A/N: I present smut! With a little bit of plot added onto the end. I told ya I'd make it up to ya!

"You know what's fascinating?" Castiel said from between her legs, calm as you please despite the boner Deanna knew he was sporting and surreptitiously rubbing off slightly on the sheets, while his fingers worked to slowly and methodically crumble her into tiny, trembling pieces of pleasure.

Deanna couldn't help but keen as he stroked across a spot he very well knew was particularly sensitive and full of delicious nerves in the first place but made even more so by just the tiny trickle of bond they left open.

"What's that?" she moaned, her toes starting to curl as she bent her legs and lifted her ass slightly to give him an even better angle.

Humming in appreciation and satisfaction, Cas added another finger, causing her breath to hitch and her muscles to constrict briefly in anticipation and to adjust. "Your scent and taste change when you eat certain things," he answered in a speculative tone. "There's always the underlying current of you, but the added flavors are intriguing.

"For instance, right now you smell like -" he paused to shift his head forward on her thigh, where he had previously been placing little nips and kisses, to bury his nose between the folds to take a good whiff, making her groan, "- like garlic, from the fries you ate at lunch."

Arching her back and grinding her teeth, she tried to retort "Mm, fascinating, really. But I'd really love it if you got on with the sho-ohh" before she cut herself off with a moan as Cas leaned forward again to start massaging her clitoris with his tongue as his fingers began to work more vigorously, drawing out higher and higher pitched moans from his lover.

Soon enough Deanna was orgasming, Castiel continuing to stroke before pulling out his fingers to suck them clean and lap up the rest, making Deanna squeeze her thighs tightly on either side of his head to keep him there.

Chuckling, Castiel pushed her legs away and spread them gently, crawling back up her body to place strategic bites, licks, and kisses before returning to her mouth with groan as Deanna more than willingly kissed back, her tongue stroking every inch of his mouth to get at the taste while her legs wrapped around his waist so she could grind up against his hard cock. Cas pulled back panting to rest their foreheads together, and as he carefully reach between them to line himself up so he could thrust into her wet heat Deanna took advantage of her lusty distraction to flip them over so she was straddling his hips so she could take her turn kissing down his torso as she inched toward the foot of the bed.

"I don't think so mister," she objected. "You've been taking care of me far too much lately; let me take care of you."

She could tell he was about to object – and seriously, who attempts to argue when they're about to get a blowjob? – so Deanna looked up at him through her lashes as she said a word she used so rarely, especially with him: "Please."

And, of course, with the combination of those bottle-green eyes through the veil of golden lashes, that little word, and the prospects of a good blowjob, Castiel relented, twining his fingers loosely through her short hair and giving a small smile. When she didn't move he scowled playfully.

"Well come on," he grumbled. "What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation?"

"There you go, actually telling a joke that makes sense – and during sex, no less," Deanna muttered before she leaned down the rest of the way to lick a stripe up the underside of his dick, right along the thick vein, with just enough pressure to make his hips lift a tiny bit in search of more.

"What can I say?" he snarked back with a pant as she circled the crown with her tongue. "You're a bad influence."

Smacking his inner thigh, Deanna pulled back. "Watch it, mister, or I'll leave you high and dry," she threatened. "Though you are kinda right," she added in a murmur before leaning down and bypassing Cas' penis to nip, lick, and fondle his balls, making it his turn to pant and keen breathlessly.

When she could tell that he was going to cooperate nicely (for now), Deanna decided to grant some mercy, finally circling the head of Castiel's dick with her lips and tonguing at the slit, where pre-cum was starting to steadily bead out.

The wet heat was tantalizing, and Castiel needed more, so he thrust his hips up as carefully as he could so as not to set off Deanna's gag reflex, engulfing more of his length inch by torturous inch. Deanna let him, circling with her hand what couldn't fit in her mouth until Cas bottomed out, the head hitting the back of her throat. Looking up through her lashes and seeing the beautiful flush on Cas' chest and his eyes closed Deanna made a decision; she relaxed her throat, making sure the gag reflex wouldn't be set off, and kept going down on his dick until her nose was buried into the coarse, dark pubic hairs of his pelvis.

Gasping as he felt himself going into the tight, wet heat of Deanna's throat, her cheeks hollowing out to tighten around all of him, Castiel struggled to stay still and not thrust up; instead he clutched the sheets in his hands, almost hard and tight enough to rip, and spread out his wings and flapped them restlessly, feeling the tips go through the walls of the far-too-small motel room. His wavering control was lost, however, when Deanna simultaneously did some impossible trick with her tongue, swallowed around his cockhead, massaged his balls, and opened up their bond a tiny bit more and reached a hand up to caress one of his extended wings. From that moment on he didn't care about control; he didn't worry about abusing Deanna's thrust with his rough, rhythm-less thrusts – he just focused on the zinging pleasure racing up his cock, through his nerves and veins, and down his wings. So when he lost that glorious wet, tight heat after a particularly hard thrust Castiel whined in the back of his throat, lifting his head to order Deanna to go back to what she was doing right the fuck now.

Massaging Castiel's trembling thighs, Deanna smirked up at him and rasped out of her battered throat, "Damn we're eager tonight, aren't we?" She received another gravelly whine in just as much of an answer as his thrusting hips that tried to guide his aching cock back into her sweet mouth, making her smirk even more widely and deviously.

"Hmm," she hummed as if thinking about it, "I don't know if you've earned it to be frank; you were being awfully rough back there and I don't know if I appreciated that very much."

Before she could do or say much more Deanna was pulled up the length of Castiel's body and flipped over with a growl, Cas looming over her with dark, lust-blown eyes and a heavy scowl. "I don't know if I appreciate your teasing and attitude," he growled. "Maybe I should just make you take what I give you."

Holy fuck, Deanna thought. How is that so fucking hot?

Castiel chuckled both through the bond and out loud, his wings coming up and around to caress down her body to draw out an aroused shiver. "Mm that's what I thought."

"I love it when you get all bossy and take charge," Deanna tried to say sarcastically, but it came out far too breathless and truthful to be convincing, making Cas smirk as he leaned down to mouth at her collarbone to distract her as he thrust into her soaking wet pussy without warning, earning a surprised shout turned into a moan, her legs coming up to wrap around his thighs without thought.

Meanwhile, an unsuspecting Sam was at the library in the middle of the night (okay, so he broke in) working on research for their latest case to get away from those two (and regretting getting a room next door to theirs), when a certain archangel decided to pop in.

"Heya, Sammy! You miss me?" Gabriel chirped around a mouthful of lollipop.

Sighing, Sam didn't even glance up from the microfiche he was perusing when he muttered, "What do you want, Gabriel?"

"Oh I just thought I'd drop by, see how you were doin'," he answered with faux-innocence before he added nonchalantly, "Figured you'd want to know sooner or later how you got out of the Cage without Lucy running around in that thick skull of yours, but you know, whatever. Guess not."

That got his attention. "What?" Sam demanded, looking at Gabriel sharply. "Do you know something?"

Gabriel snorted. "I should hope so," he said, "considering I'm the one who pulled you out."