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Chapter 1

Desperation surged through Icekit as the raft rammed against branches and the river's edge. The other kits around her were panicking as they tried to get off. Icekit's eyes closed for a brief moment as she thought of what fate lay before her.

But just as the raft was about to move towards the churning water, it was stopped. Icekit's eyes flashed open when she saw something reaching for the raft.

"We're going to die!" a gray tabby kit squealed.

Heartbeats seemed to pass before the raft was pulled towards the bank. Icekit's ears flattened when she saw dark ginger she-cat looking down at them.

"You are not going to die," the she-cat purred when they were pulled away from the churning water.

"How?" the dark ginger kit demanded.

"You are safe with me," the she-cat replied in a soothing voice.

For a moment Icekit wondered if they were in StarClan. But when she looked over her shoulder the river was still there, with the remains of the raft drifting by. She looked back at the she-cat, whose eyes were bright with sympathy.

"I am called Flarepelt," she murmured. "What do I call you?"

"Icekit," Icekit replied warily.

"Bramblekit," the dark ginger kit mewed.

"Stormkit," the gray tabby kit replied.

"Brightkit," the white she-cat with brown ears squeaked.

"What I am about to tell you is a secret for the Chosen only," Flarepelt whispered. "Once you come with me, there is no turning back. Are you ready to accept your destinies?"

All four kits exchanged looks. Icekit already knew what she was about to say in response. Her own Clan had abandoned her because she was Chosen. Maybe there really was a better destiny out there for her and the Chosen kits.

"We do," she meowed after a silent agreement was made.

Flarepelt seemed more pleased than ever with their choice. She simply nodded and gave Bramblekit a nudge. The tiny kit took the lead as she slowly led them through the darkening forest.

Icekit struggled to keep up as her tiny legs scampered across the undergrowth. She noticed that the other kits were easily keeping up, so she made no complaints. Instead she began to encourage herself as she moved forward.

They went on in silence as Flarepelt led them deeper into the forest. By now night had fallen, and exhaustion was creeping up on Icekit. She forced back a yawn when Flarepelt finally stopped near a ravine.

Trees grew on either side of the ravine, and Icekit noticed that down below were sharp looking thorn bushes. Icekit wondered how they were going to cross when Flarepelt stood beside what appeared to be a fallen tree. Standing around the base of the tree were three other cats; each of them looked like they were the same age.

"Flarepelt, it seems that all of them survived," a gray and white tom purred.

"What is this place?" Brightkit demanded when all three cats stood up.

"This is the base of LeafClan camp," a black tom with a single white paw explained. "All of the Chosen live here, where we cannot be harmed by the other Clans."

"You mean there are others?" Icekit mewed in awe.

"Oh there are plenty of others," a speckled silver tabby she-cat purred. "In time you will learn of our past, and how we have survived all these moons. For now, you must meet Ashstar."

Icekit's ears pricked forward at the thought of meeting another Clan leader. She wasn't even sure if this was a dream or not, but her tired limbs made her think it was. But she wasn't about to argue after deciding to follow Flarepelt.

Each cat picked the kits up by the scruff, and by the time the gray and white tom crossed, Flarepelt was left to pick Icekit up by the scruff. Icekit glanced over to the ravine where the thorns were piled together, and shivered. Falling into the ravine would likely lead to death. Icekit couldn't imagine a more horrific way of dying.

But than again, I was sent to my death by own Clanmates, she thought with another shudder. Bitter anger coursed through her as she thought of how dismissive the leaders had been when they were chosen.

As Flarepelt moved forward Icekit noticed that the forest was beginning to thicken. More trees surrounded them, along with ferns and shrubs. Flarepelt's tail flicked from side to side until they reached what appeared to be a tunnel of leaves.

Icekit's ears pricked forward when she heard the sounds of voices echoing around her. Flarepelt passed by several cats that were lounging around a clearing. In the center of the clearing was a fallen log where Icekit could make out a den underneath. Ferns surrounded the den, and Icekit noticed that there were cats hiding within. Flarepelt carried her into the dark den, and it took a few heartbeats for Icekit's eyes to adjust.

"Flarepelt, thank you for saving them all." Icekit's eyes widened when she saw a creamy brown tom standing in the back of the den. His fur was well groomed, and a bushy tail was wrapped around his paws as he stared at the newcomers. "I trust their journey went well?"

"Not one of them complained," Flarepelt replied.

"Good, they will make strong apprentices," the tom purred. "My name is Fallenstar, and I am the leader of LeafClan. Flarepelt, as you may have discovered, is my deputy." Icekit glanced at Flarepelt, who simply looked embarrassed to be placed under their curious gazes. "And now it is time to hold your apprentice ceremony," Fallenstar added after standing up. He glanced back at Flarepelt, who simply nodded in agreement.

Confusion swept over Icekit as the four kits were led out of the den by Flarepelt. By now most of the Clan was gathered around the fallen tree. Icekit noticed that a group of she-cats were hovering around the entrance of a large den. Kits were play-fighting or squealing in delight as their mothers watched.

Fallenstar jumped onto the top of the log, while Flarepelt sat underneath. His tail dangled limply over the base of the log as he gazed out across the clearing.

"By naming apprentices we show that our Clan will remain strong. We have four new Chosen kits this season, and they have endured enough pain," he began. Icekit swallowed back a bit of fear as she thought of the churning river. "Icekit, Stormkit, Bramblekit and Brightkit, until you have received your warrior names you will be known as Icepaw, Stormpaw, Bramblepaw and Brightpaw. Seawhisker, you are ready for your first apprentice. You have learned everything you can by your old mentor, Brackenleaf, and I expect you to pass on what you have learned to Icepaw."

Icepaw's eyes widened as the speckled silver tabby stepped out of the gathered crowd. Her odd green eyes gleamed as she touched noses with Icepaw. Surprise flared within Icepaw when she noticed how familiar Seawhisker looked.

Why do you look so familiar? she wondered as Seawhisker led her back to the crowd.

"Sootfur, you are ready for an apprentice as well. I hope you teach Stormpaw everything you can about survival." The gray and white tom that had been at the ravine stepped out of the crowd. He touched noses with Stormpaw, whose eyes were just as wide as Icepaw's had been.

"Reedshine, you are ready for an apprentice. You have mentored Whitefoot into a fine young warrior, and I expect you to do the same with Bramblepaw." A tortoiseshell she-cat with streaks of dark ginger along her legs and tail stepped out of the crowd.

Reedshine wasted no time in touching noses with Bramblepaw, who seemed more than happy to become an apprentice at last. Icepaw couldn't help but purr in amusement when Bramblepaw was led back to the crowd. He'd nearly stumbled when Reedshine nudged him gently.

"Tanglefur, though you are the oldest warrior in the Clan, you have experienced much in life. And so I expect you to pass on what you have learned to Brightpaw." Brightpaw's ears flattened when a golden brown tabby tom stepped out of the crowd.

Icepaw noticed how part of his ear had been torn off from what must have been a battle. He walked in a strange way as well, as though he had a permanent limp. Once he touched noses with Brightpaw the smaller apprentice seemed to relax a little.

"Now that these kits have become apprentices, they should be shown around the camp," Fallenstar meowed once the ceremony was finished. "Applepaw!" he called out.

An older looking tortoiseshell she-cat emerged from what Icepaw guessed was the apprentice's den. It wasn't as big as the nursery, and it wasn't as protected.

"I would like you to show these apprentices around," he told her when she asked what was going on.

Applepaw simply nodded in response and glanced at the four new apprentices. "Well, for starters that log over there is Fallenstar's den," she mewed. Icepaw rolled her eyes when Fallenstar purred in amusement. He jumped down from the log and stalked into his den, leaving Applepaw to finish the tour on her own. "That larger den with the thorns on either side is the nursery. Don't worry about the thorns though, they only sting on the outside of camp."

Icepaw was about to ask why when she noticed that the nursery walls were patched with leaves and moss. Despite her worries she could see that the dens were well protected inside the camp. They were led past the nursery, and Icepaw saw that the queens were struggling to get their kits into their nests.

It's like any other Clan, she thought as she walked past.

"And this is the medicine cat's den," Applepaw explained when they stopped beside a patch of ferns that surrounded the base of a large boulder. Icepaw peered between the cracks to see a cat moving about inside, and the boulder itself was hollowed out. "The boulder was hollowed out by a flood that happened moons ago," Applepaw told them. "We don't have to worry about that now."

A shudder coursed down Icepaw's spine as she was reminded of the river that had nearly claimed her life. She couldn't imagine a worse way to go, and she wondered how many Chosen kits had actually died because of it.

Applepaw seemed oblivious to the sudden horror that had crossed Icepaw's mind. She continued showing them around the camp, until finally they reached the apprentice's den once more. By now Icepaw's legs felt heavy with exhaustion.

"There are nests ready for you inside," Applepaw mewed when she finally let them rest.

Icepaw wanted to ask how they had known all four apprentices would survive, but she thought better of it. There were some things in life she wasn't meant to understand, and this was one of them. Instead of arguing she followed her new Clanmates into the spacious den.

"Applepaw, are these the new apprentices?" a ginger apprentice asked when his sleep was disturbed.

"Yep, this is my brother, Foxpaw. We'll both be leaving the apprentice's den soon," Applepaw replied. "And these three are Pinepaw, Owlpaw and Lightpaw." Her tail pointed towards three younger looking cats, all of which were mixtures of gray or brown. "And last but certainly not least, are Fawnpaw and Windpaw." Applepaw glanced at two other cats who were sleeping together. Fawnpaw was a mottled brown she-cat, while Windpaw was a gray tabby tom.

It took Icepaw a few heartbeats to memorize their names. Once she did though, she was thankful to have such a crowded den. At least in some ways she could think of what her old Clan was like. And now that she was part of a new Clan, she could put her old one behind her.

( ( Allegiances ) )


Leader: Fallenstar - creamy brown tom with icy blue eyes and a thick, bushy tail

Deputy: Flarepelt - dark ginger she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice: Applepaw

Medicine Cat: Greenclaw - black tom with piercing green eyes


Tanglefur - golden brown tabby tom
Apprentice: Brightpaw

Shadefrost - black and silver she-cat with dark blue eyes
Apprentice: Owlpaw

Yellowtail - pale gray tom with dark yellow eyes
Apprentice: Foxpaw

Reedshine - tortoiseshell she-cat with streaks of dark red along her tail, legs and face
Apprentice: Bramblepaw

Ashcloud - dark ginger tom with green eyes
Apprentice: Lightpaw

Seawhisker - speckled silver tabby she-cat with hazel eyes
Apprentice: Icepaw

Whitefoot - black tom with a single white paw
Apprentice: Fawnpaw

Sootpelt - gray and white tom with amber eyes
Apprentice: Stormpaw

Petaltail - ginger she-cat with a lighter ginger tail
Apprentice: Pinepaw

Brokensong - dark ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice: Windpaw


Applepaw - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes

Foxpaw - ginger tom with amber eyes

Owlpaw - gray and white tom with amber eyes

Lightpaw - pale tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Pinepaw - gray tabby tom with amber eyes

Fawnpaw - mottled brown tabby she-cat

Windpaw - pale gray tabby tom

Icepaw - white she-cat with black-tipped tail, ears and paws

Stormpaw - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Bramblepaw - dark ginger tom with green eyes

Brightpaw - pale tabby she-cat with amber eyes


Lakepool - blue-gray she-cat with amber eyes, mother of Ravenkit and Mistkit by Yellowtail

Midnightclaw - jet-black she-cat with yellow eyes, mother of Emberkit, Sedgekit and Whiskerkit by Ashcloud

Cranefeather - ginger and white she-cat with amber eyes, expecting Sootpelt's kits


Spottednose - old dappled gray she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Mothflower - tawny colored she-cat with amber eyes

Treewhisker - gray-brown tabby tom with yellow eyes


Ravenkit - dark gray tom with yellow eyes

Mistkit - pale gray she-cat with patches of darker gray along her fur

Emberkit - black and ginger she-cat with yellow eyes

Sedgekit - tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes

Whiskerkit - light brown tom with amber eyes

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