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Chapter Twenty

"Jesus, took you long enough," Bella sneered. "Were you having high tea with my father?"

"Look, Isabella, I know you don't like me but this attitude is really starting to piss me off," I said as I got into the driver's seat of a very sleek Audi. "I'm a pretty easy-going guy but the sure-fire way to get me to lose my cool is to treat me like shit. Right now, you're doing that. My job is to protect you but I'd rather do it without having to kill you myself."

"Asshole," she growled, crossing her arms across her chest.

"You were ready to jump into bed with me at the club, Isabella," I said as I backed out of the garage. "What changed?"

"You're one of them," she spat. "Look, let's come to a mutual understanding. We can say that you're protecting me and not have to be attached at the hip."

"Sorry, sweetheart. Ain't happening," I said as I maneuvered the car onto the highway. "You've got a 6'2" shadow from until the whole situation with Aro Volturi blows over."

"I hate you," she said menacingly.

"Not too thrilled about this either, Isabella," I bit out. "You can make this easy or difficult. It's totally up to you. Regardless of your choice, I'm still stuck to you like that hairy guy from Verdant only I'm far better-looking."

"You saw that?" she squeaked.

"I did. I also saw how you single-handedly pushed him off you," I smirked. "You're capable, Isabella. I won't deny that, but there's a real threat against you. It's one thing to protect yourself from a hairy little man with really bad dance moves and another from a trained mafia gunman. Your dad is only doing this to protect you. To protect his family. I don't know if he told you, but last night was a hit. You could have lost your father. You could have been planning his funeral today, not Billy Black's. Do you want to know why your dad got out of there, virtually unscathed?"

She looked at me, her eyes glistening with tears.

"It was because of me and Emmett. I'd die for your dad. I'd die for you because your protection is all that matters," I said softly. "Now, like I said, you can make it easy or difficult. Your choice."

The rest of the car ride was silent. I parked her Audi next to my Mustang. Emmett called while I was in the car with Bella and he said he'd meet me at the club so he could drive Bella back to the house. In the parking lot of the club, Emmett walked up to me. "I see you have bambina with you. Was she too harsh?" Emmett asked.

"At first, but right now she's thinking," I said. "How'd you get here?"

"Seth, Bella's other bodyguard, dropped me off after I got to Uncle Charlie's with all my shit. I can take your car and you deal with bambina or…"

"Take her back. I've got to make sure that my apartment's secure," I said. "I also have some additional weapons that I'd like to have. They're in a safe."

"Got it, man," Emmett said. "See you at the del Cigno family compound." He got into Bella's car and pulled away. I slid into my Mustang, driving to my apartment. Once there, I quickly packed a bag and emptied out my refrigerator. Then, I moved my safe into the closet after I removed the Desert Eagle and its ammunition. I put the massive handgun into my bag. The last thing I did was called Carlisle, using a throw away cell phone.

"Special Agent Cullen," he barked into the receiver.

"Carlisle, it's me," I said quietly, sitting down on the queen mattress that was on the floor. "I'm in. I'm a part of del Cigno's personal security team."

"Excellent work, Edward," Carlisle said proudly. "How long?"

"I don't know. I've never seen him at the warehouse and trying to connect him to everything is going to be tough. He's smart, Carlisle. He never dips his hands in the dirty work. His goons do. I did," I grumbled.

"Tell me everything."

"Last night was a hit on Charlie. James Cacciatore requested a meeting, asking for a shit ton of weaponry in two day's time. Charlie waffled and it was a bloodbath, Carlisle. I had to take down three guys, of Cacciatore's men," I explained.

"Were you hurt?" Carlisle asked, his fatherly love shining through.

"I'm sore but I wasn't hit. I wore Kevlar," I shrugged. "Anyhow, I dragged Charlie out of there and he promoted me. I'm now the head of security for his daughter. Carlisle, I think that we also need to investigate this Aro Volturi. I know he's in the system, but something about this hit doesn't sit right with me."

"Can you send me a full report?"

"I'll try and send you what I got by Monday. Since I'm with Bella now, I've got some time while she's in class to hit an internet café or something. Anyhow, you need to look into the deaths of Renee del Cigno, John McCarty, also known as LJ McCarty and Gregorio DiPinto."

"Why Renee?"

"I don't think she died of natural causes, Carlisle. I think that was a hit, too," I said. "Aro is more of a threat that Charlie. He's the one we've got to bring down."

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