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At 9:50am, Joe suddenly woke up from sleep, looking at the time, he slowly doze off, resting his head on his comfy pillow, only to be woken up by a phone call,

He murmured some Italian words-you-won't-even-make-up-what-he's-saying-shit . Walking sluggishly towards his phone, picking it up before yelling,

"What sort of trouble do you wanna be on, wiseguy?"

"Hey, Joe. It's Henry."

"Henry? HENRY?! Oh man, do you know what time it is?" Joe yawned.

"Why wouldn't I know? Besides, you're s'pposed to be awake by 8am – but ya didn't, 'wiseguy'."

"Maybe I hit the snooze button more than I should."

"So it seems."

Joe itched his head, trying to think what else he's got to say instead of shutting up, because, Joe doesn't shut up.



"I said stretch."


"Do it."

"Okay?" Joe stood still for a few seconds.

"You done?"


"Who ya kiddin'?"

"What? Henryyyyy, I diiiiddddd."

"Joe, I'm sitting on the sofa on your living room – IN YOUR APARTMENT. Basically sayin', I'm behind ya, and I'm pretendin' to be on the phone, Jesus Christ. For how long did ya stay up last night?"

"OH." Joe gasped, "WAIT HENRY – I gotta hung up now." He continued.

"Sure." Henry nodded.

Joe hung up and sat beside Henry, giving a sheepish grin, "That made me look stupid" Joe cackled.

"Yeah." Henry rolled his eyes. Joe woke up solely, and headed for the messy kitchen, "WHADDYA WANNA EAT?" Joe shouted.

"Christ, Joe! Low down your voice, I can hear ya perfectly."


"Chrrriiiiiiisssstttttt…" The older Sicilian grumbled.

Joe came back with a plate of rambled-eggs and steak after 10 minutes, placing them on the table before Henry, "I MADE THEM MYSELF."

"No kiddin'." Henry smirked.

Joe took a plate and nom'd the shit out of the food, glancing at Henry who was busy looking the surroundings, "Lurk mur hourse?" Joe asked with his mouth full.

"Yeah. A bit too bright and – pink."

"Is thart arnouring?"


"Arnouring? Doesh it arnouy you?"

"No?" Henry answered confusingly, "Joe," he added, "Talk to me after you're done eatin' I can't translate [mouth-full-of-food] language."

"You can't?" Joe's eyes widened.

Henry gave the 'Are you fuckin' kiddin me?' look at Joe.

Joe cracked up.

"So – what are ya plannin' on doin' today?"


"—Other thank killin' people."

"Uh. Sell dru—"



Henry sighed, "I can't believe for a kid like you to do that for a living, c'mon I'll take ya out – we can walk together, waste time, I think."

Joe leaned on close and closer to Henry's ear, whispering, "Are you askin' me out?"

"What? Joe, I—"

"So, you are! Alright, gimme a minute so I can change."

"Joe, we're just gonna walk—"

"—fuck!" Joe chuckled.

"What's goin' on with you?"

"My mind is 80% sex. Now I'll get ready!"

Joe opened the closet, placing his hand on his chin, thinking what to wear for today, "HENRY WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TODAY THERE ARE SO MANY CLOTHES SO MANY OPTIONS O LITTLE TIME!" He yelled.

"What you always wear." Henry rolled his eyes. Again.

"I was just thinkin' the same thing!"


"Isn't that the only thing you wear? Most of the time?"

"But I like it!"

"Sure. Comb your hair, too. Looks like a mess."

"Don't worry, bubba. I know, I know."