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With a rather unceremonious thud the rag tag group of shinigami and arrancar found themselves in the Rukongai, they had specifically picked this place figuring it would take Aizen slightly longer than usual to sense them. Quickly they dispersed into groups, staying with their mates, as they made their way through the winding streets approaching the palace; hoping their reaitsu hadn't alerted Aizen or his generals.

It had in fact alerted several people. Tatsuki felt a shift in the atmosphere as did Yumichika, Kasai ginned ferally as he felt the sonic boom of his comrades breaking through the atmosphere and Tsukishima allowed himself a slight smile behind his tea cup during an insufferably boring meeting with Aizen as he knew help had arrived at last.

"Great" Renji moaned, scratching his head " so now we wander around trying to throw him off our scent and get closer at the same time, I'm not sure this will work." Szayel scrunched his nose up and said nothing, he had learned in times like this it was best to stay quiet and let his brash mate express himself. "I mean how are we supposed to get close undetected?" Renji whined, "and Aizen is scary strong, though you already know that. Do you even think we will make it out alive?" The last question hung in the air between them, awkward and unsure Szayel shook his head and shrugged, pushing his glasses up further on the bridge of his delicate nose.

"Honestly I don't know. I hope we do but I fear we will lose some people" he said quietly, not wanting to further upset his already riled mate. Renji's eyes dropped as he toed at the dirt, a small frown on his face.

"I think the same thing, just-"

"just don't let it be you." Szayel finished for him, an emotion he couldn't place flickered across Renji's face as their eyes met. Quickly their gazes dropped and Renji stared at the dirt as if it was the most interesting thing in all the worlds.

"Yeah" he said softly "don't let it be you."

"I thought we weren't supposed to be attracting any attention" Grimmjow grumbled as they wandered through the streets. The hoots and hollers had only gotten worse, not to mention the leering faces; most of which were directed at Ulquiorra who was turning a rather bright shade of crimson.

"It's not like I asked for this" he hissed angrily at Grimmjow as Byakuya's delicate eyebrows arched at the annoyance in his pretty mate's tone.

"Well, to be fair" Grimmjow hissed back "you are pretty enough to be a girl."

"Grimmjow" Byakuya decided it was time to intervene as his rather forward mate was making his other mate more and more uncomfortable, and he was feeling a small headache coming on. "Why don't we take some of the attention off Ulquiorra, it's clearly making him uncomfortable, and you and I are more adept at dealing with this sort of thing."

Grimmjow scratched his chin and looked at Ulquiorra. The poor slender man was trembling slightly, Ulquiorra who was fierce and dangerous was afraid of leers, obscene catcalls and gestures? He never would have thought it, then he felt a warm breath by his ear and realized Byakuya was talking to him.

"Don't your instincts tell you he is the submissive? We are supposed to be protecting him thats why he is acting afraid. His dominants are failing him."

It snapped like a band in Grimmjow's mind, of course, Ulquiorra was fierce and dangerous but only when fighting. Otherwise the bat was calm, cool and collected but now he was being, well, eye fucked by some nasty men and women and his two partners were doing nothing. Without a second thought Grimmjow tore his shirt off and began pinching his dusky pink nipples, moaning wantonly and showing his fangs.

"C'mon princess, I'm not doing all the work" he grumbled at Byakuya who was barely holding onto his stoic composure. Ulquiorra was openly laughing, well as open as it got for him, a small smile crossed his pale face and a chuckle escaped his thin lips.

"Your not doing very much work" Byakuya pointed out as Grimmjow continued to strut, gaining him leers and cat calls.

"No? Let's see you do better" he challenged. This, would prove to be a rather glorious mistake as Byakuya was never one to pass up a challenge and Grimmjow felt his eyes go wide.

"Scatter Senbonzakura" and there it was. Byakuya in his naked glory covered only in pink petals that thankfully moved with him as he walked. He continued down the road as if all was normal, and the fact he was naked underneath the delicate petals was nothing out of the ordinary. Men and women alike gawked and gasped as they same him pass, his sculptured and lovely body on display Grimmjow felt a growl welling up in his throat.

"Contain yourself kitty" Byakuya reprimanded calmly "it is having the desired effect is it not?" Glancing at Ulquiorra he noted the smaller man was no longer trembling but had his head on constant pivot, absorbing the shock and awe of the Rukongai masses.

"Don't you think this is a bit much?" The dominant male responded between clenched teeth.

Byakuya's mouth quirked in knowing amusement "too much for who?"

With that his resolve snapped. It was Rukongai after all, no one cared, and he pounced on Byakuya sending thousands of tiny petals scattering into the air. His mouth clashed roughly with the nobles as he tongue roughly invaded. He didn't care who was watching, they both were his, his and his alone and they were going to make a spectacle of it damnnit; so everyone would know who they belonged to.

Without even giving it a second thought he pulled back and thrust two thick fingers into Byakuya's mouth, groaning as the pretty pink lips closed around his digits, he traced his other hand to Byakuya's cock that was already swelling with blood. Grinning he dropped his head down to service the noble as his fingers were deliciously sucked, Byakuya nibbling and twirling his tongue around them, thickly coating them. He felt a warm wetness encompass his dick and he saw the dark hair of Ulquiorra gently bobbing, he twisted his hand in the raven hair,dragging the smaller man into a fierce embrace. In a clash of fangs and body parts clothing was divested and Ulquiorra straddled Byakuya gently lowering himself onto the noble. Grimmjow slowly prepared his shinigami lover as he moaned while Ulquiorra rode him. He introduced his cock slowly and he felt Byakuya's muscles tighten around him in light protest, Ulquiorra already bucking and writhing on top of the man.

Grimmjow wrapped one arm around Ulquiorra's slender waist and held his weight up with the other as he began to thrust mercilessly. Ulquiorra slumping forward to kiss Byakuya and turning his head to kiss Grimmjow, and sometimes folding himself so far forward that Byakuya and Grimmjow could reach each other. He kept time to Grimmjow's thrusts and their bodies rocked together, one inside the shinigami and one riding him as they took Byakuya to the edge, his hands tightened on them, clawing blindly, his pretty mouth open in a pink O. Grimmjow felt Ulquiorra shudder in front of him knowing he was being pumped full of Byakuya's warm seed as his hips rolled slower and slower, milking all contents out of the nobles full cock. Kissing Ulquiorra's sweaty and trembling back Grimmjow grinned as he slid out of Byakuya and rolled Ulquiorra off the man, Byakuya's dick sliding out with a squelch.

"Now it's your turn" he murmured. Byakuya was watching, smiling lazily at them as if to give his consent. They all had of course coupled with each other alone but something felt different here, Grimmjow wasn't sure what but he didn't care. With practiced ease he slid into the lithe body below him, Ulquiorra hooking his legs around his tanned waist groaned slightly. Was it his imagination or did bat boy feel better than usual? Tighter, wetter, hell he even thought he smelled better. He nibbled at Ulquiorra's pale neck, drawing a small amount of blood and then he felt it; a surge in energy a break in the atmosphere as if a leaden blanket had been thrown over him.

In one swift movement Ulquiorra flipped him over, his jade eyes glinting. Grimmjow shrugged as his legs were eased open, certain the man was going to suck him for a little while, he squeaked in surprise when he instead felt a spit soaked finger breech his entrance. He struggled to move and was rewarded with a harsh gaze full of deep desire and a blanket of Ulquiorra's smothering reaitsu. He was pinned to the ground, cloaked in power he had only felt at a distance, and for once Grimmjow was the one trembling.

With surprisingly deft hands Ulquiorra stretched and prepared Grimmjow as Byakuya watched in slight shock and wonder as Ulquiorra's normally and constantly flaccid cock grew rigid and hard, the small beading of precum shining on the tip of his engorged organ. He fit himself between the tanned muscular thighs and a small hiss escaped him as he eased into Grimmjow's depths, feeling for the first time the inexplicable joy of being in another. Grimmjow snarled in frustration and pain, he was immediately silenced as his new dominate latched his small fangs into his neck, subtlety reminding him he was no longer in charge, on instinct he bared his throat in a show of submission and he saw a smile dance across Ulquiorra's face. He felt long fingers caress his cheek, his chest and finally his cock bringing it to life once again.

He was gentle, tender even much to Grimmjow's surprise, as he took him. His kisses fell like raindrops on his face and neck, sweet and gentle before their lips met. His fangs gently nipped at his lips, his tongue only there for the briefest of moments as he set a lazy rhythm. His hand pinning Grimmjow's hip down while the other stroked his cock slowly. He gradually brought Grimmjow closer and closer, his body tingling with the crescendo of pleasure welling up from within as Ulquiorra raised his hips and began to thrust quicker and quicker, panting and moaning. Grimmjow felt his nails turn into claws as they raked down his lover's back, drawing blood, his gut tightened and he felt his blood boil as screaming in release his cock erupted in spurts of white hot semen onto his chest and stomach. Grunting with effort Ulquiorra thrust a few more times, enough to calm his quivering walls and then was still.

"Byakuya" he croaked, his voice thick with desire. Grimmjow broke out of his reverie and was startled to see Byakuya had come to lay next to him. "Both of you, belong to me" he said softly, a hand tangled in the nobles hair as he kissed him roughly. "And I'm going to mark you as mine" he ground out between his teeth as he started moving in Grimmjow again. Byakuya seemed to have an idea what was going on as he leaned over and asked Grimmjow to attempt to prepare him, he positioned himself so it would be easiest for the blue haired man as Ulquiorra continued to ride him. His jade eyes glazed over with lust and desire, sweat glistening on his body, hair damp and stuck to his forehead. It was clear Ulquiorra while still in control had willingly given himself over to his lust and instinctual pleasure.

"Byakuya" he commanded "open your legs" Grimmjow's eyebrows went up in confusion but he had no time to react. With a low guttural howl he felt Ulquiorra's teeth latch onto his shoulder, ripping it open in searing pain as he felt a shot of white hot cum burn him from the inside. Then he was empty, Ulquiorra had pulled out and was kneeling in front of Byakuya who was making pretty keening sounds as his entrance was invaded yet again. Groaning the smaller man seated himself fully and quickly into the shinigami to ride out the rest of his orgasm. His hips twitched once, twice, and his mouth crashed onto the nobles with a fury that left the pretty shinigami a bruised and bloodied lip. Byakuya moaned as Ulquiorra lowered his head and brought his dick once more to life, sliding out of the noble with a wet pop. Grimmjow noticed cum seep out of Byakuya's abused hole and knew he looked about the same.

He stared in open mouthed wonder as Ulquiorra's head worked Byakuya with a ferocity and determination, his deep green eyes locked with Grimmjow's cyan ones the entire time in an unflinching gaze. It didn't take long for the noble to scream his release, coming in thick spurts and filling Ulquiorras mouth. He saw him swallow only once before he got up and turned to Grimmjow, kissing him soundly he forced his mouth open and he tasted the tang of Byakuya's cum. Sharing such a thing with him meant he recognized Grimmjow as an equal and also as his equal in regards to their rather flustered mate. Groaning in thanks and appreciation he swallowed the remainder of the cum, and let his lips linger on Ulquiorra's a bit longer as their kiss turned into tender nips and nibbles.

"Grimm" he said softly, pulling back "that was"

"Amazing" Byakuya intoned. The noble was glowing and smiling softly at his two lovers. His black hair falling about him like a curtain and steel eyes shining with love.

"Bya" Ulquiorra said, pulling him into his arms "don't worry we are all still equals here" he said, tipping the nobles head back and capturing his lips. Byakuya made a assenting sound, too busy with the kiss to be bothered to respond, but Grimmjow, Grimmjow smiled to himself. This was more than he had ever thought he could have, so much more, and he felt as thought his heart might burst at the seams for both of these beautiful men he could call his own.