k so I got a bite from the inspiration bug and it left a nice little painful mark of wonder. Idk what im saying anymore.
ANYWAY! ive come up with a new story, fanfiction faithful. I sure hope you like sterek AU's cause I sure do!

chapter 1~ roomie!

"you ready son? first day on campus."

Stiles looks up at his hopelessly pathetic excuse for a father, he's fighting back tears as if his life depends on it.
stiles hasnt seen his dad this upset since moms funeral an-

no, just, NO thinking of mom right now. no.

"yea, I'm gonna miss you dad" stiles manages a small smile before almost being suffocated by a huge bear hug.

"gonna miss you too, stiles."

Stiles dad gives him a small slap on the back before letting go and leaving the campus.

Stiles cant help but release a fist pump into the air. I mean first day of college has to mean something in a guys life, right? or are you not allowed to be super psyched about becoming a 19-year-old mature-ish, man-child, adult.

Stiles approaches the front desk with as much swag as he can muster up before making a total fool of himself and half tripping, half flailing like an idiot. Because, no. life is never kind to him.

"um huh...Stiles Stillinski, reporting for duty."

The pretty woman at the front desk , Erica by her name tag, rolls her eyes and starts typing something into her computer before handing him a small metal key.

"You're in dorm room 408, campus block C. Heres a campus map, you look like you may need one." Erica smiles a little too sweetly.


Looks like he needed that map after all, this place is the definition of HUGE.
Turns out there are eight very large "campus blocks". Campus blocks A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H. Each campus block consist of 800 dorm rooms but campus blocks A, B, C and D are part of the men's side of the campus, E, F, G and H are the women's side of the campus.

And there are stores, lots of them, and little shops. It's like a big, little village, if you can call it that.
most of the stores around campus are mini grocery stores that are more like little gas station stores, one clothing store, a couple of laundry mats and a Barnes and Nobles/ Starbucks.

After a bit of looking around and exploring the sites that desperately need to be seen stiles trys to find the dorm.

It's a lot harder than expected, what with the map and all but you would think trying to find one room out of 800 others in the block would be simple. it isn't.

"Finally, dorm room 408." Stiles sighs.

Stiles reaches form the door knob cautiously and opens the door slowly wondering who the holy hell will be his college roommate.
He sucks in a breath.

That can't be his roommate with the eyes, and the cheek bones and the..well..everything.

"H-hey" stiles manages.

The man looks up from his duffel bag and gives a mean bitch face.


Stiles almost stumbles backwards. It talks too? and...it looks like it might be a serial killer. just. my. luck.

"so..I guess were roommates, I'm Stiles..Stiles Stillinski, nice to meet you."

Stiles shoves his hand out for a shake but only gets a grimace and an eye roll.

"what the heck is a Stiles?" The shady-slenderman-ish-hot-creeper-guy mumbles.

"Well it's not my real name, I just go by stiles, whats your name?"

Theres a long uncomfortable pause.

"I'm Derek Hale."

The-shady-slenderman-ish-hot-creeper-guy, Derek Hale, refuses to talk for the rest of the short amount of time during his and Stiles unpacking but who cares, Stiles has more important things to attend to.
Like Lydia Martens party.
Of coarse Stiles wasnt invited directly but Allison was and therefore Scott was and then Scott couldn't resist inviting him.

But Lydia still (indirectly) invited him to a party and he was proud all the same. I mean he has only been crushing on her for like ever.

Stiles gets his head out of La-La-Land long enough to turn towards Derek.

"Hey, I got invited to a party if you wanna go, its at Block H and dorm 223. Theres gonna be some pretty hot girls there. just stay away from the ones with strawberry blonde hair, blue-ish hazel eyes and perfect skin."


"Wait, No to the party or no to the staying-away-from-strawberry-blonde-girl thing?"


"well alrighty then..."

Well there you have it but there will be more chapters to come. see ya!