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Gatsby wanted to take me shopping and what Gatsby wants, Gatsby gets. The doctor came to my room the other day to check my feet. He said that the healing went nicely and that it was okay for me to start walking on my feet again. I've never been happier to hear those words in my entire life. There is, however, a bad side to me being able to walk again.

Gatsby is officially going to drag me out of the house to go shopping in New York. Great.

It's not like I don't like shopping, I just go only when I need to. Like during the winter, I get new shirts and winter clothing after I donate my old winter clothing. I wear the same shirts that are my favorite and my favorite pair of jeans but when you're a blue blood you have to make at least an effort to keep up with the styles. Not to mention the fact that my mom would dress me up in dolly dresses when I was a child. I'm still scared of large puffy dresses.

"Do I have to?" I asked Basil as he tied the back of a dress he managed to find for me since my clothes that I was wearing before were ruined. The dress is a cream color dress with no sleeves that went past my knees in an elegant way. It's simple, just the way I like it.

"Yes, Emma, you do. In order to live in this time you must dress from this time. Just be grateful that in this time, flashing your assets are indecent. Also, you have no money and nowhere for you to go." Basil said and finished the ties with a bow. I turned around in the full body mirror and watched as the dress formed perfectly to my curve body. No way in hell was I going to starve myself to make myself like those models on magazine covers. I have some belly fat with wide hips but I'm not heavy set just curvy. Another reason my mother picked at me whenever I was home.

"At least my mom isn't dressing me like a hooker." I said, turning to face Basil who just gave me a smile. "I'm ready. Let's go." I said to him and Basil led me out of the room and to the front door where Gatsby was waiting. As we descended down the stairs Gatsby turned to look at us, only, something flashed in his eyes as his smile faltered only for a little bit.

"Ready to go?" I asked Gatsby when I reached the bottom of the stairs, giving me a smile.

"Of course." He said and offered his arm which I gladly took. "Have you ever been to New York?" Gatsby asked as we approached his yellow car. A short feeling of dread washed over me as I remember what happened that involved that car.

"I think I have, maybe a few times, but I never stayed." I said as Gatsby shut my car door before going to the driver side.

"It's a wonderful city, full of exciting people. You'll love it. After we go and get you some things to wear, I'll take you out to lunch, show you around." He said with a smile I knew he put on to just put me at ease but it just annoyed me.

"Don't do that." I said and Gatsby gave me a look but I shook my head at him. "That smile, I've seen it before. If you are going to smile, then show me a real smile. You know I can tell lies." I gave him a real, toothy smile that made him laugh as we drove into New York. As we drove we made small talk, him asking more questions but I began asking my own that were mostly about what there is to do in West Egg. Gatsby answered my questions and even smiled a real smile when I made a joke. When we did reach New York, you probably wouldn't really believe me if I told you that it's just as beautiful as modern time but there is something classy about it that I love.

The store we arrived at was one of those fancy stores with mannequins in the windows, dressed in the latest fashions except these mannequins actually have a full body look to them instead of skinny twigs. Gatsby opened my door for me and we walked into the store together. As soon as we entered a skinny man with a well tailored suit approached us with a well known salesman smile. He shook hands with Gatsby and kissed mine before leading us into a back room. Three woman took me away to get fitted while the salesman and Gatsby talked.

"Make sure you bring her out! I want to see every dress she tries on!" Gatsby called from behind the curtain with a laughed. I swore softly under my breath as the girls helped me take my dress off. They took my measurements and then left to go and get the dresses that would fit me. As soon as I saw the number of dresses they brought in I groaned in annoyance.

"You're going to kill me Jay Gatsby!" I called to the man in the other room and all I heard as a laugh. The first few dresses I tried on both Gatsby and I hated because they did not look right on me. The next dress I tried on was a white one with see through short sleeves that went to my past my knees in a very summery flowing fashion. "I like this one." I said as I spun in front of him. Gatsby looked me up and down, twirling his finger for me to turn in front of him again, before smiling at me.

"I have to to agree. Another." He said and I went back into the dressing room. One of the ladies took the dress away, no doubt to box it up for me as I tried on more. A few more dresses later and I found three more before trying on a green dress with a golden Greek design over it. I liked it and so did Gatsby by the way another real smile graces his lips. Another batch of dresses later I found two more.

"Looks like we've found enough for today Emma. Hungry?" Gatsby asked as I came back out from trying on dresses. Six tied boxes sat next to Gatsby as I walked up to him, nodding my head for an answer.

"Can we go for a walk afterward?" I asked me and he held out his arms for me.

"Of course." He said and we left the store. Gatsby probably paid for the dresses while I was getting dresses since the salesman didn't stop us as the register. The footmen at the door loaded in the boxes as we got in the car, Gatsby driving me to a surprise restaurant where we will have lunch.

"Should I be worries to where you're taking me?" I asked him as we drove down one street then down another.

"No, you shouldn't. It's a place I go to all the time and I have never had a bad plate. You'll like it." He said as we pulled in front of it. Gatsby escorted me inside where the waiter seated us by a window seat on the second floor. He handed us our menu, telling us their specials and wine, before asking what we would like to drink. Gatsby ordered for us since I doubt they would have Mountain Dew here. If there's one thing I'll miss is soda.

"I can choose anything?" I asked and Gatsby gave me a strange look. "I mean, if you prefer something then by all means, order for me. I would have remembered coming to a place like this if I ever did." I said to him. Actually, I have gone to a place like this many times but that was to get away from my family and friends. I would always visit the same restaurant, have the same back booth seat that was dark with a plug next to it so I could plug in my laptop. I would sit there for hours with nothing but peace and quiet.

"Would you like me to order for you?" Gatsby asked. I put my menu down and folded my hands on the table.

"Surprise me." I said and Gatsby smiled. When the waiter came back Gatsby gave him our order and we sat there with smirks on our faces, making small talk until our food came back.

Dinner with the Great Gatsby was actually quite interesting and fun. I never thought having dinner with a fictional character would feel this free.


"Did you enjoy today?" Gatsby asked as we walked along the beach back in West Egg. After dinner we went back home for a private walk, just the two of us along the beach. Gatsby thought me mad when I took my shoes off to walk barefoot but I told him that I couldn't enjoy the beach without getting sand in between my toes. He laughed at me and then did the same, our arms linked as we walked.

"I think I've had more fun today than I ever had." I told him, resisting the urge to rest my head on his shoulder. "Thank you for buying me those dresses and allowing me to stay with you. I know most people wouldn't." I said to him and patted his arm. Gatsby looked at the sand then back up to the coast in silence.

"You are most welcome but I have to admit, I've never seen anyone like you before." He admitted and that got me interested to what he has to say.

"How so?"

"You say thank you to the servants, the footmen, the salesman, the waiter, everyone who does something nice for you. Why is that?" He asked me and I shrugged my shoulders.

"My grandma, from what I remember of her, was a strong willed lady who always believed in karma. What goes around, comes around. I remember how she used to tell me that out there, somewhere, someone is having a hard rough time but that doesn't give you the right to make it worse. Smile, be polite, and try to make someone's day a little less worse and they'll do the same to the next person and the next person and the next. One small ripple can create a wave in the ocean as she would say." I said and he seemed to ponder my words as we turned around and went back towards the house. Just as we reached the house I noticed that that sun was setting and Gatsby main focus was towards a blinking green light at the other side of the Egg. I knew who lived in that big house across the water and this uneasy feeling settled in my gut as I looked at his face. "She must be special."


"The woman across the water. You wouldn't have that look unless there is a woman who you miss dearly. My grandma had that look even after my grandpa died. She really must be special." I told him and unhooked my arm from his before reaching up to cup his face. "Thank you for today." I said and gave him a kiss on the cheek, the bravest things I've done so far in my stay here. "Good night." I said and headed back into the house. When I got to the pool where Gatsby was shot I looked out to see him on the dock, looking out over the water but I noticed something that made my heart beat just a little bit fast.

He touched the spot where I kissed him...


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