One step, two steps,

Counting tiles on the floor

Three steps, four steps,

Guess this means that I'm a whore


Hell no,

How long 'til I reach the door?

Fuck me,

My feet are sore

I'm wearing last night's dress and I look like a hot ass mess

Although my hair looks good 'cause I haven't slept yet!

Make the elevator come a little faster

I'm pushing all the buttons, but nothing's happening

Please God don't let anybody see me

Please God I'll do anything you ask of me

I promise, no more walks of shame

I ran out so fast that the cold hit me about a minute after I had left the house. What do I do!? The world was spinning as millions of thoughts tried to cram their way through my brain. I saw a group of drivers watching me as they smoked, their faces puzzled.

"Maka!" I turned to see Soul chasing me his breaths fogging the cold night air. "Maka just listen to me!"

I stopped just in time to not hit a limo; I saw a group of drivers staring at me. I breathed, I wasn't gonna try to maze through all these cars and just turned wide eyed to Soul. Who panted behind me, his eyes were wide, he didn't seem to know what to do either.

"Maka I'm sorry, I… I don't know, I was just getting kind of tipsy and thought hey why not? But it was stupid." I only stared at him incredulously, his white hair was covered by a beanie, his glasses were off, red eyes nearly glowing.

"I can't even come up with words so put in a sentence to tell you screw off or stay. I can't…" I ran my hands through my hair, "You kissed me…!"

Soul Eater Evens. A complete arrogant, self-centered asshole pressed his lips to mine. His boisterous, egocentric mind filled with a thought the made him kiss me in such a way that I could barely stand. He kissed me in a way that my heart couldn't stop pounding, my lips tingled and it swelled in my mind to the point to where all I could think about was how his lips were crushed to mine.


This party was stupid. Every teenager was stupid. All the drinks I wasn't engulfing were stupid. Our freaking band was stupid too. Why? Because of Maka, she fucked everything up.

Maka, she was especially stupid.

She always cowered away, but when I walked in she straightened, she decided that because I was here she would be some Greek goddess that could make or break a man. I hated that, I wanted her to cower away from me in such a fashion that she couldn't meet my eye. But for some reason whenever I was around she walked with her chin up. It's so stupid, what makes her think she can stand up against me? I'm probably the most powerful of all those stupid students and she still decides that I'm the one to challenge.

I groaned as slammed my fist into a pillow, here I was sitting on Black Star's mammoth black leather couch, engulfed with Maka. Black Star even had a picture of her on the side table, creepy right? Well technically it's of the whole band but when I look at I only can seem to focus on her. Stupid. Fucking. Maka.

I can only ever think of her, is this a crush? Is this how Liz feels about me, yes it's obvious she likes me but it's dumb. She's so basic. So we call her Natural Soul basically because there's nothing special about her.

If I were to actually say that I bet Maka would lose it and start defending her and giving me a lecture about how I'm just another person. Even Liz hates her, she's told me.

"Sometimes, to be honest, I wish it was old days, like before Maka. After she showed up everything got so dramatic and now you won't talk to us and Kid can't stop drooling over her. Like what does she have? What makes her so special? I just can't believe she can have such an affect when she's like dust."

I shrugged her off and I remember having a mini tantrum that I wouldn't drool over her tits. I mean true we made out, a couple times, but that was just so physical.

But with Maka, who offers nothing physical, gets me so riled up that she consumes me. Every day I look for her, especially at school, my eyes always searching. When she's around me I like sense it, and immediately look to her and try to find a reason to talk to her. But she always gets mad because normally my way to initiate conversation is an insult.

Then there's Kid, we've never been close, he was kind of just friend of friends. Maka doesn't see he looks at her when she's turned around, it's so possessive and he sends who ever she's talking to a look, he watch all her attention. It's even more aggravating when that's exactly what she gives him.

But oh, what would I do if she would look at me that way. My heart speeds up at the thought of her hugging me and me nuzzling her neck. Or even just to have her hold my hand as I spilled my secrets to her, if she would cherish them and tell me everything I want to hear. But she would never do that. She always tells me exactly the opposite.

Even when I am basically on my knees asking for her forgiveness she turns away. I waited hours for her to get back to her house, just to say sorry, but no. It sucks because she honestly caught me off guard, normally when it comes down to it she caves.

"I know what you're trying to say but it's not going to work this time, you need to earn my trust, earn my friendship Soul. But you can't apologize every time you're being a total dick. Because then eventually you apologies will mean nothing."

Why can't she see that I'm trying!? I am trying so friggin hard to get her to see that all I was is her. Just her friendship, acquaintanceship even! It would be nice to see her looking at me without a look of annoyance, or pity, or anger…

She sees through my act of being high and mighty, but not all the way. She just see's to the worst and I can't get her to see deeper. There's more to my egocentric ways, I have a heart, there's people I care about.

I saw here a couple of minutes ago; she was talking to Tsubaki, obviously uncomfortable. She was tense and her face was a blush, she jumped at every scream and was trying very hard not to let anyone touch her. Kid was drooped over her like blanket, he was drunk.

How could he do that to her? She's freaking out because she's never been to a party and her date gets drunk right off the bat? Now she's feeling uncomfortable and having to babysit a drunken possessive idiot. I rolled my eyes, I knew I could do much better, if it were me I would've already dragged her off to some private corner and just kissed her. I would kiss away all her nervousness and get her relaxed, I would let her call the shots and if she wanted to leave we would.

My eyes suddenly darted up to Maka, walking inside as she breathed heavily. She walked right past me, not even noticing me. Probably because the beanie I'm wearing hides the feature that makes me stand out, my hair.

My gaze followed her down the hall as I groaned, my weight as pulled to her. I got off the couch and slinked behind her into the kitchen. IT took her about four tries to actually find the kitchen, how stupid. And cute, kind of.

She began digging around in the fridge, her ass in the air. I stood behind her; she was obviously unaware of presence, which pissed me off. How come I have a fucking radar for her but she doesn't even realize when I'm right behind her?

I glared as I grabbed her ass. She whirled around and her solid green eyes focused on me. My breathe caught in my throat, what the fuck did I just do? I had to play this off cool, like I meant to do it. But why would I do it? I took a once over of my surroundings and slouched, acting lazy on my feet and pulled up my hand to my face.

"At least your ass kind of makes up for your boobs but they still both suck." I glanced at her, was she buying it? I was gonna have to cross some lines, what's something I would never say or do sober? I stumble forward with hands on either side of her head, trapping her. "I bet Kid never said that, but it's okay because he somehow still likes you anyway. I like more bust on girls, gives me more to grab and look at."

She went to say something and I freaked, I don't want her asking questions. The less she talks the better. I pecked her lips, and rush of adrenaline going through me. My confidence boosted and now I just wanted to kiss her again. "You're soooo loud! Just shut up, you're much prettier that way, but you're awesome to look at when you're yelling at me. You face gets so red and you're tiny fists ball up…" Shit I rambled. My act and opportunity to kiss her was disinigrating.

I grabbed her hand which was small, her nails neatly clipped. I had to act stupid, like drunk stupid. "How can someone so small have such power over me? It's not cool. I can never win when it comes to you. That just means that I'll have to break you."

Her face flushed as her eyes became half lidded; she looked at me through her lashes which, was ridiculously adorable, and sputtered out a. "S-Soul… W-w-what are you-u…?"

Now, I groaned as relief filled me, finally, I leaned forward and pushed my lips to hers. My hands slid up her neck into her soft ash blonde hair, she was frozen. Go figures.

I opened my eyes and backed away as my face paled, I fucked up. Her eyes were so wide as she stared at me, her walls were down and I could see millions of emotions swirling around. I went to reach out, her name at my lips but she rushed away, she darted out of the kitchen so fast I was still reaching for her when she was gone.

I ran after her, I screwed up so fucking badly. Luckily, she ran out front instead of to Kid, which removed a lot of chaos. "Maka!" A group of drivers watched us in confusion. "Maka just listen to me!" She stopped finally, thanks to limo hindering her path.

I caught up with her, "Maka I'm sorry, I… I don't know, I was just getting kind of tipsy and thought hey why not? But it was stupid." I only half lied I guess.

She stared at me anger, and confusion, and something I haven't seen in her before swirled in her eyes. "I can't even come up with words so put in a sentence to tell you screw off or stay. I can't…" She ran a hand through her hair, "You kissed me…!"

"Look Maka, I fucked up, I'm sorry okay? Please just don't tell Kid." My eyes widened, the words rushed out and she bent over.

"Oh God Kid!" She looked up at me, her eyes tearing up as my throat constricted, "I just cheated on him. I'm a cheater…" Suddenly her posture shot up and she shoved me, which had little affect my stance. "You! You made cheat! You grabbed my ass, and kissed me, and followed me out here! And you said don't tell Kid, you are making me do this!"

I bite my lip, Maka was desperate, guilt already was eating at her. I sighed and reached to her, she jerked at my touch. "Maka it's okay."

She swung, and missed by a mile but tears were flowing, "FUCK YOU SOUL, FUCK YOU." Her tiny fists came thundering down onto my chest. I only grabbed her wrists, keeping them at my chest.

"You're right! I made you do this. This isn't your fault Maka, it's mine. I messed up, I shouldn't of laid a hand on you okay?" I bent my head down to her, her lip was quivering. "Okay?"

I felt her weaken as she leaned into me, only slightly, she was nodding. I readjusted my arms around her small shaking body, "Maka, it's my fault. I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

She sniffed and backed up she wiped her eyes, she cracked a smile. "I can't believe you did that."

"What, kiss you or apologize for it?" I shoved my hands in my pockets.

"Both." MAka suddenly sniffed, "I accept you apology by the way, I get it, you were tipsy, and probably bored. But still that can't happen again, so let's just pretend this didn't happen? You can go in and find a girl to have sex with and I'll go check on Kid." She smiled and I fumed.

Did she honestly think that I got bored, wanted to fuck, saw her, and jumped? I scoffed and glared, her eyes widened. "Oh fuck you, is this honestly all you see in my. Some asshole playboy? God, why can't you get it through your head!? I'm trying Maka! I've been trying to show you that there's more to me, but God you just won't see it! What do I have to do huh!? There's more to me Maka! I'm sick of you always immediately getting pissed at me just because you think I'm only a spoiled, arrogant, rich teenager." I stepped closer to her and locked eyes with, I was going to get through to her. "Give me a god damn chance. Please."

Maka was only staring at me, digesting my words. Suddenly though, her eyes widened as she muttered something so quietly that even in my close proximity, I couldn't hear it.

"What?" I questioned as her eyes locked with mine.

"D—" She stopped and swallowed, inhaling deeply, "Do you love you love me?"

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