The first friend chapter 1

Kimberly Ann Possible, a sixteen year old girl who moved to New York City, she had two loving parents

Mrs. Ann Possible who worked in the hospital as a nurse, Mr. James T. Possible was working in a science lab to test things and invent things. Kim had two brothers they were inseparable and she loved to tease kim . Kim Even though she was sometimes really crazy of her brothers she loved them nevertheless, just as much as she loved New York.

But she was also afraid because she went to another school and had to get to know new people, she was not shy or so, no heaven. She was beautiful, smart, athletic, and brave. She even went to do along with the cheerleading squad. But they wanted a true friend, until now all her friends were fake, she liked her just because she was beautiful, though knocked but she wanted real friends. She stood before the mirror, her long red hair gracefully over her shoulders, her emerald eyes sparkle with the light of her desk. She had certainly made up and a purple dress with rubies in it, she also wore black sandals, pumps they first wanted to but found them too exaggerated.

A few minutes later she was already on her new school, it was not so hard the school was around the corner. She was about to walk in when the director came he began to speak out. "Hello miss Possible welcome at school, hopefully it was not an overly hard ride, my name is Mr. Barkin, I hope you'll have it to you sense this is you lockers number if you have additional questions come to my office "But before she could say anything he was gone. She took a breath and went inside when she was within everyone looked her already. She walked through to find her locker she heard occasionally things like: wow you should see her if I want to know her. When Kim had finally found her locker she was doing her stuff in. When she had reserved all her stuff neatly she looked to the right and saw a bunch of guys watching her. Looks like they were on the football team. When Kim had done her stuff in her locker she looked at her schedule. "Mathematics local 147 mrs. Bender "from corner of her eye she saw that one of the boys come to her and said, hey I'm Brick I see that you are new, I'll take you to your classroom" Kim said, "thank you I'm kim, Kim Possible. When he had brought her to her lesson she sat down and began to wait until the lesson.

The first schoolday was over, she was immediately popular and was asked by 8 guys to go to the movies or something. She had just finished her things when she saw a boy was bullied Mr.. Barkin came and they went away just as Mr. Barkin while the boy was left she went to him and grabbed some books that had fallen, kim asked 'are you oke?'which the boy replies: Uhhm yyy .. yes uhm thanks for…help "Kim said, I'm kim possible, I'm new here who are you if I may ask?" the boy said, well I'm ron stoppable I've been here for three years.

Kim looked straight into his chocolate brown eyes and saw three freckles on each cheek "Well Ron, do you want to do something this week? Kim saw that he was surprised but also blushed "Sure uuhm yes kim b ... b ... but you are so popular and beautiful and I'm just well '

Kim felt she blushed with his words and felt her heart beat faster, she thought strange that so many guys have ever said this before but I never felt '

"Yes for sure I look when I can Ron I'll see you tomorrow okay." Kim said with a seductive smile as she looked at the clock and saw that she had to go home. "WIP I really have to go bye Ron!" she ran away and waved and saw Ron slowly waving back.

'Wow' kim thought 'my first true friend'