17 years later...

"Isabel...hey...Isabel!" Isabel the girl in question had fallen asleep once again at her friend's house. Niala, had known Isabel for a few months now, ever since meeting her at Georgetown University. Isabel had lost both her parents in a car accident, and had no immediate family. She had once told Niala that she only got into Georgetown through the recommendation by an influential stranger she had never met.

Isabel had long, curly blond hair, and blue eyes. But her blue eyes were abnormal, they were more of an icy blue, that in light they seemed white. Her skin was perfect, not too tan, not too pale. Niala, had felt inferior to Isabel. Having short bobbed hair, and mud, brown eyes, she never understood why Isabel stuck around with her. It seemed as if Niala was her only friend. Isabel never really talked about any other friends she had, saying she didn't remember have much of a social life before she was 17. But Isabel did talk about her loving mother and father. Mr. and Mrs. Suton, who both died in the accident a few months before Isabel turned 17.

"Niala...I'm tired..."

"Yeah but don't you have some paper due tomorrow? If you keep falling asleep you won't be able to do it."

Isabel sighed. Niala always, ALWAYS, made sure she stayed on top of her work. She would always tell Isabel that education was the most important thing in the world.

"What is the paper supposed to be about anyways?"

Isabel sighed. She could just feel the work piling on top of her. "Religion, and Warfare."

Niala smiled, and threw a book in her direction. "Ok. Start reading."

Isabel groaned.

Gabriel was standing on a balcony, overlooking the New York skyline. He had always admired what inventions the humans came up with. Then he felt a familiar presence appear beside him.

"So...you don't know where she is..."

"No brother I do not. Once she left Lucifer's care, I could no longer see her. She just vanished."

Gabriel sighed. They had been successful in watching both Lucifer and Isabel for 17 years, but now I seems as if the nephilim disappeared once she left Lucifer's care.

"Well, from what I understand she doesn't know who she is, apparently our brother put memories in her head to create the illusion she lived a normal life. But...what I don't understand is why. I mean our brother isn't really known for his caring attitude."

Gabriel started thinking. Maybe this nephilim could really change their brother. Maybe her combination of human and angel blood could redeem Lucifer. After all, she is the sole bridge between humanity and angels.

"He hid her."

Gabriel stopped thinking and looked at Michael. "What?"

Michael looked panicky. "Nephilim were always thought of as abominations, remember? They were all wiped out in the flood. Maybe Lucifer was afraid of this same fate occurring to his child. He thought-"

"He thought God would send us after her. To kill her. So he put a spell on her."

Michael shook his head. "Yes, he cloaked her visibility from all angels."

Gabriel was worried now. Because he knew that it wasn't going to be angels that wanted her dead. It was demons.