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It's been 5 hours since Tommy promised Sonny to share with him a couple of 70's blockbuster movies, not that Tommy was even a fan of movies in the first place but he decided to do some shit other-than-murder-shit for a change. Sonny idly sat on his brown leather chair and tipped his finger on the arm-rest, "What's takin' that asshole so long?" he murmured. After a few minutes, someone knocked on his door, "Sonny, it's me. Open up." Tommy yelled.

Sonny jumped out of his chair and proceeded to open the door, "IT'S BEEN 76 YEARS! …What took ya so long?" he asked, moving aside from the door, allowing Tommy to get in.

"Well, Sonny, it's kinda complicated." Tommy turned away and placed a couple of cassettes on the not-so-pleasant table, which smelled like cigarette smoke and alcohol, making Tommy wince.

"What's so complicated about bringing movies from your home?" Sonny asked, annoyed.

"I ran to a few people I know, and they asked me to help them out on a few things."

"What few people?"

"Few people."

"What help on a few things?"

"Few things."

Sonny bit his lip slightly, and shut the door closed, heading to the sofa as he sat and placed his leg one over the other.

"Name 'em."

"The Sting & Blazing Saddles."

"But you said you was gonna bring Taxi Driver & The Panic in Needle Park?"

"Sonny, only God knows how many times we've watched the former and the latter was quite boring."

"Taxi Driver is still great and 'PiNP' is amazing."

"What's so 'amazing' about it? Kinda peculiar to learn that you find things other than sex, money & drugs 'amazing'."



"PiNP had sex. And drugs."

Tommy gave a slight chuckle and slapped the latter's shoulder softly, "But it was boring! If you tell me you know what the hell was join' on during that movie then you earn yourself a trip to Denmark." he winked.


"You know so much about the movie…"

Tommy turned on the Cassette video player and inserted The Sting, pressing the 'play' button and backing off, sitting on the sofa. They patiently waited for the movie to start but without those annoying previews they won't.

"Denmark." Sonny sipped on his coffee.


"You said you was gonna book me a ticket to Denmark. But why Denmark?"

"You don't like Denmark?"

"Not that I don't but I was curious."

"Uh..Huh.." Tommy nodded, he turned his head away to the TV, "When will the movie start? I don't remember the previews took too long."

"TOO long."


"Yeah, they're taking too long. Maybe we should go out and head to the see-nee-maahhhh." Sonny abruptly burped loudly.

"You burped after drinking COFFEE?!" Tommy yelled.



"Come here and sniff my mouth."


"So What? It smells like coffee! Don't you like coffee?"

"Nah. Hey - What about Giorgio? Your cousin? How's he doin'?"

"Ah, ya know 'im: Cross-dressin' here, cross-dressin' there."


"Diminutive piece of shit, man I love my little brother."

"And Marco?"

"He owns the Bistro, remember? Stop askin' 'bout my family, anyway."


"Don't worry you'll be part of us, soon."


"I'll marr- Hey, the movie's on."


"I'm so excited." Sonny said, deadpanned.

"You'll love this movie," Tommy couldn't contain his excitement, gripping tightly on the armrest, "It's about two guys who want to scam a mob boss they're opposing and stuff." he added.

"And stuff?"


"So, they're against a Mob Boss? Is this some kind of hidden message you're trying to reach because I got it." Sonny glanced at the younger Italian, furrowing his brows.

"Sonny, jesus, not everything's about you. Let's have fun."

"This stings."

"1. That pun was totally intended and 2. it sucks."