So I read Work Or Pleasure by The Lunatic who Cares and it was inspired by a wonderful song (Keri Hilson - I like), which I listened to and the two mixed in my brain to make this. Crossposted on AO3.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters or show.

Bruce looked out at the bustling streets of Central City moving about beneath the hotel window and thought maybe he should get changed into his usual suit and go out for a meal. Find some model and spend the night with her. He must be going nuts if he wanted to go out on the town with Wally West, or The Flash as the other leaguers knew him. Not that Wally knew Bruce was intending on spending the night with him.

Bruce had overheard him asking John to come to a new club in Central, something Green Lantern had turned down because of his date with Hawk Girl. Flash had looked a little disappointed but shrugged it off saying he'd just have more fun. And more choice of 'the babes'. Lantern hadn't had much time to spend with Flash since he started dating and Bruce thought Flash was getting lonely. Flash was such a social person Bruce assumed he had lots of friends, but there's a difference in this job between friends from your civilian life, from your mask and the most important ones who knew both.

Which is probably why he was standing in the hotel room wearing simple jeans and a black t-shirt, watching as the city light up, getting ready to go clubbing. He had used a business deal that needed to be settled as an excuse to be in the city, though everyone thought he was coming in tomorrow leaving him with this night free. Ensured by the functional hotel and fake name; he had become a master at disguises. He picked up a wallet and left, still wondering why he felt the need to do something about Flash's loneliness.

It didn't take long for him to find the club, small but lit up, music pounding even through the closed doors. There wasn't much of a queue for the place and he managed to get in without much hassle. There wasn't even a VIP lounge here, not somewhere he would go as himself. He headed straight for the bar ordering a beer and started looking around at the crowded dance floor. He had seen a picture of what Flash looked like without his mask but watching all the bodies grinding together on the dance floor he began speculating how he was going to find the speedster in this.

Then he caught a glimpse of a tall man, dancing in the middle of the floor with two beautiful women with more grace than he would have believed. Without thinking he moved so he could watch the man as he gyrated almost seductively. Bruce wasn't sure with the strobe lighting but he thought the man had red hair. Could that be Flash? It didn't seem right since most women seemed repelled by his pick up lines.

And yet as he watched hypnotized by the man's movements Bruce supposed that if all he did was dance like that he would have more women than he knew what to do with. As if the man felt the weight of Bruce's gaze he looked up and searched around the club, before noticing it was Bruce watching him. They locked eyes and he flashed a grin that Bruce knew too well. The Flash was full of hidden surprises it seemed.

When the song was over Flash started making his way off the floor to the obvious protests of his dancing partners. He seems to laugh with them and lose them in the crowd. He managed to lose Bruce's gaze as well and Bruce started to look around trying to find him again.

"Over here." A voice almost whispered in his ear. The voice was a little deeper, but still had that playful tone he was used to. How had he managed to sneak up beside Bruce, and from the opposite directing Bruce had last seen him head in. He turned to see Flash grinning at him, half finished bottle of water in his hand. He could see combat jeans and a plain white t-shirt, showing off his toned body.

"Who says I was looking for you? Those girls you were with are stunning." Bruce decided to pass off his interest to the women on the floor.

The grin got larger. "Nuh-uh. Those girls I was with? Just proves it."

Bruce could only stare there blinking at him, what kind of logic was that? Flash grinned and finished his water. "Come on, let's dance."

Bruce found himself dragged to the dance floor and in the middle of the dance floor. He could have stopped that pull, he didn't think they'd be dancing, but somehow the thoughts of dancing beside that lithe body was too much and he let himself get carried away. As the night continued on Flash moved closer and closer and pressed up against him, he had long since stopped thinking of it as Flash and let the night just be, moving along as the bass thrummed through his body, and the perfection beside him filled his senses.

It wasn't much longer before Bruce found his hands on that slim waist pulling him flush against himself. Flash turned and looked up into his eyes, laughter and joy dancing in his green eyes, lips so close Bruce could feel the deep breaths against his own. Without thought or decision he dipped his head and kissed those taunting lips. As arms snaked their way around his waist and neck, pulling Bruce even closer as lips moved gently, teasingly with his.

A tongue licked at his lips and he sucked it in, let it explore before pushing it back and taking his turn. He could taste Flash and something sickeningly sweet. It was intoxicating and addictive, he couldn't get enough of it. Flash pulled back slightly, goofy grin in place, panting heavily and started torturously grinding their hips together to the beat of the music. Bruce found himself lost of all control, wanting nothing more than what was in his arms.

Another searing kiss, heat overwhelming him, and then Bruce was pulled out of the door and into the cold air. The shock slapped him, sobering him up, and he realised that he had spent the night dancing with Flash, had just kissed Flash, who had kissed passionately back. He hadn't even known Flash swung that way. Bruce slowed and stopped letting the stunning man pull him any further. Flash just turned, grin on his face, and closed the distance between their bodies.

"Your place or mine?" His voice practically purred in Bruce's ear, as Flash stood on his toes to bring his mouth close enough to brush Bruce's earlobe.

It sent a shiver of pure pleasure down his spine and Bruce allowed himself one more kiss, it was filled with desire and promises of things he couldn't let happen. "I can't, I'm sorry."

Disappointment flitted past Flash's face, but there was a kindness and understanding in those expressive eyes. "So am I. Here, give me a call when you can." He pulled a pen from one of his pockets and pulled Bruce's arm towards himself writing some numbers and a heart on it. Flash plants a quick chase kiss on his lips and starts moving away. After a couple of steps he stops and turns back, quick embarrassed grin on his face. "I'm Wally by the way."

It seemed ridiculous to only be exchanging names now, and it startled a chuckle out of Bruce. "Bruce."

Flash's eyes lit up again. "Hope I see you around, Bruce." The way he said his name, nearly made Bruce grab his arm and pull him back, back to his hotel and find out if all those promises, desires in their kissing came true. But in the end he let Wally walk away watching the grace of his movements before turning back to his empty hotel room.