The next day, Ron, Harry, and Hermione entered Erik's classroom slightly scared. But the professor acted as if nothing had happened, although he did have a sort of longing look in his eyes. Today, the lesson was about emotions in music. Understandable. After class, Hermione walked up to the professor's desk along with her two friends.

"Professor?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes?" came the answer.

"I, we, couldn't help hearing your beautiful song last night and-

"You WHAT?"

"We, we just..."

"You were eavesdropping?"

"We're SORRY!"

"Okay. I might as well get this over with." Professor Erik then quickly turned away from them and pulled off his mask. When he turned around again, the trio saw the most horrifying face they had ever seen in their life. The left side of Erik's face was so deformed, it gave Voldemort some competition. The mask was quickly put back on.

"It's been like this since I was born. No one knows how or why. I was abandoned as a child and sold to the gypsies. They called me the devil's child and put me on display for money. Then, finally, a young ballet student from the Opera Populaire helped me escape and hid me in the gutters of the opera house. I've lived there ever since. With my music..."

"I don't mean to be intruding into your personal life, but who's Christine?" Ron asked nervously.

"That, my child, is a different story that I'd rather not tell you! Now GO! Or you'll be late for McGonagall. You know how strict she is about arriving on time!" And with that said, the three friends turned away and headed for Professor McGonagall's classroom.

Later that day, Harry and Ron got permission from Professor Dumbledore to go into the restricted area of the library to look for a book on the dark arts. Well the book they were looking for was nowhere to be found. So they took a little break and decided to continue searching in a few minutes.

"Ugh. Stupid book. Where can it be? Its not like the restricted section is all that large!" Harry moaned.

"Oh Harry don't give up so fast! That Christine girl is really starting to bother me! She is so mysterious."

"Oh Ron, you haven't even met her!"

"Alright, fine then, Erik is being mysterious about Christine."

"He is!"

"Exactly my point!"

"Hey did he ever mention Christine's last name"

"No, why?"
"Because, he mentioned the Opera Populaire. Remember in Muggle Studies they mentioned a singer named Christine Daae who first became famous from replacing that idiot Carlotta when the Opera Populaire was doing Hannibal?"

"Yeah, but if that Christine is our Christine, that would make Erik a Muggle! Muggles can't teach at Hogwarts!"

"Well apparently this one is!"

"Harry, slow down! We don't know anything yet! Let's just forget Christine and Erik now and go to Dumbledore's office and tell him that we can't find the book."

They walked toward the giant circular staircase guarded by a gargoyle, to whom they gave the password (Pop Rocks, a new Muggle candy that Dumbledore had grown quite fond of), and headed up to the headmaster's office.

Dumbledore appeared to be gone. On his desk was a note that stated "Gone to empty my bladder." Harry and Ron decided to wait until he returned and boredom finally pushed them to explore. Suddenly, the cover of a book caught his eye.

"Hey Ron! Come look at this!" he cried to his friend.

The worn cover revealed the title of the book "The Phantom of the Opera". The dusty cover also showed the picture of a beautiful young woman. Next to her was a man with a white mask.