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The Morning to a Unknown day Chapter 1

Bright lights flashing everywhere, the sound of the crowd booming all around this amazing prodigious concert stadium. My heart is thumping inside my chest with the feeling that my voice is going to wow the crowd. But at the same time I feel the nerves in my stomach. My hands are shaking with excitement with each step I take to the center of the stage. All these different emotions are in each part of my own body. But the one part of my body that is not occupied with uneasy and or pleasant feeling is my head. My mind saying over, over, and over again 'Don't worry, you can do it. Sora, my son.' The voice of my passed away mother repeating the same thing over again is what's keeping me moving.

Before I knew it, I was at the center of the stage facing an enormous crowd. Countless eyes staring at me, waiting for the show they want to begin. The nerves in my stomach have moved to my whole body. Nerves soon turned to fear, causing me to look to the left. With my eyes closed, I decide to open them with hope. Hope to see the reassuring smile of someone, someone who is precious to me. But as soon as my eyes were fully open, there was no one. A moment of confusion and sadness swept through my whole body. The option of wanting to know where my precious one is was no longer there. The reason for it was that the music had started to play. Indicating that the concert is about to start. Once again, I face the crowd. All cheering for me, the performer to give them a great vocal entertainment. Deciding that I must do this now I open my mouth to begin singing.

"Good Morning Destiny Island," the radio station host said in a loud tone, startled me to sit up on my bed. I looked at my alarm clock and it read 6:30. It was all a dream? I sighed and started getting ready for school. "Well folks, it is no surprise that this week number 1 song is still the same one for the past 2 weeks," said the morning radio host. As I got out of bed and started to change into my uniform. I turned around and knew what song he was talking about. "Here you go music lovers, the number one song for the past three weeks."

I'm all alone and so are you

So bring it on what we gone do

Your lust is strong and I feel so gone

When we're alone nothing is wrong

This song has been played in every hour for the past few weeks in every station and music channel. In my opinion, this song is not terrible; it's just not five star rating I should say. I turned back and resuming to get ready for school.

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Claw my way at you, Body want a tag you

Now I'm looking at you, you froze like a statue

As soon as I got dressed for school, I turned the radio off. I went out of my room and walked down the hallway. I stopped right in front the picture of my parents that have passed away when I was 7 years old. That was 7 years ago. I really missed them so much. My mom had my hair color and my dad had blond hair. "Well mom and dad, today is another day of school. I just hope I can get through it with less trouble than usual," I spoke to my parents' picture. I continued walking down the hall but I stopped at the corner to the kitchen. The cause of that was the same song that woke me up. As well as hearing to my siblings talking about the song.

Looking how I got cha, rolling like a mob star

Won't stop until I got cha, load it up chop, chop

I'm all alone and so are you

So bring it on what we gone do

"I mean, listen to what she is saying. Those lyrics are so inappropriate for a what? Sixteen years old high school girl and what about her parents? Where are they at?" said my older brother, Squall. But he prefers to be called Leon and he won't respond if you don't call him that. He's 27 years old and he has the same hair color as me and mom. When he was 16, he played blitz ball in high school and had an accident. So now he has a scar on the temple of his face. He is the main bread winner in the household.

Now let's play the game, come work it out

Let's dance all night, baby turn me up

Baby let's play now, come show me the way now

Let's get load down, my body is your playground

No once in our way now, this kitty wants to play now

I got cha on my chain now, let me entertain now

"Yeah, you're right Leon. This song is really terrible. I can't believe it is so popular to be the 'Top Song' for the past 3 weeks," said my older and only sister, Naminé. She is 22 and currently a college student at D.I.U (Destiny Island University) and working in a small dress shop. Leon didn't want her to work. He just wanted her to study and graduate college. But she said that they need the money and they argued for like a month. Naminé was right and when it showed that she was, Leon didn't say anything else about the issue. She has long blond hair that ends below her shoulder.

Know you want to touch my body, now you getting really naughty

Step it up if you want me, c'mon baby really show me

I'm all alone and so are you

So bring it on what we gone do

"I Uhh… think the song is kinda sexy," said my other brother Ventus sitting at the breakfast table with my other older brother and his twin Roxas.

"Yeah guys. You shouldn't hate the song. It's really good," said Roxas. Roxas is the older twin and Ventus is the younger one. They are both 16 years old and go to my school. There's something else but I don't want to talk about my brothers right now.

Now we're dancing in the club, bodies' touch bodies rub

Nothing matters only us, I just want to feel the lust

If you living make a killing, life's a party so live it up

Lights, camera, action, bright light flashing

Time for some action, I'm just trying to cash it

Bodies to maxim, physical attraction, moving too fasten, seatbelts should be fasten

I'm all alone and so are you

So bring it on what we gone do

It's time to go, I want you to know, I enjoy our show but I'm a bad girl so

Leon and Naminé looked at each other as well listening to the song and then at the twins. "Yeah, really sexy. No way inappropriate for a high school girl at all. (Sigh) Really guys, you two are friends with this girl. Can't you tell her that this song is bad? Like a real friend," asked Naminé.

"WHAT!? You two are friends with this girl. I don't want you to be socializing with her. Who know what this girl has been doing or does," commanded Leon. Occasionally my oldest brother can sound really scary when he is scolding us. But I know he has our best interest in heart. Both Roxas and Ventus looked at each other and turned back to their older siblings.

"Calm down Leon. She's not that bad and she could be… a nice girl at times," said Roxas, Ventus agreed by nodding his head.

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

As the song carries forward my older siblings continued the issue of my twin brothers being friends with the artist of the song. "The lyric of this song is improper and her body language as well. Who knows what trouble this girl gets into?" asked Leon. "Who is she and where are her parents?"

"Her name is Kairi Suki and her dad is the CEO of the recording label. His name is Ansem Wise Suki," said Ventus. Both Leon and Naminé were shock to hear that new piece of information. "So it's okay since it's her dad who runs the record label. He wouldn't let her do it if he didn't think it was fitting."

"That makes it even worst then," said Leon. "Her father is rich so he properly spoils his daughter like hell."

"She's not that bad Leon," stated Roxas

Heck you're really tame; you don't even know my name

I know how to play this game, hope I didn't cause too much pain

I was alone and so were you, we played and you played the fool

Naminé looking at my brothers then turned around. She notices the time on the clock in the kitchen. She read the time on her wrist watch to see if they match. "Where is Sora? It's about 7:10 and he is still not here," asked Naminé? Then Leon looked up and notices the same thing too, that I wasn't at the table. Roxas and Ventus looked at each other. They both had an unpleasant face. "If he doesn't eat breakfast soon he will be late for school."

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Baby I'm a bad girl, Sexy I'm a bad girl, Daddy I'm a bad girl, Honey I'm a bad girl

Welcome to my world, Kairi Love I'm a bad, bad, bad, bad girl.

"Ventus we should get going before we're late," said Roxas. Ventus just nodded. "Well we're heading off now. Bye guys! See ya later!" Roxas shout that when they both were stepping out.

"Wait! Aren't you guys going to wait for Sora," shouted Leon. But it was in vain. They both had gone by now. Knowing that the twins are already gone, I decide that I should come out now. I turned the corner and step into the kitchen. "Sora, there you are. C'mon eat now before you're late for class." I looked around pretending to wonder were Roxas and Ventus are.

"Rox and Ven leave all ready," I asked but more of a statement then a question. Leon nodded his head and pick up his cup of coffee. I sit down at the table and then Naminé place a plate in front of me. "Thanks Naminé." I looked at my plate and what my sister served me was scrambled eggs and hash brown. I started eating fast because I didn't want to be late for class.

"Slow down Sora. You're going to get a stomachache if you don't slow down," stated Naminé.

"She's right and you should come here sooner too. What took you so long?" asked Leon. I stop eating, and looked at the both of them. Feeling a bit awkward I place my fork down.

"Sorry. I know I should have gotten here earlier but…," I said and pause to think on what to say next. "It's just that song, you know? The one by Kairi Love distracted me. I was like thinking that 'How is this song the top one again?' So that's why I was a bit late for breakfast. Sorry again." I close my eyes and rubbed the back of my head to look embarrassed.

"Please don't tell me that you're friends with this Kairi what's-her-face," asked Leon. I shook my head to say no and Leon looked pleased. "At least I don't have to worry about you getting in the wrong crowd." I chuckled at my older brother and started to finish my breakfast. "Well, look it's already 7:22. I better get to work now," Leon works as a construction worker since he was 21. "Bye you two," said Leon. He waved at our sister and ruffled my hair when he passed by me.

"Bye! See you at four," said both Naminé and I at union. We both turn at each other and giggled at each other. I was done with my plate and I placed it in the sink to wash it.

"Let me get that Sora. You should go like now," said Naminé. I looked at the clock and it read 7:29. School starts at 8 and it takes 20 minutes to get there by foot.

"Your right," I said. I turned around and got my bag pack and headed to the door. I stop and then turned around. "For cleaning my plate sis, I'm going to make your favorite dish today." Naminé looked and smiled at me. She then nodded her head to agree. I turned around and headed out the door to school. The way to school is a nice walk through the park. Any person would like this nice stroll but I don't really like this. The reason is because I get picked on at school. Everyday these groups of older classmen bully me every single day of school. The lists of things they do are from pushing me to my locker to throw their unwanted food at me at lunch. This stroll just reminds me of all that and now I'm just thinking why I didn't wanted to be late for class?

Making halfway through the park I can see my school's bell tower from where I'm standing. My school is a mixture of old school buildings and new school buildings. There are some buildings that are like a few years old and there are other buildings that are like 50 years old which explains the bell tower. They still use it to this day. Both Leon and Naminé went to my school and they both said they hated the bell; well mostly Leon said he hated it, Naminé just thought that they should make a new bell.

I was coming out of the park and saw my school's gate. Right on top of the gate it reads "Destiny Island High". When I was right at the gate, I looked around to see if the coast is clear. I looked around and didn't see the group of people that pick on me. Thinking that it was save I went inside the main building.

The School's layout is like this: The gate I came in from is at the east side of the school, the main building I went to is called the 'D Building (D-B).' This building is the biggest and the newest building in the school. The building to the north-west of the D-B is called E-B, it's the third oldest building in school. The building that's to the south-west from D-B is the S-B. The next building is called T-B and it's located to far north side of school. It's also the building that had the bell tower on it. To the south-west from the T-B is the N-B. To the far south of the school is the I-B. A little to the south-west, there is the only other gate to the school. The last building in the school is called the Y-B. It's located to the north-west from the I-B. In the middle of the school is the court yard. I was really confused when I first started attending school here. But give me a few weeks and I get it.

I reached my locker and grab the things I need for my first class. As soon as I got my things, I head to the first floor where my class is located. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw three people that belong to the upperclassmen group that pick on me. They were all laughing with each other. The one who laugh the hardest is a junior with short blond hair with a beanie hat. He goes by the name of Seifer. He is with two other people as far as I can see. A big guy with tanned skin called Rai and a petite girl with short white hair called Fuu. They were laughing a whole lot. I looked a few feet pass them and saw my class room. I thought that if I move fast enough, I can get past them while there in a laughing fit.' Taking a deep breath I continued walking down the stairs. I got to the bottom of the stairs and they haven't notice me. 'Great, so I just have to walk past them.' As I was thinking that someone pointed me out.

"HEY! There's that loser," said someone. I stopped and I don't know why but I looked over to them. I saw the one who pointed me out, it was a sophomore by the name of Demyx. He is known as the rocker type with his fohawk and mullet hairstyle. I noticed that the rest of the group is with Seifer and the other two. They were just out of sight earlier. The group consists of nine people. There is Seifer, Rai, Fuu, Demyx, and a girl with blond hair called Larxene. Behind them are three others. Two of them are my older brothers Roxas and Ventus. They're friends with the group of bullies. They never really take part of the event. They just stand there and watch as I get picked on. They never do anything to help me out at all. The reason why is because their friends didn't know that I'm their little brother. I'm considered a loser to these upperclassmen and they don't want to be known as the big brothers of a loser. How did I know this? It's because I overheard them.

-*Flash Back*-

I just got back from my worst day of school ever and I'm just so tired right now. As I was walking to my room, I stopped right front of Roxas and Ventus' door. I can't believe they didn't help me out today. Did I do something to them that they did not want to help me? I need to ask them. I was about to knock on their door before I heard them talking. I stop to listen to their conversation. "Do you think we should have helped Sora," asked Ventus I think?

"I wish we could," asked Roxas I think? They were quiet for a bit. Then one of the twins spoke again. "You heard them. They talk all day about a major freshmen loser today. And when they told us that it was Sora, I was shocked. I wanted to say something but…"

"But if they knew we're Sora's brothers. They would treat us as losers as well, wouldn't they Roxas?" asked Ventus and I know for sure.

"Yeah, they would and you know how they treat their targets," stated Roxas. "I lost count of how many people who had to transfer to another school because of them."

"I wonder what Sora did to make them hate him," asked Ventus. "I mean Sora is really quiet and shy. How can someone like Sora get them mad?"

"Those guys are cruel to people they just don't like. Sometimes they don't like you just because of no-reason. We can't let them know that we're Sora's brothers or they will make our lives a living hell," said Roxas. As I was hearing their conversation, I couldn't help but felt crushed. My own brothers won't help me out. If I say anything to anyone they will be mad at me and never want to see me ever again. I already lost mom and dad; I don't want to lose Roxas and Ventus. I won't say anything. Hopefully this will be over in a couple of years.

-*End of Flash Back*-

"Well, well, well if it isn't little nobody Sora," said Seifer. As he got closer to me I tried to back away slowly. "Class is about to start and you were planning to slip right through us, weren't you?" This is getting really bad now. I just want to get away from them.

"What are you going to do to the little twerp Seifer?" ask an auburn haired girl. This girl is known as Kairi, that's right, the girl who has the number one song of the week, she also is in the group of bullies. "I think he deserves a punch in the face," Kairi said with a smirk. Then Seifer raised his fist getting ready to punch me.

"What's going on?" asked a radiant voice. I know who it was before I looked over to the owner of the voice. The owner is a junior. His name is Riku Star. He is tall, has long silver hair and even though he is wearing the school's uniform. You can tell he is very well built. Riku plays on every sports team in the school. He's also part of this group. In-fact he is the worst of them all. He's the one that started picking on me. Till this day, I don't know why he's doing all this?

"Oh! Riku, sweetie you're here," Kairi screamed in joy and went over to Riku. She places a kiss on his lips. That kiss lasted for a few seconds. A few seconds but it hurt me. The truth is I have a crush on Riku. I know that it's stupid for me to have a crush on my bully but I had a crush on him before he started picking on me. I was hoping that my feelings for him would fade but no such luck. "We're just waiting for Seifer to punch the twerp. But he still hasn't done it yet!"

"Calm down, I'm about to do it," said Seifer. He turns his head to face me. He cracks his fingers with one hand and was about to punch me but someone else interrupted again.

"Snow White, I see you're still running in the halls with that ugly face of yours," said a loud voice. The group of bullies turned to the source of the loud voice. Riku had a pissed off look when I look at him.

"Yeah, just like a pyro freak like you is here too," said Riku in a mad tone. When he said 'pyro' I knew who the guy behind me was. It's Axel, a junior. Axel is a really tall guy with spiky blood red hair. He also has a tears tattoo under his eyes. "Another thing 'fire accident waiting to happen.' My hair is silver not white. You sad, sad clown."

"I'm sorry; I guess I'm color blind. Your hair look-" Axel was cut off when he saw a shoe flying past him and hit Seifer in the face. Seifer being hit in the face caused him to drop me. As soon as my feet hit the ground, I lost my balance so I tripped a little backwards. When I have recover my balance, I looked back to see who threw the shoe. It was my good friend Hayner.

"You jackasses can't go a day without bullying my friend," yelled Hayner. Unlike me, Hayner does confront and fight other people. In that sense I look up to him. He is so brave. I looked down and saw his shoe; I picked it up and walked or more like ran to him.

"Here you go and thank you, Hayner," I said as I gave him his shoe back. He took it and put it on. Then he looked at me.

"No problem! That's what friends do," said Hayner with a thumb up and a grin.

"Oh my gods. Sora are you okay," asked my other friend Olette as she is running up to me. With another friend right behind her, his name is Pence. I nodded my head.

"Douche bag," yelled Seifer. All four of us turned and saw that Seifer was approaching us. Hayner being himself was approaching Seifer too. They were about to fight but at that moment the bell rang. As well as the bell tower too.

"Seifer let's go. We still have all day to make them pay," said Riku. Seifer made a grunt noise and left with his friends. I was glad they left. I was about to say something until two tall guys showed up.

"Axel, what happened to you? We were talking and then you were gone," asked a blue hair guy. His name is Saix. He is with someone else who goes by the name of Marluxia. He has light pink and long hair.

"My bad, I saw that Silver freak here. So me being me, I had to get a few laughs in," reply Axel. But his friends shook their heads like 'I can't believe this guy.' They were now leaving but I have to stop them well at least Axel.

"Umm… Axel," I said. All three of them stopped and turned to me. "I kn-know th-that you didn't do that on purpose, but still thank you. If you didn't showed up when you did, I would have a black eye right now. So again, thank you," All three of them looked at me and then started to leave. But Axel took a few steps forward and then glances back at me. The look in his face said something but I couldn't define it. Axel then left.

"Hey, you know you have to say 'Your Welcome' when someone thanks you," yelled Hayner.

"Hayner…," said Olette. But he didn't listen, he was ticked off. Then the warning bell rang.

"Come on guys. We do not want to be late for class now," Pence said. Hayner sighed and then we headed to our first class of the day. All four of us have the same home room. In fact we pretty much have the same classes. Our first class of the day is math. As soon as we walked in, I remember why I didn't wanted to be late for school now. The reason why is because of my teacher. It's just that he is so scary.

"All of you sit down at your desk," said Mr. Xemnas. He is writing math problems on the white board. He then turned around and said. "Before the final bell rings I want you to be sitting down at your seats." He then went to his desk. The way this class room layout is like this: There are three rows of five tables which hold two students. My seat is the third table in the second row which means that I'm sitting right the middle. As well as Pence, he is sitting next to me. Olette sits in the second table in the first row. Hayner sits in the last table in the third row.

"Hopefully his class goes by fast," said Hayner while walking pass both Pence and I. The bell rings and class started.

"Very well class, take out your text book and turn to chapter 2.3. We will review what we learnt yesterday," said Xemnas. Following his orders, I took out my text book. Besides this scary teacher, this class isn't that bad. "If we divide this what would be the answer. Let's see, Sora the answer?" I hate it when the teachers call on me.

"X equals 22, sir," I said.

"Correct. Right answer as always," said Xemnas. Like I said this class is not that hard. While almost reviewing the whole chapter, the bell rings. "Your homework for tonight is to do all 30 questions at the end of the chapter." Then all of the students walked out.

"Really all those question, 'MANSEX' has gone crazy," said Hayner. When he said mansex he was referring to Mr. Xemnas. Rearrange the letters in his name and you get mansex.

"Oh come on Hayner. It's not that bad," said Pence.

"He's right the problems are really easy," I said.

"That's easy for you two to say," said Hayner while pointing at us. "You two are nerds! So you can say it is easy but not me."

"Hayner come down," Olette said. "I don't fully understand it but I think it's doable." Hayner sighed in defeat. Our next class is located at the S-B. That building is full of science and computer classes. We have physical science next; all freshmen have to take that class. As we approach the S-B. I saw Riku and Seifer walking out. They were talking and laughing. Whenever I see Riku's smiling face, my heart skips a beat. I just think it's beautiful. Good thing he didn't see me or that face would turn into a mad one. When he was out of sight, Olette shook me. "Sora, are you alright?"

"I'm okay. Just thinking about something that's not important," I said.

"Really Sora, you like to clock out a lot. Are you sick?" asked Hayner. Hearing his comment, Olette put her hand on my forehead. Checking if I have a fever but I don't. She took her hand off of me and shook her head to say no. "Well, I guess you're just a space case."

"Space case? What's that," I asked.

"As well as clueless," reply Pence. All three of them laughed as we walked in the next class.

"Don't come laughing in like hyenas, -" said our science teacher Vexen. He's strict and you can also say a he's twisted. "- unless you want me to give you all detention?" It's taking everything in Hayner not to lash out to this man. The first day in this class, Vexen said something to Hayner. Then he got mad. Hayner be himself said something back. They went back and forth and it ended when Vexen said he could get Hayner kicked out of school. Till that day the only thing Hayner feels for the teacher is hate. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him to his desk. That's the only way to calm him down, get away from the problem.

"You shouldn't let him get to you like that," I advice him.

"I just want to punch him in the face once," said Hayner. He turned to Pence, Olette, and me. All three of us can see the fire in his eyes. "The day we leave this school, I'm going to punch him in the face." The three of us just sighed. We went to our desk and wait for class to begin. When it did, Vexen started the lesson. The way Vexen class works is that you can't talk only listen, he will write the whole lesson on the board and we have to copy it down. Copying down and study it at home and on every Friday, he gives us a quiz to see if we study at home. His class is really simple to pass. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the next class.

"I'm glad that class is over," said Olette with a chipper tone. The thing Olette is she acts like sunshine (if that makes sense). When you're around her you're whole mood becomes positive. She can even tell when you're upset too. "I can handle math, somewhat. But I have a really hard time with science."

"I-i-if yo-you want I-I can tu-tu-tutor you, Olette," stutter Pence. He sometimes does that when he is talking to Olette. I have no clue as to why.

"Hey Pence," I said to get his attention and I did. "Why are you stuttering for?"

"It's just cold," said Pence without stuttering at me. I'm not sure but I think he's lying to me. No way, why would he be lying. "Well I have to get to my computer class. Bye!"

"I wonder if he's okay," I asked.

"Yeah, he's okay. Let's go. Our next class is at I-B," said Hayner. We left the S-B and went to the I-B. That building is also called the elective building. The classes are art, photo, music and other things in that nature. My elective is music. That class is nice. You hear the teacher talk about music and then you hear music. Sometimes we use instruments but that is rarely. I really love music. Once I enter the building, I can just turn left and there's my music class. "Well since my elective is art and it's on the top floor. I'll see you two later. See ya," said Hayner.

"I wonder how he's in that class," ask Olette. I guess he's good at it. Both Olette and I walked in class and the first thing we both see is Kairi laughing at a girl who fell down. I really feel bad for the girl so I went over and pulled her up. When she was up, she mouthed a 'thank you' and ran out of the class room.

"Oh! Lookie, we have the twerp here," said Kairi with a wicked smile. "You might have gotten away this morning, but you won't be able to get away at lunch." I was about to ask what she meant but the bell rang. Kairi went to her seat at the back. Olette and I went to our seats at the front.

"Don't let her get to you Sora," said Olette. I raised my head to look at her in the eyes. I nodded my head to say yes. The side door of the classroom open and the teacher came. Well not a really teacher, an instructor is more likely. Her name is Vanille. She got this job even though she's only nineteen. It's okay though, she is from another country which is basically where music was born. A place called Pulse. I really want to visit that place.

"Hello everyone! I'm glad that all of you are here." since she's young, she is full of energy. "Today we are going to listen to piano songs. No other instruments just piano. Like I said many times before, every song is different. So, when we are listening to the song. I want you write down what you think about it." Everyone took out a piece of paper and waited for Vanille to play the songs. The first song is played and it sounded really peaceful. Closing my eyes, I can picture a small river near a big tree with a flat rock to sit on. As I open my eyes, I wrote down what I pictured. "Okay, who wants to share what they wrote down?"

"I would," said Olette. Vanille looked at her and nodded. "When listening to the song, I picture myself sitting down in a white room. Looking out the window and watching the stars."

"Very good, anyone else wants to share," asked Vanille. She looked at everyone but no one wanted to. "I guess I'll pick someone. How about you Sora?" She called out on me! No! Why? It's easy to answer math problem but sharing personal feeling is another thing.

"Sorry but I didn't write anything down," I gave an excuses.

"You're lying, Sora. I see you've written something on your paper," Vanille reply. I forgot that she can see everything in to front row. I'm so embarrassed that my face turned red. "Okay since you don't want to share, I'll read it then." She took my paper.

"Wait!" I said.

"A small river beside a big tree, with a flat rock under it," read Vanille. I couldn't believe she read it. I soon felt a lot of eyes on me.

"Ahhh… isn't the little twerp all sensitive," mocked Kairi. Everyone else in the class started to laugh. I put my head down to block out the laughing.

"Now class," said Vanille. "Well Sora you are actually on the right path." I looked up and wondered, what does she mean?

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well the name of the song is called 'A river in spring' so you are really listening to the song and thinking about itself," stated Vanille. She had a very proud look on her face. "Many other students just put whatever they want, but you really think about the song. You have a good knack for music."

"Thank you" I said. Vanille nodded and walked to her desk. She played the rest of the songs. I listen to it all. I closed my eyes and picture the songs. In one song, I picture riding on a hot air balloon and the next one is a hallway full of art work. After listening to –like ten songs it was time to go. I got up and Olette did too, but we both got pushed by Kairi. I really try not to let her action get to me. Since she is Riku's girlfriend and he hates me, she hates me too. I just want to forget about him but since I see him every single day, my feelings for him remain.

"Hey guys," said Hayner. Both of us turn around to see him. When we did, we notice that he was covered in paint. I'm surprised and Olette is trying to hold her laughs, but some of her giggles got out. "Don't ask," said Hyner.

"Okay," Olette and I said in union. I took Hayner to the restroom to wash up, at least a little bit. His face and hair was good but his uniform was still a mess.

"My dad will kill me," said Hayner.

"Not before the school does. You know how the dress code here is," I said. One of the rules here is that you must wear the uniforms with respect. In fact that is one rule that gets broken the most. "Come on, you sit in the back of all your class so no teacher will notice you. Since we have gym class next, Coach won't know about it. You're clear until the end of the week. Then we will get it washed. It will work out."

"You're right, Sora! The only problem is lunch," said Hayner as we are walking out of the restroom. "What will happen if a teacher sees me? I'm totally screwed!" As we got out of the I-B we ran into Pence and Olette. They were both laughing at Hayner. "Why you two little!" Hayner hates it when people are laughing at him.

"Sorry man but it's just so funny" Pence said between his laugh. "How did this happen?"

"Don't ask and shut up," Hayner yelled at Pence. "Come on, let's get to gym."

"Ahhh…," whined Pence. "I forgot that gym was next! Why do we need it?" Pence is a really smart guy but what he gains in brains, he lacks in physical strength.

"Because you need it," said Hayner.

"Easy for you to say, you're great at sports," Pence replied. We walk to the Y-B, while Pence is still complaining about gym. We bade good bye to Olette and walked in the locker room. Pence is still whining about it.

"Stop your whining all ready! It's just gym," said Hayner. Pence looked discouraged.

"Don't feel bad Pence. You know I'm not that good in gym either," I said.

"Yeah, but you're slim Sora while I'm just fat" reply Pence. I know that Pence is self-conscious about his weight.

"Is that what this is about? Come on man, if you want to lose weight, gym class will help" said Hayner.

"I've tried to lose weight but no such luck. I just can't," reply Pence. We reached our gym lockers, open them and took our gym clothes out. All three of us wore different sizes gym shirts. Hayner wears a medium, Pence wears a large one and I wear a small one. "I would do anything to wear a medium," said Pence

"You know what? I'm going to put you in my work out plan. I promise you that you will have the body shape you want," said Hayner.

"Yeah?" asked Pence. Hayner then told Pence about all the things that they have to do to reach their goal. In the same time, I was changing into my gym clothes. Which consist of a white shirt with one red strip, meaning I was in the first year group? The shirt comes with a pair of shorts. Since I'm a size small, the shorts comes above my knees, half way up down my thigh. The last part is a pair of shoes. After finish getting changed and putting all my things in my locker. I notice that my friends were waiting for me.

"What do guys think we will do today?" I asked.

"We might just run around the track. That sounds pretty easy," reply Hayner.

"You think?" I asked. We made to the court yard and our gym coach, his name is Rygdea. In class he's a bit strict but out of class, I've seen him act somewhat childishly, especially around coach Fang. As we got closer to coach, I notice that he was talking to Riku, Seifer, and Rai. I stopped in my tracks suddenly. So suddenly that Hayner and Pence looked at me and then at the bullies.

"Man, I wish gym wasn't mixed grade," said Pence.

"Don't worry guys. If they start a fight with us, I'll finish it," said Hayner.

"Why do they hate me?" I asked in a low tone. So low, that my friends hadn't heard me. Then coach Rygdea called us over.

"Alright boys get around while I take roll call," said coach. He went through the list. As he went thought the list he said my name and I reply by saying here. After my reply, I heard a bit of laughing. I looked around and saw that it was Seifer and Rai. Then looked at Riku, he had a really mad look on his face. Why does he hate me so much?

As soon as coach was done, he said that half the freshmen group will run and the other will play soccer, the same with the junior group. Pence and I was put in the same group who have to run, while Hayner is in the other group. Coach told us to go and get started. Pence and I went the track and started to stretch first, then started running.

"This isn't bad right Pence," I asked.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," reply Pence. After 15 min jogging suddenly both of us were pushed down to the ground.

"You're not getting way this time twerp," said Riku. I looked up at him. He had a pissed off look again. I was trying to get up but then Riku grab me by my shirt. "Pyro freak saved you enough time before your yapping dog came in and saved your fucking ass, but they're not here and I doubt fatty here can help you."

"Please let me go," I said in a scared tone. Riku had a smirk and dropped me. He then left; I looked over at Pence to see if he is okay. When he looked over at me and he knew what I'm thinking about, he nodded his head. "Come on, let's go."

After running around the track three times, coach said it was time to go. We went to the locker room to change back to our uniforms. After changing, it was time for lunch. Walking to the cafeteria, I was telling Hayner and Olette what happen.

"Oh when I see him, I'm going to throw my shoe at him like Seifer," said Hayner in a mad tone. While Olette felt bad for both of us. I thanked her and Pence blushed. We got our food and went outside since Hayner was still covered in paint. We can't eat inside because there are a lot of teacher in there, so we decided to go eat at the picnic tables outside.

"So you still won't tell us what happened?" asked Olette.

"No," reply Hayner. I have to admit that I'm a little curious of how he got covered by paint in the first place. We reached the picnic area; it was really nice out here. I looked over to the court yard. What I saw made my face turn red. The only thing or should I say person that can make me blush is my crush and bully, Riku. He was playing soccer with his shirt off. Riku is showing the whole school his bare upper body; his bicep, his pecs, his abs, lower abs, and his v-lines. I couldn't believe what I'm seeing right now. "Sora!"

"W-what?" I asked.

"Yeez, stop spacing out on us will ya," said Hayner. Pence and Olette giggled at me. "Anyway, I was asking you if you know what today is."

I didn't know what he was talking about. What is today, I don't know. I was going to ask him, but then the bell tower rang. It means that it just became noon.

Hope you like it. By the way just FYI since Sora doesn't know what that day is and the whole chapter takes place in the morning. So that's why its called that. I don't know you if anyone would understand that but I just had to point out that. Also anyone who doesn't know what beard winner means, it means who supports the family financially. If there is any other things you want me to explain PM me. Well bye :)