A/N: Inspired by a post on dear ol' Tumblr. May be continued if I can get my brain to work :P

It was less of a conscious decision and more of an expected fact that was destined to pass in the universe. That is when Captain Kathryn Janeway and Commander Chakotay finally shifted their relationship from friendship to the more intimate. When she could admit fully to even herself the way his dimpled, lopsided smile made her feel, as they stood on either side of her desk at Starfleet headquarters. She tipped her head slightly, a gentle grin growing on her lips as she reached her hand toward him.

An eyebrow lifted in surprise, before he moved his own hand to meet her's. "We have reached an agreement on pursuing this course of action, Admiral?" His tone was a rich honey of elation and gentle humor.

Her face soften as their hands found each other in a hold disguising itself as a handshake, but there were too many fingers tangling to call it that. It was as though there was a lasting imprint from all those years before, on a little planet on the other side of the galaxy. "We have," she whispered, their smiles blooming fully at the feeling of correctness that permeated the mood.

And maybe someone watching might have thought this a deal making among friends, had they not been close enough to see the silent promises passing between their gazes. But Kathryn draws in a contented breath at the feather light touch of his index finger along the sensitive skin of her wrist. It is the final petal unrolling as their friendship becomes something else.