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Chapter 122

I couldn't make a decision about Angie's 'heartfelt' apology. So, after a half hour of stilted conversations, I sent her on her way, telling her I needed time. After she left, I went down to the gym and worked out for an hour, working up a decent sweat on the treadmill. I was pounding my feet on the machine, wanting to give me some sort of release since I was lonely, bored and sexually frustrated.

Not getting the 'release' from my run, I moved to the punching bag. I taped up my hands, glaring at the bag as if it was my worst enemy and beginning my relentless attack on the unsuspecting black bag.

"You're still dropping your left shoulder," I heard behind me. I turned, seeing a vision of sexiness, lust and love behind me. Edward was back. Tears sprang in my eyes and I ran towards him. I threw my arms around his neck, unable to stop myself. He grunted but eagerly returned my embrace. His hands cupped my ass and lifted me off the ground, forcing my legs around his waist. "Fuck, I've missed you," he breathed against my sweaty neck, inhaling deeply.

"I'm a sweaty mess," I giggled, tightening my legs around his body.

"Don't care," he grunted, kissing my skin and moving his mouth up to my ear. His hot lips wrapped around my earlobe and he sucked on it forcefully. I grabbed his face and crashed my lips against his, thrusting my tongue in his mouth. He moaned, squeezing my ass cheeks.

"Come with me," I said, hopping out of his arms. "I need you, Edward."

"Me, too, Little One," he replied, giving me his sexy, crooked grin. His eyes were swimming with longing and emotion. I tugged on his hands, walking him to the large bathroom that was just off the workout area of the basement. I flipped the lock, attacking Edward's lips. His hands found the zipper on my workout top and quickly removed it, sending it flying off into the corner of the bathroom. My breasts bounced free. His hands cupped my tits, squeezing and twisting my nipples. Feeling his warm hands on me caused me to moan like a wanton whore. I couldn't find it in me to care and I tugged on his t-shirt, lifting it off his body. He still had some shadowy bruises on his torso from his rib injury, but he was almost healed besides that. One of his hands moved from my breast and cupped my ass, massaging his fingers between my legs. I was sweaty but my arousal was already starting to seep through my tight workout shorts.

"Please, Edward," I whimpered against his mouth. "Touch me."

With a growl, he ripped my shorts from my body and pushed me toward the large shower. I was naked, save for my shoes and socks. I quickly removed them and sat down on the bench. Edward spread my legs, growling lowly as he sank to his knees. His mouth descended onto my pussy, taking a long, sensual lick of my dripping core. "Fuck, baby. You're so wet," he purred, looking up at me.

"And so horny. I need you inside of me, Edward," I pleaded. He bit down on my clit, flicking it relentlessly with his tongue as one hand moved to unbuckle his belt and undo his jeans. Soon, he was gloriously naked and he positioned himself at my core. "Fuck me, Edward. Make me come."

He slammed inside of me as his mouth crashed onto mine. Our movements were frantic, needy and possessive. We had both missed this, being with each other intimately and it was long overdue. Our lovemaking was quick and dirty. We both came hard and fast, cursing as Edward spilled inside of me. Afterward, Edward and I took a shower, lovingly washing each other.

Once clean, I pulled him into the sauna and turned it on. It was steamy and humid, perfect to relax our restless bodies and sore muscles. We sat inside of the sauna, me positioned between Edward's legs and leaning against his chest. "When did you get back?" I asked, running my fingers along his thighs.

His hands were running along my naked body, cupping my breasts and teasing my pussy. "Charlie had to address some things at Twilight. So, we left early in the afternoon. Infusion is still a mess, but at least it's back up and running. He had to fire everyone and start from scratch," he replied, kissing my neck and slipping his hand between my legs.

Yes…more loving…ungh!

"Did you miss me, Edward?" I purred, spreading my thighs wider to give him better access.

"I missed touching you," he purred. "I missed your touch. Fuck, Bella. I just missed everything about you." His fingers were gliding over my slick flesh of my pussy, circling my clit. I moaned lowly as I bucked against his hand. His lips were suckling on my neck. "So wet, Bella."

"King Dong has been a poor substitute for you," I whimpered, cupping my breasts, pinching my nipples.

"King Dong?"

"My dildo," I chuckled, slightly embarrassed that I had resorted to masturbating. "It's a huge red thing but your cock is far more…" He slipped his fingers inside of me and I forgot what was saying. "Shit!"

"What were you thinking of when you used King Dong?" he asked, curling his fingers inside of my pussy.

"You. Seeing you fill me with your cock. Feeling your tongue on my clit. Kissing your lips. Sucking your cock…" I moaned, bucking against his hand. He growled lowly as he brought me to orgasm easily, slamming his fingers in and out of me. I was a pile of Bella goo when he was done with his ministrations. Our bodies were slick with sweat, completely negating our shower from before. It meant another one and I returned the favor for Edward by giving him a blowjob.

It was so good to have him home…

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