Hello everyone! This is "The Wolf Goes MEOW" a love story between Fenrir Greyback and our favorite… Sirius Black! Lol. Right shall we? (P.S. SIRIUS IS NOT GOING TO BE IN THE FIRST CHAPTER. The first chapter is all about Harry and Fenrir's first year together before Sirius shows up.)


In a twist of fate the Dursley's go camping when Harry is four and gets found by our blood thirsty Fenrir. Gasp! Then blood thirsty Sirius Black finds them! Gasp! How will Harry make it out of this one?!

(Can everyone tell I'm hyper today?)

And the werewolves in my story don't look like anorexic furry people (-cough- like the one in the third Harry Potter movie) but look like the ones in twilight (because to be honest that one's cooler looking) anyways on to the story!

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Harry looked out the window silently as trees whipped by quickly. The Dursley's had planned this camping trip months ago, but at the last second Mrs. Figg said she couldn't watch little Harry because one of her cats had just had kittens. Unable to find a baby sitter in an hour the Dursley's decided to just bring him along and force him to get fire wood or something.

Dudley was not happy that his freak cousin was coming and would pelt him with rolled up paper balls every once in a while, which Harry would not react too. Harry was hypnotized by the trees and what lived in them. Finally, Vernon turned onto a dirt road and they made the bumpy trek to the cabin. Harry gasped and pointed when he saw some deer.

"Look, look! Deer!" Harry said happily.

"Shut up boy!" Vernon grunted when he went over a bump too fast. Harry fell silent and took to looking out the window again. A flash of silver caught his eye and he gasped when he saw a man standing in the forest. Another bump made him leap in his seat and he whimpered, looking out fast to see if he could see the man again.

"Ah, finally here!" Vernon shouted. A fancy two story cabin came into view making Harry looked confused.

"I thought we were going to camp?" he asked softly.

"We are." Petunia said.

"Don't you camp in tents?"

"Camping in tents is for poor people! Now stop asking questions!" Vernon bellowed. They all got out of the car heading inside with their bags.

Fenrir watched the small family as they made their way into the old cabin in the middle of his forest. Two of them were whales and would make a great feast for him. But the smallest one intrigued him… the wind carried his smell to him and he couldn't help taking a deep breath.


That night Harry stumbled outside in a thick oversized sweater that was almost like a dress on him and headed for the trees to find some nice sized wood to throw in the fire. It was a crisp night, but luckily not one that required a thick coat. Harry had just reached the forest and found his first piece of wood when a few cracking noises made him turn fast. Looking around and seeing nothing he turned back to grab another piece.

Hot breathing on the back of his neck made Harry turn fast, coming face to face with a huge silver animal.

Fenrir growled low at him and the full moon up above made his fur glow softly. He was about to open his mouth and devour the little human when the little boy spoke.

"Kitty!" Harry shouted a big smile on his face and a finger pointed at his oversized wet nose.

'Kitty?! KITTY?! I am no KITTY! I eat kitties for breakfast!' Fenrir thought angrily. Ok not really, they had too much fur and had annoying little bones that got stuck in his throat when he swallowed… but that was beside the point! He didn't look anything like a kitty! Did he?

Harry threw his arms over the huge muzzle before him and gave Fenrir a sloppy kiss between the eyes. Fenrir felt his tail wag slightly when he noticed how green this little one's eyes were. They reminded him of the forest that protected him. It didn't hurt that the boy smelled wonderful.

Fenrir had never felt this much warmth in his heart for any creature that wasn't another werewolf. Making a quick decision he took the little boy into his jaws as gently as he could and started trotting smoothly through the forest to where his den was.

Harry wondered if he was going to get in trouble for being carried off by a huge kitty, but he was enjoying the ride too much, so he remained still and tried not to touch the large fangs.

Fenrir's den was actually a winter cave large enough for his wolf form to stretch out comfortably and large enough for his human side to live and store his clothing there.

Putting Harry down Fenrir growled in warning and looked at Harry who was smiling more up at him. Taking the small arm into his mouth he bit down just enough to break the skin and inject the werewolf venom into the boy.

Harry let out a frightening scream and backed away, holding his arm. He sniffled and looked up at Fenrir.

"Why you bite me?" Harry whimpered. Fenrir licked his cheek to try to seem harmless but Harry pushed him away.

"Mean kitty!" Harry wailed and sat down as the venom started running through his veins. Fenrir remained close and licked Harry again. Harry started to grow and change, turning into a pure white wolf pup before Fenrir's eyes. Harry looked at him; his green eyes unchanged, and licked his cheek, bouncing like a hyper puppy. Fenrir scowled at how thin his new pup was, but took him by the scarf of the neck and headed towards the cabin.

The new two person pack trotted silently until they got to the clearing where the cabin was. The skinny horse woman was standing at the door, calling for the boy and shouting that if he doesn't come back he wouldn't eat for a week. Fenrir let out a low growl and set Harry down. Harry romped around him, choosing to hunt Fenrir's tail, which moved easily in the wind.

Fenrir looked back and wagged his tail, making Harry pounce and bite at his tail. Finally the horse woman went inside and all the lights turned off. Fenrir looked straight ahead and slid into the clearing. Harry tried to follow him into the cabin, but Fenrir told him to wait outside with a growl. Harry yipped, making Fenrir wince. Luckily no lights came on and Fenrir growled again, heading inside the cabin.

Harry plopped his bottom down and watched the door. He tilted his head to listen but he heard nothing. Finally Fenrir came from the house licking his bloody lips and dropping a beefy arm in front of Harry. Harry's stomach grumbled and he attacked the arm, devouring it in seconds. Fenrir grinned; it was Harry's final step before he became a full-fledged werewolf.

The next morning Fenrir was happy to see that his little pup named Harry hadn't woken up before him. Hurrying into his winter cave he threw on some worn jean shorts and went outside, picking Harry up to wake him. When Harry opened his deep green eyes and looked at Fenrir his face broke out in a huge smile.

"Kitty!" Harry shouted, hugging Fenrir tight. Fenrir felt his eye twitch and he held Harry by his armpits at arm's length.

"Let's get one thing straight. I am a wolf. Not a kitty. Kitties go 'meow'. Besides my name is Fenrir." He said a matter of factly. Harry thought about this for a second and looked back at Fenrir.

"Well then wolves go meow too, because you just said 'meow'." Harry stated. Fenrir couldn't help it and started laughing, setting Harry down on the forest floor.

"How would you like to stay with me Harry and become a wolf?" Fenrir asked.

"I never have to go back to my aunt and uncle's?" Harry asked with wide eyes. Fenrir nodded and the next thing he knew he had an armful of happy Harry.

"Yay! I get to be a wolf! And I'll still get to say meow like a kitty!" Harry shouted.

"Well don't make a habit of it…" Fenrir mumbled as Harry started meowing like a cat, making Fenrir smile.


Five year old Harry leaped and climbed through the forest fast, holding what he found close to his chest. Fenrir lifted his head lightly when Harry ran into the clearing where they were resting and caught the excited child.

"What did you find?" Fenrir asked. Harry held up a bright red ball.

"Lookie what I founds!" Harry shouted. Fenrir smiled and put him down letting Harry run off to play with the ball.

Harry ran in a circle before running back to Fenrir giggling and settled in his lap, inspecting the ball, wondering what to do with it. When nothing came to his mind he started chewing on it, making Fenrir smile peacefully.

"Fen I going to go find potatoes!" Harry shouted and stood up fast, giving Fenrir the red ball.

"Protect this, it's my treasure." Harry said, and ran off. Fenrir held the red ball and leaned against the rock, letting the sun warm him while it could.

Over the years Fenrir he had always been heartless and mean, even eating children when he was hungry enough. But ever since little Harry had come a little over a year ago Fenrir had been peaceful, staying away from villages and not eating a human since the whale people Harry had come into the forest with.

Harry bounced and trotted through the well-known forest and sniffed out the wild potatoes and wild mushrooms for the soup that night. His nose was always sensitive to the roots and he enjoyed finding them for Fenrir since the older werewolf really liked them. Harry stopped and lifted his head when he felt a small breeze move his hair and the smell of ice reach his nose. He knew winter was coming because his hair was turning white, but would the first blizzard really come so early? (Harry's hair changes color with the seasons, black for spring and summer. Fall he starts changing and for winter he turns pure white. His werewolf also makes the color change.)

Harry started yipping and ran back to Fenrir, leaping into his arms. Fenrir held him tight and lifted his head to sniff the chilling air. With a snarl he leapt up and started walking for their winter cave. He hadn't thought the first blizzard would strike so early and so fiercely.

An hour later Fenrir found himself lost and half frozen. The snow and ice had hit them like a wall making Fenrir turned around. His thin jean shorts was doing nothing for warmth and now he felt his winter cave was actually farther away than when he first began. Harry was held in his strong arms shivering violently in his strong grasp.

"I-I-I'm c-c-c-cold" Harry chattered and Fenrir actually let out a whimper. Harry's lips were blue and his fingers were following, he didn't even have jean shorts because the young pup didn't like clothes. Coming to the edge of the forest was a shock to Fenrir and he looked into the clearing seeing the outline of an awkward shaped house. Not caring who it belonged to Fenrir started to march his way through the snow towards the front door.

He opened the door as silently as he could and made his way into a warm wizard kitchen. Sniffing around and not smelling anyone he headed to where the soft glowing fire was and settled down right in front of it. Pulling a large knitted blanket off the couch he wrapped it around himself and Harry, curling up around the small pup. Fenrir fell asleep fast to Harry's soft snoring and his rapid heartbeat.

Fred and George were the first to wake up that morning and made their way down the stairs to see if they could look through the presents before their mom and dad woke up. They stopped fast when a huge curled up figure in front of their fire caught their eye.


"Yes George?"

"You think mom and dad would be crazy enough to buy us a werewolf for Christmas like we asked?"

"I don't think so George." A little head popped out from the blankets and green eyes made them freeze. The little boy regarded them wearily so Fred and George did the only thing they knew best when nervous… they grinned at the little boy.

Harry watched as the two boy's faces lit up and he couldn't help but smile. He wiggled his way out of Fenrir's arms and walked up to the boys, sniffing them. They looked the same but they smelled so different!

Fred and George looked at each other as the little boy sniffed them then looked back at him.

"Hi I'm Fred."

"Hi I'm George." Harry tilted his head then smiled.

"I'm Harry!" Harry said, starting to scratch his hair. Dark patches of hair started falling out, starting to leave his hair completely white and puffy.

"Why is your hair doing that?" George asked, picking up a clump of black hair.

"It changes when the seasons change. It's really annoying and itchy." Harry said, shaking his body to get the stray hairs off his back.

"You know werewolf hairs sell for a lot." Fred said, grabbing a baggy and putting the clumps of hair into it. Harry shrugged and ran over to Fenrir starting to shake him.

"Fen! Fenny! Wakey!" The pup demanded. Fred and George hid behind the couch, waiting for the older werewolf to release his anger at the young boy. The older werewolf simply opened one eye and regarded the pup.

"Harry it is much too early. The sun has barely peeked over the earth." Fenrir grumbled and grabbed the pup snuggling him like a teddy bear. Harry screamed with laughter as Fenrir started blowing on his stomach and nibbling his chest, tickling Harry with his coarse winter beard.

Fred and George looked at each other and grinned running into the kitchen to grab some food for the two werewolves. Coming back with a plate of meat each they sat on the couch.

"Come here Harry, Fen, we got meat!" Fred and George said together. Harry wiggled from Fenrir's grasp and ran to the couch, climbing onto it. Fenrir just glared.

"My name is Fenrir and I'm not some dog you can win over with treats." Fenrir huffed. Harry ignored Fenrir and took a slice of beef from Fred starting to gobble it down. George put the plate on the ground and pushed it with his toe to Fenrir then sat back down next to Harry. Fenrir grabbed the plate and started eating, giving into his grumbling stomach.

Bill walked down the stairs yawning and rubbing his eyes. He jumped with a start when he saw Fred and George playing with a white haired boy while a huge man lay curled up in front of the fire, having fallen back to sleep after his meal.

Fred picked Harry up and spun him around making him squeal.

"My turn! Stop hogging the puppy." George grumbled, grabbing Harry and tickling him.

"Fred! George! Put that down! I'm getting dad!" Billy shouted running back up the stairs.

"What has his knickers in bunch?" George asked, looking at Fred. They shrugged and continued playing with Harry. Ginny and Ron woke up to the noise and ran down.

"Look! We got a puppy." George said, introducing Ginny and Ron to Harry.

"Mom didn't just get him for you guys!" Ron yelled, stomping his foot. Charlie came down at that point blinking at the white haired boy.

"Who's that?" Charlie asked.

"Mom got us a werewolf puppy!" Fred and George chorused. Harry looked around at all the children that were coming out and felt excited.

"Then who is that over there?" Charlie said, motioning to Fenrir who was still curled up in the knitted blanket.

"His mom? Or dad?" Fred said.

"That's Fen! He adopted me." Harry piped up. Finally Fenrir couldn't take the chattering and stood up, taking Harry from George. All the kids "awed" at getting their toy taken away.

"Harry is not your puppy, your parents didn't buy us, and I don't think we'll be staying long." Fenrir said. Arthur and Molly ran down the stairs and almost passed out.

Fenrir Greyback the most feared werewolf in wizard history was staying mere inches from their youngest children.

"Back up Greyback!" Arthur shouted, pointing his wand at the wolf. Fenrir growled and turned his body to protect Harry should the wizard attack.

"Be nice to the wolfy!" Ginny wailed, hugging Fenrir's leg. Ron started crying too and hugged Fenrir's other leg. Fred and George looked at each other and started wailing, hugging Fenrir's middle while Charlie still looked half asleep and confused. Fenrir's eye was twitching and he groaned softly when Harry started crying, hugging Fenrir's neck tight.

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