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Izaya ran towards their shared bedroom and Shizuo followed him, but when the raven was about to reach the bed, the blonde jumped on him, both of them collapsed on the floor. They heard a loud "thump" when Izaya fell, face first.

When the raven didn't move after he literally slams his pretty face on the floor, Shizuo moved on top of Izaya and sat in front him and examined his face, when he saw blood running through his nose he panicked.

"Holy Shit, are you okay Izaya?, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you…" he said then touched Izaya's cheeks.

Izaya swat Shizuo hands away from his face.

"Fuck! it hurts.. Stupid Shizu chan" he was thinking to himself. He closed his eyes and tried to control his annoyance.

"Hey, Flea… I'm really sorry… "He said and gently stroked Izaya's hair. "Wait here okay?"

The blond tilted the ravens face upward before heading to their bathroom and took the medicine kit, then immediately returned to where Izaya was. The raven didn't move from where he was, he just waited for Shizuo to fix his stupid nosebleed.

"So much for my kinky night.." he muttered quietly.

"Hey,.. Izaya.. Sorry.." the blonde kept repeating but the raven just ignored him.

Shizuo then started cleaning the smaller mans face. He yanked Izaya's bangs away and started wiping the blood from his nose and upper lip with cotton and alcohol.

Izaya was surprised on how gentle the blonde was, his monster looked really sorry and was obviously regretting what he just did, he was even in line with the thought of forgiving him just like that,. . His nose fucking hurts as well as his head.

Finally, Izaya's nose stopped bleeding, he opened his scarlet eyes, sparkling with tears that was about to fall.

"Sorry is not enough, you monster" the raven said and sniffed.

The blonde was startled when he saw Izaya's "almost" crying face. He reached for the ravens head and held him closer. Izaya used both of his hands to push Shizuo away but the blonde caught his hands and held it between his chest and right hand, while his left was on the back of Izaya's head and was pulling it towards him.

"I'm sorry flea, I just cant resist, you're fucking cute for someone who was about to cry.." the blonde said while hovering close to the smaller man's lips.

When the raven breathed in, the blonde went straight to claim his moist lips. At first he was protesting, but compared to Shizuo's, his strength was nothing. But he still wasn't responding to the kiss, the blonde was licking, sucking and biting his lips for him to open his mouth but he was stubborn and kept it closed. But not until Shizuo put Izaya's hands around his neck and his other hand massage his bottom. Izaya grated his teeth to keep it from opening his mouth because Shizuo was still kissing him. Shizuo smirked from the kiss. He tugged the raven shirt and pinched both of his nipples that made Izaya gasped, Shizuo had the chance to stick his tongue inside the raven's mouth, Izaya finally faltered and was now responding to the kiss.

"Argh… I just cant win against this monster… he knows too much about my weaknesses.. but hell.. His kiss is fucking amazing" the raven was thinking while gladly responding to the one hell of a kiss.

The kiss turned heated, Izaya was now seated on Shizuo's lap, he was fisting the blonde's hair and pulled him closer, they part every 30 seconds to breathe then continued the wet, lustful but all too loving kiss.

After sucking each other's life through the kiss, the two finally stopped and was now staring at each other's eyes, panting and feeling the breathe of the other.

Shizuo chuckled, he pushed Izaya's bangs away and kissed his forehead.

"Now you look really fuckable flea…"

Izaya smacked Shizuo's head but was blushing like mad.

"Just because you just gave me a hot wet kiss, doesn't mean I forgive you, you monster."

Shizuo just touched the part of his head where Izaya smacked and smiled.

"What am I supposed to do for you to forgive me?, and it's not like I started the whole thing.."

"What?, are we going to do the blame game now?" Izaya was acting mad. He just can't let his pride be disgraced, because after the kiss, he already forgave his Shizu chan, he just don't want to admit it, plus, he wants to use the situation to his advantage.

"Ah.. no.. I'm just stating a fact flea.. you started everything"

"I did not!"

"Yes you did."

"did not! And come to think of it, why were you imposing some punishment on me again?"

"what?.. you suffered amnesia now?... you were a fucking flirt, you deserved to be punished, plus, you were seducing me in public! It's embarrassing!"

"huh! I'm being punished on something I didn't even do! I was not flirting!... and what do you mean seducing you? Isn't it all in your mind?.. Pervert!"

"the hell Izaya! We almost made love at Russian Sushi! If you didn't start seducing me, we wouldn't have been caught doing "that" in public!"

"to hell with you too Shizu chan! If you didn't like it, we wouldn't have been doing "that" and got caught!"

"and you expect me to hold back while you practically offering yourself to me to devour you?! Are you fucking retarded?"

Izaya went silent, but Shizuo saw him flushing, even his ears were bright red.

The blond sighed.

"okay.. I'm sorry for everything flea, I apologize for everything even the things that isn't even my fault.."

"you don't seem to be that sorry Shizu chan…"

"I am.. so just accept it okay?"

"Hah! It's not that easy! You have to work for it, you know!"

"You are such a brat"

Then the blonde bit Izaya's ear, the raven just purred like a kitty cat.

"You can't buy me with bites and kisses you protozoan, I'm not simple minded like you!"

"whatever flea, just state whatever conditions you like for you to accept my apology"

Izaya is still seated on top of Shizuo, the blonde didn't let him leave even when they were arguing. Its not like Izaya can beat Shizuo when it comes to strength.

"Since Shizu chan is stubborn and likes to be always in control, all you need to do is follow whatever I say and then I'll forgive you." The raven smirked. He loves where this is going.

"for how long?" the blonde said then rested his head on Izaya's shoulder.

"depends… I'll let you know."

"that's just unfair…its sounds like a slave and master play to me."

"will you stop complaining?.. and I like that Idea, Shizu chan will be my slave~~" the raven cooed.

"Whatever Flea…"

The blonde said then started tugging Izaya's shirt, he pushed Izaya on the floor and started kissing his belly upwards.

"Ugh.. Shizu chan.. what are you doing?"

"can't you tell?"

Izaya chuckled.

"We're not done talking yet Shizu ah~ chan." The raven can't hold back his moans when Shizuo was licking his belly and upwards.

"I'll do whatever you want flea… just let me eat you already.. You talk too much"

"Shizu chan's getting horny"

"Can't help it, I told you.. You look fuckable…"

"Then let's go to bed Shizu chan.. it's just few meters from here.. You don't want your Iza Iza to be uncomfortable right?"

"Fucking Flea.. so demanding.." the blond said and started lifting Izaya like a bride.

"Did you say something?"

" ."

Shizuo placed Izaya on the bed and hover over him.

"Let's start our lovey dovey for tonight. My dear Shizu-chan~~"

Shizuo smiled. He can't argue with that.

"Yes, My Lord…"

Izaya chuckled and fisted the blonde's shirt and drew him closer.

"Perfect Answer.. Shizu chan~" then he initiated the kiss.

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