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Pairing: Dom/OC

Warning(s): Alternate Universe,Liberties with timelines and events before Fast 5.

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As always Han had a dark pair of sunglasses shielding his eyes from the sun, lounging lazily against his car munching away at a bag of chips. Tego and Rico as usually were clowning around in the background.

"'Sup Dom," Han greeted, pushing of the car in a sedated pace greeting his guy appropriately. "You're late."

Dom smirked, "traffic." If there was one thing that didn't stop a racer it was traffic, so it was a flimsy excuse at best. Truth was he'd left the town later than he planned cause of some cop trouble, but he'd made great time for a 3 hour lag.

"Amateur," the Asian teased good-naturedly, leading the brawny racer and two Latino males into the hotel for their pre-heist briefing/meeting.

As soon as Han briefed them on the extra party on this particular job, he knew he wasn't going to like it. More people, meant more people he needed to watch out for incase of a double cross which distracted him from the job at hand, "Han seriously, an extra?"

"Not ideal, I know, but it's her heist and still pays major bucks that will be keeping us clean for a while yet," He wasn't oblivious to the fact that Dom hated working outside the group, devils he knows and all that jazz. But mostly, if he had to take a wild guess, he'd say it was Letty. His dead girl played with devils she didn't know, and ended up dead for it.

"Afraid we'll stiff them if we go alone?" Dom asked, wondering why this one insisted on coming.

Han opened his mouth for further convincing, but a distinctive female voice is the one that answered. "Because I like being where the action is," the owner, a raven haired woman, was leaning up against the door frame assessing the scene.

"Fuego mami, fuego," Rico commented not even subtle about his eyes raking the woman's body.

Nothing she was wearing was glaringly seductive, well except for the short shorts that left entirely too much leg out to be legal, at least those legs that seemed to go on forever. As for her upper body it remained coved by a white tank top and an army green over shirt. Full lips, light drizzle of freckles across her nose, hazel-grey eyes and silken wavy locks. Like Dominic said, pretty but he could smell trouble coming off her from a mile away. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Why cause I'm a woman?" she demanded, pushing of the wall and joining the two ring leaders at the table, eyebrow raised at Dom in challenge of his statement. "I'm the one who scouted this job; think I'd be here if I couldn't handle it."

He scoffed, leaning forward arms crossed and resting on the table, not cowering from her stare. "Looking for hired drivers says you can't handle it." It was bad enough Han got them a job working with someone else, but working with a girl who was probably jonesing for some sort of adrenaline kick was even worse.

"Just means I needed extra drivers to pull it off," she countered, not backing down like he'd expected. "I could say that 'If you don't want the job, I can find others', but facts are the window is closing and, I don't have the time to search for replacements. I'm not ashamed to admit that I need other drivers or this job doesn't happen." She told him frank not one to beat about the bush. The others were on board or could be on board with the right persuasion, the one that needed convincing was the bald headed, brawny racer trying to get her to back down with a staring match. Something that would have worked if she wasn't so desperate for the money, "Tell me something, are you willing to walk away from 1.5 because you don't want to work with me?"

"No offense, but when I'm doing something illegal I don't like looking over my shoulder to check if I'm being stabbed in the back."

She smirked, "there four guys in this room and one girl, tell me –shouldn't I be the one worried about getting quadruple-y screwed over? We can go over the plans if you like and square out the details now so there are no misunderstandings down the road." He regarded her for a minute, before conceding with a nod. "The split of the bounty, I say we do it even; All of us walking way with 300 grand since we're all taking similar risks."

As much as it sounded diplomatic, he was still unconvinced by her. "What, no finder's fee?"

"If I wanted to be greedy I would have tried going it alone," she shrugged. "I don't need 1.5, 300 grand is more than enough. Unless you're the one with the problem with the proportions split."

"5 way even is fine with me," wondering when the other shoe would drop, it was bound to happen. "Let's go over strategy."


The job went off with a few hitches, but it was expected with a high speed heist on a back road. For all his reservation about her, Santana –as the woman chose to be named –was a pretty decent driver, keeping up with them when needed. Even when he thought she'd screw them over, because lord knew it had happened to him and the rest one too many times, she'd taken her cut then split.

His options on where to go were limited, but 300 grand would get him far in Southern America especially countries without extradition law until he knew what to do next. He still hadn't heard from O'Conner and Mia, hopefully no news was good news. The only good thing about his current situation was he had miles of road and his Dodge Charger.

Just when he was going to step on the gas, a girl came running onto the road and it was only his quick reflexes that prevented him from running her over. The force of him hitting the breaks so abruptly had him jerking forward, as a screech filled the air. The woman was still standing there, palms on the hood trying to catch a breath. And since this was his life and never easy, his eyes met the familiar face of Santana who looked something between shocked and scared. But it quickly dissipated, when a few male voices called after her and she set off running down the road once again, followed by her pursuers wielding crude weapons. If he had to make an obvious observation, he'd say that she was in over her head and her 'friends' were looking to hurt her for it. The smart thing to do was continue driving and not get involved, but he just couldn't. Likelihood of him driving away without a backward glance would be her dead worst case scenario, and as selfish as it was he couldn't have that on his conscious.

Drifting to face the way he came, he went after her. Hopefully she wasn't dead when he got to her.

. . .

Part of her had known the pay-off wouldn't work, but the stupid part of her hoped the guy had a shred of decency. Then again when did a thug ever have a shred of decency? Now she was still carless, 150 thousand short and running for her life. One of her other stupid idea's was to sock Santos in the mouth for double crossing her, hence the lynch mob for making their precious leader bleed. Only consolation was that she'd gotten a pretty good punch in, but not much of a consolation if she was going to be beaten to death by a group of his minions.

One of them had just managed to get a grab on her, when a familiar black 1970 Dodge Charger came racing down the street, drifting swiftly knocking some of her pursuers to the ground and giving her enough of a distraction to get a jump on her captor. She expected Dom to drive away and leave her to her own devices once again, but instead the passenger door opened for her. "Get in!" The baritone she'd come to know in the last few days distinctively ordered. As much as her stubborn side wanted to ignore it and set off on her own, the self-preservative side won over and she slide into the car beside him. She barely had her foot inside before he began down the road again.

"You okay?" Dom asked, not looking at her but the road ahead.

Taking in a deep breath, Santana couldn't help glance at the rear view mirror and side mirror to ensure there was no pursuit from Santo's men. It was highly unlikely they could catch up with the pace Dominic was moving at, but her over-cautious side couldn't help make sure of it. "Just dandy," finally letting herself relax into the leather seat, after gaining confirmation of no pursuing headlight following them. "Thanks for the save."

"Where do you want to go?" Dom asked, stealing a glance her way watching her relax completely into the seat. Most women, people for that matter, would be weary around him. Especially being alone in a car with him, but she seemed more calm than anything in his presence. If he had to take a guess he'd say it was immensely better to be in his presence than being in thugs' clutches.


Unlike many women it took her few minutes to get ready, something that was required in the career she'd chosen he guessed. Fast dispersion skills in case things went sour, emphasized by the duffle bag slung over her shoulder when she reappeared from her motel room. Before she'd gone to pack, she'd stopped over at the office probably paying for her stay, if he assumed correctly. Another thing he could note was the hesitance in her walk as she made her way to him once again. He could have followed common sense and gotten out of dodge before she came back, but there he was still leaning against his car waiting for her. It was likely she was dreading any conversation between them, but she approached him anyway.

"You didn't have to wait," she informed him, adjusting the bags strap on her shoulder shifting uncertainly from foot to foot. He'd already done enough by bringing her to the motel when Santo had eyes everywhere and he'd likely be dragged into her problems in the process, yet he was still there waiting for her.

Dom nodded, not really knowing what to say to that. "What's your plan?" he asked, knowing she needed an exit strategy before the boys from before caught up with her.

"I'm fine," she breathed as convincingly as she could muster, unable to lower her pride further to ask for help. Throughout the job they'd done together, he'd deemed her more of a necessary liability than partner and there was no way she would be making herself more of a nuisance to him than she already was. Besides, she'd figure it out. She always did.

He raised an eyebrow, "that's not what I asked," he corrected easily, knowing she was avoiding answering because it was likely she had none. If anything, her aim at the moment was to run and see where it led. "Do you have a place to go? 'Cause I'm pretty sure your friends back there will be gunning for a repeat performance, this time with successful results."

"I'll figure it out," raising her chin in defiance, even adding a nonchalant shrug of the shoulder to show she wasn't the least bit worried about her next move. A far cry from the truth, but he didn't need to know that, did he?

She was about to walk past him, when he spoke again. "You don't have a car."

"There are buses, I'll get by but thanks for your concern," she threw over her shoulder, once again adjusting the shoulder strap and setting off into the dark.

He sniggered, figured the girl would be stubborn, refusing to ask for help or accepting until he asked point blank. To be honest, he had half the mind to let her go with her pride, having enough problems to deal with already; he didn't need a girl as one, especially one so prideful. But that nagging side insisted on helping her even if it was likely to cause a headache. He just couldn't, for the life of him, let her lead herself into death.

A part of her was pleasantly surprised when once again, the 1970 Dodge Charger pulled up beside her with the passenger side door open in invitation. "Get in."

"Is that an order?" she returned with a raised eyebrow, refusing to comply when he was being so damn forceful. She didn't get ordered around, but maybe she'd consider if he asked her, nicely.

"I'm heading out of town, and can take you so your buddies won't catch you," he told her not asking her, but suggesting. It was up to her alone whether or not she agreed to it or not. "The offer isn't going to be there a minute from now, so what's it going to be? Keep your pride and die, or accept my offer and be safe?"

She regarded him for a moment and reassessed her options. Santos didn't know where she stayed, because she moved hotels regularly so he wouldn't catch on, but it was likely since her little punch he was searching more than ever and would find her eventually. So sacrificing her pride with a drawn out sigh, she slid into the passenger seat beside him once again.

To his credit, he didn't look the least bit smug, nor did he look like he had a million 'I told you so's on his tongue. He just kept his mouth shut and drove.


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