Dungeon and Chains

Summary:. After finding a clearly confused and not fully with it Sam chained in their new dungeon, Dean soon begins to learn why his brother's scared of the chains and also why Sam's so determined to stay chained up as something from Sam's year alone returns to try to claim him no matter who has to die. *Limp/ groggy/in shock/hurt!Sam & Over-protective/angry/worried!Deam. (OOC Amelia also)* Set somewhere between 08x20 Pac-Man Fever & 08x22 Clip Show*

Warnings: This is another of those confusing warnings so here goes. I'm warning for language since this one does include a couple strong uses of a curse word. I'll also warn for mild suggestive themes though I'm trying for not to descriptive but there will be mention of forced drug use, abuse, and non-con.

This one won't be as dark as my last piece or I'm trying to keep it that way and as always I will warn on the 2nd chapter if it needs more advanced warnings. This is not Wincest regardless of how Sammy's dopey mouth was working at times so no fear of that.

I'm rating this M for those suggestive themes and mention of certain things since I wouldn't still feel right at doing a T rating even though I'm not going quite as dark as I did.

Also, fans of Amelia may not want to read this one as she is not portrayed in a good way.

Spoilers: There may be some but probably not too many as except for making Sam sick, the Trials really don't play a part in this.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except for my own dark imagination. This is written for the enjoyment of others.

Author Note: Special thanks for the villain idea goes again to Wincesteriffic Kaz.

So I'd been trying to come up with a way to work in that dungeon and this plot seemed to fit. I wanted it as a one-shot but it would've gone too long for that. Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy this.

Chapter One

It was the odd sense that something felt wrong that first brought Dean Winchester out of a sound sleep. For over thirty years he's been trusting those gut instincts, especially if trusting them meant keeping him and his little brother alive.


Wide awake now, Dean grabbed his jeans, a t-shirt and his .45 while pulling on his boots to go down two doors to check on his drastically health declining brother and felt an odd feeling pool in his stomach at realizing Sam wasn't in his room.

The trials to shut Hell had really begun to hurt Sam, especially in the last day or so and Sam had been bad enough this night that it hadn't taken Dean nearly as big a fight as he'd expected to convince his brother to lay down and try to sleep.

There seemed to be something else bothering his baby brother in the past couple days though and Dean figured if he wasn't already worried about the effects these trials were having on Sam, to trying to stay four steps ahead of Crowley and about sixteen steps ahead of any angels that he would've already been all over Sam to find out what it was.

Sam seemed to be having serious memory flashbacks and while he'd been popping up with some that even Dean had a hard time recalling and a few that had sent his eyeballs crawling to the back of his head none of them had seemed too bad…yet.

This time though the older Winchester was starting to wonder what his brother was remembering or seeing since he'd caught the near panicked looks Sam would get occasionally or how he'd just zone out in the middle of a conversation and then nearly jump like he'd been scalded when Dean touched him.

Between the whole panicked/freaked little brother looks to his recently returned with a vengeance nightmares that had Sam screaming and then fighting when Dean tried to wake him up, he was getting some seriously bad feelings that something nasty was creeping up on Sam.

However what was tipping the scales in that area was the fact that Sam had nearly had a full blown panic attack earlier that day while Dean was checking out the full aspect of their brand new and very nifty dungeon in the lower section of the old Men of Letters base.

Dean had left Sam upstairs going through old files and books, anything to keep the kid's mind busy while he snooped around the dungeon when the next thing he'd heard was Sam's gasp as his normally calm sibling went from pale and gasping as he looked at Dean with one of the floor chains in his hand to full out panicked in a blink of an eye.

It usually took a lot to bring on a panic attack of this magnitude and to Dean's memory he couldn't recall Sam having one this bad since shortly before his deal came due but it wasn't just the panic he'd seen in his brother's face that began to get the warning bells ringing.

It was more the dull listless look that came in his eyes after Dean had managed to calm him down and how he'd practically curled into Dean's arm while whispering things that Dean only heard because he was right by Sam.

"Someone will have their lungs ripped out as soon as I get him to tell me who," he muttered, a quick but through look told him that no one was inside the base but he also hadn't located Sam yet.

Then the sounds hit him and with a harsh snarl he was running because in a place this size certain sounds, even ones from well below the ground floor, seemed to echo and the combined sounds of chains rattling and heavy retching had Dean's own panic levels notching through the roof.

"Sam? Sammy? What the hell are you…sonuvabitch," the last word was said in a broken whisper before Dean was across the room to the farthest back wall where the heaviest chains were hooked into the walls and floor. "Sammy!"

Thinking at first that Sam might've come down here to try to work past whatever had freaked him out earlier, but one look at the sight before his widening green eyes told the hunter something else was happening here.

Though right then all Dean could see was his pale, only half dressed sick and trembling brother chained in all but one etched binding as he tried to twist to one side was throwing up violently.

"What the hell, Sam?" he demanded, knowing his voice was loud and sharp but the fear shooting him made it impossible for him to sound any other way but the glazed look in the other pair of hazel eyes that appeared nearly black from shock or something told him that it was doubtful if his brother even heard him. "Sam!"

Gasping for breath as his straining lungs fought to draw in air all the while he gagged while whatever had been on his stomach came up, Sam Winchester didn't notice that he was no longer alone until a firm hand grabbed his shoulder and he fought the reflexive cry that wanted to burst free until the voice that belonged to the hand finally began to trickle in.

"Sammy? Hey, look at me," Dean stepped up to Sam while refusing to gag at the smell or the squishy sound under his boots since there was no way to get close to his brother without stepping in the mess that not only covered Sam but also the floor.

Looking for both wounds and the chance that maybe someone had gotten in to do this to his brother, Dean didn't see any obvious injuries and since Sam was only wearing a pair of sleep shorts it was easy to see that his brother wasn't bleeding nor did he seem to have any new injuries so that put the elder Winchester back to his original question.

"What the hell, Sam?" frustrated but still in the high stages of pure big brother panic, Dean started to reach for Sam's wrist that was held in the heavy chain. "Damn it. I haven't checked these yet to see if they work…well they must work…but I don't know if I can get them unlocked and…"

He'd been about to try to unlock the etched cuff when suddenly Sam shifted as much as he could with only one free hand and grabbed his brother's wrist in a hold that was frighteningly strong considering how weak Sam was right then.

"No," he managed to gasp out, trying to regain some breath as the dry heaves had finally appeared to stop. "…De, don't…"

"Don't what? Don't get you out of these damn things?" Dean shook his head, memories of Bobby's old panic room hit him and the silent vow to never see his brother restrained again shot to the surface. "You nearly hyperventilated earlier just by seeing me touch them and now you locked yourself up…Sam?"

Sam's eyes were blown until only a slight rim of hazel could be seen but he still seemed aware enough of who was with him and also what he needed to do…even if trying to explain it in full sentences didn't seem quite in his scope of ability right then.

Letting go of his brother to reach back for the final wrist clamp he made a frustrated sound low in his throat like he would as a toddler trying to do something for the first time and not being able. His next reaction was also like he'd do back then as well.

Turning tear filled puppy eyes on his brother, he tugged at the clamp again while trying to make Dean understand. "…Please…"

It took all of three seconds for that to get through the confusion Dean was feeling and then he was shaking his head, stepping back with both hands up. "Oh! No way. No way in hell, Sam!" he refused when he realized Sam was asking him to chain his free hand to the wall. "No!"

"Please, De," Sam sounded ragged and hollow but there was something else buried in that voice that truly worried Dean. "I…can't…get it and need it. I need to be chained up."

Between the huge puppy eyes, that didn't have the same effect since Sam's eyes were mostly pupil right then, the tears and the fact that he was back to using the nickname he had for Dean back before he could fully say 'Dean' it was hard for Dean to resist the almost begging pleas.

However chaining his already sick and weak brother to the wall went against the rules, unless the kid was running high on something and as far as Dean knew his little brother wasn't taking anything stronger than the pain pills he was giving him.

Though the blown pupils, the shaking, the sweats and all of the other things Dean was seeing certainly could lead one to think Sam was high on something or…coming down from something.

"Sam? Tell me what's going on?" he asked, careful to keep his tone quiet since now it appeared as if Sam was reacting to the slightest raise in his voice as if it were a weapon. "Why do you need…why do you think you need chained up? You having flashbacks to…"

Even the thought that whatever was happening to him now was causing Sam to flash back to his demon blood days and the times Dean had to lock him up to bring him down made Dean sick to his stomach.

Not as sick however as what he heard next did.

"…No, no demon blood," Sam mumbled, either not aware or not caring about the vomit covering him or how he was shaking as he attempted to get his free hand hooked. "But…need…was bad. Said I…needed to be chained again… 'minded who I…belonged…oh, God!"

The retching gave Dean a warning to move before Sam tilted to one side as much as he was able and began vomiting again but this time he was trying to talk at the same time and getting choked until a hand grabbed the back of his neck and all semblance of calm vanished with a ragged scream "Nooo!"

"Sam!" okay now Dean was past freaked and confused and had gone into scared out of his damn mind with just a hint of temper. "It's me, Dean!" swearing as the roughness of his voice made his clearly sick and in shock brother jerk back from both the voice and the hand he'd placed on his neck. "Dude, what in the hell is wrong?"

He'd been handling Sam since the kid was six months old and had never seen anything like this, not even when Sam was high on demon blood.

The closest he could come was the time when Becky had ruffied Sam but even then those reactions after he'd gotten his brother back were tame compared to this, especially since he knew Sam hated to be tied down or restrained in any manner.

Deciding he wasn't getting anywhere until Sam stopped puking again, Dean made a dash to get some wet towels and some water along with his lock picking set since he hadn't located the keys for this set of chains yet.

By the time he got back, Sam was almost hanging limply and the panic notched up again as he lightly touched his brother's neck to feel for a pulse and frowned at how fast it was beating. "Sammy? C'mon, talk to me. Let me get you outta these and…"

A shake of a shaggy head and what sounded like a whispered 'no' came when Sam struggled to lift his head up while still clinging to the still unused chain. "Please."

"Damn it, Sam," Dean's heart ached at the sound in Sam's ragged voice and while he hated this he also wondered if he did what Sam wanted if it would ground his brother enough so maybe he could find out what the hell had brought this on. "Alright, Sammy. Alright, hold on."

Lifting the heavy manacle in his hand, Dean shivered as the weight of it brought back a flash of his own time in Hell and he quickly shoved that away to focus on his brother when he noticed that Sam had turned his head as if to watch and something in those wide eyes made his gut twist.

Slipping the clamp around Sam's wrist as gently as he could almost made Dean lose his dinner but he pushed all of that down in order to concentrate on Sam as the sound of the clamp locking seemed to echo in the dungeon and as soon as it locked Sam went limp.

"Hey!" wincing as his boot slipped a little, Dean covered the grimace quickly to grab Sam's face in both hands in order to tilt it back. "Sammy! Sam, talk to me now! Who told you that you needed…can you tell me what's going on, little brother?"

Sam stayed quiet for what seemed like hours to his freaked sibling before trying to open his eyes to slits but it wasn't clear if he knew where he was or who was with him or not.

"Said…I was bad and needed to be punished. That once…I was back…get chained and…beat for days before…" his voice was low, nearly a mumble anyway, but Sam seemed to choke on the final few words and if Dean hadn't been standing right in front of him he would've missed them completely.

As it was a part of Dean was torn between being certain he'd misheard his brother and positive that he'd been ripping something out of someone fairly soon because when the words rim, suck and vibrator all rolled off of his baby brother's slurred tongue he knew blood wasn't going to be far behind.

"Sammy? Did you take anything today?" he knew he hadn't but the slurred speech; the blown pupils had him worried. "You didn't go out or…okay, bitch face is good since then I know you're still in your own head."

Mildly exasperated, Sam's mind was going in too many directions at once and he couldn't seem to focus on any one thought except for one. "Warmer here…than there."

"Huh?" blinking, Dean could see the goosebumps that had covered his brother's bare skin and could feel the cool dampness on his own skin so how Sam got it was warm was beyond him then he began to put the pieces of this broken puzzle together.

"Where wasn't as warm, Sam?" he asked, moving his one hand from Sam's neck up to try to unclench the younger man's fingers. "For that matter, who the hell told you that you were bad and needed to punished before…"

Nope, Dean couldn't go there. Not with Sam hanging in chains and only in pair of boxers while something was clearly working overtime in the hunter's mind. "Sam, let me get you out of…"

"Don't touch me!"

This time the ragged voice hit full panic as Sam tried to both jerk away from the hands that wanted to free him but push toward what he knew was his only hope. "Please, De'n. I have…to stay here cause I…don't wanna go. I don't wanna be hurt like that again…I don' wan' her to…"

The combined fear and pain in Sam's voice reminded Dean of other times in their lives that his brother pleaded with him but then it clicked home and whole of Dean switched from worried brother to worried, over protective hunter older brother.

"Her," he repeated carefully, green eyes locking on Sam's face to see the tear tracks and forgot about the rag in his hand that he'd wanted to try to clean his brother off with. "Who's 'her', Sam?" he asked, silently vowing to gank that damn obsessed super fan if she'd pulled another stunt. "Becky? Has Becky done something or…"

"…Becky's…scared of you," Sam knew that and while the thought of the seemingly harmless girl still sent shivers through him it was the other voice he could still hear, the fingers touching him that nearly made him sick again.

Only his brother's hand on his neck kept that from happening even though the piece of Sam that was still alert could see the rage building in the back of those same bright green eyes. "Not Becky," he whispered, not wanting the sip of water from the bottle pressed to his lips but knew better than to refuse as memory and reality mingled for just a moment. "…'Melia."

The whispered name went straight through Dean but unlike the other times his brother had said the name, though never shortened like this, and he felt the brief stab of betrayal that Sam had chosen a chick over looking for him, this time something turned that betrayal to anger.

Sam didn't show fear like this often and there was a huge dose of fear mixed in with everything else he could see and feel radiating off his brother right then even if it didn't make sense.

"When did you talk to her, Sammy?" as far as Dean knew his brother had cut off all ties with the woman when he'd come back the last time.

Dean had finally given in to the fact that his brother wanted out and had given him the option to walk away but Sam had stayed and never mentioned the woman again.

Though for that matter it was after his last encounter with Amelia Richardson that Sam began acting a little weird. His nightmares had started coming back, he seemed to forget things from that time Dean was gone and whenever Dean let out a little dig about his year of normal while not looking for him it seemed like all Sam wanted to do was either run or curl up.

"Sam! When did you talk to her again?" he asked again when it was clear his brother's eyes had glossed over too much and wouldn't answer unless pushed, which never usually brought good things for either of them.

A small version of Sam's bitch face appeared but left it as he moved in the chains but there wasn't a lot of give which seemed to actually relax him.

As relaxed as a guy could appear while chained to a wall in a dark dungeon in only his boxes while surrounded and covered in his own vomit could be or so Dean figured while noticing that Sam's gaze had shifted to where his cellphone laid on the floor across the room.

"Didn't talk to…her, De'n. Don't wanna talk to her," Sam seemed to shake harder as something came back to his mind and it was only the chains that kept him standing when his body looked like it wanted to bow in the middle as if was protecting himself. "Stoopid…voicemail."

Sam's tone was dropping and the second his brother began messing his words up Dean knew something was going on and a sinking feeling, the same feeling he had when his baby brother had been a cocky sixteen year old who thought he knew everything, began settling in his stomach.

"Stay here," he didn't think how stupid that sounded until Sam offered a smirk that showed how far in shock he was since Dean knew his brother wasn't drunk.

"Chained…can't go anywhere," Sam shot out, giving another tug then whimpered and closed his eyes as if trying to force whatever memory was there away. "Hate chains," he muttered, opening his eyes to try to see his brother through the fog of whatever was in him right then. "But…don't mind being chained….if you're here."

Dean nearly lost his balance as he was bending over to snatch the phone up when that comment came and it might have been comical to him any other time, especially when he glanced back to see Sam had his scrunched up face of utter concentration on while sticking his tongue out to do…the older hunter had no idea what the hell he was doing and wasn't sure he wanted to right then.

"Um, okay well unless you have some serious kink issues that I haven't known about in all these years I think we might have to talk about that later," he replied, blowing out a breath while adding with a mutter. "Much much later when you're back to your own sweet and bitchy self."

"Huh? Noooo, not like that…pervert," Sam tried to roll his eyes but only half succeeded. "Meant…I feel safe being…chained up with you. Cause you won' hurt me…won't make me…do stuff or…"

Narrowed eyes shot up to look and immediately caught the way Sam's eyes had moved down so that his lashes were covering his eyes but the tone and the way his brother's hands were clenching into fists told him to get him the hell off this subject and onto safer ground.

"Well then we're back to the kinks cause if I find out you let anyone chain you up and made you do stuff then after I kick their asses I'll kick yours, Sammy," Dean was trying to figure out the contraption his brother called a phone and almost missed the next whispered comment.

"I…don' think…I let her…exactly. And that's…why I have to stay chained…here so…she can't find me and make me go back."

The same creepy feeling he'd had when Sam was sixteen was turning his blood to ice when he finally found the voicemail section to notice several recent ones from the same number and took a stab in the dark. "How many times she call you?"

"Uhhh, sixteen I think," Sam wasn't sure what he was looking at but he knew how he was feeling and so decided to stare at the walls or the ceiling but not the floor since it was sort of gross. "De'n? Can I ask you anything?"

Snarling at the phone and swearing he was buying Sam a nice simple one, Dean didn't immediately catch the question and nearly tossed off a basic 'yeah' when something pulled him back. "That kinda depends on what it is," he'd known from the time when Sam was eleven and just noticing things that giving his brother an open pass on questions often led him into trouble. "What?"

His heart still racing from his body's reaction to those damn messages and the fear they'd instilled in him, Sam tried to focus on his brother's deep voice and the knowledge that Dean was in this room with him…unlike that other room when it had only been him and…her or mostly just her.

"You and Caleb ever…do it?"

"We did a lot of things so be a bit more specific, Sammy," Dean replied, deciding to try to get his brother to drink more water before listening to what had been said that had caused this reaction in Sam. "Sip while I try not to break this thing."

Tossing a small scowl that was without heat, Sam took a sip from the bottle while considering with a brief burst of childhood innocence to blow bubbles but a warning look made him swallow as his question returned to him with a nod. "Dad always said Caleb was horny enough to fuck anything, human, vegetable, mineral or Wendigo and you guys hunted a lot together without me or Dad or Jim so…did you guys ever have sex?"

"Ex-cuse me?" the water bottle dropped from Dean's limp fingers, bouncing on the cold concrete floor and he made a grasp to keep the phone from following suit as his eye brows nearly crawled back on his forehead while whirling to face to strangely calm chained up little brother.

Dean now recalled why he hated it when his brother got drunk, stoned, drugged, or whatever the hell was wrong with him this night.

Normally Sam knew what to say or what not to say but when he reached a point like this anything he thought of, good, bad, or both would come pouring out of his mouth…which is why Dean had always gotten the kid drunk when needing him to spill his guts about something.

This time however Sam had managed to floor his big brother and it took several stunned seconds before Dean found his voice while shaking his head back and forth in a negative gesture. "No, no, no, NO," he refused, swearing once he got Sam back to normal that he'd kill him for this. "That is so not what Dad meant and hell, no. Caleb wasn't a chick, dude and chicks are the only thing your big brother's into as a general rule."

"…Cept for that time…in Dallas?" Sam let his eyes drop again so he missed the hard clench of his brother's jaw but even as confused as he was right then he knew this line of talk would make his brother run and he didn't want to be down here alone. "Sorry, De."

"You don't know anything about that, Sam," Dean still refused to recall the time he'd been eighteen and needing a fast buck to feed his brother until their Dad got home the next day after being a week overdue but right then Sam had his head spinning in to many directions and it was hard to focus as he figured out how to work the phone and heard the first message come to life.

He'd never seen the woman up close, had never heard her voice before now but as he listened to Amelia Richardson speak.

At first the messages didn't seem to be anything but a sad, lonely and almost desperate attempt to convince Sam to come back to her.

As they went on every message seemed to get darker with much more explicit wording. Words that made Dean step away from his brother as if to shield him from the woman's voice but as she went on his eyes shifted to lock on Sam and didn't move.

Listening to them all, Dean went back to listen to the last few so he could be sure that he wasn't misreading what he thought he'd just heard.

"'Why don't you pick up, Sam? You know you want to. You know you want me and you know the longer you put this off…put me off that harder I'll make it when I get you back.

"'Sammy, pick up. You're being a bad boy, Sam. I'll have to punish you when I get you back. Remember how much you fought the chains for the first week or so, Sam? How you bucked in them the first time I drugged you and used that vibrator on you before I sucked you off while you tried to beg for your brother? I'm going to do so much worse to you this time, baby.

"'Sam, I'm tired of playing this with you. I told you before that you were mine and nothing, not your brother or my husband, will keep me from having what I own. That's my mark on you, Sammy. I bet you can still feel where I put that little brand on his hip as I rimmed you while you hung so beautifully against those rough walls in the basement before I let my assistant have a turn. I'm so close I can feel you and I'll own you again soon so come to me. You can't resist it, Sam. Even though the drugs have lessened in you…you can resist it when I order my pretty little slave to come to me. I've texted you the address of a nice little place where we can be alone and play…Excalibur.'"

Forcing himself to take several deep breaths in order to even see past the fine film of red haze that had misted over his eyes as it slowly sank in just what the woman was saying and suddenly why his weakened little brother was reacting like being chained in their new dungeon was his only salvation.

"Sammy?" he knew his tone was jagged, more husky than usual but he couldn't even begin to find a normal one as he slipped the phone into his own back pocket while slowly stepping closer to where his brother was still chained. "Look at me, Sam."

When Sam didn't move except to try to drop his head lower to avoid what he assumed would be in his brother's eyes he first felt a firm grip on his jaw to lightly nudge his chin up but it wasn't until he felt the other hand lay on the right side of his waist that his eyes, still glossy, popped open.

"No…no…De'n, let go," he tried to say but nothing came out of his suddenly dry mouth but a whimper as he noticed the firm look in his brother's eyes then his body reacted on instinct to try to move away even as the waistband of his boxers was slid down just enough to bare his right hip. "Dean! Stop!"

"Sammy, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm not going to…" Dean had to focus on gritting out the next part because even the thought of it, of Sam being afraid of that, made him sick. "…touch you."

These were the shorter chains which gave Sam almost give to move as he wanted to deflect his brother's hand when it hit him what Dean was looking for and couldn't hold in the whimper as a light touch just brushed over the jagged small brand on his hip.

"A.R.?" Dean could still see what was on Sam's skin even in the dim light of the dungeon and felt the snarl that was working its way out of his chest. "The goddamn bitch branded her initials on you?"

It was suddenly hitting Dean that since he got back from Purgatory that he'd hardly seen Sam without a shirt on or if he did it was only his chest and never his back.

Things were beginning to pop now that the elder Winchester didn't much care for as he seen the way Sam's chest was heaving again and how tense he was as he now tried to twist in the chains until a hand laid on his chest right over the anti-possession tattoo and Sam began to calm again.

"Sam, I'm going to ask you a couple things and right now I just want you to either nod or give a yes or no reply, alright?" deciding if he pushed too much right then that they'd both probably break, Dean knew he needed to see how far this went before he could decide how best to help his brother.

Letting the waistband ease back up to cover the brand, Dean picked up the bottle of water to lightly press it to Sam's lips and for a moment was afraid he'd have to force his brother to drink but nodded as Sam slowly drank in a few gulps as if to soothe the burning in his throat.

Taking his time to douse one of the rags he'd brought with water he carefully showed Sam the cloth before beginning to wipe some of the drying vomit from his chest and not missing the pained whimper or the light scar that ran across the muscles of Sam's stomach.

"How long between when Cas and I got sucked into Purgatory did you get sucked into the Black Widow's web?" he asked, this time making certain to keep his voice pitched lower while considering what else he'd heard on the messages.

Since he knew his brother needed to know he wasn't alone but wouldn't stand being touched too much right then, Dean stepped up close enough so that Sam would feel him as well as hear him while cleaning his up a little.

Waiting to see if Sam would answer him, Dean didn't miss the pressure on his shoulder as Sam let his drooping head rest on it. That was also the only way Dean would've heard the response since his brother's voice was nothing but a whisper now.

"One month, fourteen days, seven hours and forty-eight minutes. I…looked for you, De'n."

A little of the sting of betrayal left Dean as he stepped just a little closer so Sam's head could rest more easily while gently moving the hand that wasn't using the cloth to lightly touch the back of his brother's neck like he used to.

"You hit the dog on your way through that town to follow a lead, didn't you?" he asked, feeling the shudder but not saying anything about it and just waited to feel a slight nod. "You took the dog to the clinic for help and that's when she first nailed you, right?"

Sam had a soft spot for any animal and Dean knew his brother would have been wracked with guilt for hitting a dog and if he hadn't been sleeping much his defenses would have been down even more which would explain how this seemingly harmless woman had gotten that close to Sam.

Another short nod but as it seemed like the closer Dean got to the point of this exercise the tighter Sam was getting as he turned his face so he could bury it against his brother's neck like he had a kid running from nightmares.

The mention of drugs easily explained how the woman had got Sam to go with her since Dean wasn't stupid to think that someone with training as a vet wouldn't know the right drugs to use to douse someone with so he skipped that question.

"She drug you, Sammy? Is that why you stopped looking because this bitch drugged you and chained you up in a basement to…" he felt Sam bite his lip and could feel the hot tears through his t-shirt while letting his hand move to run through hair slicked with sweat. "Sam…I know what I think from what she said on those messages but I need you to give me a reply this time. Were you…raped?"

The moment he felt his little brother's whole body go rigid and heard the sob muffled by his own neck, Dean dropped the cloth to force Sam's face up and saw the glassy eyes that looked so broke when he merely mouthed a single word. 'Yes.'

But the second a flash of anger lit in Dean's eyes Sam tried to reach for him but couldn't and shook his head. "But…I fought it…fought her even though she said not to. She told me to stop but I didn't so she did what she had to then…I stopped fighting cause it hurt too bad and the drugs made me…" he had to suck in a breath before rushing on, trying to make Dean not be angry at him or leave right then.

"I…I wanted you, I just wanted to find you but she said I…was meant to be hers and she didn't start using the full drugs for about a week cause I…think she liked seeing me try to break free, to fight it the first time she…turned me and used this…thing and…" Sam broke off in shame, trying to turn his face only to feel the strong fingers tighten enough to keep his face turned towards his brother. "De'n…I'm…but I gave in. I couldn't fight it anymore even though I knew I wanted to so…it wasn't…rape then, was it?"

Dean had been hustling in bars long enough to know the types of drugs that were available these days that made the victim feel just like Sam was describing and he also had enough experience to know how easy it was for a skilled sociopath to make his or her victim believe they deserved the treatment and had given in to it.

His little brother was a walking, talking example of long term exposure to drugs and abuse. Sam was smart, hell he was smarter than Dean or so he let people believe and Dean knew his brother should know this but the fear, loss, and shame shining from this too huge mostly pupil hazel eyes were saying this bitch and whatever the hell else she'd done to Sam had really fucked with his head.

"You really think so, baby boy?" he offered a soft smile while gently brushing at the tear tracks staining Sam's face with his thumb. "Sammy, she drugged you and regardless of if you stopped fighting or not you weren't in control. By the time I called you she'd had you doused and conditioned to believe whatever she said but…you've been away from her so…"

That was when something else dawned on him. "What does Excalibur mean?" he asked, frowning at the way Sam's whole body jerked and he hissed sharply between his teeth like he was in some form of agony. "Sam?"

"Don't…don' say that, please?" Sam's teeth were clenched and only Dean's body was keeping the younger man from actually trying to slide down the wall even though with his hands chained he couldn't move much. "Too hard to move…to think after…God, it's like she's still controlling me or…"

A light bulb went off in his head and it all began to click with Dean. Between the drugs, the abuse, being dependent on Amelia or whoever else she might have had with her, it was no fairly clear to him that the damn bitch had also managed to sneak a trigger word into his brother's subconscious and it was that word that must have set Sam on this path of locking himself down here to try to fight it.

"Hey, Sammy?" he forced Sam's head back up to lock eyes with him. "It's gonna be alright. I'm going to take care of you and this," he promised firmly in the tone that he only used with Sam when his brother was scared.

"How?" that piece of Sam that was fighting, clawing, for control sounded doubtful since he didn't want his brother to leave him much less to go near Amelia. "She'll find…I don't wanna go with her, De."

Biting the inside of his lip to cover how the break in Sam's voice was hurting him, Dean's smile turned a bit darker while lightly squeezing the back of Sam's neck but pulled back at the hiss and realized just how deep the woman's hold really was. "You trust me, Sam?"

Slight bitch face came as even feeling as hurt and confused as he was that seemed like a stupid question to Sam. "Always…trust you, De," he whispered, not feeling the pain as bad as his brother's fingers began to lightly squeeze his neck. "Why?"

"Cause to do this I'm going to have to leave you here," Dean was already grabbing the straining shoulders before Sam could fully lose it at the thought of being chained down here alone. "Hey, hey! You won't be alone, Sammy. I wouldn't leave you here by yourself like this."

"No…don't wan' nobody 'cept you," Sam sounded like he had as a cross toddler but Dean smirked. "Don't want Garth or…Kevin or…"

Rolling his eyes at either of those suggestions, though calling Garth would be the smartest thing in this case, Dean shook his head while pulling Sam's phone back out to go through the list of numbers. "I'm not leaving you with them, little brother," he reassured Sam, keeping his hand on Sam as he heard the phone ring a few times before it was answered warily. "Hey, where are you?"

Dean blinked while refusing to even ask the question that came to mind while carding his fingers back through Sam's hair and noticing that Sam was slowly drifting to sleep though he hated to see the kid sleep like this. "Well, I need you to ditch the harem, your royal Highness and get your cocky hacking butt back here cause I need to do something and you get to Sammy-sit."

Listening to the squeak of surprise that got he sighed. "Charlie, Sam's in a bad way and I can't leave him but I can't take him near the bitch I plan to gank now just get here and I'll explain it," he tried not to snap at the young woman who was nearly as big a geek as his brother but she made it so hard not to at times. "Um, no. The whole height and weight thing won't exactly be an issue this time and you've got two hours cause I need this over as of yesterday."

Disconnecting the phone, he checked the text to see where the bitch had decided would be a good place to resume hurting his brother to sneer.

The address was only about a day away if he pushed the Impala but he knew he'd do that and whatever else was needed to try to put an end to this, even if it meant breaking one of the few moral rules he still allowed himself to have because this little demented vet had made the same mistake so many others had made over the years.

She's put her damn hands on his baby brother and while that would've been bad enough given what she'd clearly done but to drug Sam and make him doubt himself, to try to control him in the way she was had pushed all of Dean's buttons in a way that usually promised a slow and painful death.

"…no…stop…" Sam whimpered in whatever sleep he'd drifted into but the strain showed on his face as his full weight put too much pressure on his arms and shoulders.

A look at the chains sowed Dean that while he couldn't release Sam at the moment he could lengthen the main chain on the wall hooks so at least Sam could ease down into a slouched position even if his arms were still slightly over his head.

"It's going to be okay, Sam. I'm going to make this better," he spoke softly, while trying to ignore the whispered pleas that came from his brother as his cloudy mind brought back those memories that he'd been either burying or that had been buried for him. "I'll fix this and hopefully your bodyguard doesn't blow this place up while I'm gone."

Dean eased down to the floor next to Sam so he could be there with his frightened sibling as long as possible before Charlie came and he could go to pay a visit on the person who'd kept his brother like a toy for over a year.

Seeing his knuckles go white as he clenched his fist, Dean pushed the hate aside for the moment in order to plan because to make certain Sam was fully free of this influence he'd have to work fast and quick.

"She pays, Sammy," he murmured, unaware of when his voice went dark and only aware of what Sam was saying in his sleep and how he was twisting as much as he could. "She pays big time."


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