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"I know it's not like me to doubt myself, but when you involve yourself with a monster, anyone will likely question their sanity, not that I consider myself sane, but, living with Shizu chan for the past 6 months made me think that maybe I'm going beyond insane, agreeing to live together in the first place is beyond Insanity, not that I consider being insane is a bad thing, quite the opposite, but that's not my point. My point is I'm living with Shizu chan and believe it or not, I don't see anything wrong with that. That is my problem. I should be regretting it, I should feel like I'm living my life in hell, I hate him right?, so why do I feel contented, and dare I say it, happy and loved?. Something' really REALLY wrong with me."

Izaya was sitting in his chair and staring outside the window of their shared apartment, with sharing I mean, His and Shizuo's apartment. They started living together 6 months ago.

Izaya let out a heavy sign.

"What's wrong flea?"

Shizuo suddenly shows up and caught Izaya sighing.

"Nothings wrong Shizu chan~" Izaya said and smiled genuinely. He can't help it, whenever he sees the blonde he can't help himself but smile. Must be going crazy.

"That doesn't seem like nothing to me" the blonde said and went to Izaya's side and went for a hug, he lifted Izaya from his chair and went for a bear hug. "feeling better?"

Izaya didn't answer instead extended his arms and hugged Shizuo the way the blonde was hugging him.

"You're kinda weird today Flea, you were really quiet during breakfast, you worried about something?, c'mon tell me"

Izaya shakes his head.

"No, I'm fine Shizu chan… you have work today?"

Shizuo loosen his hug for a bit to look at Izaya.

"Yeah, Tom san said we'll meet at 10am at SunshineBuilding.. how about you?, got any meetings today?"

"Not today, but I have a meeting tonight.."

"Remind me again why it has to be at night?" he said while frowning.

"Not this again Shizu chan~. I told you already that its easier to contact my clients at night.."

The raven then stepped away from the blonde and went to sit at his chair. The blonde always over reacts whenever he went out at night to have a meeting, He knows that the blonde is just worried, but he really didn't have to worry about anything. He's Izaya Orihara for crying out loud and he can protect himself without the blonde's help, besides, even before they were together, he's the only one who can par up with Shizuo, that must count for something, right?

"Fine then, wait for me tonight, I'll come with you."

Izaya's eyes went wide.

"Shizu chan!"

"I'm coming with you or you're not going anywhere! Got it Flea?"

"But Shizu chan!"

"No Izaya, wait for me here or else… and we both know that you can't hide from me."

Izaya was about to protest again but the blonde is already at door and left him.

"Stupid Protozoan Monster" the raven said while pouting. The blonde can really annoy him sometimes, NO, Shizuo is annoying almost every time, but he can't seem to hate the blonde for what he's doing for him.

"Why cant that flea understand that doing his work at night is much more dangerous than doing it on broad day light, I should just lock him up so that no one can hurt the fucking flea" Shizuo Heiwajima was mumbling while heading to Sunshine Building.

Shizuo remembered the time when Izaya was beaten to death 7 months ago, he knows that it only happened because Izaya was having a fever and on a delirious state and still decided to went to his meeting even though he's not feeling well, the blonde saw a number of people beating Izaya up, since the Flea cant really get up properly he had no energy to fight against those bastards or even to protect himself, and for the first time, Shizuo felt something he never thought he had for the flea, his anger exploded and almost killed those people who hurt Izaya, he only stopped beating them when he noticed that Izaya was not breathing anymore, so instead of finishing the job, he decided to bring Izaya to Shinra to be treated.

The next thing he knew Shizuo was confessing to Izaya and for some odd reason Izaya accepted his feelings, and after a month, the two decided to live together. But Shizuo never forgotten the feeling when he saw Izaya getting beaten, it was horrible and unbearable.

And now that they're together, he won't allow ANYONE who would try to hurt HIS Izaya ever again.

Shizuo arrived at ShunsineBuilding at almost 10am, Tom was already waiting for him.

"Why so grumpy Shizuo?" Tom noticed the frowning blonde.

"Not really, just having a little bit of a Flea problem."

"Izaya again?"

Tom knows that Shizuo and Izaya are together. The blonde can't really hide it since whole Ikebukuro knows that the Flea belongs to him, even though Izaya says the otherwise.

"Yeah, "

"Oh well, its part of every relationship"

Shizuo just shrugged.

"Ne Tom san, how long is my shift today?, I was hoping to go home early, I kind of have to accompany the Flea to go somewhere tonight."

"Is that so?, don't worry then, I'll let you go home before 7pm."

"Yeah, Thanks.."

After confirming that he will be home earlier than normal, Shizuo sent a message to Izaya to let him know that he will be home at 7pm.

Izaya noticed that his phone was vibrating and he unconsciously smiled while reading Shizuo's message.

"Stupid Shizu chan…" the raven murmured unconsciously.

7pm. Heiwajima/Orihara Estate.

"Tadaima…. Izaya, where are you?" the blonde called when no one opened the door for him.

The blonde frowned because usually the Flea will appear right after he opened the door and would answer him "Okaeri" and attack him then and there, and both of them will end up in their bedroom,or the couch, or the floor, Dinner will take place after the first round, or the next day.

"Izaya?! Damn it! Flea where the hell are you?!" the blond is loosing his patience. Izaya will really get in trouble if he went to his meeting without him.

"Okaeri Shizu chan… there's really no need to shout…" suddenly the raven appeared in front of the blonde only wearing his shorts, without his shirt on and was holding a towel and drying his hair, Izaya just got out of the bath.

Shizuo can't help himself but stare at the Raven. When Izaya noticed that Shizuo was practically drooling over him, he smirked.

"Na ah Shizu chan, not right now.. I have a meeting in an hour so I have to decline~" the Raven said playfully.

Shizuo was dumbfounded.

"What?.I didn't even say anything!" the blonde growled.

"But I can tell by the way you look at me~ Shizu chan wants to eat me~~" the raven said teasingly.

Shizuo blushed then looked away.

"Shut up Flea! Why don't you just do me a favor and get some clothes on?"

"But Shizu chan~~ It so Hot~~" the raven complained but still smirking. He really loves to tease his monster, especially if his blushing like crazy.

"I don't fucking care! Now get dressed if you still want to go to your fucking meeting!" the blonde was yelling yet still blushing.

"Tch.. Fine!" the raven said while pouting. He knows that when Shizuo gets really pissed off, he can say goodbye to his meeting.

To be continued!

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