It wasn't bad enough his dreams were plagued with nightmares of what could have been, Bruce was haunted by thoughts of the speedster on patrol, kept thinking he could see Wally out of the corner of his eye but when he turned to look there would be nothing. He hadn't even seen Wally on the tower either all that week and he knew the other hero was avoiding him. So when on another Friday night, instead of starting at a party he just headed straight out on patrol and took all his frustrations out muggers and thieves.

It was early Saturday morning when he arrived back at the cave, tired and a little sore to find the cave not as empty as he left it. Wally was sitting in the computer chair, dressed in civvies. Bruce hesitated in the Batmobile, unsure of what he wanted. He knew he couldn't stay hidden for much longer, Wally had watched as he parked the car, so he got out and carefully approached the computer.

"Flash," Bruce began but was interrupted by the other man.

"No masks, Bats." Wally indicated his own bare face.

Bruce knew it was a test, so he pulled off his own cowl. "Wally, what are you doing in here?"

Wally's face was carefully blank, "I followed you here last night."

"You followed me?" Bruce kept his voice neutral, internally cursing himself. If he hadn't been so distracted with thoughts of Wally he would have seen that it was Wally following him not some twisted torture of his mind.

"Unintentionally at first. I wanted to talk about, well all that and find out some things. But I kept chickening out, so I ended up following you."

"What did you want to say? Last week said everything."

Confusion passed Wally's face, the first emotion to show itself and Bruce was oddly grateful. A subdued Wally was unnerving. "No, last week you explained and I ran away. I never even answered your questions. How is that talking?"

"A conversation doesn't need just words."

"Maybe not for you, but some words need to be said."

"Enough were said to get the point across."

"And what point was that? The one of I put my foot in it thanks to misconceptions, or perhaps I don't take surprises well? We still have a lot of questions unanswered."

"Go home Flash." Bruce said tiredly. He just wanted to go upstairs and forget the last two weeks ever happened. Let things go back to normal.

"Bruce!" Wally sounded exasperated and fed up with their argument, despite the fact it had only just started. "I came here to find something out and I'm not leaving until I do."

"Fine, what are –" Bruce's snappy reply was cut off by Wally's lips. It started soft and chaste, but eventually deepened until it felt like that night in the club. Those promises came back to him, only to be shattered again when Wally pulled away.

"Damn." It was just a word, but for once Bruce didn't know what it meant.

"What?" It was snappy and irritated but now he really just wanted to go to bed and forget everything. It wasn't fair of Wally to keep reminding him of what could have been.

"Were you ever going to call?" The question seemed to come from the left field.

"Wally," Bruce started softly.

"You can't tell me you felt nothing with that kiss, that I'm the only one who could feel the fire." Wally interrupted. His eyes were back to expressive, pleading and hope clear. "Tell me this isn't you getting back at me for annoying you."

Bruce knew he had to be hard and tough as Batman, but he didn't think Flash or the rest of the League would think him that cruel. "I don't know if I would have called." At this point Bruce felt the truth was the only way to go. "I agree there's something there, but it's complicated."

"Then why go there in the first place? It can't have been a coincidence that you showed up in the same club I was." Bruce thought Wally really shouldn't have looked so adorable standing there, crossed arms and foot tapping so hard it was mostly just a blur.

"I," Bruce faltered. "You looked lonely when Lantern turned you down to go to the club, I thought even if you didn't know I was there, that we knew each other, it'd make it less lonely for you. I thought we'd talk, not end up making out in the middle of the dance floor like teenagers."

Wally's smile was teasing. "You travelled to halfway across the country to go to a hole in the ground club because you thought I looked lonely and didn't expect us to make out at the very least?"

"You still haven't told me what you wanted answered." Bruce growled out hoping to deflect Wally. That particular thought pattern was actually logical this time, unfortunately.

"If I was imagining the connection we shared at the club and whether I've ruined it by doing what I do best?" His heart skipped a beat at Wally's words as hope was once again resurrected. If this went on much longer he'd end up having a heart attack.

"You weren't imagining things."

Wally looked away and sighed. "But I did ruin things by running."

"It's not that simple." Bruce sighed.

"Why not?" Wally was back looking at him, one eyebrow raised and his tone somewhere between lost and annoyed.

"It would never be a real relationship. We could never be open in either life, I have a certain image to keep, we'd never have time together. That's not counting that we work together in the same team. There are so many things in the way." Bruce was more trying to remind himself of the reasons why his desires were better dead than explaining them to Wally.

"I'm hardly open right now. People may be more accepting these days but cops aren't. And being open in the other community is asking for trouble, though I'm not opposed to GL or Supes knowing. So that's not a problem." Wally paused for breath.

"Are you going to counter all my arguments?" Bruce glared, but his heart wasn't really in it, not after his dreams had been revived.

"As many as I can. It'll never be perfect, but nothing is. Are you willing to try?" Wally just looked at him, expression back to neutral.

The decision was in his hands now, he could either have what he wanted or reject it completely. He licked his lips, imagining the taste of Wally, remembering the feel and knew he had to try. Carefully he leant in and initiated a kiss. Wally thrummed with nervous energy, communicating it across and he could almost hear the song that was playing in that club.

Wally's lips parted at the first touch of his tongue, Wally's arms were coming up to wrap around his neck, as his own hands attached themselves to slim hips, fingers fanning across pert cheeks. Their tongues and loops moving together in a perfect dance. They broke apart painting for air after what felt like hours, and Bruce knew that echo of bass deep within his bones from the night after he left the club want from the music, but simply from Wally.

"Your place or mine?" Wally said looking up at him with a devilish smile.