Sundown Solace

Hey, I'm back with another Beelzebub fanfic after a long hiatus. This time, I'll be portraying them in a more gripping and serious manner. I hope you guys enjoy the story and don't forget to tell me what you guys think.

The beeps emitting from the electrocardiogram were constant and the lines were on the digital screen were moving at a slow yet steady pace, signifying that the patient's condition was stable and that he was recovering successfully. The nurse checked his drip and the clipboard attached to the front of his bed while nodding her head as she scanned through the patient's report.

The patient happened to be Oga Tatsumi, the strongest juvenile delinquent in the whole of Japan but was in the irony of being in a coma and beaten to a pulp a month ago.

Oga hadn't been conscious since that traumatic yet devastating day where he had lost Hilda and Baby Beel…or maybe he didn't…he didn't know or would never know as his mind and subconscious were not awake, continuing to trap him in his endless slumber.

The saying was- " You can never keep a strong man down" and the proof was on the very next day at around seven in the morning.

Oga was still in his coma until a bird started chirping outside his window sill which somehow triggered his mind to slowly dust of the cobwebs from the gears in his brain and start functioning once more.

Oga started to remember and recall that faithful day where he had lost Baby Beel and the woman he loved most in the world in the blink of an eye.


Oga was busy arguing with Hilda over the lack of taste in her cooking while his parents were at work while his sister was out in the shopping mall.

" I'm telling you, you bitch that this omelet taste like crap. Just what the hell are these supposed to be? Slugs?" yelled Oga in frustration as he picked up a slimy brown mushroom with his chopsticks and waved it in front of her face.

Hilda looked annoyed at him and sniffed in contempt at him. " These are wild mushrooms from the Flaming Forest of Hell. Such ingredients are considered a delicacy to the Royal family. I guess commoners and crude beings like you don't appreciate fine cooking," she snorted and Oga looked furious at her.

" You have got to be fucking kidding me if you guys think that this mushroom is as good as a steak or even a croquette. It's too spicy and taste like shit," he retorted.

Hilda waved her hand dismissively at him. " Fine, you fool. Just leave the mushrooms and I'll give them to the master. He actually enjoys them unlike you," she said and fed Baby Beel his afternoon milk.

" Of course he does. Do I look as if I spent eighteen years eating food from the Demon World?" he laughed and she raised her eyebrow.

" Of course not. Your stomach is still weak compared to those from the Demon world and you call almost every dish originating from there poisonous and disgusting," she laughed and she went to the stove.

" I guess I can't expect too much from a buffoon like you, Oga. Anyway, since I'm feeling in a better mood today, I'll cook you something else just to satisfy your picky appetite. I'll just cook you some fried mackerel with lemon," Hilda said and Oga's eyes lighted up.

" Now you're talking Hilda. Why can't you always be this nice and obliging?" he said and she shot him a glare that cautioned him not to push his luck.

" Now, what woman in the right frame of mind would cook and care for you at the same time, other than this gorgeous bombshell?" his conscious scolded him but Oga was too busy dreaming about his lunch to answer his conscious.

" When are you going to ask her to be your girlfriend?" nagged his conscious

" Soon. After she does my mackerel and some dessert," Oga answered licking his lips in anticipation.

Oga didn't know what was going to happen next nor was he prepared to counter such a big scale ambush.

Suddenly, his living room exploded as gravel and bricks sprayed everywhere, cracking walls and paintings.

" What the….?" Oga yelled in shock. He looked catatonically over to Hilda who was dusting herself and her eyes narrowed. She drew her sword and walked over to Oga.

" Behemoth? Jabberwock?" Oga inquired and Hilda shrugged. " Not likely but I wouldn't rule them out just yet.

Then, beams of demonic energy sliced through the house like a hot knife slicing through butter and the rest of the house started to explode.

Oga, Hilda and Baby Beel were bombarded with explosions and firearms and the three of them found themselves caught in the middle of it.

The three of them ran to the back door but another beam of energy swept through the door and knocked Hilda and Oga back with another explosion.

Oga coughed and wheezed as his a soul numbing lassitude enveloped his body. His head was spinning as he was bleeding profusely from his abdomen and leg. He probably broke a few ribs but Baby Beel miraculously was unscathed.

He couldn't move as a giant pillar rested comfortably on his broken leg and he reached a bloody hand to Hilda who was lying unconscious next to him.

Her dress was soaked in blood and her face bore a look of excruciating pain. " Hi…..Hild…Hilda," he mumbled softly as he tried to lift the pillar off his crushed leg.

He looked around and saw that his whole house was demolished, destroyed, ravaged and nothing was left except lots of rubble and bricks.

He held Hilda's hand and she stirred. " Oga, what happened to you? Is the young master safe?" she coughed and grimaced in pain as she clutched her bleeding side.

" He's fine but….you," he croaked and spit out a thick wad of blood from his mouth.

" Don't talk you idiot or you'll exert more pressure on yourself," she said and glared at him. "I guess this was hr way of expressing her concern for me," he thought to himself.

He felt as if the whole world was revolving at a very high pace and he stood right in the centre of it. Was he going to die? He sure felt as if he would.

" Hand the young master over to me before you soil him with your blood," Hilda said and she inched towards Oga and grabbed Baby Beel off his shoulder.

" Da-buh?" the green haired baby looked in confusion at the both of them and threatened to start bawling but Hilda placated him and tried too stop her wound from bleeding by using some rags but her efforts were futile as another projectile crashed into the already destroyed house and erupted into flames.

Oga was thrown back while Hilda protected Baby Beel from the showers of ambers and flaming debris which burnt her exposed skin.

" Hilda, we've got to get out of here before they attack again," Oga wheezed and crawled towards her but she shot him a glacial look which turned into a soft and tender look.

" Oga, please take care of yourselves if we're not here because he will not stop at just your house but the whole of Tokyo," Hilda whispered to him but he just looked confused.

" Hilda, who is this bloody bastard and what do you mean if we're not here? No! I won't let him kill you or Baby Beel. I'll beat the crap out of him first," Oga declared and slumped to the floor.

" Listen, you pathetic fool. He doesn't want you dead. He just wants to kill me and the young master," she said darkly and picked up her sword.

" All the more reason for me to….. Get lost," she said looking sorrowful at him and sending him flying with a burst of energy from her sword. Oga was stunned as he just had enough time to see the a few figures approach Hilda with spears and tridents.

Her emerald eye gave him a last goodbye look as the delinquent flew all the way into the Ishiyama Park and landed among the trees. " Hilda…..he mumbled as he drifted off into sleep and lay unconscious there while those mysterious figures lay waste to the town.

Flashback ended-

Images and scenes of the explosion, Hilda covered in blood and the mysterious figures kept playing in his head until eventually, he was awakened from his coma and his eyes opened.

" Where am I?" he thought to himself as he was on multiple drips and connected to an electrocardiogram. He still filled the numbness in his bones and he could feel the scars of his wounds on his abdomen which streaked all the way from one side of his torso to the other.

He had many stitches on his chest as well as bandages to go with them. " Hilda," he mumbled to himself and he sat up.

" Baby Beel?" he wondered and he noticed that the Zebel spell emblem on his hand was gone meaning that Baby Beel had broken the link between them.

More gory and eerie images off that incident appeared in his head and he feared the worst. " Hilda and Baby Beel are dead. Fuck my life and the bastards who did this," he cursed under his breath and he clenched his fists with anger.

" I've got to find who attacked us that day, killed them both and put me in a coma for months. I'm going to kill them one by one even if it takes me forever," he declared and he pulled off the wires attached to his body and got out of his bed.

" Nurse? Hey nurse! I'm talking to you," he called out but there was no reply and the hospital was eerily quiet and this gave Oga the chills.

" Excuse me nurse?" he said and he walked cautiously to his door and peeked outside the door. He wanted to vomit as he saw the nurses sprawled across the floor, laying in pools of blood as a big hellhound was busy feasting on the eviscerated corpse of one of them.

" What the fuck is going on? How am I going to get out of here?" he thought to himself as he started to have cold sweat while his heart started palpitating at an increasing rate.

He stopped panting and a small smile played across his face. " Hilda, Baby Beel….I won't let one little carnivorous puppy stop me from killing the man responsible for your deaths," he said and he flung open the door and cracked his knuckles.

The hellhound stopped feasting and looked up at Oga with it's glowing red eyes and nostrils flared. " What's the matter you bitch? Cat got your tongue?" he chided and grinned at the dog.

The hellhound howled in anger and bared it's razor sharp teeth and charged at him while snarling but Oga swung his axe round and decapitated the hellhound.

" Good thing this shit was together with the fire extinguisher," he mumbled and stepped over the corpses which littered the once pristine and white marble hospital tiles which were now stained red.

He stepped out of the hotel and walked through the town and Hilda wasn't lying when she said that this creep would ravage the whole town. The whole place was deserted and barren while empty cars were scattered everywhere.

" No shit. I guess Hilda was right," Oga mused and walked to his house or what was left of it. He just said a quiet prayer for his family and scanned through the rubble and the exact same spot where Hilda blasted him into the sky because she wanted to protect him from being killed by this mysterious person.

He walked through the remains of the house and shook his head." Nothing left here. All my comics, up in flames. But something pink caught his eye and he walked over to it. It was Hilda's parasol cover.

He picked it up and examined it but there was nothing. He squinted into the hole and he managed to pull out a piece of paper which read

Oga, if you are reading this, I am happy to know that you are still alive. However, it means that I may be dead. Don't bother looking for me or the young master who is safe because it will just disappoint you. Please take care.

Love: Hilda

Oga grinned at the paper and slipped it into his pocket. " Typical Hilda. Leaving a subtle clue informing me that she isn't dead and telling me that she wants me to find her," Oga smirked but he heard a click sound and he slowly turned behind to see a demon aiming a pistol at him.

" Haven't seen you before. You mind telling me what happened here?" Oga asked but the demon just cackled and snorted. " Sure, I promise to start from the beginning and tell the whole story to your lifeless body."

Oga closed his eyes but he heard a thud and he opened his eyes to find a sherbet coloured hair guy standing over the unconscious demon.

" Kanzaki? Is that you?" Oga asked in disbelief.

Kanzaki kicked the demon aside and sniffed at Oga but Oga could see the smirk on his face.

" You bet your ass it is. Now, you and I have a lot of things to discuss," he said and Oga just nodded somberly.

A/N first chapter is finished and I hope you guys enjoyed it. I know it's a bit dark and macabre compared to my other fics but I' m trying out new genres. I'll see you soon in the next chapter