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Shizuo was being gentle while holding Izaya, as much as he wants to go all out, he just caused Izaya a nosebleed and he won't like it if the flea would start bitching on how he is being rough all the time, but Izaya has other plans.

"Shizu chan, don't hold back…"

"Hmm?, but wont my master start complaining about me being rough?"

"Then I will give my servant permission to be a little rough, my monster being too gentle is no fun~"

"I should have known, you're a freaking masochist" Shizuo growled and bit Izaya's collarbones.

The smaller man just moaned from the gesture and encourages the blonde to do more.

Shizuo started undressing Izaya one by one, and Izaya also did the same, they started undressing each other in a slow but intimate way. Caressing every part of flesh that they touch, kissing every skin that their lips can reach, every time they make love, they both love doing things that makes them feel each other's skin, that lets them hear each other's heartbeat, that makes them realize how much they need and love each other, to them it's like a fulfillment of the process of doing the act of love.

When Shizuo's hands reached Izaya's entrance, he started whispering Izaya's name over and over, while the raven was trying not to moan so loud and was biting his hand. The blonde kissed the raven's hand and nudged it away from his lips.

"I want to hear your voice.. let me hear it.."

"Shizu chan's a pervert.." the raven said while tears are starting to form from his eyes.

Shizuo kissed each of Izaya's eyes and is slowly entering the raven.

Izaya's breath hitched when he felt Shizuo inside him, it was a little bit painful, even though they're making love almost every day, it still amaze him that he can still feel paint despite Shizuo being gentle, but the pain easily disappears and was replaced by unexplainable pleasure. Having all of Shizuo inside of him is beyond bliss.

"Move Shizu chan, I need you to move.. Please just mo~ah~ve"

Shizuo did not wait to be told twice, he slowly pulled out then slams right back in, Izaya can no longer suppress his moan.

"Ahhh~~ Shizu chan! Shizu chan!.. Shizuo~" the raven kept chanting the blonde's name.

Shizuo was going crazing hearing Izaya chant his name. After a few thrust both of them climaxed at the same time.

Before the blonde pulled out he kissed Izaya's lips over and over and Izaya was eagerly kissing back, they kept kissing each other until one of them needed air to breathe.

After their lips separated and Shizuo finally pulled out he then started kissing Izaya's cheeks, then his forehead, then his chin then each of his ears, Izaya's hair then back to Izaya's lips.

This is one of the blonde's gestures that make Izaya's stomach flutter, makes his heart beat a little faster, and makes him really emotional. He love's all of Shizuo, but what he loves the most is Shizuo being gentle, the monster of Ikebukuro only shows this side of him to Izaya. How he loves the blonde so much that thinking of breaking up with him might result to his death.

"Shizu chan.."

"Izaya… Suki… Suki… Suki…" Shizuo kept saying while still kissing Izaya.

Izaya almost cried from hearing Shizuo's desperate voice, he hugged the blonde and closed his eyes to prevent himself from weeping, he hates being weak, but becoming weak because of how much he loves this monster is totally beyond worth it. Loving someone this much is scary, and It seems Shizuo was able to read his mind or maybe because Shizuo felt that he was shaking.

"Izaya.. please don't be scared, it's not a weakness to admit that you love someone, I used to think the same way, but loving you is definitely one of the right decision that I made in my entire life, you don't know how much I love you and I will continue loving you, so please don't be scared, I'll say it as much as you want, so all the uncertainty and anxiousness that you're feeling will disappear, I'm here.. I will always be here.. I love you.. Always remember that I love you and I will never leave you… you understand?" Shizuo said then caressed Izaya's cheeks and wiped the tears from Izaya's eyes.

Shizuo knows how scared Izaya for even trying the relationship that they have now. But he wants to assure his Izaya that he should not be scared, he will always be with him, because even the thought of having to let go of the flea make him go crazy.

"Shizu chan… Shizu chan…" the raven kept repeating and still clinging to Shizuo.

"I'm here Izaya.. I'm here" the blonde said then started stroking Izaya's hair to calm him.

When Izaya stopped sobbing, Shizuo let out an amused chuckle, it made Izaya slightly irritated.

"Why the hell are you laughing, you brute?"

"Nothing… seeing you getting emotional are too cute" the blonde said then kissed Izaya's lips.

Izaya didn't say anything and remained quiet. He still wants to savor the moment of Shizuo hugging him. It feels nice, he feel so contented right now.

"Hey Master, I'm not sleepy yet, want to do something else?" the blonde said after a while.

Izaya looked up and saw Shizuo's smirking face.

"No second rounds tonight Shizu chan…"

Izaya saw Shizuo pouts and he almost laughed.

"Why not?"

"Because your master says so.. so just stay still and let me sleep"

"Na ah, you're not going to sleep, you're not even sleepy.."

"How can you tell?"

"I just know okay?" Shizuo said then bit Izaya's left earlobe.

"Ahh! Shizu chan! What are you? A Vampire?, stop biting me!" Izaya said then slap Shizuo's shoulder.

The blonde just laughed.

"You wanna take a shower together?, I know you had your shower earlier, but after doing that, I think you needed another one…" the blonde said then winked at Izaya.

The raven can't help but blush. Shizuo is gorgeous when he's being playful and naughty.

"Fine, but you're preparing the bath my dear servant; just call me when it's ready"

Shizuo smiled.

"Yes my Lord" he said but before he got out of bed he took Izaya's lips and sucked the air out of him, then bolted towards the bathroom.

Izaya was in a dazed for a moment, but when he recovered, he was flushing so hard and his heartbeat was beating really crazy!

"Stupid! Perverted Shizu chan!" he yelled and threw some pillows towards their bathroom, he heard a loud laugh as an answer.

Izaya decided to just sleep for awhile since it will take a couple of minutes to prepare the bath but he suddenly heard the blonde yell.

"Izaya! The bath is ready! Get your lazy butt in here!"

Izaya sighed.

"Shizu chan! Carry me! I can't stand!" he lied.

After a couple of seconds, Shizuo was hovering over the flea.

"Are you serious? Are you okay?... I wasn't that rough that would make you unable to stand stupid flea!" Shizuo argued but yanked Izaya's bangs away from his eyes.

The informant sticks his tongue out.


Shizuo just shakes his head and sigh.

"What the hell do you want flea?"

Izaya spread his hands and smiled.

"Carry me to the bath my dear servant, it's your Master's order"

Shizuo raised his eyebrow.

"Uhuh…and you were complaining about me carrying you just a while ago" but did as what Izaya said.

He carried Izaya bridal style.

"That was then and this is now, I don't wanna hear complains, now go!" Izaya ordered while grinning like a child.

When the both of them finally arrived at the bathroom, Shizuo placed Izaya near the tub and started giving him the shower extension. Izaya shakes his head; Shizuo understands what the spoiled flea wants.

He washed Izaya's hair and also washed his body using a sponge, when he was about to reach Izaya's lower body he gulped.

"Ah~ My Lord, I don't think it's proper for me to clean this area, don't you think so?"

When Izaya followed Shizuo's gaze he blushed then took the sponge from Shizuo's hands.

"I Know!"

Now Shizuo was the one who's grinning.

"What are you looking at?" Izaya snapped.

"I'm just thinking, even though I'm sure that you're a guy, but seeing you naked like this made me think otherwise.. sure, you're no girl with that body.. but you're not a guy either"

"Well, I have to say that I agree with you Shizu chan, since my sexy body is like a body of a GOD, of course you can't compare it with a body of some normal human"

"Yeah, right~"

"You don't believe me?" Izaya pretended to look shocked.

"Fine I do, now get your butt in the tub"

"You don't want Iza Iza to clean you up Shizu chan~~?"

"No. I can do it by myself"

"Are you sure?" Izaya said while smirking.

"Yes, I'm sure…" the blonde said and lifted Izaya and placed him in the tub.

Izaya crossed his arms and pouts.

"Tch, suit yourself you brute, and I was being nice.."

Shizuo ignored him and started to clean himself, and after a couple of minutes joined Izaya in the tub.

"Scoot over flea, I'm coming in"

Izaya scooted in the corner of the tub but after Shizuo was seated comfortably he sat in front of him and Shizuo just wraps his arms around Izaya.

Both of them were quiet and was just savoring the warmth of each other and also the warmth that the water are giving them, not until Izaya starts humming.

"What's that song?"

"It's not a song Shizu chan, I'm just humming, so technically it's not a song yet"

"Smart Ass.."

Izaya just giggled and continued humming.

Shizuo was getting sleepy from Izaya humming so he rested his head between Izaya's collarbones. When Izaya still kept on humming, he gently bit his shoulders.

"Shizu chan! Enough with that biting fetish of yours, will you?"

"Got it.." then Shizuo started sucking and kissing Izaya's shoulder then running his tongue upwards, from Izaya's shoulder to his neck and finally his face.

"What's gotten into you?.." Izaya faced Shizuo and stretched his face.

"Nothing…" the blonde said then went straight on claiming the raven's lips.

Izaya gasp and Shizuo was able to stick his tongue inside Izaya's mouth. They played with their tongue and sucking each other's breath.

"Haven't had enough?" Izaya inquired.

"Not yet.."


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