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"Thank you, Batman, for saving the circus. Is there anything I can do to repay you?" Haly said gratefully, shaking the Dark Knight's hand.

"Usually I don' task for favours, but there is one thing I would like to ask of you." Batman replied, his thoughtful smile invisible to the untrained eye.

"Team building exercise; you're all going to perform in the circus." Batman reported to the team. He was met with confused looks from most of the team, but he noticed Robin wince at the idea.

"Why do we have to do this?" Conner demanded.

"Teamwork. The performers in a circus are a team, and I think you could all benefit from more team building. You will also pick up new skills that may be useful in the fight against crime." Batman replied bluntly. Artemis rolled her eyes.

"Since when did juggling stop a bad guy?" she muttered.

"Juggling improves co-ordination, a vital skill out in the field." Batman recited as if he had already planned the answer.

"I think this will be a great opportunity for us all." Kaldur spoke up calmly. Everyone turned to him and groaned.

"The decision is final; you will be at the circus in Happy Harbour at 9am sharp." Batman said finally before turning and walking away. The team then grouped up and began complaining about their exercise. While most of the team voiced their opinions, Robin remained silent.

"We're here" Artemis sighed when she saw Batman.

"Good. This is Mr. Haly, he has offered to take you in to his circus and teach you new skills." Batman replied gruffly. Haly smiled warmly and made a grand gesture towards the main tent.

"Let's get started!" He exclaimed cheerfully. The team sighed and followed along behind him. Batman grabbed Robin's shoulder and pulled him aside.

"Remember what we talked about. It's just one day, make the most of it." Batman's fatherly pep talk was so quiet nobody except Robin would hear it. Robin nodded and ran into the tent after the others. They were waiting for him to join them before Haly began.

"Batman has asked my circus to teach you some skills. It's up to you what you choose to do, and if you need any help, just yell." Haly told them happily. The team filtered out to do various different activities; M'gann went to speak with a tightrope walker for some tips, Conner joined the strongman for some strength training, Kaldur left the main tent to find the animal trainer, Wally raced over to the stunt performing clown, and Artemis sighed and picked up some juggling balls. Robin looked forlornly at the trapezes, shadows cast where beaming lights once shone. He sighed and took himself to the top of the stands, sitting down and staring at what was once his whole life.

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