WOO! Yeah another story I'm gonna start and sporadically update!

I was actually planning on doing Titan'd before Avenger'd...but...meh, with lack of TT material (not counting the newly surfaced Teen Titans GO! XP ) and overabundance of MCU/Avengers material I figured, what the hell I'll write this one first. But in my weird little headcanon, Titan'd is still before this.

Well, I bet you're all wondering what the bloody heck I'm rambling about. Well, here's the story. Back in my more youthful days, I was obsessed with insert-OC stories, and I wrote this god-awful piece of self-insert called Lyoko'd, resembling how I as the character was transported into the CL universe. But as I was young and foolish, I broke many fourth walls and Mary-Sued myself, and long story short, it is now in the forever lost archives of my old desktop.

Anyway, as much as that was a fail I realized last year that the concept wasn't all that horrible, as long as I tweak the character "I" portray and not go overboard with the fourth wall. So keeping with the theme I came up with the idea for Titan'd, being in the Teen Titans universe, and Avenger'd being the MCU Avengers universe. So yup. Technically I could consider this a crack fic idea cuz I came up with it in the shower hahaha, mental dialogues and such.

Anyway, I based this female character off of myself, being a life guard (it's so easy to fall into a magical portal reflected in a pool!) and basically my general appearance and basic attitude. This character will not have my name of course. And I will not make it anything like My Immortal, as I am not intending on pairings besides the canon ones.

And forgive me if I tend to favor Iron Man over the other Avengers, I'm not saying I will indefinitely, but it could happen, as RDJ does that character so much justice~ X3 but I do equally love all of them lost creatures! (maybe even Loki :P )

So without any further ado, chapter one of Avenger'd!

I don't own MCU, or mention of Doctor Who. I only own "myself" and this totally badass plunny.


Chapter One

Yeah, because I travel through time and space on a monthly basis. No, honestly though, you wouldn't believe how many people ask me. I get asked weird nerdy stuff like if I have some sort of TARDIS or if I was secretly a witch, or if I'm actually from another dimension trying to find my way home or some nonsense. But let's face it here people, I'm just a girl trying to live a NORMAL life. Except NORMAL just isn't what the universe asked for I guess. Too mainstream or something.

Do I have a point? Maybe. Or I could keep on rambling for the next hour…what was I writing this for? Oh yeah, right, story, I'm supposed to explain what happened to me last year. God, that was crazy insane.

It all started like this…

I let out a huge breath of air as I finished skimming the pool after the last patron left. Being the only lifeguard on duty had its perks, and its disadvantages, wouldn't a girl know? After putting the net away and closing the umbrellas, I stood beside the lifeguard chair, gazing at the crystal clear pool water, my figure reflected on the surface. My reflection mimed my picking at my red baggy pants and shirt, and I smirked. Grabbing my clothes out of my pack, I went to the bathrooms to change into my regular outfit, which consisted of a turquoise-green jacket over a white camisole and jean shorts. After changing, and staring at my reflection stone-faced, I returned to the lifeguard chair.

"Well, I guess I'm done here," I muttered to myself, glancing up at the clear sky, painted with flaming hues.

As I started out, there was a sound that resembled a crack of thunder, and the earth beneath me trembled. I crouched low to the ground, trying to keep myself stable as the ground shook with tremors I had never felt before, living a whole 16 years without feeling an earthquake. As I struggled to stand, I looked behind me to see that the pool water was swirling into a vortex, and all of a sudden, the vortex turned a deep purple-black color. My already wide hazel eyes widened as far as they could possibly go, the pupils extremely contracted.

"What the hell…is that?!" I exclaimed shakily, crouch-walking closer to get a better look. Oh my, now that was the brilliant idea of the year. As I walked closer, I had bet mentally that the earth literally threw me off the ground, sending me headfirst into the chaotic swirling abyss.

Yeah, real smart. Disadvantage, check.

"You will all fall before me!" the God of Mischief shouted in a whisper before throwing one Anthony Stark out the window of Stark Tower. Almost immediately after, the Mark VII suit shot out from behind and followed Tony, automatically attaching itself to the billionaire. Tony shot back up to the window to face the green-eyed Asgardian.

"Oh yeah, there was one other person you managed to piss off! His name was Phil!" he snarked, blasting Loki with his flight stabilizers.

All of a sudden, the Tesseract's energy sent a pulse that reverberated through a 5 mile radius, knocking Tony through the air.

"What the hell?" he muttered, getting himself upright and flying up to the top of Stark Tower. The cube was pulsing erratically and making a faint humming noise. He let out a breath of realization. "Right…army!" But then he remembered JARVIS telling him before that he couldn't penetrate the barrier surrounding the Tesseract. "Damn, what's there to do?" he said to himself, aerially circling around the portal generator, whose humming continued to get louder.

A huge peak of energy erupted from the device and shot a beam into the sky, creating a large vortex in midair. Tony readied his weapons and his fierce brown eyes locked on the center of the portal.

"Let's go!" he shouted, flying up towards the opening. But what surprised his was that there was no army of Chitauri aliens flying in on their hover speeders nor was there any other kind of super alien weapon of mass destruction. Tony looked around, confused.

"Stark! What's happening up there?" Cap's voice came ringing over the com link.


"What do you mean, nothing?"

"I mean, Rogers, the portal opened, but nothing is coming out of it, no army, no nothing!" Tony replied hastily, glancing down at Dr. Selvig, still unconscious from the rebound blast. The SHIELD jet came into view, Clint and Natasha looking up to see the empty portal.

"Whatever's going on up there, it's to our advantage if Loki's army is being delayed," Black Widow said, glancing to Barton who nodded.

At the top of Stark Tower, Loki recovered from Tony's attack and gazed furiously at the sky.

"Why are the Chitauri not coming?!" he growled in a low voice.

The jet landed on the ground below the portal, and the three heroes inside came out and looked up. Suddenly, the portal quivered and a figure was dropped into the open air.

"Tony!" rang Rogers' voice, causing the Iron Man to look up, seeing the figure freefall from the now-collapsing portal. Tony gasped.

"It's…a girl!" he said, and before another second passed, he shot underneath the falling figure and caught her in his arms. "And she looks…human."

So...yeah, maybe a little anti climactic ending but heck I didn't know how to end it.