Sumia is in love with Chrom, but Chrom married Maribelle, so now she is mad, and she doesn't want to marry Frederick, Gaius, Henry, or Male Avatar, because they are NOT Chrom.

Sumia goes Metal Gear Solid and sneaks on Maribelle. Sumia stabs knife into Maribelle's neck, and Maribelle dies.

"Uh oh, my waifu died! I better get another waifu!" said Chrom. And so Chrom married Sully, and Sumia is STILL angry, so she needs to kill the next waifu.

Sully goes to take a shower, BUT Sumia is there and she shoves Sully's head into a toilet bowl. Sully drowns in the toilet bowl, and dies.

"Uh oh, my waifu died again! I must get another waifu again!" said Chrom. Chrom married Olivia, who he just met recently. He doesn't know her very well, but she has a NICE ass, which is the main reason why he married her. Sumia is angry again, so she goes on a mission to kill Olivia.

Olivia is practicing her dancing. Then Sumia appears out of a box, grabs her lance and shoves it up Olivia's ass. Olivia dies.

"Uh oh, my waifu died, yet again, so I must get remarried again!" said Chrom. Chrom marries female avatar, and Sumia is jealous of her, so she must assassinate her.

Female avatar relaxes in the hot steam tent. Sumia joins her in the hot steam tent. Then Sumia takes off her towel, fires boob missiles, and blows up female avatar's head. Female avatar dies.

"Uh oh, my waifu died once again! There is only one more waifu for me now!" said Chrom. Chrom marries the generic village girl, which made Sumia SUPER MEGA ULTRA ANGRY! "WHAT? CHROM PICKED A GENERIC VILLAGE GIRL OVER ME? THAT IS FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE!" Sumia shouted.

Generic Village girl takes care of her baby, Lucina, who is actually Marribelle's baby, but she died, so now it belongs to the generic village girl. Then Sumia crawls the ceiling like Spiderman, does a SURPRIES DEADLY attack on the generic village girl, and generic village girl dies.

"Uh oh, my waifu died…..again!" Now I ran out of waifus!" said Chrom. Sumia realized that Chrom won't pick her, so she speaks with Chrom. "DAMN IT CHROM, YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE WAIFUS I KILLED SO YOU CAN ACCEPT ME! WHY THE FUCK WON'T YOU ACCEPT ME?" Sumia yelled.

"It's because you killed my waifus, and I don't marry waifu killers, so I can't marry you." said Chrom. "But, I am still one of your choices!" said Sumia. "Not anymore, waifu killer!" said Chrom. "Fine if you won't accept me, then I will have to MURDER YOU!" Sumia shouted.

Sumia takes her lance, stabs Chrom with her lance, and Chrom dies. "That is your punishment for NOT accepting me!" said Sumia.

Cordelia walks into the room and sees Chrom's dead body. "SUMIA YOU FUCKING HORRIBLE BITCH! YOU MURDERED THE MAN I LOVED THE MOST!" Cordelia shouted. "You can't even marry him, which means Chrom DOESN'T love you, you horrible bitch!" said Sumia.

"He may not love me, BUT I WILL AVENGE HIS DEATH FOR JUSTICE!" yelled Cordelia. Cordelia uses her Wolverine claws, slices Sumia into a million pieces, and Sumia dies.

After the horrible incident, Cordelia kidnaps Lucina, dyes her hair red, and renames her Severa. Once Severa grows up, she is given a mission by her mother.

"Severa, go to the past to prevent Chrom's death!" said Cordelia. "No way! You can go to hell and join your precious gay ass Google Chrom!" said Severa. "What I said is NOT a request. IT'S A FUCKING ORDER, YOU HORRIBLE FUCKING DAUGHTER OF MINE!" said Cordelia. Severa still won't take orders.

But then Glass from FE7 appears, and kills Cordelia. "I am Glass, the gods fear my name!" said Glass. "YOU FUCKING MURDERER! I AM GOING BACK TO THE PAST TO KILL YOUR MOTHER, SO YOU ARE NEVER BORN!" Severa shouted.

Severa goes back to the past, and kills Glass's mother. And suddenly, nothing bad ever happened again.