Noodle stood on the roof, staring blankly over the horizon. The wind was whipping around her, nearly knocking the girl over. She kept her eyes fixed on the distances, finally spotting what she was looking for.

"" She watched the funnel cloud touch down from the green sky. As the wind blew harder, she ran back in to the house.

2D and Russel weren't here, they had left earlier in the week for a convention, leaving Murdoc and Noodle home.

Murdoc was a horrible babysitter, usually getting drunk around noon and trying to hit on Noodle the rest of the day. Even when the boys were home and Murdoc had to no responsibilities, he was still a terrible person. Even now, despite all the sirens, he was passed out drunk on the couch.

"Murdoc-san, get up!" Noodle shook the man violently as the howling wind picked up speed. The man simply rolled on to his side, groaning a little in the process.

One of the windows near Noodle's head shattered, letting debris into the room. It was at that moment that Noodle suddenly didn't care. As the scene of broken bottles, crashing winds, and a drunk Murdoc played out before her, something finally snapped.

All the memories of the fights, the tears, the long, stressful nights began to fill her mind. A deep hatred began tearing at her heart as she watched the man waste away in his own greed and personal gain.

A glass bottle was shattered by a tree branch from outside. Noodle twitched as she remembered the constant beer bottles being thrown at 2D. As the tornado came closer and mixed with the sounds of sirens, she remembered all the curses Murdoc had thrown about at Russel. Finally, as the house began to shake, she remembered just why she was running to 2D's room alone. She locked the door behind her and took cover under the bed

As the storm raged on, she prayed that by the time it was over, the whole house would be gone. Maybe that would take away the memories. Maybe the rain could wash everything away.

Maybe it could take her with it. Maybe she could be blown away, too.

2D and Russel watched in horror as the sirens went off on their tv. They were half way out of their hotel room when a shot of Kong Studios being wrecked almost to its foundation.

2D frantically dialed in the home number over and over again, never receiving an answer. He tried Murdoc's cell phone, then Noodle's, still nothing.

When they finally got back in to town, they found most of the streets were blocked off by fallen trees. They got out of Geep and went the rest of the way on foot. It would be nearly two hours before they got home. By then, the storm had already passed. Kong was completely wrecked, but there was a chance it could still be rebuilt.

Much to the two mens relief, Noodle emerged from the wreckage completely unharmed.

Much to their curiosity, Murdoc was nowhere to be found.

The storm did take away the memories. The rain did wash everything away. It took Murdoc with. It blew him away, too.

A/N: So, I came up with this while listening to Blown Away by Carrie Underwood. Thought it would be cool and almost did a cosplay for it.

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