Simpsons Jeremy Kyle

This is where Homer, Marge and Ned Flanders go on the show Jeremy Kyle.

It is written in script form!

Jeremy Kyle: Ladies and Gentlemen I would like you to welcome Marge and Homer Simpson onto the Jeremy Kyle show!

Homer (walks in): My wife cheated on our neighbour Ned Flanders and she now has his child.

Jeremy Kyle: So Marge had an affair with your neighbour, got pregnant and now has a beautiful daughter named Cherry. However Homer, you refuse to acknowledge Cherry as your daughter and you believe it is Flanders child?

Marge: I never had an affair with Ned Flanders, we were just very good friends and I liked to keep him company after his wife Maude sadly died.

Homer: Liar, you were more than just friends. You got pregnant with his child so you must have been more than just friends.

Marge: Please acknowledge Cherry as your daughter and a member of the Simpson family. Stop making all these stupid myths and stop treating me like I am cheater when I'm not.

Jeremy Kyle: I am so sorry but I have absolutely no truth in this. I think its best we bring Ned Flanders onto the Jeremy Kyle show.

Ned Flanders (walks in): Homer you're a storyteller and a liar. I never got Marge pregnant, be a good father by acknowledging Cherry as your child and whose surname does Cherry have?

Marge: Simpson is her surname and Homer is her father.

Homer: No, she is Ned's daughter.

Ned: Homer's daughter.

Homer: Ned's daughter.

Ned: Homer's daughter.

Jeremy Kyle: It appears that neither of you are her father. Are there any other men could possibly be Cherry's father?

Marge: No Jeremy, Homer is Cherry's father and that's last of it.

Jeremy Kyle: I think we need a DNA test.

Jeremy Kyle: I can tell you that Homer has a 99.99% chance of being Cherry's father so Homer you were lying all along. Homer you are an absolute disgrace to your wife and family. People like you are an absolute waste of space.

Homer: This show sucks.

Marge: Well you Homer, should be very ashamed and embarrassed this family and the Flanders.

Ned Flanders: Homer I'm ashamed that there are people in society like you, your kids are going to be so ashamed when they see this and they're going to wish that you were never their father.

Jeremy Kyle: I agree with Ned and Marge, Homer I think its time you went home you immature little child.