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Chapter 1: Mr. and Mrs. Shepard

"…You ready to fuck shit up?"

"You already know." John chuckled making his wife nod before turning to Aria.

"Alright, I have a galaxy to save so I'll keep in touch. Also I want those credits transferred to my account by the end of the week." Jane said the last part with a mock glare and got a dismissive wave in return. Jane chuckled and turned back to John. "Let me get my armor, I'll be right back." And with that Jane left John and his two companions standing awkwardly in front of Aria and her guards.

"So…" John began making Aria roll her eyes.

"If you have something to say, say it." Aria said as she stood up and turned around so that she could gaze down at the dancing crowd below.

"You and Jane, huh? How exactly did that happen?" John questioned as he raised an eyebrow.

"If you want to know, ask her about what happened in Paris." Aria said ash gained a faraway look before shaking her head as her guards seemed to stiffen at the very mention of the city. "You seem far too calm for someone who came back from the dead just to find his wife dancing for an Asari."

"Ha, this probably would have happened even if I didn't die. Hell I could be standing right next to her and she would still jump the nearest Asari…something isn't right about that woman." John muttered the last part to himself.

"I believe that is something we can agree on." Aria muttered as she waved for John to stand next to her. "You're looking for Archangel and Solus correct?" John nodded and stood next to her and watched over the club as she gave him details about his next two crew members.

"Alright I'm back, so how are we going to do this?" Jane's voice spoke up gaining John's attention. John turned back to his wife and had to double take.

"What the hell are you wearing?" John questioned in shock as he stared at the red head. Jane was grinned as she stood before him in her collector armor minus the helmet.

"Let's just say I've killed and pillaged a lot of collectorswhile you were taking your nap." Jane said with a vicious smirk that made him repress a shudder and shake his head. In all honesty John could appreciate the irony, since the collectors were turning humans into a Reaper, leave it to Jane to turn them into some armor. "Don't be like that, I've gotten you something too but it'll have to wait until later." Now this both intrigued and frightened John but he decided he would worry about it at a more appropriate time.

"Okay listen up." John said seriously as he gained his team's attention. "We need to retrieve Archangel and Mordin Solus as soon as possible so we are going to split up into two teams."

"Dibs on getting Batturian!" Jane said with a grin making John pause for a second.

"Batturian?" John repeated with a raised eyebrow.

"You know like Batman only you know… since he's a Turian…" Jane trailed off sheepishly as John continued to stare at her blankly.

"It took you a long time to think of that didn't it?" John questioned as his voice was laced with pity earning a certain raised finger in return. "Anyway, I was going to have you lead the team to get Archangel anyway. I figured you'd want to do that. Jacob you'll go with her and Miranda, you're with me. Miranda we need to do this as quick and clean as possible."

"Why exactly are you only telling that to me, commander?" Miranda questioned sounding slightly perplexed.

"Because Jane's a lost cause." John answered sincerely getting a glare from said woman.

"Right…" Miranda trailed off as John turned back to the rest of the crew.

"We'll meet up later now let's go." John ordered as he began to walk away. Jane walked towards Aria and gave her a quick kiss.

"I'll see you around." Jane grinned before walking back towards John.

"Lucky Bitch." John muttered as he shook his head Miranda and Jacob shared an uneasy glance as they followed the Shepards.

"Just what the hell did we get ourselves into?" Jacob questioned making the XO sigh.

"I have no idea." Miranda answered honestly.

-10 Minutes Later: with Jane and Jacob-

It really didn't take long for Jane and Jacob to find out where the Blue Suns were recruiting, in fact, they would have gotten there sooner if Jane didn't stop to watch an Asari dance for a bit.

"Well…aren't you sweet?" The recruiter questioned as Jane approached him. "You're in the wrong place, honey. Stripper's Quarters are that-"


"Finish that sentence, that is, if you've got the balls." Jane dared as her crimson eyes narrowed at the Batarian while her gun was now aimed at his crotch.

"J-Jane, oh um I didn't-"

"Remove your foot from your damn mouth later." Jane said with a near growl. "This is the place to go after Archangel right?"

"R-right. S-Standard fee is five-"The Batarian froze as Jane's eyes narrowed further. "F-free. You get paid when the-"Jane crossed her arms and glared even further at the alien. "I'll transfer the credits to your account now Ma'am."

"Damn straight you will. I'd hate to have to pay the Blue suns another visit." Jane muttered making him shudder.

+ 30,000 Credits

"Let's go Jacob." Jane said as she walked away from the terrified Batarian just as a young man hurried into the room.

"Hey is this where I sign up?" The young man questioned excitedly.

"It is, but you must have lost your damned mind if you think that you can fight." Jane said with a derisive snort.

"I grew up on Omega; I know how to use a gun!" The young man said defiantly.


Jane walked forward and snatched the gun from the now wide-eyed young man.

"So do I." Jane drawled as she shot him in the leg before tossing the gun to the other side of the room.

Bronze Trophy: Saving Lives Like A Badass. (Save someone's life using Renegade Means)

+ 1000 Credits

"What the hell!?" Jacob shouted with wide eyes.

"He'll thank me later, now let's go." Jane muttered as she left the bleeding young man. Jacob and Jane continued to walk out of the club in an awkward silence before something occurred to the dark skinned man.

"Hey Jane, why was that Batarian so afraid of you?"

"I was wondering when you were going to ask that." Jane said with a small laugh. "Let's just say awhile back the war between Blue Suns, Blood Pack, and Eclipse was beginning to interfere with Aria's business so she hired me to do a little crowd control. I killed a lot of Blue Suns, way more Blue Suns than I did the other two gangs but in my defense they had more Batarians so they were kind of asking for it." Jane said with a shrug.

"How is that a valid reason in any way!?" Jacob questioned incredulously.

"Let's just say I have…issues…when it comes to that particular species and leave it at that." Jane muttered as she had a slight flashback of Torfan and clenched her fist slightly.

"*Sigh* You know eventually, you're going to have to let someone in on why you have an issue with Batarians right?" A new voice spoke up making Jacob jump and Jane smirk.

"It's about time you showed yourself Kasumi." Jane drawled as the Asian thief appeared in between herself and Jacob.

"What the hell…" Jacob wasn't sure why but he felt that Jane was going to make him say that a lot.

"So how long have you been trailing us? I didn't notice you until John and his team approached me." Jane questioned curiously as they walked.

"You're getting better. I was really sitting next to Aria a little before then though. By the way, nice moves I might request a private dance later." Kasumi smirked.

"If you have the credits, I can schedule one-wait- speaking of credits, pay up. I know for a fact you saw John." Jane demanded making the thief's shoulders slump.

"Damn." Kasumi muttered as she began typing something in to her Omni-tool.

+1,000,000 Credits

Gold Trophy Unlocked: High Roller (Get more than one million credits.)

"Pleasure doing business with you, Ms. Goto." Jane smirked.

"Bite me." The thief said as a small pout graced her lips.

"Oh shut up, you should have more than enough money after the heist we pulled in Paris." Jane said flippantly.

"Just what exactly happened in Paris!?" Jacob wondered in shock.

"Hold on." Jane said suddenly as she typed something in to her Omni tool.

"What are you doing?" Jacob asked curiously.

"Sending John some back up."

- Later-

Jane and her squad had just met Sergeant Cathka and inwardly Jane smirked when she saw a familiar sparking object behind the Batarian.

"Any last questions? This may be your last chance." Cathka said as Kasumi released a long sigh as she saw Jane's quick glance towards the object. Jacob looked at the thief in confusion as she shook her head and mumbled something about being glad she wasn't born a Batarian.

"Are you leading the assault?" Jane questioned innocently.

"Ha! Tarak doesn't pay me to fight. I just plan the attacks and fix the damn gunship." Cathka answered gruffly as Kasumi continued to wonder why the hell the poor man wasn't being more cautious around Jane.

"You must be new here." Kasumi drawled with her voice laced with pity, the Batarian was going to respond when something appeared on a nearby monitor.

["Target is in sight we are a go."]

"Check! Bravo team go, go, go!" Cathka ordered urgently as Jane stepped next to him as soldiers exited the room. "Archangel's got quite a surprise waiting for him. But that means no more waiting for me." Cathka said as he approached a console. "I gotta get her back to one hundred percent, before Tarak decides he needs her again."

"You know maybe you should go ask for a vacation, like right now. Go, quick, or you'll regret it!" Kasumi said urgently making Jane smile.

"You're right Kasumi, he does need a vacation." Jane said as she picked up the sparking object.


"You're working too hard." Jane told Cathka before ramming the object through the back of his armor.

"AGHGHHGHHGH!" The Batarian screamed in agony as Jane dusted off her hands. Kasumi just slumped her shoulders while Jacob stared at her in shock.

"Haha!" Jane laughed before walking away. "Damn that felt good!"

"Jane, you're rich you know you can get help." Kasumi said half-heartedly as she stepped over the dead Batarian making the red head laugh louder.

-With John and Miranda-

"…I live here you ass! Let me get my stuff before looters raid my apartment!" A human woman yelled at a Turian who was currently blocking her access to the Quarantine zone. John was going to go get access when a familiar voice chuckled behind him.

"Well I'll be damned, and here I thought the woman was insane." A voice commented making John widen his eyes slightly as he turned to face none other than Zaeed Massani. "Commander Shepard?" The mercenary questioned getting a nod from the man. Zaeed smirked and extended a hand. "Zaeed Massani, me and your wife killed a lot of Blue Suns together. It's a pleasure to meet the man that could tame that psycho bitch."

"The pleasure's mine. Let me guess Jane asked you to come here for back up?"

"Got it in one." Zaeed said with a nod of his head.

"Miranda?" John questioned to see if she had any objections.

"Well he is one the potential recruits that The Illusive Man had in mind." Miranda stated with a shrug.

"Well let's go get us a doctor." John said as his team approached the guard.

Paragon Action

"Look I'll cut straight to the point, I can tell that you are very tired of guard duty and want this situation fixed, that's where we come in. We fix things. Leave it to us and you'll have a new job by the end of the day." The Turian blinked and stared at the armored human in disbelief before thinking his words over.

"Why not? Go for it; just don't bring that plague out with you." The guard said as he let them in. The woman he denied earlier looked at him in rage.

"What the hell!?"

"They have guns." The guard said as if that answered everything, and in all honesty it kind of did.

"So what are we going to do Shepard?" Zaeed questioned as they walked.

"Just follow my lead we need to handle this as quickly and efficiently as possible." John said calmly though there was a hint of urgency.

"You seem to be in a hurry." Miranda pointed out making John nod with his lips pressed in a firm line.

"We need to catch up with Jane quick before she can do too much damage." John explained making Zaeed give him a pitying look.

"Surely you're overreacting." Miranda said skeptically. "She can't be…that dangerous."

"I once saw her headbutt a Krogan who looked at her funny." Zaeed began as he shook his head. "A fight broke out, all his friends died and he still has the scars."

"I once had sex with her." John added with a shudder. "I still have the scars."

"To put it bluntly." Zaeed said after patting a now shell-shocked John on his back. "If we're going to fight with her then we need to add a therapist to our group as well or we will have mental breakdowns."

"I…I'll keep that in mind." Miranda said awkwardly as she trailed behind the two men.

"Let's just get this over with." John muttered. It was simple for him, he'll just redo this same mission like he did before only he'd probably be sprinting now to end it earlier. Part of him just prayed he could reach Jane before too many unnecessary deaths occurred.

The thought made John pause mid-step.

"It doesn't take a genius to see that Jane has become far more renegade in the past few years doing whatever it was she's been doing. I'll need to catch up to her as quick as possible." John thought as he holstered his weapon. Slowly a small smirk graced his lips, unseen by his two companions. "Time to see just how much of a paragon I really am."

"By the way, Jane asked me to deliver something to you." Zaeed piped up making him raise an eyebrow.

-Later: With Jane's Group-

Now Jane was an adventurous woman but at the end of the day she was still human. There was much in her life she still wanted to try. Being a young woman like herself meant that there were still many things in life she was unsure of but let it be known there was one thing she knew without a doubt.

"I. Fucking. Love. Vanguard!" Jane shouted with a laugh as she vanished in a red flash and reappeared in front a group sending them stumbling back. She released a hearty laugh as she jumped in the air and slammed her fist into the ground. The crimson pulse of biotic energy ripped through the mercenaries killing them with a surprising amount of ease. "Eat the Nova you Batarian bastards!"

"Jane your racism is showing again." Kasumi said with a sigh as she faded in to view behind a member of the blood pack and shot him in the head.

"I'm not racist! In fact, you and Jacob are pretty cool!" Jane defended herself as she continued to slaughter the mercenary groups.

"Don't think that's what she meant." Jacob said with a sigh of his own as he shot down more members of Eclipse. "Why the hell are your biotics red? That's not even possible!"

"They're red cause' I'm awesome." Jane answered and then stared at him as if he should have realized this fact.

"No one knows, she never explained it just that something happened on her last real mission with her old crew." Kasumi answered. "Jane you enjoy fighting far too much for comfort."

"Woman, do you see me right now?" Jane asked incredulously as the three of them ran up a staircase. "It's like I am a goddamn super hero. Why don't more people with implants do this?"

"Maybe because with all the large amount of guns everyone has, and that no one wants to get up close and personal and potentially shot to death" Kasumi said as if she were talking to a child. "No one but you would go to a gun fight with nothing but your fists."

"Pussies." Jane scoffed as she punched a mercenary in the face and flipped him over a ledge. Kasumi rolled her eyes as she reloaded her guns as they reached the next level. Entering the first room, Jane smirked as she saw a familiar armored Turian aiming down the sight of his sniper.

"Archangel?" Jacob questioned making the alien raise his hand to silence him before pulling the trigger, killing a mercenary that was attempting to hide behind a pillar.

"Garrus you magnificent bastard! How have you been?" Jane greeted with a smile as the Turian prepared to take off his helmet. "I'd keep that on if I were you." Jane stated with a smirk making the Turian pause before placing his helmet back on.

"Jane, well now I didn't expect to see you anytime soon…I can already feel my lifespan shortening." Garrus drawled making the red-head roll her eyes. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" Garrus questioned before doing a double take at Jacob's uniform. "And why is he here?"

"Cerberus recruited me for a mission so suicidal it made our last one together look sane." Jane said with a smirk. "I figured you might want to help out."

"You expect me to work with Cerberus?" The Turian asked skeptically making her rolling her eyes.

"No, they're just funding the mission not leading it. Honestly we need more non-Cerberus crew members so that we won't have to deal with reactions like yours." Jane drawled before sighing. "Listen we both know Cerberus is a group of dicks but right now they are our best chance at saving the galaxy."

"I take offence to that." Jacob spoke up making Kasumi giggle.

"You were supposed to." Kasumi, Jane, and Garrus all said without hesitation.

"So you in?" Jane continued making the Turian cross his arms.

"You never mentioned that you were leading the mission, who's in charge and why aren't they here? You don't strike me as someone who would willing play messenger."

"Perceptive as always Garrus, you're right I'm not leading it." Jane said with a smirk. "Here's a hint, you now owe me your best calibrated weapon."

"Bullshit!" Garrus said incredulously as he stood up.

"If you're referring to her late husband then I saw him too if that helps." Kasumi piped up making Jacob nod his head.

"John is alive and well." Jacob informed the incredulous Turian.

"Well…damn…" Garrus said bluntly as he turned to Jane. "Sorry for not believing you."

"Honestly with everything going on with the Reapers I'm used to it." Jane said with a sigh as Jacob began to pull out his gun.

"Uhh, sorry to cut the reunion short but I think we have company." Jacob called out as the automatic doors on the lower level opened before mercenaries began to pour out making Jane grin as she pulled out a shot gun.

"This will be fun." Jane chuckled making Kasumi sigh.

"You all do have a therapist on board right?" Kasumi asked Jacob hopfully.

"I'll make sure to check if anyone has a degree if we make it out of here." Jacob deadpanned before sighing. "I knew I should have went with Miranda."

"Hey!" Jane shouted sounding slightly offended. "I'm sure John and Miranda are fighting just as hard as we are, even a paragon has to pull a few triggers…"

-Normandy: With John-

Silver Trophy Unlocked: Peacemaker: Complete mission with no combat

+500 credits

Silver Trophy unlocked: Bill Nye: Retrieve Mordin Solus

+1200 credits

Paragon Action!

"There's a fully equipped lab along with samples from the colonies on the combat deck." John said as Mordin looked around the Normandy. "What we're going against will not be easy, we're more than likely going to die but even so we must save those colonists. I'm not just saying this because they're human either because eventually this may spread to other species and in my book a life is a life and I don't want to see anymore lost. You're a good man Professor Solus and I know you will be an invaluable asset." John said passionately as he shook the Salarian's hand as Miranda stood back silently with wide eyes as Zaeed shook his head in wonder.

"Intriguing. Human spectre working for human terrorist group yet shows compassion for all species. Leadership skills are apparent even with minimal contact. Interesting venture this will be I'm sure." Mordin stated making John smile.

"Thanks but I'm not working for Cerberus we're working together. Personally while I can understand where they are coming from, some of their methods I don't agree with. They look at the big picture, I respect that, but the big picture is typically filled with little pictures that tend to be overlooked. That said, we're both after the same goal for this mission and I am willing to set aside our differences for the safety of the galaxy." John said seriously making Mordin smirk slightly.

"Very diplomatic response commander." Mordin stated making John give him slight smirk of his own which was unseen by Miranda as Zaeed released a whistle.

"Not gonna lie after working with that wife of yours I was expecting total carnage on this little mission not…whatever the hell that was." Zaeed said with a chuckle. "You two are like the moon and the sun, I can tell you keep her grounded." Zaeed pointed out as Miranda continued to stare at the commander incredulously.

Miranda was expecting at least a little combat once they entered the quarantine zone but once again John shocked her. No doubt using his natural charisma, quick wit, and compassion to their fullest, John managed to recruit Mordin Solus and cure the plague without pulling a single trigger.

Not much could awe Miranda but she had honestly never saw anything like it in her life.

Oh sure there were gang members from all three groups after them and even a hostage situation but somehow, someway, John had talked his way through the entire situation. The way he had spoken had reminded her of the Illusive Man and Miranda had found herself silently agreeing with her boss that bringing back the commander had been the correct decision. The way the man handled every situation was inspirational, hell some of the Blood Pack members even promised to leave Omega and do something productive with their lives.

This man was truly one of a kind.

Miranda shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"Perhaps we will live through this endeavor after all." Miranda thought as a small smile graced her lips.

"Joker. Set course for Jane's location, we need to be there yesterday!" John shouted suddenly.

["Holy crap commander you left her alone!?"] Joker asked incredulously as the ship began to take off. ["I thought you were smart!"]

"Less nagging and more flying, Joker! Get us there and pray that Archangel is in one piece." John said as he rubbed his temples.

"Interesting. This Jane is a liability? No. You wouldn't put her in charge of anything if that was the case. Has your trust but earns your caution. Loose cannon then?" Mordin inquired making John shake his head.

"Let's just say it's in your best interest to have limited contact." John muttered as he was silently impressed at how fast Mordin had pegged Jane. He still couldn't believe that the woman could kill this man, he was a pretty cool guy.

[We shall arrive shortly commander.]

["Hey! I am fully capable of informing the commander of our destination!"] Joker said sounding annoyed. John shook his head at their bickering how those two ended up together was beyond him.


It didn't take long for the Normandy to reach Jane's location but when it did, John had to bite back a curse that he couldn't have made it before Tarak. His eyes narrowed up at the building where the air-ship was currently unloading it's mini-gun through a window on the top floor. He also noticed that there were more mercenaries between his team and the building. Whatever Jane had been doing during the last two years must have made the gangs more prepared for combat.

"Now this is something like I was expecting." Zaeed said with a chuckle as he stepped out of the shuttle.

"What is the plan commander?" Miranda questioned quietly as she narrowed her eyes at the mercenaries that had yet to notice them.

"We go get our crew back, this time there isn't room for diplomacy. Take out any mercenary that gets in your way." John ordered making them nod.

"Ah I knew you were a soldier!" Zaeed chuckled.

"Zaeed you provide long range support for myself and Miranda. Miranda use your biotics on any enemy I can't get to in time. I'm going to need you to watch my back, I'm going head first into the fray. We're here for Archangel but I refuse to lose anyone of my men to gain another." John declared. "Now let's go."

-With Jane-

BGM: Impossible-Manafest

Kasumi paled slightly when the gunship released another rocket towards her, she saw what the first one did to Garrus who was currently unconscious and knew that she couldn't survive it with her lack of armor. She grunted when something collided into her from the side.


Kasumi looked around in confusion as her ears rung from the explosion, feeling a weight on her she looked down to see Jane laying on her unmoving.

"Jane!" Kasumi shouted in alarm, not expecting the woman to take the attack for her.

"Shit!" Jacob shouted as he took cover. "What's her condition!?"

"Not good, she's out cold from taking the missile. Her shields barely held up!" Kasumi said with a mental curse. Then to her surprise she heard groaning from the red-head. "Jane? Jane can you hear me?" Jane winced as she rolled to her back with labored breaths.

Jane's breaths began to calm as she stood up with her eyes closed while an image of a dark-skinned woman with black hair filled her mind.

"Get it together princess, you're in the military now." The woman said softly with a comforting smile. "You're going to save us all."

"..ane…Jane…JANE!" Jacob shouted. "What's our plan of attack!?" Jacob shouted as the woman pulled out a grenade and dropped it on the ground as her burning red eyes snapped open with a fierce glare.


"One plan, attack." Jane stated as she kicked the grenade out of the window before it exploded upon the gunships left wing, damaging it heavily. Running forward, Jane pulled out her M-12 Locust and aimed at the ship.


Jane released her clip as she ran forward, damaging the ship more and just as it aimed it's mini-gun at her, she shot forward out of the window with a well-times biotic charge and landed on top of the damaged airship. Putting her gun away she cocked her fist back with a glare.

"NOVA!" Jane roared as she blasted through the top of the air-ship and glared at its pilot whom looked up at her in horror as she pulled out her Black Widow and jammed it barrel into his head.


Immediately the airship began to fall from the sky as she put away her sniper and pulled out her Locust. As the airship fell it weakly circled the building, allowing her to see the mercenaries that were rushing up the building towards her companions. Narrowing her eyes, she began releasing a storm of bullets as she descended, taking out a majority of the mercenaries on their way up to archangel.

"Jane!" John shouted as he saw his wife on the falling air-ship. Jane looked back at him and smirked before leaping back off of the air-ship with a flip just as it collided with the ground.


Bronze Trophy: Leroy Jenkins (Part 1): Solo an air-ship

+500 credits

The ship erupted in large inferno which took a good amount of the ground forces out but before the flames could reach Jane who was still mid-flip, she disappeared in another biotic charge and landed behind her husband in a crouch. Jane stood up as John pulled out his M-8 Avenger and began firing at a few of the remaining mercenaries while Jane did the same. His Adrenaline Rush allowed him to get headshot after headshot on his attackers

"You're insane!" John shouted as they stood back to back making her giggle-no cackle John correct, Jane didn't giggle.

"You know you love me." Jane smirked as a wounded Krogan charged John as he ran out of armor. Jane spun around and began firing at the Krogan, shattering its shields just as it got within arms' distance of John whom smirked and unsheathed a crimson Omni-blade before stabbing it mercilessly into the Krogan's chest. Jane quickly followed up with a biotic-charged punch to the Krogan's head which made John's blade rip through his body.

Bronze Trophy Unlocked: Wombo Combo!: John and Jane must kill an enemy after delivering two melee attacks to it

+700 credits

"Nice save." John complimented as he switched to his trusty grenade launcher and began blowing away the few surviving mercenaries.

"Thanks but you could have gotten him if you had better weapons. We're going to go shopping after this, no complaints." Jane stated making him roll his eyes. "Yes dear." John chuckled as Jane biotic charged the last Blue Sun and slammed him to the ground. She ripped his helmet off, revealing him to be a Batarian which she began to ruthlessly punch to death.

Paragon Action!

It wasn't long before she felt a hand on her shoulder.


Glancing back she saw John holding her shoulder making her pause her assault as the Batarian beneath her groaned in pain.

"That's enough." John ordered as he forced her to her feet. "I don't personally care about him, but now that I'm back I'll be damned if I leave you alone with your demons any longer. Let him go, not for him but for yourself." John declared as held her chin and rubbed her burning scars with his thumb. "Damn how am I supposed to explain these?" John sighed as Jane looked a bit embarrassed at how much she gave into her rage.

"Don't worry if Miranda asks, tell her to speak to the Illusive Man." Jane said making John look at her in confusion. "I'll explain later, it's been a long two years John." Jane said softly before leaning forward and kissing John on his cheek. "Thanks for trying to save me." Jane said with a smile as she limped towards the shuttle, holding her side as their crew members looked at them incredulously.

Zaeed was still trying to figure out how the two got together.

Miranda was trying to figure out why the hell a woman she never heard about looked as though she had underwent project Lazarus.

Jacob, who had left the building with Kasumi-both doing their best to carry Garrus-was wondering what the hell he had ended up signing up for.

Kasumi was shocked someone could actually stop Jane from killing any target of her anger.

Garrus…well Garrus just bled a little more.

Silver Trophy Unlocked: Ballad of Angels: Retrieve Archangel

+1200 credits

John could already tell that this attempt to stop the collectors would be far different than his last try. He knew Jane had a lot to tell him and that when they got back to the Normandy and finally caught up he would be looking at her in a different light.


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