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Chapter Seventy-One


"You've been a good girl," I murmured, kissing her swollen lips. "You'll get more." Holy shit, what the hell am I doing? Breathe, Cullen. I pressed my body against hers and continued my ministrations of her breasts. They were soft and filled my hands. Her nipples were straining against my palms. "Take off your dress, Bella," I purred against her ear. "After that, lay on the bed, baby, on your back."

"What about my panties?" she asked, her dark eyes dilated with lust.

"Leave them on, Little One. I want to take them off. I want to feel how wet you are for me," I said as I bit down on her shoulder. She moaned, bucking her ass toward my hips. I kissed her gently before backing away. She slumped slightly, looking at me for the next set of instructions. "Go on, Bella."

She turned around, leaning against the post of the bed. Her dress was hanging limply around her waist. Her pert breasts were slightly red from my earlier touch. Inwardly, I grimaced at being so rough with her. She looked at me, caressing her skin and reaching behind her back to lower the zipper to her sexy little dress. Rolling her body seductively, she moved the dress down over her hips. With another sexy hip roll, the dress fell to her feet, revealing her skimpy turquoise panties. Her swan tattoo was on full display on her hip, just above her pussy. Her panties did little to contain her arousal. I could tell in the light of the room that they were drenched and the tops of her thighs were covered with her juices. She stepped out of the dress and sauntered over to the bed, climbing onto the pristine white sheets, waggling her ass slightly as she did. Slowly, she rolled over onto her back, flipping her hair over the pillows and spreading her legs.

"Gorgeous," I whispered as I walked over to the bed.

"What now, angelo?" she whimpered. Her hands were running along her chest and her legs were moving restlessly on the bed. I walked over to her side and sat down next to her on the bed. Her brown eyes were looking up at me expectantly, filled with lust, sex and something else. I caressed her face, running my fingers along her lips. She drew one into her mouth, suckling on the tip.

"You'll do that again when I'm done with you," I said, my voice a husky growl. She mewled, biting down my finger. I removed my finger from her mouth and moved it down her chin. Teasingly, I circled her nipple, watching it pucker under my touch. Her back arched and her breast was pressed into my hand. She whimpered and pleaded for more, but I was enraptured at how responsive her lithe body was for me. I flattened my hand and massaged it down her midline. Her skin was so soft and slightly sweaty from the heat of the room. My other hand joined the party as I ran my hands along her torso, caressing every inch of her arms, belly and breasts.

"Edward, I want you," she pleaded. "More, please?" Her hands were fisting the comforter and her hips were bucking on the bed. I looked at her, smiling nervously before kissing her pink, luscious lips. Her hands flew to my hair and she tugged on my neck, trying to get me closer to her. "You're driving me insane," she mumbled against my mouth. "I want you to feel me. Touch me. Feel how wet I am for you, Edward. Angelo, per favore!"

"I can see how wet you are, Little One," I cooed, nipping at her lips. I pulled back and moved my hands down her torso. I reached her hips, slipping my fingers along the band of her thong. She let out a guttural moan, moving her hips uncontrollably. I smirked and moved my fingers out of her panties. I breathed deeply, moving my hand down, over her thong to between her legs.

"FUCK!" she screamed when my hand cupped her covered sex. Her panties were drenched, soaked through. The heat emanating from between her legs was surreal. I watched her as I ran my fingers along the seams of the panties. Her eyes were pleading for more. I wanted to give her more. Seeing her this vulnerable, turned on and begging for me, made me want to rip off my pants, tear away her panties and bury myself balls-deep into her pussy.

No. Not tonight. Just touch her tonight.

Using both hands, I began rubbing her chest. She was whimpering. I gave her a slow, sexy smile as I moved my right hand just inside her panties. "Yes," she mewled. I ran my hand along her lower belly, just above her pussy but underneath her panties. Her legs moved further apart. I licked my lips and inched my hand so my middle finger was right above the cleft of her sex. "Oh, GOD. Don't stop. Please, Edward. Feel me. Touch me. Make me come!"

I moved my hand further down and felt her outer lips of her pussy. I just caressed them before pulling my hand away. Her skin between her legs were soaked with her arousal and so fucking silky. Not yet. Tease her some more. I slid my hand down between her legs, keeping my fingers above her panties. I tugged on the panties, not removing them but forcing them between her lips as I began toying with her very needy clit. "Edward, I'm seriously…fuck…touch me, baby. Stop teasing me."

"How badly do you want to come, Isabella?" I asked as I circled my finger over her clit. "How many times?"

"As many times as I can. I'm already so fucking close, Edward. Please!" she yelled. "I want to feel your hands on me. I want you to kiss my pussy."

"Not yet, baby. Tonight, I touch," I said as I tugged on her panties again. "I will taste you soon." I decided that she had had enough teasing. I reached for her panties and gently pulled on them. She lifted her hips so I could remove them from her body. I palmed them in my hand, sliding them into my pocket. She was deliciously naked in front of me and a vision of perfection. Her body was so delicately feminine. Her shoulders were small. Her breasts were pert, heaving as she pleaded with her chocolate eyes for me to touch her. Her waist was slender and flared out at her hips. Just above her sex was a small patch of dark brown hair. Silently, I was thrilled that she wasn't completely bare. I may be inexperienced but I wanted my women to look like women, not girls. Her swan tattoo glowed on her hip. I leaned down, kissing the swan and licking the black ink on her smooth, velvety skin.

"You said you wouldn't taste me," Bella admonished.

"Your tattoo was too tempting," I snickered. "Besides, I wanted to get closer to you." She smiled, blushing at my admission. What I was doing with her wasn't about sex, or me getting over my fear of touch. It was about making love. I may not be in love with her yet, but I wanted to show her how much I do care about her. I stared at her. She was writhing on the bed. Her legs were rubbing together and her hands were cupping her breasts. I picked up her hands and pressed them into the pillows above her head. I kissed her lips, snaking my tongue into her mouth as I moved my hand down her torso to open her legs. Once her legs were spread, I pulled back. "What did I say, Bella? Your orgasm tonight is mine."

"I'm yours," she breathed against my mouth, kissing my lips gently.

I'm yours. Those words reverberated in my mind. Bella's mouth kissed me more forcefully and it broke my reverie. Her hands had moved from the pillow and were twined in my hair. I was laying on my side, kissing my girl with everything I had. Pulling back, kissing her lips three times in succession, I glided my hand down her torso to the apex of her thighs. "Do not hold back, Bella. I want to hear everything. I know you are vocal. I've heard you before, baby."

"Trust me, I won't," she smirked. I kissed her deeply as my fingers reached between her soaked lips of her sex. My fingers were coated with her slick, warm arousal. As soon as my fingers touched her, Bella moaned.

"Tell me what you like, Little One," I murmured against her skin of her neck.

"Fuck, what you're doing, Edward. Don't. Stop." She bucked her hips with the last two words. I growled lowly, attacking her neck and kissing down her chest to her nipples of her breasts. My fingers were still massaging her outer lips of her pussy. As I wrapped my lips around her nipple, I moved my hands to her inner thighs, brushing my fingertips along her smooth skin there. Her legs spread wider and her moans were more insistent. "Touch my clit, Edward. Please? I want to feel you touch my clit."

I kissed her chest and moved my hand back between her legs. I gathered some more arousal onto my fingertips (not that I needed it) and slowly circled her clit with my middle finger. Bella's moan grew more guttural. "YES! YES! YES! FUCK! YES!" she chanted. Her fist was pounding on the bed. "Edward, fuck, please! More, baby. I need more."

Her pleas were arousing and needy. However, my finger still slowly circled her clit as it grew harder under my middle finger. She watched my hand as I tortured her erotically. I looked at her, speeding up my finger slightly. She panted heavily, her hips grinding against my hand. "Edward, please, put your fingers inside of me. I want to feel you. I want to feel you inside of my body. Please?"

"I love feeling you like this, Little One," I said, moving my hand further down between her legs. "Are you normally this wet?"

"No," she growled. "I've never been this turned on. Ever. Edward, please fuck me with your fingers. I'm aching for you. I'm throbbing for my release. I'm right on the cusp and I need more."

I removed my hand and brought it to my lips. I slid my fingers into my mouth, relishing in her sweet and spicy flavor. Bella whimpered as she watched my hand. I kept my eyes on hers as I slid my fingers back to her clit, flicking it tauntingly. She groaned and when she turned her head from me, I eased one finger into her tight, wet pussy. Once my finger entered her body, her silken walls pulsated around my finger. I removed my finger and plunged it back inside, earning another guttural moan. She was sweating in earnest now. So was I. My pants were uncomfortably tight and my cock was begging for his own release. Smelling Bella's arousal, tasting her succulent nectar and seeing her beg for me had aroused me in a way that I never thought possible.

"More, Edward," she breathed. "More fingers. Fill me with your fingers, baby."

I smirked and eased a second finger into her pussy. My thumb was pressed to her needy clit. I circled her clit with my thumb as I thrust my fingers as deep as I could inside of her body. Her muscles in her pussy were clinging to my fingers. Her juices coated my fingers, down my arm and onto the bed. I remembered something that Jasper mentioned when he was talking about pleasing Alice.

"My Ali-Cat goes wild when I curl up my fingers to her g-spot. She screams and coats me with her release. It's fucking hot."

"TMI, Jasper. I do not need to know that," I deadpanned as I typed on my computer.

"You will my friend. Trust me," he snickered.

Now, I understood what he was talking about. I wanted to make her scream and come all over my hands. Flipping my hand, I curled my fingers up inside of her. I could feel a soft spongy spot and I focused my attention there. I kissed her as I continued my sensual assault on her body. Bella's hands had moved from above her head, clutching at my shoulders tightly. Her legs were splayed far apart. One of her legs was hitched over my legs. "Edward, I'm so fucking close. Harder. Please, harder."

I growled, pushing my hand in and out of her pussy, using my other hand to flick her clit. Her arousal was pouring out of her, drenching my hand and I wished I was between her legs, tasting it from the source. Her walls were throbbing and it made my moving more challenging. Bella was biting down on my neck, panting heavily. She wasn't speaking but uttering random syllables. "Oh, GOD! Oh, GOD! Edward…I'm…YES!" she screamed as she fell back onto the bed, her muscles clamping down around my fingers and a new coat of her juices seeping down my arm. I was torn at where to look, but I turned to stare at Bella as she lost all control as she came. Her breasts were heaving, bouncing as she bucked against my hand. Her skin was flushed red and her lips were swollen from her nibbling.

I stopped thrusting and removed my hand from her pussy. Bella looked up at me, then her gaze shifted to my hand. I moved it to her mouth. She licked her lips before she dragged my fingertips along her mouth, covering her lips with her release. Slowly, she drew each of my fingers into her hot mouth, dragging her tongue along them. Our eyes were gazing at each other and something shifted between the two of us. She released my fingers and smiled shyly. "That was, by far, the hottest thing I'd ever experienced, Edward," she said huskily. Her gaze traveled down my body to my tented khakis. "Can I return the favor?"

"Not tonight, Little One," I said as I kissed her mouth, tasting her release on her lips. "I'm in overdrive. If you touch me down there, I might not…yeah, I've pushed enough boundaries tonight."

Her fingers threaded up to my hair, playing with the damp locks at the nape of my neck. "For a man who has very little experience, you surely know what you're doing. If you can make me come that hard with just your fingers?" She blushed slightly. "What was it like for you? I mean, you weren't afraid or anything?"

"No. Feeling your skin and how wet you were, it was amazing and unreal," I said as I gathered her in my arms. "As odd as I sounds, I'm proud that I was the one who got you that turned on, baby."

"You should be proud," she said as she wrapped herself around me, then she yawned. I chuckled, kissing her tenderly. "Damn, I'm normally not this tired."

"Come on, Little One. It's been a stressful couple of days. Let's go to sleep and get some good rest," I said as I helped her under the covers. Naked, mind you. She curled around a pillow and was down for the count by the time I covered her with the blankets. I went into the bathroom and washed my hands, though I hated to do so. I wanted to keep Bella's scent on my skin as long as I could. After I washed my hands, I removed my khakis and padded into the bedroom, turning off the lights. I got into the bed, wrapping my arms around my girl. She sighed happily, putting her head on my chest. She mumbled incoherently before wedging her leg between mine.

Just before my eyes drifted shut, Bella's voice filled my ears. "Love you, Edward," she said sleepily. I looked down at her and she was still dead to the world, her face pressed against my pec. My heart swelled at her unconscious murmur, but in retrospect, it shattered as well.

Would she still love me if she knew the truth?

Another question invaded my mind as I tightened my hold around her tiny, naked body.

Do I love her?

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