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Did Santana feel regret for what they did last night? No. Guilt, she really didn't know about that one, it was too complicated to assess at the moment. She wasn't a virgin, but she wasn't easy either. Counting Dom, her sexual partners equaled two and that was including her dead husband. Remaining a virgin until marriage wasn't something she'd strived to be, but she also wasn't going give it up to just anyone. Boys lied, Men were even bigger liars so no she wasn't all hopped up to bang them. Adriane had been different in the sense that he saw her differently, understood her differently and wasn't hawing something wicked about her not giving it up. Even now, as much as the memory was faded, she could picture those brilliant sea-green eyes looking at her with more than desire. She still thought about his laughs, smiles, touches and kisses, because she had believed no other man could come close. After his death, she'd been content on being alone, not even thinking about another guy, well, until Dominic Torreto.

She couldn't even begin to describe the feelings she got from him. Was she attracted? Yes, enough to sleep with him. Did she want something more? To be honest, they weren't ready and she was fighting the urge to bolt every second. No, not because she hated it, but because it was complicated and confusing. She hated confusion.

The first thing he saw when his eyes fluttered open was her slouching figure silhouetted by the morning sun, clearly in deep thought. His first assumption would be that she regretted what happened and didn't know what to do next. It had surprised him that she was married because she came off as the running type. Once she got over her paranoia, it came shinning through that commitment terrified her and she'd run from husband. But her implication when they were on the road the day after the revelation clued him in to the situation. Maybe the reason they'd both understood each other, was that they'd both lost someone they loved and were special to them. The chain hanging around her neck with rings dangling served the same purpose as the cross hanging around his neck. Life was going on, and they were going on with it, but they could never forget and were trying to hold on to the fading memories. Letty had always been it for him, the only woman to really attract him, at least until the brunette wallowing in guilt and regret on the balcony.

He couldn't sit and say that he wanted something, when he wasn't even clear on the situation. Hell, in a few days Vince or Brian would call; he'd get into the car alone and travel to Rio. The possibility of seeing her again after that, slim to none. Too help him figure out an appropriate course of action he took a shower and brushed his teeth the best approach coming to him when he pulled on a clean pair of jeans and padded over to her, leaning on the opposite side of the balcony doorway looking at her.

"Let me guess 'wanna talk about it'?" she broke the silence, turning to face him with an eyebrow already raised in challenge.

Dom shrugged, "you tell me?" leaving it open for her to answer.

"I don't regret it," She assured him, crossing her arms over her chest. "And if it happened again I wouldn't be opposed to it," he looked skeptical so she went on. "We could pretend and say it was a mistake, but it wasn't. I liked it; I wanted it and no regrets. Do I want a relationship? I'm so messed up right now, and you are too."

There it was her ability to understand where his head was at, "really?"

"We are still holding on, and maybe someday we won't but for now, things will probably be casual," She told him, sure of her statement. "I think we should just do what we do, live our lives one day at a time and if it ends tomorrow, it ends tomorrow."

He looked at her critically looking for a lie, "I can't offer anything."

"I don't expect you to give me something, I'm not going to give either," she confirmed.

He sighed, even if he wasn't offering anything more than whatever they were at the moment, he still had the urge to touch and kiss her, especially when her bottom lip was stuck between her teeth making her look… inviting. It was unconscious the step he took toward her, the hand that cupped her neck and thumb caressing her jaw, while his eyes remained on hers. He couldn't pretend there was no attraction, or that if they stay together for a while he would keep his hands to himself. So he stole another taste of her mouth with his own, savoring the feel of her tongue on his and lips moving under his own as he kissed her thoroughly. Only pulling away when he was sure she was breathless.

Her pouty lips were swollen from the assault, and her hand remained on his neck while she tried to catch her stolen breath. "Now, I wouldn't be oppose to that," once again biting her lower lip as she pulled him back into the room, "or a shower," the intent of having her way with him in her eyes.

Surprising her as he easily picked her off the ground forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist and hold him close. "Let's try a hot one this time," he smirked, earning kisses down his neck for his suggestion while he carried her into the bathroom.


Like Santana had told him, she didn't ask for anything. They went on the way they always went on, sometimes silences, sometimes mild banter, sometimes subtle conversation on their personal lives but adding sex and kisses into the mix. When he stopped denying he wanted her and fully accepted it, things were surprisingly easier. Maybe not fighting it, made the need lessen and become controllable.

Santana liked where they were at the moment. No expectation or hopes for more on either of them, fun, good sex, sometimes meaningful and therapeutic talks and much of what they were doing before. The Sao Paolo street racing scene was thriving especially with how many rich, bored kids were around looking for excitement and entertainment only adrenaline could provide. The cockier and mouthy they were the harder they fell and money poured in. Girls looked and tried their hand at getting at him, but all he spared them was a dismissive smile or passing glance and ended up in bed next to her.

Before he even touched her, she smelled the musky scent of sweat from his morning workout that had become routine. Yes, it was a bit tangy but the mere thought of how that sweat looked on his body had her liking it somewhat. His calloused hand on her waist always sent delicious chills up her spine, even before he lay a trail kisses across her shoulder, on her nape and on her tattoo between her shoulder blades which he seemed to love. "Morning to you too," she moaned, enjoying the feel of his mouth on her skin and the graze of calloused fingertips across her belly, before his arm pulled her back flush against him. "You're especially frisky this morning?"

"Complaining?" he asked, turning her around to face him, eyebrow raised in challenge.

She chuckled, wrapping arms around his neck and placing a teasing kiss on his lips. "Not complaining," the feel of him against her, already had her going. Honestly, she'd forgotten how satisfying good sex was and when Dom was around wanting her, with that look in his eyes she couldn't resist getting that satisfaction it provided. And as always, like she weighed nothing, he lifted her onto the bathroom counter fingers digging into her chocolate locks.


After a rather enjoyable and pleasure filled morning, they went their separate ways. Dom going into a garage in town to service his car after convincing the owner to let him use equipment at a fee of course, as well as check his message for any news from Brian or Vince. Santana was running a personal errand which Dom only knew as her shopping again, and for the record she didn't shop that much, but a girl needed a change of clothes from time to time even after they'd both spent a fortune at the hotel to get their clothes cleaned. The real reason was she needed to phone home, she'd missed her monthly call to Victoria two weeks ago and the woman wouldn't be all that happy with her silence. But it needed to be done.

"Victoria Carreon," the blonde's familiar drawl came through the receiver, when the connect call went through.

"Hey Vicky," she greeted, knowing an onslaught was coming.

All there was on the other end was silence, or what she liked to call the calm before the storm. And boy was there a storm, "I asked you to call every couple of days, you say it's impossible. I then I negotiate to once a week, you say you'll try. I settle for every month and you can't pick up a damn phone. Hell better have broken lose, San or I'm going to find a way to reach through this phone and strangle you."

"Catch you at a bad time?" Santana quipped knowing it was not the time.

"Not the time to lay the banter on San, where the hell have you been?" Victoria demanded, not at all amused by her attempt at humor.

"I know, I deserve a swift kick in the ass for going MIA, but things have been busy," Santana explained, not lying but not divulging the truth either. "As for where I've been, Argentina, Venezuela… you know the works."

"Oh so they don't have payphones? Cut the crap Contreras, and tell me what you've gotten yourself into."

"You make it sound so –"

"You? Sweetie, trouble follows you around like a bad smell, and that is when you don't go looking for it like a thrill junkie."

"No trouble, promise. I've just been trying to get cash to get back. Soon as I gather enough funds I'll be on the way back so you can kick my ass in person."

"Very funny, but I don't think so," the blonde reined on her parade. "The only way to get your butt back home and off your personal vendetta quest, is dragging you back here kicking and screaming. Lucky for you, I have a few vacation days coming up and my destination … Brazil. Where are you?"

She could have argued, but it would be like banging her head on a wall. "Sao Paulo at the moment, but I might be moving on to Rio soon and since you're being mother hen-ish could you bring my phone too."

"Move or even think of leaving the country before I get there San, I'll be after you like a pit bull," Victoria warned. "I, hopefully, will be there by the end of the week."

"Threats are unneeded Nic, I'll be here when you get here," rolling her eyes at her sister's dramatics, giving her particulars for the hotel they were staying at incase the blonde needed to call her before then. Chances were that Dom would have moved on to Rio before then, because explaining why the brawny street racer/thief/bed partner was there would be exhausting.


Dominic wasn't the least bit surprised by the voicemail from Vince saying they had a job they needed him on. He was still checking over the car and night travel would be unadvisable to anyone, which left him with no option but to stay in Sao Paulo overnight and leave first thing. Telling Santana was easy, he guessed because she wasn't the typical female, but her reaction would still be unknown especially when she was hell bent on going out tonight and dragging him along. Not only that, her transport out of Sao Paolo was another problem. Even if the best thing would have been taking her along, he couldn't in good authority say she would be safe with whatever job they were going to do. The only consolation was that Sao Paolo was a major city and had an airport just like Rio and if she was to leave the country she wouldn't have any problems.

"I hope you're ready to carry me home, because I just might get wasted tonight," was her greeting when she came through the door brandishing a few shopping bags. He chuckled, but it was rather forced easily catching her attention diming her smile slightly. "Okay, hit me with the bad news. What's up?"

"I need to leave for Rio," He stated simply, not beating about the bush.

She furrowed her eyebrow, "So, no going out? That sucks." There was a dull twinge somewhere in her heart at the news, but she didn't dwell on it too much. The fact that he just said it without coaxing her into it, told her that he'd hoped she'd understand and remember their MOU. "When do you leave, tonight?"

"Tomorrow morning," he replied, watching her for a reaction. But this was Santana, her reaction were carefully measured always unless he was looking into her eyes.

She nodded, "so I guess the reason you're telling me now instead of the morning, it's because you can't take me along, huh?"

"I just want to know –"

"–If I have a place to go? You do realize I was capable of taking care of myself long before I met you, right?" she teased, her smile returning with the same brightness she had before he broke the news. Sauntering over to him, she straddled him easily maintaining eye contact. "Let's just enjoy the time we have left; No regrets." Keeping her eyes open with emotion, knowing he could read her much better than he would have liked.

It was there hanging in the air, left unsaid. But it was safe not trying to understand it or analyze it. She was right, enjoy the here and now and dealing with tomorrow when tomorrow came –No regrets. Tracing hands up her thighs, he relented to her way of thinking just enjoying the feel of her fingers caressing his face.

"Which reminds me about my shopping," she smirked slyly, intention shining in her eyes. "Prepare to be amazed, Dominic, I'm about to blow your mind," getting off him, just as he was enjoying the feel of her on his lap.

"Its legal right?" he called out to her, just before she disappeared into the bathroom.

She stopped momentarily, facing him with a wicked smile, "depends on your view of legal," adding a wink for emphasis, before disappearing inside the bathroom.


Whatever she had planned, had Santana enclosed in the bathroom for a while giving him time to pack up his duffle bag and change out of his wife beater and jean into a pair of lightweight sweats, foregoing a shirt, his cross safe in his duffle bag. As for the air conditioner, he left it off leaving all the windows open and letting the breeze in.

At the sound of the bathroom door clicking open, he turned around awaiting his apparent surprise or according to her, to 'get his mind blown'. The first thing he noted when she stepped out, were her bare feet and long tanned legs. Black lacy boy shorts hanging low on her hips doing nothing to hide the sensuous curve of her hip, curving into a small waist. Matching lacy bra was held up by thick straps, enhancing already generous cleavage, thick brunette locks mussed hanging down one shoulder and teeth biting her bottom lip. "So, Dom, has your mind been blown?" she asked, eyes never leaving his as he walked toward her.

"You know I have to wake up at dawn," he told her, hand finding the curve of her hip while his eyes traced her face before being completely drawn in by her lips.

She smirked, "Well, it's up to you," hands moving up his chest to cup his neck, stepping closer. "But, there is offer, question is, are you going to take it?"

His answer was simple, pushing her against the door sill, bracing himself with a forearm above her head. Lips pressed to her hair, temple down to her ear. "Then let's make it worth it," he told her, continuing to place feather light kiss in a trail toward her mouth.

Foreplay wasn't his strong suit and neither was taking his time and just kissing the girl. In his opinion if you want it, go get it. Yes, he indulged in it sometimes but not always. However, Santana was an exception because kissing her was an addiction and her body begged to be explored.

Santana admittedly liked everything about sex with Dom. His hands on her body, his mouth on her skin, the weight of his body on hers, the play of muscle under her fingers each time he moved, the kisses he laid on her shoulders and neck every now and then, the change of pace to keep her hanging on the edge and dragging it along for some time. And most importantly, she loved the way he said her name, breathing it deep and low in her ear. Too bad it was probably the last time, especially when she was getting accustomed to it on daily basis.


With all the moving around, Santana was easily and grudgingly woken before she was good and ready to, but what a sight to wake up to –Dom shirtless with jeans hanging low on his hips. "You know I just might miss waking up to this every morning," she informed him, tone groggy from sleep.

He laughed, pulling a black t-shirt on, "You're a voyeur now?" turning to face her with a raised eyebrow in question.

"Only if I haven't seen it in all its bare glory before," she quipped, propping herself on a hand. "Got everything?"

He smiled, "Almost."

Running a hand through her messy locks, she pulled the sheet around her. "Too bad, I was hoping for round four." Okay, fine round four would probably have her walking funny for days, but her tease was worth the slightly shocked look on his face. She wasn't going to dwell on him leaving; if she did she would be delving into things she wasn't ready to face. Besides, she had a very pissed off sister coming in about two days to deal with than the something that was happening between her and Dom –who was leaving by the way.

After changing into shorts, tank top and slippers she walked him over to his car –no conversation between them. There wasn't really anything to be said, he was leaving and she was staying. Dom however, was still concerned about her next move and leaving her in Sao Paolo. Even if she wasn't looking for it, trouble seemed to find her.

"Sure about your next move?" Dom asked once again.

She rolled her eyes, "Seriously, I got it figured out. Why does everyone seem to think that I'm a trouble magnet?"

"So, I'm not the only one who sees that?"

"A few weeks with me and you're a comedian," there was no absolute way of saying goodbye, and so far she was feeling things she wasn't suppose to feel at saying goodbye. "Which reminds me…" taking out a card and handing it over to him, "My IOU card. If you ever need my help, or are in New York give me a call."

"I didn't help you for an IOU," Dom informed her, not taking the card.

She smiled, "I know, but one good turn deserves another," offering him the card again, but he stubbornly refused, forcing her to slip the card into the breast pocket of his over-shirt. "Humor me," she coaxed gently, with a small quirk of her lips. Even if she wanted to deny it, she'd miss having him around, and not only because he was good to look at.

"Fine," he agreed, unable to say no when she was touching him so gently, and speaking so honestly. As much as he wanted to fight it or deny it he cared about her and then something he couldn't quite name yet. But that something would remain unexplored now that he was leaving.

"Well, I'm not really a hugger so…" she began, holding out a hand for him to shake. She really wasn't a hugger, it always felt awkward or people looked at her awkwardly after one so she stopped giving them. From her they just always seemed… forced. Luckily for her, Dom could read her pretty well and accepted the gesture, his larger hand engulfing hers easily. "I'll see you, when I see you or when you get into trouble and finally need my help," she winked, turn to walk away but he didn't let go pulling her back to him.

Now she'd received some pretty mind blowing kisses from Dom, but the one he laid on her when she crashed against his chest, had to be one of the best yet. Seriously, the things the guy could do with his mouth. The only way she was still standing was because he was still holding her when he broke the kiss. "Saving the best for last?" she asked breathless, licking her lips before looking up at him.

"Something like that," he replied, caressing her cheek. Fishing in his pocket for something, he pulled out a thin chain with a small silver angel hanging from it and placed it in the hand he still clasped. "Don't say I never gave you anything, Princess."


"So what do you want to do tonight?" Victoria asked, entering the exclusive café by the beach side in the high end part of Rio. After arriving and finishing her business in Sao Paolo, she'd coerced Santana to agree to extend their vacation toward Rio.

Santana shrugged, "This is your vacation. It's up to you," rolling her eyes at a high roller, who was looking a little too much to be a passing glance. If she had to guess, the guy had already stripped her naked in his head.

"Well, we haven't checked out the racing scene in Rio yet," Victoria suggested.

Santana laughed, "I don't think it's reassuring that the majority share holder of a Corp goes around street racing. What would the board members think?"

"That I'm on vacation and it's none of their business if they want to keep enjoying the perks of being a high ranking executive." Victoria answered easily not even waiting a beat. "Besides, I haven't been laid in 3 months, San, 3 frigging months. I'm this close to losing my mind."

"What about Luke? Thought he was supposed to be taking care of the physical?"

Victoria sighed, thinking of her… whatever the hell he was. "He's off chasing some criminal and you know how he gets when he's chasing someone."

"And here I thought your stint with the raging bull was over," She had nothing against Luke Hobbs but for her sister he was the wrong fit. As much as the woman preached that she was emotional stilted, Hobbs was just beyond help in the department. If there was someone completely emotionally unavailable it was the DSS agent and his relationship or affair or whatever he had with Victoria, Santana wasn't a big fan of.

Victoria rolled her eyes knowing where this was going before it went there, "Look, I haven't torn into you about your summer fling with god knows who, so let's leave the lecture out can we?"

"Summer fling?" Santana asked with a raised eyebrow.

"You're smiling more and still have an after sex glow that's visible from a mile away sweetheart. You got good and laid by someone, and you don't see me judging you."

"Hey, I'm not judging you. You can sleep with who you want you're a big girl, doesn't mean I have to like him."

Victoria didn't want to argue with Santana when she'd just gotten her back not a week ago. "So, racing good for tonight's festivities?"

"We don't have a car," Santana reminded her. To race they needed a car that could race, not the company car they were strolling in currently.

Victoria smirked, "Like it's a problem to get one by tonight," linking her arm through the brunette. "Old dirty bastard at six o'clock just mind raped you six times over."

"Yea think?"

The End

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