The next day, Kim went to school she saw everywhere leaflets hung stood up bikini party all day all classes due on Wednesday . When Kim arrived at school she saw again guys were watching the same as yesterday , but she ignored it . When she got to her class she saw Ron, he apparently had the same class as her . " Strangely , I had not seen him yesterday during the classes ' Kim thought. The bell rang and everyone went straight down when the teacher came , he said, Tomorrow is the feast bikini everyone needs at school at 8:30 and you can go home at 16:00 , we take the bus to the beach and we pay the drinks etc , but bring your sunscreen ! And because we have to prepare for tomorrow no classes today. Everyone got right all his stuff in a minute , there were four away kim found it strange because it was her second day and immediately a party and no class . She grabbed her things and saw Ron , she walked to ron ' hey ron while we both have no classes today you might want to do something ? " Ron replied with a smile and said, of course there is an ice-cream in the park with 15 different types of ice creams that you really should taste . " I'd love ron " so Ron and I walked to the park towards the ice cream stall and Ron was right , there were lots of ice cream he had chocolate and banana and I had vanilla and strawberry we sat down on a bench and ate our ice cream after a few minutes ron was done with is ice , I threw me away. I was about to speak when Ron suddenly started to kiss me , I was shocked at first but slowly it felt increasingly fine so I closed my eyes and kissed back , he kisses so sweet and tender , I thought, I felt that I started to lose breath but I did not stop but instead he stopped, he looked at me instead of happily he looked shocked , ' uh uh ... sorry kim , I don't wanted to.. .. , "and then he ran away . I was left shocked , surprised but also cheerful because of the kiss but I only thought I did something wrong or .. oh wel I see him tomorrow… hopefully. "