New Story…I'm attempting a drabble. Rather, my version of drabble…a 1000 words or less per chapter. (Dear God, I'm afraid.) But excited, too. It'll force me to be more forward with my plotlines and yeah. Anyhow, none of this mine. I'm not, nor ever will be, Stephenie Meyer. I just like to play with her characters.

Isabella del Cigno (21) is the daughter of the infamous mob boss, Charlie del Cigno. He's ruthless, cunning and deadly. The FBI wants to put an end to him but can't ever find enough evidence linking to him back to various crimes. Isabella is just as cunning and deadly but she lives the life of the mafia elite - fast cars, endless money and anything her heart desires, except freedom from the tyranny of her father. Charlie doesn't want his only child to be killed by his arch enemies, the Volturi, so Isabella is closely guarded.

Edward Cullen (26) is a special agent in the FBI. He's chosen to infiltrate the del Cigno Syndicate of the mob. He works his way through the ranks and is eventually hired as Bella's bodyguard. Initially, he can't stand Bella - he thinks she's a whiny, self-centered, enabled bitch. Then, she gets shot at and Edward knows he was chosen for this mission for a specific reason. Yes, he wants to bring down the del Cigno Syndicate but he must save Isabella, who has a secret of her own...

How can Edward fulfill his obligation for the FBI but still keep the girl?

I give you…

Mafia Princess

"Oh my God, that dress is so adorable, Bella!" squealed my cousin and best friend, Angie. "You should so get it! You'll make Riley die with your epic hotness!"

"Epic hotness?" I snorted, adjusting my impressive rack. "Stop hanging out with my cousin, Emmett. He's killing your brain cells, Angie."

"Whatevs," Angie replied, waving her hand dismissively. "Are you going to buy it? Riley want to peel it off with his teeth."

"I'm over Riley," I said coldly. "He was talking with that bitch, Renata, Aro's daughter. I don't need a two-timing douchebag of a 'sometimes' boyfriend."

"Riley was macking on you?"

"It would appear so. Daddy had Jacob pay Riley a visit," I smirked.

"What did Jacob do?" Angie cackled.

"Riley currently doesn't have any opposable thumbs," I giggled.

Ah, the life of the mafia elite…

I'm the daughter of Charlie del Cigno, mob boss of the del Cigno Syndicate. Our family had been tied to the mafia since my dad's father came over on the boat from Italy. Dominic del Cigno worked his way up through the ranks until he protected the head of the syndicate with his own life in 1920. My grandfather, Vito, became consiglieri to the Don, the head of the family. Unfortunately, the Don had no children and Vito del Cigno became the leader of the syndicate in 1952. Eleven years my dad was born and was the heir of the del Cigno Syndicate.

Despite the propensity for illegal activities, we were a close-knit Italian-American family. We loved each other immensely. Probably too much.

Especially me, Isabella del Cigno, the mafia princess.

A/N: So, my first attempt at drabble. The chapters will be roughly a thousand words or less, unless there's a lemon. And there will be lemons. *Nudge, nudge, wink, wink* Author's notes will also be short, as well. Save for this FIRST one. I'm planning on alternating points of view every ten chapters. I just want to lay this out there, I'm not a part of the mob, nor do I know anyone in the mob (though I am Italian). This fictional take on the mafia is just that…fiction. I plan on putting my spin on the mafia. It will probably be wrong but keep in mind…work of fiction.

A few things…I won't be putting up teasers (like my other stories) onto my blog. Pictures, yes but teasers no…my teasers are usually the length of these chapters. Link to my blog will be on my profile. Also, pic teases will be on my twitter, too: tufano79. Finally, find me on Facebook: Tufano79's Twilight Fanfiction Appreciation.

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