"...and so God sent the Moon and the Sun to the Earth to tempt and lure the one he alone could not save."

Lucifer was no stranger to having sex with a human. In fact he thrived upon it, enjoying their fear, and sorrow once they learned who it was they were with, and the fact they were automatically damned afterwards.

So Lucifer didn't think much about the young maiden, who's name was Maryah, that approached him in the bar. He usually camped out here looking for fresh souls to corrupt, and Maryah who had long brown hair, and green eyes, seemed like fresh meat. He had his usual disguise on, the one that strongly resembled his true angel form just taking away the wings and glow. His short blond, curly hair, slightly pale skin, and dark blue eyes, was bait for humans who deemed him approachable.

He led Maryah to the back of the bar, into one of the more private rooms. Going through the usual "routine". It was when he released himself inside of her, that he paused. She didn't burst into flames, or start dying like everyone else.

Humans normally die when the devil is inside of them, is one with them. Maryah simply looked at Lucifer and smiled. Lucifer smiled back contemplating showing his true form which surely kill her, but instead erased her memories and fled the bar.

Maryah had woken some time after, and managed to get home. She was confused to why she had woken up in one of the bars playrooms, but didn't find any signs of rape.

She wasn't aware of the dark shadow observing her every move, trying to understand how it was possible for this human to even be alive. It was on the third day that he had been following her that he smelled it, and could see it. She was pregnant. With his child. A nephilim.