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Author's Note:

Just to get some things out of the way before I get started, this is a seven-way continuation story. Therefore I will be avoiding breaking Canon events as much as possible. I will also be doing everything I can to avoid contradictions. This has various implications, the foremost of which is that characters and their relationships will be true to what their creators made them, with one exception that was too good to pass up (and I'm pretty sure that Rumiko Takahashi and Shoji Gatoh would approve anyway, so I'm sure you can all guess which character is actually going to be a part of multiple Universes). I won't be able to avoid all contradictions, i.e. Sakura having 53 Star Cards instead of thirteen. The sheer nature of the combined universes I'm using, where manga and anime have arbitrarily equal weight, is going to cause a few minor contradictions, but I have done this in the interest of avoiding larger ones and giving myself more flexibility with my timelines. Please note that this semi-arbitrary system applies to both events and details, for example the leader of the Mew Mews is named "Ichigo" (as in the Manga and original Japanese), while Sakura's last name is "Avalon" (as it is in the English Dub). Now that we've got my semi-arbitrary system for determining Canon out of the way, I'm going to give everyone a little heads up about parings: They are not necessarily the stereotypes. If canon has a pairing come together in a relationship, then they'll be together, otherwise, we're flying blind as far as romance is concerned.

Here is a list of Canon pairings that are going to appear at some point (most of them at the beginning) so that nobody gets after me for sticking to stereotypes:

Ranma/Akane – Married – Before anybody nails me with a "but the wedding bombed" I suggest that they go back and re-read the end of the Manga, specifically the last two pages (at least in the version I read, where I again plead to my aforementioned and established semi-arbitrary canon determination system) where it states, and I quote, "and so the wedding was postponed… but only for a little while." This indicates quite decisively that they did get married at some point in the near future following the end of the manga. All of this is on top of the fact that (at least in my interpretation (and this story)) he brought her back from the dead just by screaming her name (It will involve more than that on a technical level, but still…).

Usagi/Mamoru – Married – Let's face it, even if it weren't the final chapter, Naoko Takeuchi always intended for them to end up married, and between Chibiusa and the numerous times that they were shown sleeping in the same bed, it's fairly obvious that the only reason they waited was for an exit finale paralleling a fairy tale. Which reminds me…

Kagome/InuYasha – Married – Here I'm taking some license, but it's simpler than simply having them living together. Plus it gives me an excuse/chance to introduce an OC/Plot Point that will allow me to further diversify my characters.

Sango/Miroku – Married – They have kids people! While I have nothing against nontraditional families, it simply doesn't fit for those two to have one. It doesn't fit either of their characters, or the plot, or the time period. Plus this gives him an excuse reason to avoid going around and asking every girl he meets to bear his children to avoid Sango's ultimate wrath. Needless to say however that old habits die hard, and he does slip up when he's first exposed to girls who aren't ready for him and he doesn't know well. Guess which ones he asks. evil grin

Miharu/Yukinari – Engaged – And I quote, "Let's be together forever."

Sakura/Syaoran – Definitively Together – Again, I quote, "From now on we'll be together forever." I'm actually going to have him pop the question in either this chapter or the next one.

Kirie/Fukuyama – Dating – Her opinion of him decidedly improved after both the Wedding Rescue and the STAB fiasco. She gave him a chance, and he's kept his girl-chasing to a minimum.

Kaname/Sosuke – Unofficially Together – Basically where Ranma and Akane were for the majority of the manga, but without the added pressure of an engagement, and with terrorists driving them together instead of the Nerima Wrecking Crew driving them apart. Also no curse. Definitely a plus for their relationship.

Sesshomaru/Rin – Very much a father/daughter relationship. No formal adoption ceremony however, Rin does not become a Hanyou. Frankly having a demon for a stepfather wreaks enough havoc on her life already. Especially in the romance department. You think you/your girlfriend has an overprotective father… and the ones he doesn't scare away intentionally are of course repulsed by the very idea of having a relationship with someone who willingly associates with demons. This also gives me a plot point to use to get her into the modern era after the well starts working universally.

Chibiusa(or Rin, Souta, Shippo, Pudding, etc.)/Anyone – Sorry, but no. Maybe very late in the story or in a potential sequel, but for now they're just too young for anything serious.

Kasumi/Tofu – We'll See.

Weber/Mao – No.

And with all of that out of the way, let's see where this leads. I present to you:

Gate of the Seven Dragons


An interesting word, a meeting between two or more… somethings. The young man looked at his father. There was no biological relationship of course, but nonetheless this was the paternal figure in his life. The man who had raised him, trained him, taught him everything that he really needed to know about life. And then of course he had to look back at the enemies that were surrounding them.

He had lost count of the number of realities that they had dodged through trying to escape, only to end up here, in a version of Earth where all life had suddenly ceased to exist, a result of a combination of a Nuclear Blast and a failed Time Lock.

They were in Tokyo, actually the center of the city. It was a strange feeling to be the only living things in a lifeless husk of a city that still looked as if it might have been abandoned yesterday. Well, the only living things except for the murderous army trying to kill them. The boy sighed, somehow it always seemed to come back to the murderous army trying to kill them.

But it couldn't be helped, and they couldn't afford to let the key fall into enemy hands. "So, how do we get out of this one?"

The older man looked around and sighed. "We don't, even if we manage to get make another jump we're still surrounded, and we can't let them into equilibrium."

"So, then…"

"We can't let them have the Key to Reality, they'd be able to move between realities at will, everything would fall. We've got one option left."

"The Brat Contingency?"

"The Brat Contingency."

"If we can't have it nobody can, right? Alright, I'll initiate the circles." Five circular designs began to radiate outward, ice forming where the circle of Cold radiated, light failing to penetrate the designs of the circle of Darkness, Lightning and Fire overlapping on the ground as they spread, almost reaching the enemies, and the dust motes that seemed frozen in time the only thing revealing the circle of air.

A mocking voice rang through the square, "What's this, a final stand? How cliché." The horde parted, revealing a man whom the boy bending the laws of reality had hoped never to see again. "I honestly expected better of you. You're so well known for your annoying originality and brilliant tactics, I might be proud if you were on the right side son."

"Do I know you? Oh that's right, you're the Sperm Donor who gave me half of my genes, I believe I already told you how I feel about that, now I'm a bit busy with people who are actually important, so if you could get this pitiful attempt at an affectionate guilt trip over with, I do have a life to get back to."

The man almost growled at the reminder of the Scar under his right eye that would take centuries to fade, but that was fine, that was a testament to his offspring's skill. No, what really hurt was being reminded of the other wound that the infernal boy had inflicted on him, the one that would never heal. And then to add insult to injury the boy had actually had the gall to mail them back to him as a birthday present, wrappings, card, note, and all, of course, before he sent them back he had had one steeped in ZeroLife and the other in InfiniteEnd, and then he had had them bronzed and mounted on a trophy plaque. "Just give me the key boy and I might not write you out of existence with it."

"Oh, you mean this key?" The boy held it up for all to see, and then threw it… straight up, into the center of his breaker circles. But that made no sense, unless…

"NO! He's going to destroy the key! Stop him!"

"You can't stop him; he's too deep into the paradox now, just as we planned. The key will be unmade and its energy collected and re-forged into a new key, the Key to Chaos Zero. With it we'll be able to force open the gates of Equilibrium and bring every reality under the flag of Kayous." The Eunuch jumped, he still didn't know how it was that that woman was able to sneak up on him. She was still the only person he knew who had the ability to consistently make cold shivers run down his spine. "In other words we win."

The man in the center of the circle made his presence known, "Forgetting someone?"

"NO!" the woman shrieked, "You were supposed to kill him first you fools!"

"But you already said that the boy is in too deep for the paradox to be stopped, what can he do?"

"He can't stop the paradox, but he can change it! Stop him you fools!"

The man stepped in front of the boy, "You can't stop it now, the paradox won't let anything in, not even you have that much power." The circles suddenly began to be overwritten, and now several more circles appeared, driving things to an even deeper paradox as the boy felt the pull of the key that he had guarded for so long leave him, taken up by his father, who gave him a small, sad smile as a single tear rolled down his cheek. "Goodbye."

The boy, unfortunately, understood too late, and even as he tried to stop him, his father activated the final power of the Reality Key. Somehow, impossibly, in a voice that spoke in every language ever conceived the words rang out, "Open, Nana Doragonzu no Mon."


Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo were fighting again. What was fairly new was that they weren't fighting each other. In fact, they were fighting back to back, attempting to change her name to Akane Saotome. It was the rest of Nerima that couldn't seem to cooperate.

Ryoga, Mousse, and the rest of the Tendos and Saotomes were all off to one side simply watching the proceedings. It had taken almost three years and an insane amount of danger due to a certain Phoenix King, but Ranma and Akane had finally managed to admit that they liked each other. After the first wetting had quite literally bombed, they had managed to force the rest of the Nerima Wrecking Crew into an agreement. If Ranma and Akane finally managed to get married, then that was it and everybody would stop chasing them. Somehow they had even managed to get Kuno to swear upon his family honor blade (with most of the school as witnesses) that he would stop chasing his "beloved pigtailed girl" as part of the bargain. Nabiki suspected that they had threatened to elope.

Cologne and Miss Hinako were currently trying to remove Happosai from the equation, which they were managing to an extent, although the rampant explosions and energy attacks still had Akari, Sayuri, Hiroshi, Daisuke, Yuka, and Katsunishiki hiding behind a fairly large barricade of discarded and broken furniture.

Konatsu was off in the corner attending to Ukyo's wounds, her Gunpowder Okonomiyaki hadn't reacted well to a stray Happo Fire Burst. On the flip side the resultant bang had also taken out Kodachi and Tsubasa who were now tied up in the closet with the Ghost Cat's bell and Pantyhose Taro, who had decided to try and show up early.

Principal Kuno was currently passed out from a simultaneous mallet, bonborri, bokken, and takabisha convergence when he tried to cut the hair of the various martial artists who were still going at it at the altar, and Natsume and Kurumi were currently trying to get over to the people behind the barricade and get them out of the massive warzone that the dojo had turned into. Tofu was trying to keep the evacuation organized and somehow managing not to look at Kasumi. Betty had been buried under a pile of rubble. Sasuke was, in a rare show of personal decisiveness and self-preservation, clinging to the ceiling and waiting for everything to blow over. The Priest had long since escaped via the exit tunnel built into the platform where the engaged couple were supposed to be getting married. Fortunately the guests were used to this by now and just about everyone had already gotten out (this was of course the sixth attempted wedding in as many months). Gosunkugi course had been knocked out when Akane had knocked one of Shampoo's maces away, and currently had a sheet covering him, while Kogane (who had received special permission to come to the world of the living for her friends' wedding) was sliding him over to the observers, trying to make sure that he didn't get too hurt.

Kuno's bokken had split lengthwise and he was currently trying to use the two halves in a double bladed style against Ranma, (trying being the operative word) while Akane was going mallet to mace with Shampoo and holding her own very well. Then an explosion rang out louder than any that had so far interrupted the wedding proceedings, cueing the occupants of the dojo to look to the open door and see…


A massive wave, a wall of nothing, it could only be described as a black light or a white darkness. As it swept toward the dojo, something triggered, as those who had been cursed at Jusenkyo, Akane, and Miss Hinako suddenly had a light flow from their bodies, forming a barrier around the dojo that Ryu Kumon and Miss Midori barely managed to get a group of kindergarteners inside of in time. Then the wave of destruction reached the barrier and the last thing any of the occupants of the dojo knew no more.


It was a peaceful day in Tomoeda, Sakura and her friends were out on a picnic, celebrating the fact that they had all managed to make it into the same high school. Suddenly the magic users all froze and turned to look in the same direction, Syaoran not even noticing as the Frisbee hit him in the head. Then they saw it, a wave of destruction coming directly at them, without even bothering to speak, as Madison, Ms. McKenzie, Yukito, Toya, and Meilin subtly positioned themselves so that the relative civilians were both surrounded and forced behind Sakura and Syaoran.

Realizing the imminent danger left her with no alternatives, Sakura threw caution, secrecy, and discretion to the wind and pulled the key from around her neck and released her staff, simultaneously pulling a box out of her jacket pocket and slapping it into place on her belt she opened it up. With no time to search for the correct card, she instead brought her entire 53-card deck out and shouted, "Shield Card! Heed your Mistress' call, unleash the barrier and protect us all! Shield Card!"

As Sakura's deck flew into the air, the Shield Card indeed sought out the end of her staff, lighting up as the spell was cast. Then the expected unexpected happened, and the other cards began to fall into formation as Sakura's magic circle expanded to encompass her friends and family as her other cards, beginning with Hope and Time began to activate as well, one at a time until all of them were lit. Then the wave of destruction washed over and past them, and there was a blast of magical energy as the spirits of the cards formed a single unified barrier to protect their mistress and those important to her. Those present caught a brief glimpse of a vortex of magical energy drawing in them and seven other balls of light, one actually comprised of two orbs and another of three, and one with so many various pieces that it could barely be called a ball any more, along with one that was significantly smaller than the others and seemed to be trailing behind one of the larger ones, almost like it was orbiting it when they got pulled in by the vortex. Then there was an explosion and they knew no more.


The group of people and demons surrounding the Bone-Eater's Well might have been a reunion party for the Anti-Naraku Coalition or a recreation of their last battle if not for the addition of four individuals under four feet tall. Even Totosai and Myoga had managed to make it. It was a particularly joyous occasion, Kagome and Inuyasha were going back to the other world for a visit, it was only fair, considering that they had been here for nine months, and Kagome's family was probably worried about her. Then they heard it, an explosion from the village.

As they turned, drawing weapons almost as one, they saw the explosion expanding, racing towards them. Rin suddenly found herself holding an infant with three swords planted in the ground around her. Then a light emerged from the well, surrounding the group as the wave washed past them.

In the other world, the Higurashi family was at their family shrine, anxiously watching for any sign of the missing girl. When a light began to come from the wellhouse, they rushed to see who was coming through, only to find, to their surprise that the only thing coming from the well was a strange light. This light spread out to surround the shrine, encompassing everything. Then there was an explosion in the distance, the Higurashi family saw the explosion wash over the barrier surrounding their home, and then they knew no more.


It was an ordinary day at Café Mew Mew. Or at least it would have been ordinary if it weren't for the fact that an eight-year-old may have just blown their cover. Fortunately they weren't open yet, so they didn't really have any customers, and the six Mew Mews and their support crew were able to take her into one of the back rooms to try to talk her out of the idea that she had found the actual Mew Mews. It wasn't going very well.

For some reason it took until Masaya got there 45 minutes later for them to realize that the best idea might just be for them to let her in on the secret but tell her how important keeping their identities a secret was. It was at this point that Ringo and Mashio arrived.

They had been planning on using the DNA gun to make it so that Ringo could activate her Mew Mew form without needing to use her Mew Aqua. Unfortunately upon finding out that it was definitely possible to become a Mew Mew, the girl, who identified herself as Raimu Sekkai, insisted that they make her into a Mew Mew as well. Which led to Ryou launching into a highly overcomplicated lecture on exactly how hard it would be to pull off and how unlikely it was that she would turn out to be a suitable match for any of the red data animals. That is until his own computer cut him off with a beep, saying that it had found a match for her, which he responded to by calling the computer a traitor and shooting it a murderous look.

The computer was quick to point out how long it would take for the DNA injection to be ready.

This was the point at which Ringo's Mew Aqua began to light up, and the girls suddenly found themselves in their Mew Mew forms. Rushing to the roof to see what was going on, they saw a massive sphere embedded in the Earth rapidly growing, destroying everything in its path. Ichigo and Berry fired off their combined attack, and then Ichigo tried hitting it with Strawberry Bell Bell Version Up. Neither was effective.

The Mew Aqua flew into the air and shattered, the contents forming a barrier around the Mew Mews and the café. The destruction washed over the barrier, and at that point the occupants of the café lost consciousness and knew no more.


The Sailors were throwing a party. Not that they were the Sailors at the moment, what with their various families present. But it was still a party nonetheless.

Usagi and Mamoru were back from their honeymoon and the whole group was together for the first time since the wedding. They were all gathered in the Outers' house, the only regret any of them had was Hotaru's wishing that Chibiusa was there so that she could have someone of her own relative maturity and apparent physical age to talk with.

Suddenly Setsuna froze. The party almost instantly ground to a halt as Rei's crows flew in through a window and the occupants of Elysion crashed in through the front door.

"Something is very wrong with spacetime." Setsuna's whisper carried clearly through the gathering that had quickly ceased to be a party. Rei turned to the fireplace to try and get a reading from the blaze that had been warming the living room of the Western-style house. The fire went out. Michiru attempted to see the future in her mirror. The sound of the Deep Aqua Mirror shattering seemed to be a signal to the Sailors, and they quickly exited the house and took up formation, even Luna and Artemis seeming to sense how serious the situation was and quickly coming down the stairs and taking up positions with the girls.

Then they saw it. A wave that only one of their number was able to identify as being almost the same as the combination of creative and chaos energy she had once seen in the Galaxy Cauldron. It wasn't quite the same, but it was close enough to make her forgo all attempts at discretion and in full view of everyone activate her powers, instantly shifting through Sailor Moon and into Serenity. Her Silver Crystal quickly forming a barrier around her friends and their families, a barrier which said friends and her husband were quick to strengthen by transforming and joining their power with hers. The annihilation wave passed the barrier and the Sailors and their families found themselves looking into a massive Galaxy Cauldron. They were being pulled in, along with several other balls of light, inside of which they could just make out various figures. Then Serenities power gave out, the barrier of the silver crystal flickered and faded and another barrier of light enveloped them. And they knew no more.


Kaname Chidori was pissed. "You flew a helicopter in, smashed open my classroom window, dragged out me and my best friend, flew us out into the middle of the ocean, drugged her because she was going into hysterics, airdropped us to the Danaan, and when she finally wakes up you tell us, 'Sorry, false alarm, turns out that the bomb threat was not only not real, but your school wasn't even the one in question. Oh, and we have to erase her memory now that she knows about us.' How exactly do you expect me to react?"

Despite none of them being present in person the entire group seated around the table flinched. Well almost all of them, Captain Teletha "Tessa" Testarossa was perfectly content to sit back and let her read Mithril's commanding officers a riot act that she herself had wanted to give them many times. To some, the utter lack of response or emotion on the Captain's part was almost as terrifying as the idea of what the Chidori girl might currently be doing to them if they were there in person. Then she broke her silence at a pause in the girls lecture and that fact changed, now they were all terrified of what both girls might do to them if they ever attempted to go through with the plan that they had been discussing. "I agree. We have been careless, and we will have to reap the consequences of that carelessness. Besides I doubt we can make everybody involved forget that Miss Chidori and her friend were airlifted in the middle of fifth period."

"Unfortunately this leaves us in the undesirable position of –" the Klaxon alarms cut her off.

The man on the Captain's left began to rub his temples. "I'm sorry gentlemen, but it seems we need to cut this meeting short, we appear to be under attack, and the ECS cannot activate while we are broadcasting communications like this. We will have to continue this at a later date." He reached over and hit a button, causing all of the holograms to simultaneously be replaced with a sign reading "Disconnected."

An old man on the far side of the table stood up, "Lousy timing that, now Miss Chidori will have to show them the true meaning of terror all over again when they suggest this same plan the next time around. Ah well, at least it'll be a rerun worth watching."

The group was making their way to the bridge when Kaname and Tessa suddenly stopped.

"Te-Tessa, are you hearing this too?"

"Ye-Yes, you?"


The girls looked at each other, their eyes meeting for one second. And then they both said in unison, "Go," so quietly that the others almost couldn't hear them. Then they both, still synchronized, jumped backwards and bolted in opposite directions. What the others couldn't hear were the words that were traveling in both directions telepathically along a deep mental link, "Be Safe."

The next thing anybody knew, Kaname Chidori was in a dead sprint straight to Lady Chapel, clearing access almost instantly, while Tessa Testarossa was shouting orders over the PA system while in her own dead heat sprint to the bridge, "Initiate Emergency Blow. Sergeant Sagara report to the Arbalest for immediate launch. You are not to leave the deck of the ship however, unless ordered to come back in. All other Mithril Personnel report to emergency stations. Kaname Chidori is to be given Priority Clearance and Command. This is a Situation Order Zero, Classification; Whispered Scream. That is all I have to say expect for this, if this doesn't work out the way we want it to… it has truly been the greatest pleasure and honor of my life to serve as your Captain, I want all of you to know that."

As the TDD-1 surfaced a unique aircraft came crashing down next to where the Arbalest was emerging from the bowels of the sub. Leonard Testarossa stepped out of the flaming wreckage and radioed in, not even bothering to encrypt his channel, "I have only one question. Did you guys hear it too?"

From the bridge Captain Teletha Testarossa answered, but with the PA still open the entire ship heard her and felt a chill, almost as if she were passing sentence on the fate of the world, one word echoed through the now abandoned halls of the ship. "Yes."

It was Kurz Weber who finally broke the silence that followed, coincidentally as Kaname Chidori was synchronizing with Dana deep in Lady Chapel. "Captain, what exactly is it that you three heard?"

It was Kaname who answered, her written answer appearing on screens across the ship somehow more chilling even than Tessa's had been, "Nothing. We heard nothing. Suddenly there was a scream. And then, all at once, silence. The whispers stopped. The voices are gone. Something is very wrong."

And then they saw it, a wave, a wall, rushing towards them. The Lambda Driver on the Arbalest automatically activated for Sousuke, even as Kaname activade the experimental one that had been retrofitted into the systems of the TDD-1. One fired a single shot directly into the crashing destruction, while the other simply put up a shield, using all of her willpower, and that of the girl she was connected to to protect the ship and those aboard. The shot disrupted the wave, causing it to ripple, and then it was upon them, crashing over the sip, washing over the shield.

On the bridge, they could see that the ship was safe, but seemed to be unable to extend their sensors beyond a few dozen meters. Then Tessa's eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she collapsed, at the same time as her brother, Sousuke, and Kaname all lost consciousness. As her bridge crew rushed to help their captain a massive explosion rocked the ship as the Experimental Lambda Driver overloaded, and then the barrier broke, a light enveloped the Tuatha De Danaan, and her crew knew no more.


Yukinari and Co. were all together, and rather excited. It was the first time everybody had been present in one place since the battle at the Space-Time Administration Bureau, and a few of them hadn't even been at that. But now, even their friends from Seiren had come to help them cross to the other side, up to and including Yukina and Maharu and her husband.

It was a rather momentous occasion, because they were making this particular portal to Seiren permanent, so that anyone could travel freely between the backyard of Yukinari's house and the home that Miharu had grown up in with her sister. The two houses were going to be the official contact points for members of either world who needed help in the other for one reason or another, or just wanted to get a message back home. Or at least that had been the original plan.

Then there was the explosion. As the massive wave of destruction washed towards them, they did the only thing they could think of. Miharu, Koyomi, Risa, and Yukina stepped in front of everybody and activated their powers, throwing up a barrier against the onslaught of doom.

It wasn't enough. The barrier gave out and the group was flung back and into the gate. Just before she lost consciousness Yukina sealed off the gateway to Seiren with them inside of it, completely cutting the group off. Unfortunately she lost control at the edge on consciousness and sealed off both ends of the gate. Then a light washed over her and her companions, and she finally gave in, slipping into a dreamless sleep with her friends, and they knew no more.


The young man was in a state bordering on shock. He had known that the key he was protecting was valuable, powerful, and dangerous in the wrong hands – or even the right ones – but this was unbelievable!

He stood alone, in a void. The reality he had been in had been ripped apart at the seams and completely unwritten. He was openly gaping at what he had just seen happen.

Not the utter destruction of a reality, he had seen that plenty of times before – even caused it once, in a moment he was not particularly proud of but doubted that he would ever find it in himself to regret. No what had shocked him was what exactly opening the Gate of the Seven Dragons had done. He had just seen seven separate realities clone themselves and then watched the cast off clones ripped apart at the seams, broken down to their basic components, and then rewoven into a single fabric, one reality that now bound up all of the energy of the Key of Reality.

One unstable reality that now bound up all of that energy…

He sighed, there was nothing he could do, the reality was fundamentally unstable and would eventually self-destruct without intervention, but there was nothing he could do. He had to preserve the integrity of the various realities. When this reality died, the power of the Key would simply cease to exist. There would be no energy release from being unmade, no power vacuum that could be filled. It would simply be over.


He was sworn to protect Reality. All realities. To most of his comrades that meant protecting the larger whole. But he had always been different, as had his father. He had taken his vow to mean that he was to protect each reality individually, and despite the nature of its creation, this was a reality. But how…there. seven satellites, pieces of the seven realities that had broken off…no, the very cores of the seven realities that had just been merged. He smiled, even if he had believed that there were such a thing as coincidence in these things this would have been a stretch. With the seven cores he could anchor this reality to them, stabilize it, save it. The people inside of the various satellites would retain their original memories, which could be problematic, but he should be able to reach them in time to explain everything and unlock their alternate memories. And so he brought his hands up and focused on the seven… dragons. Ah, so that was where the name came from. He chuckled, his father always did have something of a sense of humor. With two words he brought the seven dragons who had formed the seven cores of the seven realities to bear on the new world, and inserted them in the same position that they had been in in their old worlds. "Paradox Breaker!"

And then he himself entered this new world that had presented itself, that he was now bound to protect. He shed the majority of his powers, taking up abilities appropriate to the world in which he now found himself, and then he stepped out into the street and smiled, uttering one word before he began his quest to find the seven cores and explain the situation to them, a word ironically enough that seemed to sum up this entire situation.