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Fenrir felt his heart constrict and he held his cub basket tighter after Molly told them the terrible news.

"I'm so sorry… I wasn't thinking when I put the picture of Sirius and the cubs in the book…" Molly said tearfully "The Aurors could be on their way right now…"

"Maybe I should just turn myself in… I don't want any of you guys hurt…" Sirius whispered, hugging a sleeping Harry tight to him.

"You will not leave me to raise these cubs by myself!" Fenrir shouted, making everyone jump.

"Fenrir we have nowhere else to go." Remus said.

"I know a place… It's dangerous to get to unless we apparate but it's a sanctuary… surrounded by mountains and no other werewolves" Fenrir whispered.

"What's the catch?" Sirius asked.

"The only catches are that when it rains there is a chance of the forest flooding and there are a few dark creatures that share the forest."

"Seems better than Azkaban any day but we must think of the cubs. All of them." Sirius looked down at Harry when he said this.

"He would die if you left." Remus said, petting Harry's black hair back. Fenrir looked down at the growing pups in the basket and rocked them softly.

"They have a better chance if you're around." Fenrir said.

"I'll pack you plenty of food and some clothing for the cubs." Molly said standing fast. She rushed around the house, putting everything they would need for a while in a never-filling back pack. She packed a little more than was needed but she couldn't help it. The children watched her.

"Mum what are you doing?" Bill asked. She looked at her children, sadness coming over her face.

"Fenrir, Sirius, and Remus have to go away for a while…" Molly whispered.

"Harry can stay though, right?" Percy whispered.

"N-no darling Harry and the cubs are going with them." Molly said. The Weasley children and Draco started crying, waking Harry up.

"Wha's going on…" Harry mumbled sleepily.

"Harry darling we have to go away for a little while." Sirius whispered, petting his hair.

"How long is a little while?" Harry said, his lip quivering.

"We don't know yet…" Fenrir said. Harry joined the children in sobbing and Sirius let him down to go hug them all. Three pops made Molly look outside in a flash. Three Aurors were heading for the hut Sirius and the pack lived in.

"You have to go!" Molly said, shoving the bag into Remus's arms.

"Please write us Molly." Fenrir said as Sirius grabbed Harry fast.

"I will… every day…" Molly promised, tears running down her face. Fenrir hugged her tight and the pack left through the back door. The pack got into a tight circle and closed their eyes. With a soft pop Fenrir used his magic for the first time in almost 50 years to transport his family to the Valley of the Half.

The Valley of the Half was a 16 mile wide valley surrounded by tall mountains and cut in half by a wide raging river that also cut the circle of mountains in half. It left only two ways in and out of the valley. The forest was thick with many small meadows and the mountains were littered with caves. Both magical and non-magical animals and beings lived in balanced. Some animals died, some were born. Some ate the others, and some were eaten. It was a perfect place for the small werewolf pack to raise their cubs.

"It's not perfect… but I love it…" Sirius said a day later after they found a cave to suit them. He was standing at the mouth of the cave looking out at the wide valley.

"It's home now" Remus said, pulling pots and pans out of the pack Molly gave them. They had many things for the cave there, a lot of blankets, canned foods, pots and pans, nappies for the cubs, and pillows.

"I wanna go back to Miss Molly!" Harry wailed. Fenrir gathered him into his strong arms and rocked him.

"We can't… The mean wizards would take Sirius away." Fenrir said. Harry sniffled and wiped his nose.

"Why don't you go explore the forest?" Fenrir said, petting his hair.

"I do like exploring…" Harry said.

"Stay within yelling range please!" Fenrir yelled after Harry just as the cubs started wailing in hunger.

"Yes Fen!" Harry yelled, running down the mountain into the thick forest.

Harry explored for about an hour when he heard yelling and struggling. Running to the noise Harry gasped, finding a centaur colt stuck in a mud hole.

"It's ok! I help you!" Harry said, pushing a tree over right next to the colt. Walking on the tree Harry hugged the colt around the middle and pulled him up hard, balancing him on the fallen tree.

"Th-thank you…" the colt said, kicking the mud from his legs.

"I'm Harry!" Harry said, holding out his hand.

"Oak." The colt said, shaking his hand.

"I like your name!" Harry said, helping the colt to solid ground.

"Thanks. I like yours too. What creature are you?" Oak asked.

"I'm a werewolf, but don't worry I don't eat horsys" Harry promised. Oak smiled and flicked his tail shyly.

"How old are you? I'm a whole six summers!" Oak said proudly, puffing out his chest.

"I am too! Well I will be soon." Harry said puffing his own chest out.

"Hey you want to play tag?" Oak said. Harry grinned and nodded fast.

"I'll be it!" Harry said and ran after Oak. They chased and played until their respective parents started calling them to dinner.

"Can we play tomorrow?" Harry asked. Oka nodded, making his long black hair shake around.

"Yay! I live in that cave." Harry said pointing to the cave with light coming from it.

"I live in the forest. It's a secret." Oak said giggling. They ran off with they heard their parents shouting more.

"Fen!" Harry shouted, leaping into the man's arms.

"You're excited." Fenrir said, settling Harry down next to the fire and handing him a bowl of stew.

"I met a centaur named Oak today!" Harry said and started talking fast about the fun day he had with the centaur colt. Fenrir was rocking Grey and Kara as they suckled intently from him. Sirius was feeding Melissa from a magic bottle.

"I got a letter from Severus today. He wants to come here and check on the cubs." Remus said, blushing slightly. The blush didn't go unnoticed.

"So, when he coming dear little Remus?" Sirius teased. Remus blushed deeper.

"Tomorrow" Remus mumbled.

"I think it's great that you're picking a mate." Fenrir said, burping the cubs in his arms. Remus buried his face in his hands, blushing bright as a tomato.

"I want a mate." Harry said.

"You're too young." Fenrir said fast. Harry giggled and crawled into his bed, letting Sirius tuck him in.

"Good night cub." Sirius said kissing his cheek. Fenrir laid the cubs in their basket and also gave Harry a kiss on his cheek.

"Fen… Siri…" Harry mumbled, looking up at them.

"What is it cub?" Fenrir asked, petting his hair.

"Can I call Fen daddy and Siri papa?" Harry asked shyly. Fenrir closed his eyes almost tearing up. Damn left over hormones.

"We would like that very much." Sirius promised. Harry smiled and curled up into his blankets, falling asleep. Sirius looked at Fenrir and slowly leaned over kissing him softly on the lips. It was their first kiss and Fenrir found he liked it very much.

Coughing made them both blush and pull away, looking back at a grinning Remus.

"Now who's blushing?" Remus said teasingly.

"Fuck off" Fenrir said pulling Sirius in for another kiss.


Severus looked over each new born cub, happily noticing they were very healthy and getting on nicely.

"They are very healthy despite the apparition and the move from a hut to a cave. It always surprises me how cubs can be so sturdy yet fragile at the same time." Severus said, laying Grey down.

"Thanks" Fenrir said, happy his cubs were fine.

"Now Grey has a little stuffy nose but I'll give you a potion. One drop on his tongue before every feeding" Severus explained, handing him a blue potion. Fenrir and Sirius listened closely to Severus's instructions, not wanting to accidently over dose their infant.

"Thanks Severus." Sirius mumbled. Severus nodded his head to him and stood.

"Now if you'll excuse me I'm taking Remus on a date. I'll bring him back whenever I feel like it." Severus said, turning on his heel and walking out of the cave with a giggling Remus. Fenrir and Sirius looked at each other before bursting out laughing.

Harry waved to Severus from the forest as he played with Oak. Severus waved back and pulled Remus close, apparating them out of the valley.

"Who was that?" Oak asked.

"That was my uncle Severus. I think he's part bat, but Fen… daddy said it would be rude to ask. Papa just laughed when I asked him." Harry said, chewing on some berries turning his lips and mouth red and spitting the seeds as far as he could.

"I think he is part bat." Oak said eating some blue berries.

"Hey let's play knight and princess!" Harry said, leaping up and almost knocking Oak over.

"What's that?" Oak asked, standing up fast.

"I'm the princess and you have to rescue me from a dragon." Harry said.

"But we don't have a dragon." Oak pointed out. Harry looked around and dug into the bushes, trying to find a dragon or even a lizard but all he found was a tiny snake sleeping in the sun.

"Hey you" Harry said poking the snake. The snake let out an annoyed hiss and looked at Harry.

"Will you please be our dragon?" Harry asked the snake, unaware that he was speaking Parseltongue.

"Of courssse anything for a ssspeaker." The snake said, sliding up Harry's arm. He didn't know what a dragon was but the snake wasn't about to volunteer that information.

"Harry put that down!" Oak shouted, prancing around in fright at the sight of the snake.

"Why? He's nice and said he would be our dragon." Harry said.

"Snakes are evil!" Oak said, stomping his foot.

"Not uh!" Harry shouted.

"Yeah huh and anyone who can speak to them is evil! My papa said!" Oak yelled. Harry was turning red and the snake feared for his life. His cheeks puffed out almost comically.

"Your mean and I don't want to be your friend anymore!" Harry screamed and ran off towards his cave, the poor snake still in his hands.

"What did I get myself into!" the snake hissed as he was lead up the mountain, clutched tightly in little hands.

"Daddy!" Harry wailed, launching himself into Fenrir's arms and letting the snake fall to the cave floor.

"What's wrong Harry?" Fenrir said, rocking the sobbing boy. Sirius put the babies in the basket and ran over joining the hug.

"What's wrong Harry? You've worked yourself up into a state." Sirius said, humming to Harry.

"O-oak s-said anyone w-who can talk to snakes i-is evil!" Harry wailed.

"That's not true Harry." Fenrir whispered, kissing his temple.

"Can you talk to snakes Harry?" Sirius asked. Harry nodded, sniffling.

"How long have you known?" Fenrir asked, surprised.

"I thought everyone could talk to snakes." Harry said innocently, looking up at them.

"No it's a very special gift. You've always been our special boy." Fenrir said. Harry smiled and snuggled into his daddy's arms while his papa hugged them both tighter.

The snake slowly slid up Harry's leg making him giggle.

"Excuse me but you have a lovely home. Can I stay?" the snake asked.

"Yeah! But what's your name?" Harry asked.

"I don't have one." The snake said, wrapping around Harry's neck a few times like a necklace.

"Then I will name you… Michael" Harry said. The snake nodded in satisfaction.

Oak ran home sniffling and hugged his mom tight around her middle.

"Oh little sapling what's wrong?" his mom asked, hugging him tight.

"I lost my friend!" Oak sobbed.

"But why? You were so excited last night." Oak's mother (Pine) asked, wondering how a friendship could end after two days.

"He could talk to snakes so I called him evil and he called me mean!" Oak sobbed.

"Oh little sapling not everyone who talks to snakes are evil, just the man named Voldemort. He could talk to snakes and he was a very bad man but it wasn't the talking to snakes part that made him bad. Does Harry seem bad?" Pine asked. Oak shook his head 'no' fast and wiped his face.

"Then you should go say sorry. Find Harry a nice present and give it to him." Pine said smartly.

"But I don't know what werewolves like." Oak whined. Pine thought about this problem. After wracking her brain for what she knew about wizards a light came on.

"Get him an owl, or better yet an owl ling to rise! Wizards love owls and use them all the time." Pine said. Oak brightened and nodded, grabbing a basket to go search for a fallen owl. Owl lings fell from their nests all the time and if Oak could catch one before the mother or father picked them up and put them back he could give it to Harry! Then they would be friends again!

It took him a few hours but he finally found a tiny white fluff ball of an owl ling on the forest floor.

"Hello there. Its ok I'm going to take you to a very nice person." Oak promised, having to chase the owl ling a little bit before he could pick her up and place her in the basket; putting the cover tight over the top so that she couldn't jump out.

Oak ran fast to the mountain but then had to slow down so that he could make the rocky trek up to the cave safely.

Harry was sitting in front of the cave, giggling and laughing as Michael slid all around his body, taking in his scent with his tongue.

"That tickles!" Harry laughed out as Michael flicked his tongue into his ear.

"Sorry." The snake said not sounding remorseful at all. Harry stood up fast from his rock when he saw Oak walking to the cave, panting and holding a basket.

"What do you want…" Harry mumbled when Oak finally got to him. Oak panted and held out the basket to him. Harry slowly took it and opened it, showing a pissed off white owl ling.

"She's so cute!" Harry said, petting her.

"She's a rare snow owl. I got her just for you to say sorry." Oak said shyly. Harry hugged him tight.

"Thank you! But she needs a daddy too. I'll be the mommy and you be the daddy!" Harry said. Oak smiled at the thought.

Sirius watched the two young creatures interact as he washed Kara with a warm damp towel.

"So him being a Parselmouth doesn't bother you?" Fenrir asked as he made lunch.

"You know… I thought it would but… Harry is my son. He could grow up to be the next Voldemort but… I know he won't. Fenrir he cried when we found a dead fly." Sirius said, waving his arm out dramatically. Fenrir rolled his eyes but smiled.

"You're silly." Fenrir said after a minute. Sirius placed Kara down on a soft blanket and crawled over kissing his shoulder.

"It's who I am" Sirius said with a grin. He grinded his crotch against Fenrir's back making Fenrir turn around and smack his hand with the wooden spoon.

"Stop that. The cubs are right there." Fenrir scolded.

"Come on we had sex once and I can't even remember it!" Sirius whined. Fenrir looked outside the cave, seeing Harry had left to go play in the forest and then at the sleeping pups. Pulling Sirius on top of him he kissed the man deeply.

"Fine! Just this once." Fenrir said. If Sirius would have had a tail it would have been wagging a mile a minute.


Sirius frenched Fenrir deeply as he slowly slid the holey jeans off. Fenrir whimpered in pleasure and Sirius kissed from his lips down his jaw and to his neck. Sucking and leaving a nice dark mark Sirius kissed down to his nipple. Latching onto it and sucking, he only got a half a mouthful of the sweet heavy milk before Fenrir bopped him on the top of the head.

"That isn't for you!" Fenrir growled, feeling protective of his milk. Sirius just gave him a grin and kissed Fenrir once more. Looking around Sirius dug into Remus's personal bag and pulled out a tube of lube.

"Sneaky ole Remus" Sirius praised and crawled back over to his mate. Taking his pants off and throwing them away Sirius laid on his mate and slicked up his fingers.

"You don't need to prepare me." Fenrir said smacking his hand away. Sirius just smiled and slicked up his cock, slowly starting to push into him. The feeling they got was amazing. It was as if they were finally coming home… loved and wanted and complete. Sirius let out a groan and started rocking his hips, making Fenrir gasp.

"Siri…" Fenrir whimpered.

"Fen…" Sirius whispered huskily and pulled out until he was almost out before thrusting back in hard. They panted and met each other, lost in the throes of their passion and love.

Finally Sirius groaned when Fenrir came, shooting his load on his and Sirius's stomach. Sirius pulled out fast and came on Fenrir's stomach.


Fenrir snuggled to Sirius while Sirius held him tight. Sirius had done a cleaning spell to clean them both up but they didn't bother to get dressed.

"I love you Fenrir." Sirius whispered into the grey hair.

"I love you too Sirius." Fenrir mumbled. They snuggled like that until lunch was done and brought the hyper Harry back. Fenrir and Sirius groaned when Harry jumped on them and the triplets started wailing their hunger.

The life of the werewolf family was hard… but it was for them. It took getting a family for Fenrir and Sirius to fall in love. And it all started with their little special boy… Harry Potter-Greyback-Black.

"Meow!" Harry shouted.

"Meow." Fenrir said.

"Meow!" Sirius said, tickling Harry. They held each other tight, little Grey, Kara, and Melissa having no idea what kind of messed up family they were born into.

Oh well.



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