(N Uzumaki Chapter 1)

The Sandaime Riakage was walking home after a long day at the office. He was forced to sit in his office all day and sign ridiculous paper work for the most minuscule things. He was honesty being forced to sign paperwork on things that did not even matter, like what color should the reception room be painted every year, as it was a tradition. His council was being a bunch of bitches as well, and he was starting to think it was about time to kill one of them in front of the rest of the council to make sure they remembered just who he was and to remember to show him nothing but the utmost respect.

'For the love of god, I am a warrior not some secretary. If I do not start training soon then I well start to weather away behind that desk. I really need to pawn this job off on A before he smartens up and figures out it is more hell than any fame or recognition that comes with the title' thought the angry Riakage. His job was not made any easier thanks to both of his sons. His adoptive son 'Killer Bee' caused many of the civilians to complain and write him complaints that he would receive thanks to the kids annoying rapping. Then there was his oldest son 'A', who felt the use of doors troublesome, and just ran through whatever wall that happened to be in his way. That caused him to have to write up accident reports, damage reports, and also made him go through the strenuous process of paying people to repair the damages.

'God those two are going to be the death of me. I hope I can pawn this ridiculous job off on A soon, because if not I might just go insane.' Thought E, as he continued his walk towards his home. As he walked down the empty street, he heard a faint crying sound. Looking around he realized, thanks to his shinobi training, that the crying was coming from a dark alley way. Letting his curiosity get the best of him, E began to walk down the dark alley way. When he got about half way, he saw a baby wrapped in newspaper, and had a note on top of it. Curious, E picked up the baby with his left hand which was easily as big as the newborn child, and read the letter with his right hand.

'Dear kind sir/miss. This child is very special, but my failing health will not let me raise him, and I do not wish to see him put in one of those disgusting orphanages, so I have placed him here in the hopes that some kind soul will find him, and take him in. Please find it in your heart to raise my son Naruto Uzumaki.' Was what the letter said.

'So he is an Uzumaki huh. Well it looks like I just got another son, I just hope he is better than the other two idiots I already have.' Thought E. In two places in the hidden cloud village two people sneezed and started to look around for the cause. E quickly picked up the boy and began to walk home. When he got to a more crowded section, he received many looks of confusion, and wonder. It was no secret that the Riakage loved his children, and there were rumors that he wanted even more children. To them it looked like their Riakage got just what he wanted.

When E got home he was confronted by his two sons Killer Bee, and A. They both looked confused at why their hard ass father had a baby in newspaper in his arms like it was a casual thing. Bee couldn't hold it in and began laughing his ass off. When A and E gave him questioning looks Bee told them why he was laughing.

"He looks like a pirate and hits like an avalanche, and apparently he is quick to drop his pants" rapped Bee right before E punched him through a wall and gave his first born son A a swift look that said 'if you keep laughing you will die'.

"You have to admit for once his rapping brought more than just annoyance" spoke A as he tried his hardest not to laugh at the joke about his dad having an illegitimate son and Bee getting knocked through a wall.

"Har Har Har he is just a regular joker aint he" spoke E as he looked down at Naruto and smiled. He honestly wished the boy was his biological son, but that idea gave him another idea. When Bee finally crawled back he pointed something out that nobody else had seen.

"Yoh pops looky there, what do you have hear?" asked/rapped Bee. Killer B has dark skin and a muscular build, as well as blond hair and a goatee. On his right shoulder, he has a tattoo of the kanji for iron, which is the Iron Armor Seal that was used to seal the eight tails into him, and on his left cheek, he has a tattoo of a bull's horn that was missing a horn. His top lip also has a slightly darker hue than his bottom one. Killer B wears oval shaped sunglasses and a white-colored forehead protector. He also has his village's standard one-strap-over-one-shoulder flak jacket, and a long, red rope belt tied around his waist, the standard Kumo hand and shin guards, shinobi sandals, and a white scarf around his neck. He carried seven custom made swords on his back.

"Stop that stupid rapping Bee." Shouted A. He is a tall dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his blond hair combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one; traits he inherited from his father.

"Shut up you two! This here is your new brothers, N Uzumaki." Spoke the Sandaime Riakage. Both of the boys looked shocked at first, but then Bee brought up something that he had not noticed.

"Yoh what is that on his hands, its dark and red, but thankfully he doesn't need a med?" rapped Bee. (I cannot do the whole rap every word thing, so I just won't)

"What are you talking about? What is on his hand?" spoke E, as he started to look at the babies hands. He was surprised to see there was too over lapping diamonds, with the top being a bright red color, and the bottom being a silvery color on the palms on both of his hands.

"Huh I had not noticed that before" spoke the Riakage as he scratched his head with one of his thick fingers. He thought it might be a birth mark, but his shinobi training told him otherwise. This boy was special, and he was going to find out how special no matter what.

"Maybe he has a bloodline of some kind." Spoke A. He knew how valuable bloodlines were, and sadly Kumo was lacking in numbers of bloodline users, as well as bloodlines in general.

"Hmmm maybe you are right. I will have him tested tomorrow, but for now say high to your little brother." Spoke the Sandaime Riakage as he gave his sons the death glare. They instantly got to doing what their father told them.

Bee started to rap, and play with the smiling kid, but A looked like he was to cool to be playing with a baby. E fixed that quickly with an iron claw to the face. After that A warmed up real quickly to the kid. A smiled at seeing how much fun having N around could already be, and wondered what kind of bloodline he could possibly have. After Bee, and A got done playing with N, he got up, and made a bottle of milk for N to drink. Many people would have never guessed the 'Immortal' as he was called could ever do something as warm hearted as feeding a baby. After that he had his maid clean him, as he said he would do many things for his children, but that was not one of them. After all of that was said and done the Riakage put the baby into an old crib he use to us for A, and turned out the light. Once he turned out the light he went to his own room and fell asleep.

(The next day)

Everyone was quite as they watched there Riakage walk down the street holding a baby wrapped in a Santa blanket. The baby had crystal blue eyes, golden spiked hair, and fair colored skin. The baby was smiling at everyone he saw, and his eyes were darting back and forth trying to get a good look at everyone he could. E was walking towards the shinobi hospital, but now he was wondering if he had just used the lighting body flicker technique to just rush him to the hospital so he would not have to deal with the constant looks from the villagers. The only reason he did not just use that was because the longer this took, the longer he would be able to stay out of his office. Once he got inside the hospital he was greeted by the head doctor, as was expected for the Riakage.

"Ah hello Riakage-sama. How may I help you today?" asked the head doctor. He was a thin man, with pail white skin, and a white lab coat that seemed to make him look even paler then he already was.

"I adopted a new son the other day, but when I got home I noticed he had these strange markings on his hands. I was curious as to whether or not it was some kind of new bloodline, or just a strange birth mark." Spoke E as he raised one of Naruto's hands and showed the doctor what he was talking about.

"Hmmm well let's take a look and see." Spoke the doctor. He drew a vial of blood from N, and surprised both of them when only his eyes started to water up, but he did not cry. He looked like he was trying to suppress the pain, but was not able to do it fully.

'Hmmm that's what I like to see. A tough kid, even at a young age, proving he is worthy of receiving my training' thought E as he smiled at N with that pirate looking face.

After a few minutes the doctor came back and used some kind of jutsu that made his hands glow green, and used it to examine the makings on N's hands. To his shock the markings seemed to absorb the green chakra into them, and they made N's hands glow green for a second.

"What happened?" demanded E as he looked at the doctor with those odd colored eyes.

"I am not sure, but somehow he was able to take the chakra from my technique, and use it himself. It must have somehow absorbed my chakra, and copied it somehow like the sharingan, but with key differences. Obviously it is not used by eye sight like the sharingan, so I can only figure when he absorbed the chakra he was able to copy the jutsu which is amazing. I am positive that it is a bloodline now, but we will need to do a few more tests to find out everything we can." Spoke the doctor, as he left the room that E, and N were waiting in.

"Well you are just full of surprises aren't you my boy." Spoke E with a grin on his face. He kept Naruto in the crook of his arm which made the boy look even smaller because of how big E's muscles were.

Thirty minutes later the doctor came back with a look of shock on his face. E was worried something might be wrong with Naruto, but did not let it show on his face. He let the doctor catch his breath before speaking.

"What is wrong?" asked E, as he examine the doctor. It was odd he didn't look worried just shocked, like something he had never expected to see just walked past him like it was normal.

"Sir we just learned the boy does have a blood line limit, but not just one, but two. He seems to have an ocular based bloodline as well as the body based on his hands." Spoke the doctor as he held his sides from the strenuous run, well strenuous for him at least.

E was instantly listening. The only other clan that could use two bloodlines and that was the Terumi clan. They could combine their fire, and water release to make boil release, and combine their fire, and earth release to make lava release. Both were powerful, but lava release could be used to make rubber based jutsu which basically made it two bloodlines in one. He could not wait to show off Naruto, and his two bloodlines to the world. That would raise N's, and Kumo's reputation all throughout the elemental nations.

"That is great. Do you know what elements are in his bloodlines?" asked E. He wondered which bloodline the boy had, and how he got it. His mother was apparently apart of the Uzumaki clan and they did not have a specific bloodline for say. The only three bloodlines he was aware of where the legendary dojutsu of the sage of six paths, the Uchiha clan's sharingan, and the Hyuga clan's Byakugan. The boy didn't have pail featureless eyes, so E figured that was out of the question, and he did not have the black soulless eyes common with the Uchiha clan. E was not about to even start to believe the boy had the sage's eyes either as that would just be far to mind blowing.

"Yes we were able to determine he has an ocular bloodline limit, but we are not sure which of the known ocular bloodlines it is. It is not the Byakugan, and it is not the sharingan. I know what you're thinking and no it is not the sage's eyes either. If I didn't know any better I would say a clan had been hidden somewhere and just now we have discovered one of their members. I doubt that theory though, so I am inclined to go with my second theory. I believe that this boy is the first person to ever have this particular dojutsu. It probably mutated from another dojutsu, probably the mother was interment with a member of a dojutsu clan in Konoha, or a descendent of one of the dojutsu clans was able to pass on a mutated version of a dojutsu and N here inherited it making it an entirely new dojutsu." Spoke the doctor. He could tell the Riakage was pleased. All of the ninja villages wanted a dojutsu clan, but they were all in Konoha. It made Konoha special in a way, and it greatly increased their strength. Now Kumo would have a dojutsu clan and with any luck would greatly bolster the power and status of Kumogakure.

"That is even better. Now Kumo will have its own dojutsu clan, and it will be even better than any of the dojutsu clans in Konoha. With his dojutsu he will probably even be able to use my 'Lighting Release: Lightning armor' even better than me, well with a lot of practice maybe" spoke E more to himself then to the doctor. "Alright thank you doc, now I know N will have too many advantages to fail, so he will not have any reason to complain. I do need you to set up a blood adoption ritual in one of the sealing rooms" spoke the Riakage as he looked at the doctor with serious eyes.

"I am glad I could help lord Riakage. I will go and inform the staff of your orders and have our best fuinjutsu users' start working on the blood adoption ritual seals right away" poke the doctor, as he bowed his head and left the room.

E looked down at N and saw his cute sleepy blue eyes half shut. E knew that the boy was fighting sleep as his curiosity seemed to always be going none stop. He looked up at E and smiled at him. E just knew he was going to a great ladies man, and that would be great for restoring the Uzumaki clan, and creating it inside of Kumogakure. Eventually the doctor came back and ushered E down to the basement of the hospital were a giant seal constructed, and an alter was placed in the center of it for N. E quickly placed N on the alter and watched as the fuinjutsu users started writing intricate seals all over Naruto's body. The boy laughed and giggled, as he thought it was a tickling game, but eventually the specialists finished and stepped away leaving the baby to giggle to him-self, before he was able to bring his laughter under control.

"Ok Riakage-sama the seal is done. All we need for you to do is place some of your blood on N's forehead, both of his hands, above his heart, on his stomach, and both of his feet. After that please step outside of the seal so we can begin the process of mixing bits and pieces of your DNA to N's" spoke on of the fuinjutsu users. E just assumed he was the man in charge of the other fuinjutsu users, but quickly forgot about them and did as he was asked.

It was hard to make him bleed, as his enemies knew that all too well. Some people would say he was a living personification of the old saying 'You can't squeeze water from a rock'. It was much the same for him. Almost nobody could make him bleed because his skin was like steel and his blood like iron. Almost no jutsu could harm him, and then you had to add the fact that when fighting he had his 'Lighting Armor' active so you would have to pierce that before even getting to him. The only way to really hurt him was with his own jutsu, but he was the only one who knew how to use it so that was pointless. He could harm himself though, but he had a better way than trying to cut his steel hard finger. E bit his tongue and cuffed his hands. He let the blood drip into his cuffed hands and when it was full started to dribbled it over the areas the fuinjutsu ninja had told him. When he was done Naruto looked like he was involved in a massacre and didn't have the decency to bath afterwards.

"Ok lord Riakage, please step back so we may begin" spoke one of the fuinjutsu ninja.

"Are there any risks in doing this" asked E as he eyed the fuinjutsu ninja. He didn't want to put his newborn son in harm's way just for something like a blood adoption ritual. He wanted his son to biologically be his, like his other sons yes, but he was not going to risk his life for something like that.

"If your positions were reversed then yes there would be. It would kill him if you were the one with the bloodlines and he wasn't as it is impossible to transfer bloodlines to other people. As he sits now though he will not be in any harm's way, but he may change physically slightly though as he will be gaining some of your DNA after all" spoke one of the fuinjutsu ninja with respect in his voice, but still there was a little lecturing in it as well. E just ignored that and nodded his head giving the ninja the ok.

The ninja started going through hand signs and when they were done, they slammed their hands onto the ground were individual smaller seals were and started to push chakra into the seals. The seals turned green, and the blood on Naruto started to seep into his body. What nobody was expecting was for N to start to move around, with a scrunched up face. After a few more second he started to cry with tears running down his face, and then he started to cry even louder. The fuinjutsu ninja looked confused, but then scared when they saw the worried and angry look in the Riakage's eyes.

"What is going on here? You said that there was no risks, so why is he in so much pain" roared the Riakage. He was worried about Naruto. He had not cried or whined once when the doctor took various samples of his blood for testing, but now he was doing both. The little brat was tough for a baby, but now he looked to be miserable. After a few seconds E was about to stop the whole thing when N let out a powerful whale unlike any he had before, and a golden aura formed around him with electricity jumping in all around them and water forming in midair. All of the ninja in the room knew what was coming next, and quickly exited the room. A large explosion could be heard from inside the room, but E knew the hospital would be completely fine as they had placed various seals to make sure nothing that happened down there would negatively affect the hospital. When the explosion was over E rushed back into the sealing room faster than any of the other ninja had ever seen him move, and started to check on his new son, but was surprised to see twenty golden chain coming out of N's skin completely lodged in stone that should only be able to be destroyed by bijuu. He quickly put his questions in the back of his mind and started to do what was best for N at the moment.

"MEDIC! GET IN HERE" roared the Riakage. Instantly medic nin rushed into the room and started to check on Naruto. E noticed they seemed to be having a hard time, and decided to ask a few questions.

"What is taking so long" demanded E, as he looked at the medic nin crowded around his son. He quickly sent up a silent prayer asking the gods to let his son be alright.

"We are not sure. We can't even scratch his skin to take a blood sample, and he keeps absorbing all of our medical chakra" spoke one of the doctors as he continued to try to examine N. N would have none of that and absorbed it instantly. N saw his dad and raised his arms at him with tears in his eyes. E saw this and quickly moved the doctors out of his way and picked N up. N instantly smiled and stopped messing up the medical nin's examining jutsu.

"He was just scared is all" spoke one of the doctors. He could not blame the boy honestly. Whatever just happened was obviously painful, and N no doubt was scared without his father looking after him. Fifteen minutes later E was in a patient's room waiting on his sons to get out of the room were the doctors were examining him, and he was far from happy. When a doctor came in with N he knew he had better answer the Riakage's questions as fast as he could when asked. He quickly handed N to the Riakage, and prepared himself for a verbal, and maybe even physical, lashing.

"What happened" demanded E, as he started down at the doctor. There was sparks of electricity jumping up and around his body, which was a sign that the Riakage was only just barely being able to keep his cool.

"First off Riakage-sama we would like to say that the blood adoption ritual was a success, and that we were able to discover why N here had such a negative reaction to the blood adoption ritual. It seems that the boy had a naturally powerful water release affinity hot wired into his DNA, but when you're DNA, which contains a powerful lightning release affinity, was added to the mix they kind of fought each other over dominance I guess you could say. It seems that neither one was able to take the title for N's one and only natural affinity, so they for lack of better words shared. We discovered that the golden aura and the golden chakra chains that N was somehow able to create are actually known to have existed in another person. A woman by the name of Kushina Uzumaki was known to use them and in the past Kumo tried to kidnap her to try and gain these abilities for ourselves because they were supposedly strong enough to even restrain bijuu which would be useful when the eight and two tails went on rampages. We don't know how the boy got the abilities, maybe he is a relative or even her son, but what we do know is that the gene for the bloodline is recessive but when we did the blood adoption ritual your powerful blood was able to awaken the bloodline in the boy and change it so it is a hyper dominate bloodline. Congratulations are in order as Naruto is now the only person in recorded history with three bloodlines. The other reason he had such a negative reaction, and caused the doctors so much difficulty gaining blood samples from him is that his body went through some major changes. Honestly we do not know how he survived such an ordeal, but we are thankful that he did. His body is now much more like yours sir. His skin is hard like steel, and is built for power and speed. His chakra reserves are extremely high for someone his age, and we believe they were already very high even before the blood adoption ritual. His chakra is odd to say the least. We won't be able to examine it any further because every time we do he absorbs our chakra and gives us the evil eye. We are sorry for frightening you lord Riakage, but please note that we are not able to predict everything" spoke the medical ninja. He did notice the look of amazement on the Riakage's face, and hoped that it kept him and his staff from being killed by an angry kage.

'Three bloodlines and he has a body like mine. N my boy you are very lucky, and I promise to take care of you, and make you the strongest ninja I possible can' thought the Riakage. He nodded to the doctor before using a 'Lighting Style: Body Flicker Technique' to leave the hospital. When he came out of his body flicker he was in his office. He placed N on his lap, and yelled for his assistant. When she came in she noticed Naruto, and quickly ran over to him and started playing with the adorable little guy, much to N's happiness and E's annoyance.

"Hello Riakage-sama, who is this little guy" cooed the secretary, as she played with little N who smiled and coed at the lady.

"His name is N, and he is my newest son. I want you to bring the papers on forming a new clan, so I can get little N hear signed up." Spoke the Riakage as he grinned that pirate grin and the secretary just knew the riakage was in good spirits for some reason.

"Why would you want to do that?" asked the secretary, as she tilted her head to the side, and put her index finger to her chin in a thinking pose.

"He has three new bloodlines, and I want to sign him up now, instead of later. That way he will have time to get use to the idea of recreating the Uzumaki clan, and also the 'requirements' that come with it." Spoke E with a grin on his face.

The secretary knew instantly what those 'requirements' were, and she could not help feel the Riakage was being a pervert, but she could not do anything as she could not prove it. Fifteen minutes later the Riakage was finished signing the papers, and was giving them back to his assistant to have them filed.

"There now the Uzumaki clan is a part of Kumogakure. N will have to take on at least five wives to restart his clan, but I am sure he will be fine with that." Spoke E, as he grinned.

(Four years later)

Standing in front of all of the people in Kumo was A, Bee, N, and E. E took off his Riakage hat, and handed it to A, who put it on with pride, happiness, and a slight bit of smugness.

"I, the Third Riakage, now appoint A as the fourth Riakage." Shouted E, as A put on the Riakage hat. After that the crowd went wild with people cheering. A looked happy, but E looked thrilled. A thought it was because he was proud of him, but Bee and N knew it was just because he would not have to do anymore paperwork.

(Two years later)

For the last two years E had been training to get back in shape thanks to all of the years cooped up in that office. After two years of constant training E was without a doubt the strongest ninja in Lightning Country. He was also starting to teach N how to be a strong ninja starting on his fifth birthday as well.

N loved going to see his father train. He was so strong, and it was like he never got hurt. N was proud to have his father's natural durability. It made surviving his father's crazy training routine a lot easier, although even with it the training was still killer.

His dad had started teaching him how to be a ninja when he turned five years old one year, and month ago. He said that he needed to work on his tiajutsu and kenjutsu stances, as well as his chakra control. E was amazed at how fast N seemed to learn, and was pleased when N was able to master the leaf balancing exercise in three weeks, the tree walking exercise in one week, and the water walking technique in one week. He was teaching him a tiajutsu style that relied on speed, power, and quick reflexes. A kenjutsu style was being taught to him, but to a lesser extent as his father almost never used a weapon. Naruto did have to master throwing weapons though. His father was adamant about him truly mastering the art of throwing weapons, and had Naruto train everyday like it was going out of style to never miss a target with kunai, shuriken, and even senbon, as his father constantly told him were the best places to hit were, which made finding the eight kill spots much easier for Naruto.

(With N)

N was walking through the village receiving the usual praise and what not from the villagers. He was on his way to the playground to see if he could find a friend. His brothers were great to hang out with, but they were much older than he was, and he wanted some friends his own age.

When N got to the playground four boys about his age were surrounding this one girl and were making fun of her. He could tell that what they were going was wrong, and he hated bulling, so he decided to act.

"Hey what are you guys doing?" shouted N. Instantly the four boys turned around and looked at him.

"What did you say shorty?" asked the oldest boy, who N guessed was their leader.

"I want to know what you are doing to that girl. It is not nice to bully people, and I will not stand for It" shouted N as he gave the bullies a hard look.

"Oh looky here, It appears the red head has a little boyfriend" spoke one of the boys. N had the decency to blush instantly, as did the girl.

"Shut up! We are not like that, I don't even know her, but that does not mean I am just going to sit here and let you jerks mess with her like that." Spoke N, as he stepped up showing he was not scared of the older boys.

What nobody knew was Killer Bee, A, Darui, and E were sitting in a tree watching everything that was going on. They were happy to see N stick up for that defenseless girl, and E was even happier when he saw how Naruto was not scared of those boys, even though they were older, larger, and more in number.

"Why are we even talking to this brat? Let's beat him up, and then head over to my house for something to eat." Spoke another boy, and the others nodded their heads in agreement.

Instantly all four boys charged N intent on beating them up. N was not scared of the older boys. He was used to fighting his father when they spared, and the man never held back on the killer intent, so N would get used to it, so Naruto was damn near fearless unless fighting someone close to his father's level. N quickly got into his fighting stance and readied himself for the incoming fight.

The first boy threw a right hook at N, but N quickly ducked underneath it, and punched the boy in the gut dropping him to his knees. The next boy went to tackle him, but N was able to side step out of the way. Another boy tried to punch N like the first, but this one got a punch to the face. N did not see the last boy coming up behind him, and was tackled to the ground. N was not going to go out like that so he head butted the boy when he tried to get up after tackling him. N rolled the boy off of him, and then pinned him to the ground. He placed his knees on the boy's arms, and started to punch the boy in the face. That was when N got punched in the back of the head, knocking him on the ground. N almost didn't feel a thing, but then he felt the pressure of someone sitting on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw the last boy about to deliver a punch to the face. N gritted his teeth when the punch connected, but was far from any kind of pain. He waited, and when the boy went to punch him again he head butted the boy's fist, and heard a cracking sound. The boy screamed out in pain, but N delivered a powerful punch to his face knocking him out instantly. Once all of the bullies were down for the count, N got up, and looked over to see the girl with wide eyes, and a shocked expression on her face. After a moment she came out of her daze, and ran up to him.

"Are you ok? That boy punched you in the head. Do you need help with anything?" asked the red head girl as she fretted over Naruto like a worried mother.

"Hahaha I am fine, thanks for asking. I am glad you're ok as well, miss…." N trailed off as he eyed the red head girl.

Getting the picture the girl responded. "I am Karui, and thank you for helping me." Spoke Karui. She was amazed that N was able to defeat four boys who had so many obvious advantages over him, and yet he did so like he was used to it.

"It was cool. I enjoyed helping out a pretty girl such as you. My name is N Uzumaki; it is a pleasure to meet you." Spoke N. He did not see the blush on Karui's face, which make her happy.

(Up in the trees)

"It looks like little N didn't need our help after all." Spoke A as he smiled at the sight of his newest brother beating the crap out of older and more numerous opponents.

"Of course, I am the one who has been training him." Spoke E with pride in his voice. He was going to up Naruto's training and make sure that he was even stronger than he was in his prime even without his bloodlines.

"It looks like little N has got his first girl friend." joked Bee, as A and E nodded their heads. In his head the eight tails was looking at Naruto and he could feel something familiar about the boy, but he could not put his finger on it. It was familiar, yet not, he would have to ponder it later.