(N Uzumaki Chapter 3)

N and his friends sat in their class room for hat felt like the millionth time waiting for their team selection to be determined. N had been bugging the crap out of his brother for the past week trying to find out what team he and his friends were going to be on, but the man had stuck by his guns and kept quiet, except when he was silencing N violently with his iron claw technique.

He looked to his right and saw that everyone was excited, even the usually stoke Samui and Kimimaro. Karui was on the edge of her seat but then again she usually wore her feeling on the hem of her sleeves. Haku was fiddling with her fingers in a cute way which led N to believe she was nervous. Samui didn't show it much, but her heels were bouncing up and down off of the ground at a good rate of speed. Omio was being Omio and was muttering some crap about how the world was going to come to an end in some weird yet amusing way. Yugito was making a low pitched sound that reminded him of a cat purring though it was very faint which made N chucked just a little bit, and then there was how Kimimaro was perfectly still, but if one looked closely enough they would see how the bones under his skin were slowly moving back and forth which was kind of creeping in a way.

Eventually a chunin came in with a clip board in hand and began to take role. When he was done he sat behind a wooden desk and got to the part everyone was waiting for. N could tell that the chunin was having fun stretching out telling them what teams they were on and honestly he couldn't blame him. It must suck being a teacher after all the crap you went through to become a chunin, though it was a choice not a forced thing so maybe he licked it.

"Alright everyone let's get this underway. I will call out the names of the genin on their team and the name of your sensei so please be quite while I call out the teams." The chunin stood up and walked up to the front of the class looking like he was trying to keep a straight face though why N was unsure, but he did have a sneaking suspicion that something bad was going to happen to him soon.

"Team 1 will be Omio, Samui, Yugito, and your sensei will be Killer Bee." That would have caused silence if a giant man with a tattoo that said 'iron' on it hadn't broken through the window flaying his arms around and striking an embarrassing pose.

"Lucky you, to get me, the Great Killer Bee, as your sensei!" The rap was awful, and it showed on the faces of everyone in the room, though that didn't seem to deter Bee at all.

'Well that was to be expected with Yugito-chan being on their team as she is a jinchuriki just like brother Bee, though the team will be a little miss matched in my opinion. Omio is a follower, and doesn't really seem like leader material, while in my opinion Yugito and Samui may fight over the leadership position as they are both really tough girls.' N waved at his brother, but a cold chill ran down his spine when he saw the smirk/smile Bee gave him back. Obviously like the chunin Bee knew something that he didn't.

'I wanted to be on N-kun's team, now I have a worry wart teammate, an ice queen, and now I have a rapping fool as my sensei.' Yugito put her face down on her desk as she thought about how unfair things were.

'Ahhh, did kitten not get her mate? Too bad now he might get all uppity with that ice girl or maybe the red head I heard that Uzumaki men had a thing for them.' The two tails was having a good time messing with Yugito's head and making her start to think like Omio only instead of the world being destroyed due to an odd turn of events it was how N was going to be stolen away be an ice hussy and a red headed skank.

'Shut the hell up.' The way Yugito said that in her head made it sound like the most evil threat that had ever been spoken on the planet. The two tails didn't care and just started laughing.

'Damn! Now I won't get to see N-kun almost never. That is not cool.' Samui wasn't happy and crossed her arms to show how unhappy she was. This caused a chain reaction because her breasts which were fairly large now began to bounce and giggle causing all of the guys in the room to start checking her out making her even madder than she already was.

'Oh no! If Samui and Yugito get to mad Yugito might lose control of the two tails setting it free and accidently killing everyone around her leaving me the only person alive but then the Riakage will have to defeat her and that might kill her leaving me all alone to carry on my friends will who had died, and then they make me become the two tails jinchuriki!' Omio's mind kept on going over crazy scenarios and didn't even stop to see that everyone was looking at him because of the weird faces he was making.

"Team 2 will be Kimimaro Kaguya, Haku Yuki, and Karui. Your sensei will be Darui." Not long after the chunin got finished calling out the second team did a man with light blond hair, dark skin, strong muscles, and a lazy look to his face walk in.

"Yoh, my name is Darui, and although it is a drag my moniker is Darui of the storm because of my storm release bloodline limit. Since two of you have a bloodline I will be helping you harness it and since I am also considered a kenjutsu master I will be able to help out Karui as well." Karui looked happy enough that she would get to continue her training under Darui, though she did look depressed as well. Kimimaro looked conflicted and Haku looked depressed.

'Looks like I won't get to spend that much time with N-kun as I had been hoping.' Haku sighed as she started to play with a small piece of ice that she had formed using her ice release bloodline limit. She had been hoping that she would get to team up with N since he meant so much to her and because she didn't want any other girls getting close to him, but now it looked like she wouldn't be able to do that.

'Well I had wanted to team up with N, but I had suspected that I wouldn't. N is a heavy tiajutsu based user much like me and that would make us very ridged in the field. I would have liked to hang out with my friend more often, but it is for the best.' Kimimaro looked around and nodded to N when their eyes met. Kimimaro and N had been expecting this and they were not exactly surprised that they were not on the same team it just wouldn't be very practical.

'Yes I got Darui sensei again. He is a great teacher so we should learn a lot, but it is too bad N-kun couldn't be on our team. I know that I am a kenjutsu user and he is a tiajutsu user, but still we should have been put on the same team!' Karui's thoughts were a little bit more violent than the other girls gunning for N's heart but that was mainly because she and N had been friends the longest and because she was a tomboy at heart.

The chunin went on to name nine more teams and their various senseis but N wasn't on any of them. Eventually N raised his hand and got the chunin's attention.

"Yes N?" The chunin had a look like he was expecting something big to happen and that sixth sense N had developed over the years training with his father, and to a lesser extent his brothers, was going off like a fire work.

"What team am I on?" N could tell by the snickering of Bee and Darui along with the other jonin senseis that he was missing something.

"Well N you were specifically requested by a very influential member of the village, one that not even the fourth Riakage could deny." Now N was beginning to sweat. There were not a lot of people who could tell his brother what to do. Bee when A was in a good mood, the lightning Daimyo, but neither of them would be his sensei. That left only one person. "Your jonin sensei is…"

Then there was a large explosion in the side of the wall that had concrete for the class room and connected them to the main hall way. Standing there was the biggest, baddest, strongest ninja that lightning country had ever produced the third Riakage, E.

"The former Riakage, Me the Great E!" N wanted to laugh at his father's imitation of his brother Bee, who was now crying anime tears as he wrote down his father's wrap on a small note book that looked very unproportional next to his body.

Now N understood why he felt scared but didn't know why. His sense of danger and pain was going off because now that his father was his sensei he was going to not only be training with him but going out on missions with him as well, and his father was going to be a hard ass he just knew it.

"Sensei can I request a different jonin sensei?" N spoke so casually as he looked at the chunin with a black face that the chunin was caught unawares same as everyone else in the room, thought E was the first to recover. The next thing N knew his head was in his father's grasp being smashed in what N assumed was a copy of his brother's 'iron claw technique'.

"What do you mean can you have a different sensei? You think your too good for me now you little brat?" E continued to put pressure on N's head as N squirmed around thrashing and doing whatever he could to escape his father's grasp.

"No, it's just I won't live much longer under your care you old pirate face!" For years to come N would regret saying that. The pressure lessened on N's head giving him enough time to open his eyes and look through the crack between his dad's giant fingers and what he saw scared him. His dad's eyes were murderous but then he started to chuckle an evil chuckle.

"Oh I am going to enjoy training you." As soon as E said that he grabbed N like a small stick and jumped through the hole in the window and ran off to begin Naruto's excruciating and painful training. Even Bee felt bad for N as the third dragged him off, but he didn't say anything because he remembered some of the training he had done with the man and knew that that wasn't something he was willing to relive.

"I almost feel sorry for him, but since he ran his mouth he is going to have to reap what he has sown." Everyone nodded their heads at what Darui said as they all began leaving to start their training with their senseis.

N wouldn't be seen for two entire months, but when he finally did resurface it was in the Riakage's office with his dad requesting their first C ranked mission.

"Are you sure you want to start him off on C ranked missions? Don't you think he should do at least a few D ranked missions?" A was trying to annoy N for all the crap he put him through, especially paperwork, but it seemed his dad didn't even want to supervise someone doing D ranked missions let alone actually participate in one.

"A just give me at least a damn C ranked mission or I will use your head as a skipping stone." A may have been the Riakage, and a powerful and seasoned ninja, but his father was known as the greatest Riakage Kumo ever had for a reason and he didn't want to be on the receiving end of that reason.

N was standing off to the side with a blank look in his eyes as his soul tried to leave his body. During the last two months N learned that his father had even more energy than he did and could fight for days on end without stopping. After his little joke his dad had proven this to him by making him participate with him in hundreds of mock battles constantly without sleep. Now N was much stronger, but was very tired and never wanted to train like that with his father ever again.

"Alright alright learn to take a joke you old pirate face." A may have mumbled that but E still heard it and gave him the 'Iron Claw Technique' all over his face. N would have laughed seeing his brother suffer the same punishment he had dished out to him and his brother Bee but he was far too tired for any of that. "I got an A ranked assassination mission for you two. I want you two to go down to the Land of Waves that borders Fire Country and assassinate Gato, of Gato shipping. He has been using Wave Country to make illegal drugs and then he uses he fleets to smuggle them into various countries including Lighting Country. The Lighting Daimyo is not happy about that and will not stand for such a thing in his country and is paying us a nice little profit to go in and completely eliminate his entire operation." E looked happy that he would be getting some action and N was just happy that his dad would have someone else to vent his abilities and attention on.

"Alright we will leave in a few hours so Mr. Lazy over here can get some beauty sleep." E thought his joke was funny, but N was just annoyed that his father was now messing with him after all that crap he had had to put up with the past two months.

"Damn nocturnal pirate. Maybe he should get some beauty sleep it could only help, but then again we don't have that much time to fix all that." N's blood ran cold when his father stopped and turned around to look at him. N had whispered that but it seemed his father's hearing was still first class.

"You say something?" The look in E's eyes said do you want to go through training hell again?

"No I didn't say anything." N said that as quickly as he could completely ignoring his brothers laughing at him as he watched his father turn around and continue walking.

Naruto sighed as he went home and got some sleep because he knew that his father wasn't going to give him any slack during their first mission and with it being an A ranked mission it should be rather difficult. A few hours later E started knocking on Naruto's bedroom door violently as he didn't seem to care that his son was trying to recover from what many would consider suicide by training that he had put Naruto through.

"N wake ur ass up fur I come in there and do it for yee!" E was happy to hear the sound of shuffling coming from inside his son's room. He knew N was still tired from their training but he would have to learn that just because you are tired doesn't mean you can just relax. Sometimes there will be times when you have to fight, and then fight some more, and then fight even more during missions gone bad. This was just to help Na prepare for the future so that he can have the most probability of surviving.

Naruto opened up his door and gave his father a tired yet hate filled glare. His hair was all messy and his clothes were all wrinkled, but he didn't complains because something like a fashion complaint was sure to get him on the bad side of his father and would make this upcoming mission ten times worse.

"Good yur awake. Follow me I want to get to Wave Country by the end of the week. I haven't been on a good mission in a long time and I'm starting to get itchy with anticipation." N just nodded and continued to follow his father out of their house and down the streets. They continued walking until they came to one of the gate entrances to the village and began talking to the ANBU that was guarding the wall.

"Oh, the illusive third Riakage had finally shown his face in Kumo once again as well as his apprentice and son N. What have you two been up to, and where are you going?" The ANBU knew E so it wasn't uncommon for them to talk to one another like friends though Naruto thought it was boring since he could still be sleeping instead of hearing his dad and an ANBU ninja gossiping.

"Yea well I figure two months of basic training with my son N would be plenty enough for now, so we decided to take a mission out to Wave Country." Before the ANBU could say anything N snapped shouting at his father in disbelief.

"What part of that training was basic? You chased me around while I had heavy ass vambraces on and you called it tiajutsu training! You also had me trying to fight in the dark of a cave and called it situating training!" N went completely ignored as E went back to talking to the ANBU ninja like N hadn't even said anything, but N was sure that he had heard the ANBU ninja chuckle a little bit at his dilemma.

"Well you two have fun, wouldn't want third-sama thinking any less of you and starting to believe you need more training Uzumaki-san." And with that the ANBU ninja was gone, but the fear in N's heart wasn't. He looked up at his dad and saw that crooked smile on his face that meant he was agreeing with the ANBU ninja.

'Well I know now that I had better not fuck this up or I am a dead man.' N sighed and prepared for what was to come next.

N watched as his father blasted off at an amazing rate of speed for normal ninja, but N knew he was keeping it slow for him. N quickly caught up with his dad and together they ran towards one of the port towns in the east of Lightning Country. They ran nonstop for two days and when they finally got to the small village of Yema N was panting feeling like he was going to die, but E looked as fresh as the second he started out.

"You're still too far out of shape. Maybe you need more training." That was all E had to say for Naruto straighten up immediately and miraculously the sweat and redness to his skin disappeared instantly. It was like even his body on an instinctual level was agreeing that it didn't want to do that again.

"Hello boys how may I help yee today?" The man who was speaking to them was on the short side, only about half a foot taller than N and had what looked like farmer clothing on. N raised an eyebrow at him, but his father cut him off before he could say anything.

"We need a ride to Wave Country, and we will be willing to pay a fair price for your services." The old man smiled and nodded his head before signaling them to follow him which they did without question.

"It will take some time getting you to Wave country as the waters are teaming with bandits and pirates that will quickly end us if we go the direct path so I suggest we take." That was as far as the man got before E cut him off. It seemed that that itch for battle he had was getting the better of him and he wasn't in the mood to play Mr. Nice Guy.

"We go the direct root and if any of those pirates or bandits give us any trouble I will end them deal?" The old man looks surprise, but then he squinted his eyes like he was trying to see and got much closer to them then N would have liked. Eventually his eyes got really big and he stepped back and nodded his head right before he began to get his things in order for the trip.

'Great our ferryman is blind. That isn't a serious problem.' N shook his head and followed his father into a local tavern that most fishing villages had. The bouncer at the door looked ready to say something but either it was N's forehead protector of E's imposing figure that caused him to shut his mouth rather fast and look the other way. Eventually they got a booth in the back all to themselves.

"So our ferryman seems reliable." N was testing the waters. It wouldn't do for N to insult the man only to find out that his father knew him and then get an iron claw to the face for it.

"It doesn't matter how well he sees, just how well he knows how to navigate the waters. The captain doesn't bring the boat in and out of port that is the job of the crew. The captain just makes sure we get to where we are going without getting lost, besides it's not like it really matters after all you got fairly skilled with fighting in the dark during our training so why couldn't he get good at navigating a boat in the dark?" N had to admit his father had a point there. He was still fairly worthless in a fight while fighting in the dark, but he had made some major improvements from when he first started out. Who was to say that an old man who had been nearly blind for almost ten years couldn't navigate a boat.

"True, so how are we going to take out Gato? You're not the stealthiest guy in the world and neither am I so I think we should keep with what we do best." E just shook his head like he was laughing at something a cute baby had said that made no since.

"Just because this is an A ranked mission doesn't mean that there will be A ranked ninja protecting Gato in swarms. The mission rank is really only an A rank because of the wide scale problems it is causing to Lightning country. Gato is a shady business man, but like all business men he is cheap and money hungry. Do you really think he is the type to put out the serious dough for top level shinobi? Hell no. he more than likely has a small army of bandits that are easy to control and really cheap. He may have an A ranked ninja for all I know but my money is on him hiring a few C ranked ninja who would be a lot cheaper than one A ranked." N nodded his head agreeing with his father's logic but was kind of disappointed as he wanted to prove to his father that he was strong enough to call himself the son of Kumo's greats Riakage.

"Alright that is enough of that. I am sure that the captain will be done loading up his boat by now and ready to head out to see so finish your grub and let's get out of here." N nodded his head and chugged his drink before putting some money down and leaving the bar.

The boat rid was a lot more fun than N was expecting it to be. Like the old captain had said they were attack on multiple occasions by pirates and roaming bandits. N was easily able to kill all of them and then sealed up all of their valuables to donate to the charities that helped families that had been attack by bandits. It was theirs after all and it wasn't like he needed the money so he didn't mind doing it.

When they came upon Wave country it was surrounded by a strange mist that seemed to cover the entire nation. They got off and went to investigate while the captain and his crew left for fire country. It was much safer for them there but they had agreed to come back in a week to pick them up after they were done with their mission in Wave country.

"Well this place is just sad." N was looking around at the dilapidated building that many people were living in. The people reflected the situation of the area very well. The adults looked helpless and or shaddy and the children were running around thinner then they should have been with sad looks in their eyes.

The people also looked scared of N and his father though N assumed they believed them to be Gato's new muscle. One little girl actually had the guts to walk up to them and ask for some food. The people looked truly frightened for her but none of them tried to help her. They were really shocked when N unsealed a loaf of bread, some low grade food pills meant to only act as a food replacement not a super energy pill, and a few bottles of clean water. The girls was so happy she started crying but quickly ran over to the other children and began passing out her rations to them making sure everyone got equal shares.

N looked up at his father after this had happened and saw the hatred in his eyes. Everyone knew it in Kumo but the rest of the world was privy to the fact that the third Riakage loved children and had made many laws against any form of child abuse in Kumo and had also made sure that the orphanages were well taken care of so that the orphans would have just as much of a chance to succeed as the rest of the children in Kumo. N knew that Gato was going to die very painfully now.

As they began walking towards the house that looked more like a palace knowing it was Gato's manor the mist began to thicken, and N felt his father place his hand on his shoulder. N nodded his head knowing what this jutsu was.

"Come out, or face the consequences." E's voice was hard as nails and twice as mean. N just shook his head knowing that this wasn't going to end well. The mist began to swirl in front of them until a man who was obviously from Mist appeared holding a giant sword in one hand. N absentmindedly noticed that he didn't have any eyebrows.

"Hmph, so I was wrong. The cheap little bastard did spring for an A ranked nuke ninja, but I never expected him to pay for an ex member of the seven swordsman of the Mist, especially the demon of the mist isn't that right, Zabuza Momochi?" N was surprised by his title because of how much he knew about the seven swordsmen of the mist. He really only knew that much about them because Karui-chan spoke so much about them and how she would love to get her hands on one of their swords, preferably the Kiba blades but N knew she would love to have any of them.

"And just who are you?" Now N understood why this guy had even appeared. He didn't know who his father was because if he did he would have high tailed it a while ago.

"That's not important what is important." E was cut off by the sound of oncoming footsteps. E and N turned around to see a man with silver hair, a jonin of Konoha by the forehead protector, two dark hair boys who could pass off for emo brothers though one was way more pail then the other and had a creepy smile stuck on his face, and a pink haired girl who was shaking in her ninja candles.

"Well it looks like Konoha has sent ninja as well, though a legend such as Sharingan Kakashi was not expected." The silver haired jonin looked over at E for the first time snapping his attention away from Zabuza right before his eyes seemed to try to burst out of his eye sockets when he saw E.

"It can't be. There is no way you of all people would come here." The statement seemed to grab Zabuza's attention as he began to ask as to who E was.

"Oh so you know him? Who is he as I have no idea." Kakashi looked up at Zabuza like he was crazy.

"That is the third Riakage, the strongest Riakage Kumo has ever seen, and the inventor of the lightning release armor technique!" This statement seemed to shock everyone there except N and E as they had already known that.

"That is impossible! There is no way a kage would be teamed up with a genin!" Zabuza's voice was one of fear though now Naruto was a little annoyed at being so underestimated.

"It doesn't matter who I am or if I have become a jonin sensei to a genin all that matters is me killing Gato so move or die like all the other ninja that has stood before me." Both Kakashi and Zabuza took a step back but then the sound of clapping could be heard. When everyone turned around they saw a short man with stupid glasses and a funky business suit clapping his hands. Behind him was a small army of bandits maybe two hundred strong which surprised N considerably.

"N you take care of the bandits and I will watch to see what you still need training on." N gulped as he got ready to charge the bandit army, though Zabuza didn't seem to care about the bandits and went back to getting his revenge against Kakashi as they both went back to their fighting.

N moved with both speed, precision, and grace as moved in between various bandits hitting them in vital areas or crushing their wind pipes and skulls with powerful punches and kicks. The bandits had blades but didn't know how to use them properly which allowed N to easily dodge them and continue his assult. After twenty minutes all the bandits were dead, but then N heard a strange sound and saw Kakashi charging Zabuza with some kind of high level electrical attack. N made a quick decision and used a Lighting Body Flicker Technique to get between them. Kakashi was already in mid swing and couldn't stop but to his surprise when his Lighting Cutter Jutsu came in contact with N's hand (Which was wrapped up in bandages like Rock Lee's) his technique was absorbed into N's hand.

"He how about we not use such deadly technique ok?" N was about to do something when he sensed Zabuza start to swing his sword like he was going to cut them in half. To both Kakashi and Zabuza's surprise N's hand was quickly covered in electricity just like Kakashi's Lighting Cutter Jutsu but this time it lashed out with electricity in all direction paralyzing both Zabuza and Kakashi.

"Why did you do that N?" E stopped in front of N with a sealing scroll that had Gato's body inside of it. Their mission was complete but now E was wondering what him most unpredictable student was up to.

"I was thinking of sending him back to Mist for the reward for his return but keeping the sword to give to Karui." N saw the look on E's face and knew he was in trouble.

"Oh so getting your girlfriend a gift, smart man. It is always a good idea to get your girlfriend a gift to keep her happy." N tried to deny what his father was saying but E's laughter killed any chance that he may have had so N just gave up.

For the rest of the week N and E helped the people of Wave kill off any and all of the remaining bandits that had plagued them for so long and had also helped them rebuild their houses, but the best thing that they had done was sign a trade agreement with Wave and Lightning so as to better their economy. For all their hard work the bridge was named after N for all of his hard work so from then on out the bridge was called the Great Uzumaki Bridge.