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Chapter 5~ Happy birthday to me.

Derek could hear the music from two blocks away, there's no sence in that! why do college kids always want to party...he sure doesn't, it's much nicer to curl up on the couch in the quiet with a good book.
simple. but no...stiles needs to party.

"Happy birthday bro bro!" Stiles swings his arm around Scotts shoulder and downs the rest of his beer.

"Hey! thanks Stiles!" Scott laughs, holding Allison's hand tight on his other side.

"so, where's tall-dark and broody?" Danny speaks up, scooting close to stiles.

Stiles shrugs. "I dunno, thought I saw him leave to go get something about 20 minutes ago."

The party rages on for hours until people start leaving because, after all, its still a school night...danny kisses stiles cheek.

"Im gonna head back to my place.."

"do ya need a ride?" there's a hint of a drunken slur to Stiles voice but Danny shakes his head anyway.

"I'll see you later?"


Danny is the last of the party to walk out.

"Stiles..." Derek pokes stiles in the hip with his pointer finger.

"hmmph.." Stiles groans.

"Stiles..get up, this is my bed...not yours.."

"make me."

Derek rolls his eyes and picks Stiles up, right at that moment stiles flails and they both go falling into the floor...derek cushening Stiles fall.
Stiles starts laughing a little too loudly before staring into Derek's eyes, Derek shifts slightly before Stiles crashes his lips to Dereks in a sloppy uncoördinated kiss.

Derek's eyes go wide and he can't help but kiss back, telling himself this means nothing. That stiles is drunk and that the skip in both their heartbeats means nothing but he can't stop it because deep down, he wants this as much as stiles.

Stiles pulls back slowly.

"s-sorry dude...Im kinda waisted and-"

Derek places his hand on the back of stiles head and pushes his tongue into stiles wet chasm of a mouth.
Stiles moans into the kiss as Derek pulls them both back onto the bed.

Derek's hands start to wander and they finally find his target at the front of stiles pants, he runs his finger tips over the rough denim and feels Stiles hardening cock, he feels a slight twitch and lets out a border line wolfish grin.

Stiles breath hitches at the feeling of Derek's calloused hands pushing down his pants and boxers, the hands rub his thighs softly before griping the shaft of his leaking cock. A small mewl escapes Stiles dry lips.

The shirt Derek was wearing gets thrown across the room along with the rest of the two mens clothes. Both of them, completely naked now, grind against each other slowly..groaning in pleasure.

"oh, Derek..." stiles moans. "Please, Derek...fuck ah! fuck me!".

Derek stops. "what do you want stiles?"

"I- I want...ah!"

"I don't understand, what do you want?"

Derek nips at stiles earlobe.

"Ah! derek...Fucking fuck me!"

"My pleasure.." Derek grins before manhandling stiles until his legs are hooked over Derek's shoulders in a sexy folded position.

Derek starts out by breeching stiles hole with two fingers.

"Have you done this before?" Derek asks cautiously.

Stiles lets out a small strangled noise and shakes his head, no.

Derek cakes lube on stiles tight virgin hole before lining up against the tight circle of muscle, he pushes his thick cock in slowly.

"ohmygodDEREK!" Stiles nails scratch into Derek's back hard.

"shit.." Derek curses, resisting the urge to slam inside of the oh-so-tight heat.

It fells like hours before Derek's flush against Stiles blushing ass.

"feel good?" Derek asks.

Stiles nods and pushes against Derek, telling him to keep going.

Derek's hips snap and he pounds into stiles virgin hole.

"Derek, oh my god, Derek, Fuck!" Stiles lets out s stream of unintelligible words as Derek pushes in and out of Stiles.
Derek finally gives in and wraps his palm around stiles hard erection, stroking in time with his hard thrust.

Soon enough, stiles back starts to arch off of the bed as much as it can in that position and he cums with a loud shout, Derek lets stiles ride out his violent orgasm before setting a brutal pace and after a few stuttering thrust, cums deep in Stiles hot, wet ass.

The men both collapse together in bed, coming down from their highs slowly before falling into a deep sleep.

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