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Two Up Early In The Morning Chapter 9:

"What do you want?" I asked in a mad tone.

"Eekkk," scream the silhouette child. "I lo-lost my da-daddy and mo-mommy! I can't find them," said the boy or girl. I can't tell what gender it is. "Can't you help me find them please!? I'm really scared, what if something bad happens to them?"

"You're stupid, aren't you? You need to worry about yourself, not your parents. Besides parents are idiots," I said.

"You can't say that word! Your daddy will scold you if he hears you say that," said the kid. I then look at him/her.

"Ha! He's the one that teaches me words like that. So the man doesn't care at all," I said.

"But my daddy will never teach me that kind of-," the silhouette cut itself. Then point at me with a small finger. "I know you must have lost your daddy and mommy. Because of that you're mad at them right?"

"NO DUMBASS! I ALWAYS HATED MY PARENTS. DON'T YOU GET THAT," I yelled in a really loud tone. The silhouette takes a few steps back. I notice that I scared the kid. "Also that makes no sense. Why losing them makes me mad," I said calmly.

"I-I don't kn-know. I just t-thought," said the kid while still taking steps back, then stop a bit before the silhouette stretches its hand towards me. "Come out let's go find our parents together," said the silhouette. I was talking back of the offer that the child was giving me. "Come on, let's go."

"Are you telling what to do? How old are anyways?" I asked. I think it's really stupid that an obviously younger kid than me is ordering me around.

"I'm… 10," said the kid.

"You're lying because," I said while getting up. "See I'm bigger and taller then you. So you can't be older than me."

"That doesn't matter. My daddy's friend is younger than my daddy and he's bigger too," shouted the lying kid.

"Ha! If you were 10, you would have grown out of calling them 'daddy and mommy.' That just proves it too. You are lying," I replied.

"I'm not lying! I'm ten," said the kid.

"I don't believe you," I repeated. This kid is the definition of annoying. Why must I deal with these types of people all the time? First, it was that bitch and bastard. Then, it was all those idiots at the funeral and now this kid.

"I am 10, I'm not lying," said kid.

"Okay proof it," I said challenging the silhouette.

"How," ask the silhouette.

"Spell 'Because.' If you can spell that then I'll believe you," I said.

"B-e…," the silhouette stop spelling and sounding having trouble. I knew he wasn't 10. "c-u-x! Because, there I spelled it!"

"Wrong," I simply said.

"What," said the kid surprised.

"It's b-e-c-a-u-s-e, you missed 3 letters and there is no x. You aren't 10," I said smugly to the silhouette.

"Yes I am! Now let's go find your parents," said the silhouette while grabbing my hand. This kid that I don't know just touches me. His/hers hand really smaller than mine and soft. My cheeks feel warm out of nowhere. My heart also starts to beat faster and harder. As well I start to feel a weird feeling in my stomach. This feeling is all new to me. I don't know why but I like this feeling. After a few seconds and a few steps in raining alley, my mind came back in control. I looked at our joined hands and started to get angry. I never let anyone touch me. I hate the feeling of being touched by anyone, but for some strange reason I liked it at first when he/she grab my hand. But that passed and now I hate it.

"LET GO," I screamed. The silhouette looked back at me but at that moment I threw a punch at the kid. I threw a hard punch, so hard that the kid fell to the ground. You could hear a splash noise when he/she hit the ground. Once he/she hit the ground, the silhouette start to cry. Hearing the crying noise of the kid made me feel really bad. The kid starts to yell out for his/her parents.

"MOMMY! DADDY! MOMMY! DADDY," yelled the kid while crying. Then everything came dark but I can still hear the crying. Then an image of silhouette popped up, it was still crying while coving its eyes. It continued to cry for its parents but they never came. Then the silhouette removes its hand and opens its eyes.

"WAHH," I shouted. I lift my hand to my forehead for support while I drop my head. I started breathing heavily and sweating as well. Now it's been months with the same stupid dream but different. It was the first time I heard the silhouette cry after I hit it. The dream always stops at the moment it hits the ground. It never continues. But I seem to stop sweating; I'm still trying to catch my breath. It was also raining; it never rained in the dream before either. All those new additions were new. Instead for it being a dream, it seems to be a memory. Well not so much in the end but everything else does. All those new things are telling me that they are things I forgot but now remembered. I finally caught my breath and looked at my alarm clock. It was 5:30 in the morning, and that is the longest I've slept since I started to have this dream. This morning I feel more restful then in the past two months. It's pointless to go back to sleep since I'll have to start getting ready for school in a half hour. I got out of bed and looked down to my body. My upper body was all sweaty as well. I look like I was working out. I exited my room and down to the den.

Inside the den, the walls are a blackish-blue, on the walls hangs paintings of art. The floor is covered with a light gray carpet. A big crystal chandelier in the central of the ceiling. The furniture for the room consist of two black recliners, one black large and long couch, one medium size coffee table and two small tables on either side of the bigger one. There are also four other small tables in each corner of the room with two holding flower vases and the other two sculptures. The right side of the den holds a 3 large glass cupboard as well. The den as well has two bay windows with curtains that match the carpet. Between the windows lies a widescreen TV that hangs to the wall. Below the TV has an entertainment center, with DVD player and other things.

Not feel like watching TV I went to the cupboard to see if there was a movie I can watch until it was time to get ready for school. Opening the cupboard I was looking and reading through the list of videos until I read a title that caught my eye. 'Star Wedding.' I've never seen this before. It must be the wedding video of my parents. Remembering that I have parents I remember something else, all the pictures of my mother were removed. It seems that there were lots of pictures of her, even though the woman was never home. My dad thought it was a disgrace to the Star name for her pictures to be in the house. So he disposes of the pictures a few days after the funeral. I didn't complain, one the staff even asked if I wanted one. But I told her no and to just throw it away.

I don't have a clearly memory of what my mother look like, all I can remember is that she has long hair, that's it. I don't even remember her name. Add all the time she and I would talk was likely a year out of the eight years she was alive after my birth. Opening the case I see that the video was in DVD format. Thinking upon it for a few seconds, I thought why not watch it. It might kill some time and that's all I want. I put the video in and grab the remote.

I sat on the couch and turn the television on. I set it so it will show the wedding video. It was black at first then lighten up to alter with a preacher be hide a glass pedestal. Right next to him was my father with his back towards the camera. They seem to be getting married in a cathedral. You can hear music being played in the background but then it suddenly stopped playing. Then you start hearing people play the violins and soon the piano. Everyone turned to the entrance of the cathedral. The person who was filming the wedding, film the aisle to the entrance. On the aisle you can see some kind of flower petals on the floor. Then the screen came up to a giant door. They open slowly and opened enough for someone to walk in. The person that came in was wearing a white bride dress. Soon it came to focus on the woman face. There she was, my mother. Like I remember her, she had long hair which was blond. She had healthy looking skin. Once she's inside, she opens her eyes. My mother had purplish color eyes. I notice something in her eyes. Her eyes don't read something what most brides thinking on their wedding day. Nope her eyes read sadness. She started to walk slowly down the aisle. Now the screen is rotate around her. While she is walking down the aisle, you can see behind her the light coming through the stained glasses.

The screen suddenly changed, now you see my mother facing the altar. You can also see my father not even looking at his soon to be wife. My mother soon reaches the altar. The preacher looked at both my mother and father and started to speak. He was saying the usual things preachers say in weddings. He soon addresses my father and asked him, "Do you, Sephiroth Star take this lovely woman as your wife? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do you apart?"

"I do," said my father. Then the preacher then looked at my mother.

"Do you, Stella Fleuret take this handsome man as your husband? To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do you apart?" he asked her. She looked down at first and closer her eyes.

"I do," she said after a few second of silence. I take my eyes away from the screen and look at the time and see its past six. I take the remote and stop the video. I place the remote back down and not even bothering with returning the DVD back into the case, I step out of the den and heading back to my room. I retrieve my uniform from my closet and place it on my bed. I then went into my bathroom and grab a towel. I close the bathroom door and step into the shower.

I came out of the shower with the towel around my waist and change into my uniform. After a few minutes I was ready for school. I grab my things and left my room and headed downstairs towards the kitchen. I see that none of the staff was here yet, so I just grab an apple and headed for my car. I took out my phone and saw the time; it was sixteen minutes before seven. By car, it takes 6 minutes to get to school. I got in one of my cars and turn it on, I open the garage door. I soon exited it and out of the mansion. I soon found myself a few blocks away from the school. I reach an intersection and the light turn red. I stop my car and waited for the light to change. Sitting there for a few second and looking at the red light. I couldn't help but remember what happen yesterday.

"Dumbass pyro, He really got my blood boiling yesterday," I said to myself. Yesterday I was papered to get in trouble but both Roxas and Ventus calm me down. At first I thought Axel was messing with Roxas, but Roxas said that they really were talking. But still I didn't like the look that the pyro was giving my friend. I asked Roxas why Axel looked like he was interrogating him. He just said he wasn't and that's it but I didn't believe him. After school we didn't see his fucking ass which I wish I would have so I can finish what was started. "Roxas shouldn't talk to that punk again but I'm not going to tell him. I'm not his dad but it will do him some good," I said. Roxas also admitted that the reason why he was eating lunch with the fuckup was because they haven't hanged out since middle school. "Now that I think about it, I didn't start to talk to Roxas until freshmen year. I knew about him because Ventus told me he has a twin." The light turn green and I re-started heading for the school. I soon reach the school's student parking lot; I got out of my car and looked around noticing that I was the only one here. Heading towards the D-B, I looked over to the walk in gate and see a spike hair brunette. "Sora…," I said in a low whisper, while at the same time Sora locks eyes with me.

Sora POV

I open my eyes and looked over to my alarm clock, saying that it's five in the morning. "I still have an hour before I have to get ready for school. But I don't feel sleepy anymore so I think I should at least get into the shower," I said to myself. I got up and headed for the shower. I never took a shower so early in the morning, so I thought I should take a bit more time in the shower. Taking showers is starting to become one my favorite things. With the stress of me being bullied, my brothers are friends with them, they know I'm being bullied and they don't do anything to stop it as well as for me having a crush on the worse one of the bullies. All that stress has been and still is building up over the course of the past two months. But while I'm standing under the showerhead, letting the warm water scour my body, makes the stress to temporarily leave. It's like I forget all my troubles, all my physical and emotional pain. It's like everything that has happen, hasn't.

Anything that makes me forget about everything I'm going through is really admirable. Deciding that I've spent enough time in the shower, I turn it off and get out. Lucky I remember to grab some clothes before I entered. I usually forget to bring them. Drying myself and then putting on my clothes, I exit the bathroom. On my way back to my room I notice Leon coming out of his room. "It was you taking a shower? What are you doing up so early?" asked Leon. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I couldn't really sleep last night. I kept waking up and the final time, I decided to just start to get ready for school," I told my brother.

"But it's still not even 5:30 yet," Leon said.

"Maybe I'll make breakfast this morning instead of Naminé," is my response to Leon statement. "We haven't had pancakes for a while. I'll make that." Leon nods his head and enters the bathroom. I do the same to my room. I grab my school uniform and change into to them. Once done I look at the clock and see that it will be six o'clock in fifteen minutes. I gather things I'll need for school and head towards the kitchen. Outside my room, I can hear the shower running. I enter the kitchen and grab an apron so my uniform doesn't get stained. Right away I start to make the pancakes. Soon I was done making the pancakes and then I set them on the table. I also place the plates for everyone. I wasn't quite hungry, so I left the kitchen and walked into the living room. I'm going into the living room to see if there was anything in here to kill some time. I look at the table cabinet where we keep all of our family photos. I haven't seen them in years.

I walked to the table and open it, once opened I can see a lot of family albums. I fail to remember that we have so many pictures of the family. I started to go through pictures and looking at all of us when we were younger. As I'm looking through one of the album, in the corner of my eye I notice a small white album. Placing the album that I was just looking at back in its place. I grab the white one and notice that it only had four pages. I opened it and the first thing I see is my parents, my mom in a wedding dress and my dad in a tuxedo.

"Its mom and dad's wedding pictures," I said in surprise tone. "I haven't seen this in years. Not since they passed away." The first photo has them holding each other's hand. I turn the page to see the next photo. The second one you can clearly see that they were getting married at a courthouse. My parents were facing the judge. The third photo you see my dad placing mom's wedding ring on her finger. The fourth is the same but instead my mom was placing a ring on my dad's finger. The fifth photo shows them kissing and if you look closely at my mom. You can see that she was crying of joy. I look at the last photo and it surprises me of what it was. You see both my parents exiting the courtroom, the two of them holding hands and them looking happy. At the same time you see that my mom is pregnant.

"Sora what are you doing on the floor," asked someone. I look behind me and see that it was Naminé. Leon was right beside her.

"Umm… I found mom and dad's… wedding album," I said slowly.

"Oh? Is there something wrong with it?" asked Naminé.

"N-no, it's just," I said. I stood up and walk to them with the album open to the photo that shows my mom pregnant. "I didn't know that mom was pregnant when she and dad got married. I had no clue." They both look at the photo.

"Yeah well you were young when you saw this the first time," said Naminé. "You wouldn't know what it means if a woman has a round stomach."

"Mom and dad were teenagers when they got married," said Leon. I turn to them with a shock expression.

"They were what?" I asked still in shock.

"That's right, mom was pregnant with me in high school. She and dad dropped out of school and got married. Mom was just sixteen in these while dad just turned seventeen. Not much older then you," said Leon. I nod my head and close the album.

"By the way," said Naminé. "Do I smell pancakes? Did you make them Sora?"

"Yeah I did," I answer. "I woke up early so I got ready and thought why not make breakfast while I'm up?" She shoots me a smile and walks in the kitchen with Leon following behind. I turn around to return the wedding album back. I bend down to put in the table cabinet but then a piece of paper fell out of it.

"Where was that hiding?" I ask to no one. I pick it up and unfolded to read what's written on it. It was a poem or a song.

It's so simple it feels so right
It all makes sense when we're side by side
We lean on one another
And make each other stronger

We are together now, friends forever now
Whatever comes our way, we won't run away
Standing tall
One for all
It's our destiny

There's no question, no mystery
I'm much better when you're with me
No mountain we can't climb
The power's yours and mine

We are together now, friends forever now
Whatever comes our way, we won't run away
Standing tall
One for all
It's our destiny

Oooh ooh, you're my right hand
Oooh ooh, you're my left
Oooh ooh, you give me courage
You, I promise to protect
Oooh ooh, through every challenge
Oooh ooh, through every fight
Oooh ooh, when we're together
It always feels so right

We are together now, friends forever now
Whatever comes our way, we won't run away
Standing tall
One for all
Always ready when we hear the call
It's our destiny

I couldn't help but sing what was written on the paper. It was sweet and nice poem. It sounds something the groom writes for the bride. My dad must have written this but then again my mom did like music. Maybe she wrote this for dad. Also if I remember right, she also liked to write. So it is a possibility that she wrote this. Maybe this was a vow from one of them. 'Wait no, the part that reads oooh ohh makes this sound more of a song. So this has to be a song,'

"Aww you stop singing kitten," said my sister voice right beside my head. I jump and faced her with surprise and scared expression.

"Naminé! You shouldn't do that," I'm telling her.

"Hehe, what were you singing?" I put up the sheet of paper to her and she saw it.

"It felled out of the wedding album and I read it," I said. "I think either mom or dad wrote it."

"Oh this thing," Naminé said all nostalgic like. "Dad wrote this for mom and he read it for her after the wedding."

"So dad wrote a song for mom," I said.

"Yeah… well he made this as a poem," She said and I nodded understanding. "But mom did say that he did try singing it to her." Naminé started to giggle a little. "Mom said that dad couldn't really sing at all. He is just like Leon and the twins, tone deaf. Haha," Naminé laughed about dad and my brothers. I join her for a few seconds. "Haha, oh anyway Sora, I wanted to know did you eat yet."

"Oh aw no," I said. I got up and my sister followed. We head for the kitchen table and I started to eat. After that I look at the clock over the stove and it reads 6:30. Seeing that I was done eating and was ready for school. I got up and grab my bag-pack. "I'm going now, see you later tonight."

"Wait, are you going a bit early today?" asked Leon

"Yes but I'm already ready so why not just go," I reply. Leon shrugged and stood up to ruffle my hair like he does every morning. I said bye to them and headed for school. Once outside, my mind is on my parents. Even though my mom was pregnant, she still looked beautiful in her wedding pictures. My dad was handsome too. Thinking about it now, I don't know much about my parents past. Well I do remember something's from when I was younger. Really important moments I share with them. Like once, I had the flu and my mom stay the whole day making me feel better. Another moment was my dad and I on my first bike ride lesson. He didn't let go of me until he thought I was ready. Another thing I remember was how my dad would sneak up at me when he comes home from work and I was playing outside. He would scare me and then tickle me. Another moment was when we went to the park and a stray dog jump out to tackle me. My mom hit it with her purse and made sure that I was okay. I wasn't hurt really but that moment showed how fast my mom was capable to come and save me. "Oh mom and dad how I miss you both," I said to myself. I'm thinking about my parents so much, that I didn't realize that I was already at school. I looked around and no one was around. As I walk through the gate of the school I look up and see someone who I really didn't want to see but at the same time feel like I did. "Riku…," I said to myself.

I've been looking into his eyes for a few seconds but it feels longer than that. Even though that he's a couple of yards away I can see his greenish-blue eyes from where I'm standing. The eyes of a boy that I have some feelings towards. I won't say it's love because that is too strong to say of what I'm feeling. For the few seconds of me staring at his eyes, which I admired, reality came back to me. It seems that warm shower effects are over. I remember now that I'm looking at the eyes of my worse bully ever. Fear came right away as well as my wants to run away. But in my heart tells me not to move. To just sustained for removing my eyes from him. However I did that.

I looked down and started to walk towards the D-B, Riku's standing in the parking lot so I'm a little bit closer to the building. But even being seen by him makes me nervous. I start to speed walk in hopes to get away from him faster. 'Just get inside. Just get inside. Just get inside,' is what I'm telling myself. I know that I decide to stay in Destiny and I knew I still had to see Riku here. But I thought I'll have my friends beside me, when I encounter him. I didn't think that it was ever going to be just him and I. As I'm close to the D-B and I have my eyes looking down and I was blocking everything with my chanting in my head. I failed to sense someone near me. I soon feel a hand grip my wrist. I snap my head around right away, and see Riku's hold on my wrist. 'It's just like the day I was hit on the head,' I said in my head. But unlike that time, Riku wasn't looking at me.

We stand like at for moment and I soon feel Riku's grip tighter around my wrist. But not as tight, as it was on that day. Soon his grip loosens, so loose that I was able to get out of his grasp. Once free I ran away from him as fast as I could. Running down until I was at the other side of the D-B. I stop and try to catch my breath. I soon caught it and then I took a stroll round the field and I found myself at the table where my friends and I ate that day.

"Why do I have to remember that day so much today," I said to myself. Then the look Riku gave me on that same day popped into my head. His eyes showed hate and something else that I still don't know what it was. Riku Star, with his silver hair, his green and blue mix eyes, and his angle carved face, and his well build body. "All those things really make me blush just thinking about them. If it wasn't for that one time, all I would think about Riku is that his good looking. I wouldn't have a crush on him." I turn away from the table and found myself face to face with Riku. I jumped a little from the surprise and got even more surprised when he grabs my shoulders this time. My only reaction is speaking out, "LET ME GO!" I struggled to get out of his grips again but to no avail. Riku is unsurprisingly strong.

"I won't," is Riku's only respond. He said that in a way that sound like if he does something would happen, but while he still sounds mad. While I'm still trying to free myself from him, Riku doesn't look at me. He's keeping his head down. I look past him and see other people are arriving now.

"Please… let go," I pleaded for him to let me go once again. "What do you want? I didn't do anything, I just got here!"

"Just shut up," Riku said sounding irritated from my question. Thinking about it now, he's acting out of character right now. Usually he'll get right up to my face and say some cruel things to me. Or he'll just push me to the ground. So to say that he just grabs and that's it, it's not the Riku that I know. "Just stay quiet."

"B-bu-but," I stutter but then stop. Riku's grip got tighter once again.

"I told you to stay quiet. Let me…," Riku ended his sentence there, he didn't finished. Once again we stay like that for a moment. Riku's hands gripping my shoulders and standing so close to each other. Being in this position reminded me about my dream I had the other night. The dream of me singing for Riku and Riku only. The first ever dream I had of him and thanks to it my feelings for him did get a little bit stronger but also made me ever sadder. I don't want to make my feelings stronger, why? I should fear and hate Riku, for all the things he's done to me. But no, I had to have a crush on him. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

"P-please… (Sniff)," I start to cry and a tears came down I couldn't hold them anymore and I just let them free. I looked down and away from Riku. I can't keep looking at him. He's my bully, the guy would insults me, he pushes me down, he threw a soccer ball at me, he kick and stomped on me repeatedly. But I can't hate him, cause of my feelings for him. 'Feelings for my bully who will never return them, how pitiful I am?' I then felt his hands being removed from my shoulders. I wiped the tears away and looked up. Riku turn around and is facing the other direction. I sniff a little and walked away. This time Riku didn't grab me. I walked into the D-B and went to my locker. Walking to it, I tried to calm myself down. I know my eyes are red right now, I can feel it. I soon realized that there are more students here now. "I wonder if my friends are here." I reach my locker and see Olette there to, looking like she's searching for me. I walk up to her and she sees me. Olette gives me a warm smile but it doesn't stay on her face for long. She walks to me up to me.

"Sora? Have you been crying?" she asked and I nodded slowly.

"I ran into Riku this morning," I said. She gasps a little.

"Did he hurt you," you can hear the worry in her voice once she said that. I shake my head to say no. I then tell her what happened and when I was done. I kinda felt better really.

The you have it, end of chapter. I know that not much happen in this chapter, but it does have a purpose believe me. This is the back story that well be explain in a later chapter, much later chapter. So do not dare to forget it. Another thing I wanted to add another Sora and Riku moment. I won't lie, I like it when Sora is trying to get way but Riku won't let him. He's like 'No you have to stay here, with me' I just like that. Anyway next chapter there will be more. Until next time!