiki of the 13th division will kill you" her voice low, cold, sharp like an ice crystal that could cut through flesh like it was butter, her violet eyes narrowed as she pointed her sword at the man. Rudbornn quickly sprang into action calling upon his humanoids but it was no use, Rukia's rage was her weapon and she would not be stopped. Like a small, furious shrew she launched her small body at the offender; she was too focused to even notice when Renji and Kenpachi entered into the fray but she did know they were there. Together the three of them worked in tandem, performing a series of moves and counter-moves to back their opponent into a corner, until finally they had him. Without any ceremony or hesitation Kenpachi carved a hole in the man's chest and pulled out his still beating heart.

"You say it makes you stronger? Then I guess it's about lunch time" and for the second time that day she watched as a heart was consumed.

Before she could say anything she found herself flung over Kenpachi's broad back as he leapt into a rather impressive shun po, she felt her brother not too far behind them. She was deposited on the sand abruptly and Kenpachi walked toward a house yelling for Nnoitra the whole way, to her surprise the stick like espada appeared. Not wasting a minute Kenpachi brought the man to him in a bruising embrace and then jumped back, his stance ready. Fascinated she couldn't tear her eyes away, and felt her brother beside her. Nnoitra was grinning, showing his big white teeth as his sword rang out against Kenpachi's, and it was he who drew the first blood landing a blow across the larger man's broad back.

"Get yer head in tha game" he jeered, taunting the brute as his six arms waved their deadly scythes.

"Is he insane?" Rukia asked out loud, and heard a soft laugh beside her.

"Actually yes he is, but that is Nnoitra, Kenpachi's mate. I'm not sure if you recall him?" She shook her head, she knew he was an espada but she hadn't run into him during the war. Byakuya continued "when he gets upset he comes out to spar with Nnoitra, and then to uhm, relieve stress."

It was true, after fighting for several minutes she noticed Kenpachi had a markedly different gleam in his eyes. Her worst fears were confirmed when he suddenly dropped his pants and his rather monstrous member sprung out, but what shocked her the most was when the clearly aggressive espada simply presented himself on all fours like a cat in heat, lustfully keening and encouraging the fearsome man.

"What in the seven fucking hells?" She muttered, staring at the lewd display. It was like a train wreck, and she couldn't look away as Kenpachi mounted the man in one thrust, his pleasured sounds filling the air as he was ravaged. Kenpachi kept a tight grip on his bony hips as he worked himself in and out of the writhing man beneath him, Nnoitra steadied himself and bucked backwards, impaling himself further, their cries mingling together into one voice of pleasure. It was brutal, violent and cruel yet tender and loving at the same time. She turned to see Byakuya looking at her and she flushed in embarrassment. He smiled knowingly and led her toward the house while the two men continued their activities without an audience.