Hello everyone and welcome to my new fanfic of The Great Gatsby! I love the book and I thought the movie was awesome! This is just going to be something on the side while I work on my others. Don't expect updates often but I will try. I also know that OC characters going into a book is overused but I just had this idea that I'm not going to back down on. I hope you guys enjoy the read then!

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I was born into privilege and prestige, a rich happy life with no worries attached to it. Everything was simple, easy access with unlimited power I had in my hands. My father, a power senator with his fingers in a lot of pots and my mother a long ago actress that retired early at the age of 30 tell me over and over that because of my status, I need only to take; not to ask.

It was wrong and yet I watched as my family, friends, and everyone with the same status as I, take whatever they wanted; flaunted their money away like it was confetti at a party. They felt like the blue-bloods they were, and did anything that they wanted; much to my disgust. I am the only one from where I live who wished that they treated people with less money with more respect. Those people have worked hard, keeping food on the table and their families together, all for something that is a months' salary. I hated what greed can do to people. What it can destroy and take away from a person.

I didn't let it affect me; poison my mind and soul. I used my money towards charities, sponsors for the needy, and anything I could do to make a change in the world. I want to make a difference, change something, leave at least a small mark on the world that I was here; I tried to make the world a better place. I won't give up easy because I know countless others from all backgrounds didn't give up trying to change something.

Like Jay Gatsby.

A character in a book that went from having nothing to everything he ever wanted. Except the woman he loved. He wanted to show her that he was worth her love and everything but when he needed her most she didn't show. Not even to Gatsby's funeral. I read the book during my high school years and it has become one of my favorites; sitting next to Harry Potter and Pride and Prejudice on my list of favorites. I felt like if Jay Gatsby could change something about himself by any means necessary, then I could at least make a small mark of my own upon the world.

I want to change something.

I want to see something new.

I want to do something no one else has done before.

I want freedom from this rich, unfulfilling life.


A word for foreign to me…

A word I wish I could understand…


"Emma, will you stop looking at the water and just enjoy yourself?" I turned to see my best friend since birth, Charlotte Clairemain, lying on a white beach lounge chair with a sparkling glass of champagne in her hand. Her long curly blond hair fell in perfect large ringlets while her baby blue eyes hid behind large dark sunglasses. She wore a bikini, printed with sunset colors, even though she had no breasts to fill the top with but she does have the ass for the bottom. Charlotte is a perfect example of rich lifestyle. Blonde and perfect, she can get away with almost anything. Her personality is more of an 'I-only-care-if-it-involves-me' type.

"You've stared at the water since we left the dock. I hope you're not already seasick." I turned my head in the opposite direction to see my boyfriend of three years, Liam Hoffman. He's a masculine man with semi-decent arms that would make any girl swoon with dirty blonde hair, cut to perfection. His storm gray eyes showed mischief that he usually got into when he was board as he too, held a glass of champagne in his hand. He wore a white polo, khaki shorts, and a pair of flip flops along with a Rolex watch on his right wrist. Liam is much more…what the word…that's it, pompous is the word! And his attitude gets a bit annoying after a while. Why I am still with his fool is my mother's doing. She wants me to marry money and so we're forced into this relationship. Liam does care except getting into my pants along with every pair of legs that are attached to a vagina.

"I'm just not really into going out today guys. You should've let me stay home." I said, not really enjoying myself here. Charlotte was the one who dragged me out here, saying that I need to spend more time with her and since I've spent all my time with the common people; they can let me be with my kind for a while. Her words, not mine.

"No way, it's been forever since we've done anything together. All my time is spent in Liam's room-"her face went pale and a smirk came across my lips. I figured Charlotte and Liam was fooling around with each other. People like them really don't make it hard to tell what's going on. "Emma, it's…that's not what I…"

"Shut your mouth Lottie, you've practically told her now anyway." Liam said and sat down next to me, bringing my face around to meet his. "Listen, Emma, what me and Lottie did was…to release stress and you and I really haven't spent time together. You won't even let me kiss you anymore."

"That's because I know where those lips have been Liam. I know where they've placed and I know exactly where your dick has sunk into as well. And frankly, I don't care where you put it because there's something I really want to say to both of you now." I stood up and knocked the glass out of Liam's hand. "You are the most disgusting man I have ever known and we're through. Of all those girls you fucked I hope you get a disease where your dick does fall off." I turned and faced Charlotte whose jaw was agape. "I know we have been best friends since birth but you really are a shallow, self-centered, dumb blonde who'd rather fuck her best friend's boyfriend then try to be a decent person. I can't stand the sight of both of you; not caring about anyone but yourselves. There are other people out there you own and make less then you and you don't even feel sorry of them! They're the people you make the clothes we wear, the objects we own, and not once have either of you given anything back. Sure, you've gone and given money at my charities but that's only because you've done it for me. When we get back on land I am never going to see the two of you ever again. Get out of my life and stay away from me, you stupid air-heads!" I screamed at them with a satisfied smile on my face. Liam's face was red and so was Charlotte's.

I've never felt so good in my life.

Then the two explode at once, yelling and screaming at me about how I was such a goodie-goodie princess of my own little world. Liam took a hold of my arms but where I placed me feet, on the broken glass of the champagne glass I knocked out of Liam's hand, made me cry out; losing my balance. I felt my head knock against something, Charlotte screaming my name as I felt myself hit the water, then everything started to go black…

So, you want to change the world?

Make a difference?

Well, ha-ha, I have a challenge for you little one.

Change this ending; I know you know how this little story ends.

Make him see what he's missing; a better life for him to have.

Put that heart to good use; turn a black heart red.

If you fail; by the time this story truly ends…

Your injuries I have saved you from will become very much real.

I will meet very shortly, little one.

Enjoy your nap…


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