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Bella woke up with a throbbing in her head and a bright light blinding her from above. Her limbs were stiff, her right side sore and her mind foggy. She blinked away the blurriness and adjusted to the fluorescents above, surveying the empty room around her. It was still light outside behind the curtains, she assumed that meant she hadn't been out long and not that she'd been out for the entire night.

She reached for the call button and winced when she saw the IV in her hand. It only took a couple of minutes before a nurse was in to check her vitals and ask how she was feeling. They'd just finished the preliminary "you gave us quite the scare" when Carlisle walked in. Bella felt herself relax, seeing his familiar smiling face as he came to stand beside her bed.

"Welcome back sleeping beauty, how are you feeling?"

"Sore," she told him. "My head hurts and I really need to pee."

Carlisle chuckled, "that would be the IV. You passed out, probably a mixture of dehydration and all the stress, hit your head on your way down." The nurse handed him her file and excused herself, Carlisle thanked her with a smile and examined her notes. "Everything seems to be okay. I'd like to wait until we get your labs back, send you down for a CT, before we release you. Can't be too careful when you're carrying such precious cargo."

"What happened to Edward," Bella asked, replaying the scene from just before she fainted. "Where's Peyton, is she okay? She was with Emmett, but I don't know why they were there… she was supposed to be with Alice."

"Calm down," Carlisle commanded softly, taking a seat on the edge of her bed. "Peyton is just fine, a little shaken but she's with Esme now. She forgot her Barbie movie at the house and wanted it so Emmett was bringing her back to get it when everything happened."

Bella fought the tears that gathered in her eyes, remembering Peyton's scared little face and the way she'd run to Edward. "And Edward, where is he?"

"Charlie has him and Mike sitting in a cell down at the police station," Carlisle's smile was slightly amused and she assumed he felt they both deserved to stew awhile. Of course they did, they both acted like idiots, but the thought of Edward sitting in jail made her heartache. "I don't think he's charging them with anything, unless you say otherwise, just giving them both a chance to cool down after acting like a couple of idiots."

"Ugh," Bella let her head drop back on the pillow and instantly regretting it when a new pain shot through her head.

Carlisle chuckled, "Bella dear you have to start taking better care of yourself. I know how tough it can be when you have two little ones running around, I remember poor Esme being pregnant with Alice while Emmett was going through one of his many many heathen stages, but carrying two babies is hard work on your body. Even this early on, you need to pace yourself. Remember to drink lots of water, eat regularly and try to rely on others for help with the kids. It doesn't help that you have all the added stress in your life the past few days but try to relax more, prop your feet up and rest."

An hour later Bella sat on the bed, waiting for Carlisle to come back with her CT scan so that she could leave. She was ready to go check on her babies and visit her father, and her babies' fathers, at the police station. Jesus, was this really her life? The reality of it was too ridiculous to even fathom. Something was up with Mike, he didn't just how up out of the blue because he missed her and she was going to find out why. What happened with Jessica?

"Mommy," Peyton cried, running through the door and lunging into Bella's arms as Alice ushered Cayden in. "Are you okay mommy? Aunt Alice said your broke your head."

Bella giggled and kissed her daughters cheeks and hair, "Mommy's just fine. How are you doing baby girl? I know a lot has happened today."

Peyton seemed to be considering her mother's words for a minute before shrugging, "I'm okay. Grandma Esme made cupcakes and she let me and Cayden lick the spoon," she beamed a toothy grin and Bella hugged her again, mouthing a thank you to Alice over her shoulder. Alice nodded in understanding and nudged Cayden forward; Cayden seemed a little skittish in the new environment.

"Hi baby boy, come up here," Bella patted the mattress beside her and Cayden climbed up to sit beside her. "What's the matter?"

Cayden snuggled underneath his mom's arm and looked up at her. "Is your head okay mommy," he asked and she nodded, kissing his head. "Yeah baby, mommy's head is all better. I just got really thirsty and because of the babies is made me sleepy," she explained as simply as he could. Her little man hugged her around the middle and she bent to kiss the top of his head.

"See guys, I told you she was okay," Alice said, crouching down in front of them and giving them a kind smile. "How about we go back to Grandma Esme's for dinner now and mommy can come get you a little later?" They nodded, giving their mom another hug and a kiss each before climbing back down. "I brought your truck over, it's parked outside and I'm going to take Carlisle's car."

"Thank you so much Alice, and thank your mom for me. You guys are so great to be helping out like this."

Alice looked embarrassed as she stood back up, "Bella, I'm so sorry about what happened? Edward asked if we'd take the kids for a few hours so that he could talk to you, he didn't want them to be around in case you guys started fighting. I never expected Mike to be there or for Peyton to see them… playing," Alice censored herself and Bella nodded, standing up to give her friend a hug.

"I know Alice, it's okay; I didn't expect it either, it kind of ruined everyone's plans but thanks for being such a great help today."

"Of course Bella," she returned Bella's hug warmly and led the kids back out of the room.

Bella drove with the window cracked, enjoying the cool air as it cleaned the antiseptic smell out of her nose and lungs. The Tylenol the nurse had given her had finally kicked in and she felt much less sore than she had early. When she arrived at the police station, she parked beside Charlie's cruiser and hurried inside as light rain drops began to fall.

The station was pretty empty, though it never was overly full to begin with. The cop at the front desk waved her through and she headed back towards Charlie's desk where he was squinting at his computer screen. "You'll go blind staring at that thing," she teased him and he looked up, smiling when he saw her standing in front of her.

Charlie gave her a hug, a rare exchange for them, and looked her over. "You look healthy," he commented and she thanked him, though she wasn't sure it was a compliment. Wasn't that what people said when you looked like you'd gained weight? No, Charlie was just always bad with words; she'd inherited that particular gene.

"Thanks for being there earlier; I don't want to think about what would have happened if you and Emmett hadn't shown up when you did."

"Edward probably would've killed him and then we'd really have a problem. Not that I'd blame him, wanted to kill the boy a few times myself over the past decade," Bella giggled and sat down opposite her father. "Now I've heard Mike's side and I've heard Edward's side, and I think I've pretty much got it all figured out. What I want to know is whether or not you want to press charges against Mike?"

Bella thought for a second and shook her head, "no, it solves nothing. I think Edward made his point pretty clear, I don't want the kids to find out and be more confused than they already are."

"Are they? Confused," Charlie clarified and Bella shrugged.

"No, I guess not. Alice said they were play fighting and they seemed to accept that okay, but it doesn't change the fact that Peyton was there to see it." Bella played with Charlie's name plate on his desk and ignored him staring at her.

"You gonna go talk to him," Charlie asked.

"Which him?" Charlie chuckled and shook his head, "yeah yeah, I'm going." Bella stood up, fixing her shirt and heading towards the door that led to the holding cells in the basement. Nobody seemed to pay her any mind as she headed downstairs and she shook her head, small towns.

Bella tapped her foot on the concrete floor, her arms folded across her chest as she stared at Mike's bruised face through the iron bars. He looked at her, unapologetic and waited for her to talk. Enough years of disappointing Bella, he knew she was really pissed off when she stood there silently. She touched the bars, opening her mouth to speak before shaking her head and closing her mouth again.

"You're a special kind of jackass, you know that," she snapped. "What were you thinking Mike? And don't give me that bull shit about missing me because you and I both know you're a horrible liar. God, Aro would have a fucking field day with you in court if he knew about this."

Mike's composure slipped slightly and he seemed to blanch, obviously remembering the way that Aro had ripped him to shreds in court during their divorce. "You're not going to tell him, are you?"

"I don't know," she sighed after a second. "You shouldn't have come here. If my dad hadn't showed up, he might've killed you. You know that? I can't entirely be sure that I'd even be sorry."

"She called him Daddy," Mike stated sadly, sound remorseful about his relationship with his daughter for the first time since he walked out on them.

"Because he is her dad now Mike, is that what this is all about? Some sort of pissing contest just so that you can fuck with their heads all over again? Because I can tell you right now that I will be dead in the ground before I let you put them through that again."

"No Bella, that's not- jesus, I don't know…"

"Why are you here?" Mike stared at the floor of his cell and shook his head. "Cut the shit Mike, why are you here!" Her voice echoed off the concrete walls and he raised his eyes to her's once more.

"She offered me money, said if I could get you to leave him she'd give me a good hunk of change."

Bella's posture stiffened, "Victoria?"

He nodded. "Guess your boy is trying to take away her alimony and she says it's because of you."

"Listen to me Mike, and you listen good. Edward and I are getting married," his face fell but she ignored it. He had no right to be upset and she wouldn't allow him the satisfaction of making her feel sorry for him. Once upon a time she'd have felt sorry for Mike, but that time was long gone. "If you ever come near me again, I will not hesitate to take your ass back to court and this time I will let Aro destroy you the way that he wanted to before. Do you understand me?" He nodded. "Good. Stay away from me and stay away from my kids."

She turned away from him and headed down the expanse of the room to the last holding cell, Charlie had definitely wanted them separated. Edward sat on the wooden bench, his back pressed against the concrete wall and his head in his hands. He knuckles were bruised and bloody, but from what she could see his face was untouched. Bella placed her hands on the bars and his raised his head to look at her, his eyes filled with remorse.

"Bella," he jumped off the bench and touched her hands against the bars. "Baby are you okay? I've been going crazy down here wondering what had happened to you. Are the babies okay?"

Bella bit her bottom lip, "now you care about me and the babies?"

Edward sighed, letting his head fall against the bars. "I deserve that; I've been such an idiot these past few days but when I saw you hit the ground, I've never been so scared in my life." She hesitated, absorbing his words before running her hands up to stroke his soft hair comfortingly. "I was so angry at myself, ashamed, after you left and I realized that I'd never asked how you or the babies were."

He stopped talking, enjoying the feel of her fingers in his hair. She scratched his scalp softly a few times before stopping, "go on."

He grinned, but it didn't reach his eyes. "I wanted to go after you, but I heard what you said and I needed to deal with that. I asked Alice and Esme to take the kids, but when I saw him kissing you… I saw red."

"I'll say," she snorted and he looked at her, corking an eyebrow. "Sorry, continue."

"I was already out of my car when I saw you push him away. I realized he'd forced himself on you and that… I just couldn't stop myself. Once I had my hands on him, killing him was all I could think about… If Charlie hadn't shown up, I would have."

His voice was sad, a little scared and she wanted to hold him. "I know," she whispered. Their eyes met again and she felt her tears welling behind her eyes, she had to look away. "It was Victoria, she offered to pay him if he could break us up…" Edward's eyes grew wide and his anger flared again, "she's afraid you being with me will make her alimony stop."

Edward laughed, a humorless laugh. "Her alimony is gone, regardless of if we were together or not Bella. I blamed myself for the dissolution of our marriage for a long time Bella, for her to tell me she'd lied to me the entire time… The camera's in the office may be closed circuit, small time but they have audio recording. I've already sent them to my lawyer and he's assured me that not only will I have an order of no contact by the end of the month, her alimony will be gone shortly thereafter."

"So what does that mean for us," she asked quietly, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth and staring at the floor. Silently, Edward reached his arm between the bars and placed his hand against Bella's stomach.

"Well, if you'll let me… I'd like to make it up to you, for what a complete jackass I've been. I want to finally have our family under one roof where I can watch you and take care of you, all of you." Bella looked back into his eyes and felt the tears on her cheeks that she'd been fighting for days. "Don't cry," he whispered, using his thumb to wipe away the drops on her cheeks. "I want you home with me baby, please let me make it up to you."

"She called you daddy," Bella sniffled and Edward nodded, a loving smile spreading across his face.