Before you start reading, thanks for picking this story! I only discovered Hetalia a few days ago, and I loved it so much I just had to write about it xD I hope you like it.

Day 4

A loud growl broke the eerie silence of the small villa, and Feliciano put a small hand on his stomach, groaning quietly. It had been days since he had last eaten, and his next meal was as likely to appear as he was going to wake up and hate pasta - in other words, he wouldn't be eating for a while. In fact, he'd be lucky to ever eat again. He wouldn't dare go outside to scavenge food while those things were around, so he was trapped inside the house until either someone came for him, if anyone was still alive, or he eventually starved to death. He'd dehydrate first, at least, which would finish him a few days before the lack of food did. Even now he was down to his last litre of water - after that there were only bottles of old wine that he saved for special occasions. He had decided that if he was still trapped by the time the water ran out he would drink every bottle of wine and hope that it dehydrated him even more and he died while drunk - or maybe his drunken self would go outside and it'd all be over in a few minutes. Feliciano shuddered at the thought of those creatures outside tearing at his flesh. He didn't know what they were, only that every face he saw was grotesque - bloody and pale, and often with flesh hanging off in parts. They were human and inhuman at the same time, like something out of his worst nightmares. Yet something so much worse than his nightmares because this time there was no Germany to help him. Even in those awful dreams his friend was there to help him and to protect him. Somehow, this was not what he imagined when he came for a holiday to America, and he wished he'd stayed in Italy.

Feliciano sniffed. "Doitsu, where are you?" This was what he asked himself every day. Surely Germany had noticed his absence when he so often visited him bearing chocolate or pasta, and had wondered where he was. Not just Germany, but the other countries as well - England, Japan, America...

Pasta. Oh, what he wouldn't give to taste his favourite food now. Just thinking about the soft shells covered in that steaming, rich, thick tomato sauce-

"Pastaaaaaa." He croaked feebly to himself, and curled up under his thin blanket - there seemed to be no electricity anymore, so neither the heating nor telephone worked - tighter, shivering, yet he managed to fall into a restless, haunted sleep - a sleep filled with dreams of pasta and his missing friends.

The wind was bitterly cold, it stung Arthur's face like a hot iron was being pressed against his skin. His breath was condensing in the air, and his whole body felt so numb he could barely force himself to move. It was a wonder that he could support the boy in his arms without dropping him, yet Arthur was full of determination that he would get this smaller nation to safety. After all these years of tormenting and bullying Sealand, Arthur owed him his life. Peter had been surrounded by those things when Arthur had stumbled across him, already on his way to America and his friends. It had taken quite a lot of his ammo to get the small country out of there, but eventually he had managed to rescue the boy. Peter had just enough time to thank Arthur before promptly passing out, and Arthur now carried him bridal style, trying to protect him from most of the harsh wind. In the distance, Arthur could see the outline of the giant building he was searching for. The rest of the countries would no doubt be inside the conference room, waiting out this apocalypse with each other - after all, during every crisis they all gathered in the building, it was their own safe house. He had to reach them before his weak body gave way from the cold and exhaustion, and so he forced himself forward even faster. Finally, he reached the gates that barred him from the UN building, and he shook the cold metal frantically, yelling for the others. He was sure, however, that they wouldn't hear him over the shrieking of the wind.

Suddenly, a low growl made Arthur whirl around, and he yelped loudly. It was one of those things, right in front of him! He couldn't hold back his screams of terror - half-hoping that they would alert the others to his presence. The creature staggered towards him, mouth wide open and moaning as he reached out a single, filthy hand to grab them both. Arthur did the only thing he could do in that split second before he became this thing's next meal.
"I'm so very sorry about this, Peter." He murmured into the boy's ear, before turning around and summoning every ounce of his energy to throw Sealand over the low gate. Peter hit the floor with a loud thump, and didn't stir. Arthur prayed that the others realised Peter was there and came to get him before he froze to death, but even if they didn't it was better to fall asleep and never wake up than to be torn apart like he was about to be.

Arthur barely had time to turn back around before the drooling creature had dived on him. Under the weight, his legs gave way and they both tumbled to the floor. He squirmed and struggled with everything he had left in him, yet it was all in vain as - almost with a triumphant smirk on its face - the monster lunged for his throat...

Yeah, I kind of don't know anything about the UN so I made up that gate part. Please try and bear with me, I'll try and make the next chapter better and longer, as it is pretty short. But anyway, thanks for reading!