"So you want us to be a part of Bombshell." Elphaba stated, very unimpressed.

"Yes," Eileen replied, "Have any of you had musical theatre experience before?" This time Glinda was the one who answered.


"Okay, well you look perfect for the role, I guess now we have to see you sing, dance, and act."

"ooooOOOOo! I'll go first!" Glinda shouted," Popular, you're gonna be popuUular! I teach you the-"

"I think we'll pick a song for you Miss Glinda!"


"Eileen, I brought the sheet music!" Tom said as he strolled into Eileen's office. He led the girls into a different room with a piano in it. "Do any of you guys know how to read music?"

"We're college students, not professionals!" Fiyero exclaimed

"That's okay! So then I'll have Karen sing this song for you so you know how it goes. Then I'm going to start playing the piano and I want you to start singing along. Sound good?"

"Um...I guess," Elphaba said, sounding slightly nervous. Tom called Karen in and she started singing the song. The lyrics and the melody were the most beutiful ones that all three of them had ever heard in their lives. But the song was very difficult, she wondered if any of them could pull it off.

"Let's start with you Glinda, since you're our potential Marilyn." Well Glinda was no use, her voice kept cracking and she could barely keep up with the rhythms.

"Can I try?" Elphaba asked.

"I guess," Tom replied, "But you dont really seem to fit any of the characters we need at the moment."

"I know, I just wan to try it," Elphaba said, determined to try her best. Tom started to play, and Elphaba began to sing.

"Fade in on a girl, with a hunger for fame, and a face and a name to remember. The past fades away because as of this day. Norma Jeane's gone, she's moving on...Her smile and your fantasies play a duet that will make you forget where you are. The music starts playing, it's the beat of her heart saying: Let me be your star..."

"Stop. stop!" Tom said suddenly, "That there, was sheer PERFECTION!"


"Yes! You could be Marilyn! But you'd need a serious makeover!"


"Yes, Eileen?"

"We have the face, we have the voice!"

"So what are you saying?"

"We'll use Glinda as our Marilyn"


"Then when the songs come in, she can lip sync! While Elphaba does the real singing!"

"No way!" Elphaba and Glinda screamed together.

"I'll give you a hundred bucks!" Eileen said desperately.

"Two hundred."