Wizards of Waverly Place:

Wizards vs Wizards:

Chapter 10:

The rescue:

Justin, Max and Jared all went back to WizTech to save Alex. The plan of rescue was set.

Gorog: (noticing Jared) Ah, Jared, you're back. (noticing Justin and Max) Wait, why are these two here?

Jared: Well, Master Gorog, this is Justin and Max, Alex's brothers. I thought they would be some use to you in your evil plan!

Gorog: Ah, excellent work, Jared. Justin used to be very faithful to me until he turned Rosie against me and back into a guardian angel! And we'll find something for Max, too.

Max: Wow, that guy can really hold a grudge!

(Tuesday and Storm enter.)

Tuesday: Jared, there you are!

Storm: We've been looking all over for you!

(Dr Evilini enters.)

Dr Evilini: At last! I have found the perfect spell, one that will destroy the wizard world! (she laughs evil.) What were we talking about?

Jared: The spell. The one that you said would completely destroy the wizard world.

Dr Evilini: Ah, yes. Thank you, Jared. Then, I can use this! (she pulls out a test tube filled with some of the energy from the volcano in Volcano Land.) This test tube is filled with one drop of energy from the all-powerful volcano in Volcano Land! And one drop is enough to drain a wizard of their powers! (she laughs evil.)

Jared: I don't think so, Evilini! Now!

(Jared, Tuesday and Storm wave their wands and trap Evilini in a cage.)

Evilini: What have you done?

Tuesday: Something that all of us should've done a long time ago!

Jared: Since we just found out that it was you who destroyed my dad's powers!

Storm: And killed our parents! I think you know which spell I'm thinking of!

Tuesday: Let me guess, the pancake spell?

Storm: Not that one, the other one! Now, Jared!

Jared: Ready, Storm!

Knock knock,

who's there


Evilini who?,

Evilini getting sucked through a portal to another dimension!

There was a flash, a portal appeared, and Evilini was gone forever!

Tuesday: Nice work!

Jared: Thank you, the knock knock spell always works well with improv!

(Gorog enters wearing an eye mask.)

Gorog: What is going on?! I was in the middle of my evil-plot-to-rule-the-world-beauty-sleep!

Tuesday: I don't think the beauty part is working out for you, buddy!

Jared: I'm sorry, Gorog, but we cannot got through with this evil plan of yours!

Gorog: What?! If you don't go through with this plan, then you will pay the price!

Storm: Oh yeah? And how much will that cost us?

Gorog: Maybe this will help you figure it out! HA!

Three lightning bolts shot out of Gorog's hand; the green one was harming Jared, the pink one was harming Tuesday, and the blue one was harming Storm! They were screaming in agony.

Alex: Stop it; you're hurting them!

Gorog: I'll stop when they obey me!

Jared: Never!

(the rest of the Russo family and Harper appear in the evil lair.)

Jerry: Justin, Max, what's going on?

Justin: Gorog is using his powers to harm Jared and his family!

Alex: (to Jerry) Dad! They're dying because of me! What should I do?

Jerry: Put everything you have learned into one! Don't think about it; feel it!

With teary eyes, Alex grabbed her wand and with all of her power, she knew what spell she had to say.

Jared: Alex, no! It's my fate now; you have to let me go!

Alex: No, Jared! I love you!

Jared: I love you too!

Alex: OK, I'll say the spell for us;

If evil takes over, all is lost

Our freedom will pay a price that would cost,

But if good prevails, and the power in me,

Should conquer the darkness and return in victory!

There was a flash of bright light, brighter than the light of the Guardian Angels!

What will happen next?