25 days ago Naruto's training

Naruto was crying on the ground holding his right arm that was ripped to pieces. He was told that Shiki had worse, but even then the pain was almost enough to send to shock. His mind was out of it as Shiki and Akane in her zero cloths were in his field of vision. "Zero it seems that my training was too much for him."

The words hurt him.

"So it seems this boy was just a failure, hopefully Nero and Phi will be a better candidate for our training." The woman with the dark personality spoke as Naruto felt a pulse of dark energy coming in his eyes.

Shiki nodded and looked at the fallen boy who was bleeding out, "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun it seems that you will not be the sequel to this story. HOW DARE THIS FOOL'S LOOK DOWN ON ME!

Just as Zero was about to leave until Naruto it (Zero will be refer as either it or he since the games the character Zero was a personality) saw something behind its partner! "Shiki! The boy still moves!" the dark mind killer yells.

Shiki turns around and saw Naruto whose eyes activated, but Naruto body glowed red and his pool of blood that floated up and made a mask! The mask left was a crescent moon mask with a smile and the right side was a sun with frown. He smiles evilly at the two. "HELLOOOO~! Naruto can't came out to play the game, but ZERO THE II wants to have fun!" his right arm gush out a waterfall amount of blood and stops as the liquid made an arm and sword.

Shiki for once took a step back in fear, "Akane or Zero what's happening I thought you said that the second personality will be awaken after he plays the Nonary Game!" she said getting her knife ready and her eyes change color.

Zero pulls out canister with a katana, "It seems that the training and the accident has made his mind to collapse making…this situation."

Flashback ends

Naruto awakens to a small cliff, he looks at his watch. "It's been 12 hours since the game started." He walks away. While walking he remembers a few things from the years he left Konoha. "4 years… Phi, Luna, Nero, Alice, Yukiko, Rika, Sara, the traitor, and I… the survivor of the Nonary game. DAMMIT ALL!" he punches the ground in anger. "It was no fair! WHY DID THEY DIE!?" he stops punching the ground as he felt the aura of dread and darkness around his body. "Zero." He looks behind himself to see the dark cloaked figure watching him.

The figure mask turn to smoke leaving Akane with her face reveled. She was smiling at Naruto as his face soften from its cold look and smiles at the young woman. "Hey, Akane…what are you doing here in the land of…" he stops as Akane walks by him and saw a tombstone. "…if you're wondering why I'm here it's for them."

Akane frowns at his answer, "you are not responsible for their deaths if anyone is then it's me and Zero since we took in that last 9th girl." She said in sad tone. "I was so stupid thinking that I can take care of that girl knowing that she wanted revenge and look what happen."

Naruto sighs, "I swear you're just as scared as I am lately. You know life can be a lot of fun if you allow it to be." He said as Akane nodded, "can you do me a favor?"

The young lady nods, "what is it?"

"Pass a message to Konoha." That all he said, before a clear cube ate him and vanished in a flash of light.

Akane summons her mask and left was well in dark cloud of smoke.

Chapter 3: The winner is…

Konoha 20 hours passed since the game started.

The jonin were all working together in the forest of death looking for their little fox. Asuna was about to pull her hair from the frustrating of not finding Naruto until all the jonins look up and saw something that made them pale…Zero standing on top of a branch! Anko gets ready to attack until everyone saw something coming from behind Zero…Shiki! The jonins now stand in fear of seeing the most powerful killer among the world looking at them with no care in the world. Asuna can feel the death of the two! Usually, when a shinobi use killing intent it just a small Genjutsu made from the sheer power of bloodlust and strength, but the two just simply leaking out the years of killing and harming of others like sweat.

Shiki smirks at them as if mocking the fear they felt for her, "So…this is the village where Naruto hell began?" she looks around and watches the jonins. "Hmm… I wonder how bad his life was since he did all of training in a month and not die from all the…horror is the most appropriate word I can use." She says as the hate from jonin started to rise. She gives them a look of excitement as they felt the KI of her increase into Kage level! The KI stops as she sighs in disappointment. "Hmmm…Naruto wants to change the rules. He told us to tell you girls."

The girls eyes widen, Kazumi being the bravest at the moment asks, "Y-y-you not here to k-kill us?

Zero shook its head. "No, once the game started no one is allowed to stop it. The goal has change instead of holding down the boy you must…kiss him." Shiki swore she heard a perverted giggle coming from the dark side of Akane.

The jonins all nodded, "right, right…EHHHHHH!?" They all scream making the kimono girl almost lose her footing.

Play Virtue's Last Reward OST: 1-15 Monitor

Zero watches them very carefully, "Furthermore the one who does that will have Naruto for a whole day uninterrupted." He said as the girls slowly look at each other. Zero smiles under the mask 'I see…well played, Naruto Uzumaki using their affections for you to make the game harder then it supposed to be. Perhaps I should use this tactic on my next Nonary Game.'

Shiki shook her head, "and the time limit has shorten as well…precisely an hour is left to capture him. Good luck to you all." She jumps off the branch and disappears from the jonins sight.

Zero bows and leaves in could of smoke. "I wish you all the best of luck." Zero says his last words as a dark chuckle fellow it. The girls were left by themselves looking each other with small dark looks as if they everyone's going backs stab them… "THE KISS WILL BE MINE!" they shouted and everyone all left to find Naruto.

Naruto came out of the ground the women were standing with some dirt in his cloak, "if I didn't say this before then I'll say it now…woman are downright scary!" he says as he slaps the dirt off himself.

Naruto left with a simply walk as he saw a female kunoichi holding a scroll…she was Mizuki the only woman in Konoha who hated him. "…fuck…" he simply walks towards the forest next to the forest of death. "Zero is going to piss if he found out about this." He says as the walk turns into a sprint.

End song

Meanwhile, Shiki and Akane, who's now in a purple dress, were eating at Ichiraku's. Shiki at up to 20 bowls of it and Akane ate half of Shiki's quota.

Ayame knows who are these two not too long ago Naruto came into the restaurant and told her about what happen (he left some details out for many reasons) to him over the years. Shiki was basically his senpai and somewhat of a friend figure. Akane was his big sister figure and master in the dark ways of torture. She was a bit scared from the descriptions from her little crush that the two can kill and mind-fuck with anybody they come across. However when they came and told who they were she was somewhat relax that they were look human. Now the three were friends and were swapping stories on Naruto blunders. Shiki was smirking that he used to wear fox accessories whenever Ayame's father let him sleepover and blush at the picture. But, Akane mask appear in her hand and knew that game ended with someone breaking the rules. She signals Shiki about the sudden information and nodded, the two wave good-bye to their new friend and rush to find the only person stupid enough to break his own game and rules…Naruto Uzumaki.

With Naruto

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" shouted the chunin Mizuki. She had a giant shuriken that she was swinging like a mad-woman as she jumped tree to tree. "GIVE ME THE SCROLL!" She shouted.

Naruto have just stolen or received back the forbidden scroll, now here he was getting chased by a crazy woman…again. Luckily though, this one wasn't as skilled as the swordswoman from Kiri or his teachers, so he managed to slip into the darkness and behind a tree and pulled out his bow. He knew what he had to do and that was knock-out Mizuki. The only time he'd ever fought against a person was… never. Not counting the spars against Shiki. The arrow he was currently armed was for paralyzes, for you see there was ten golden rules that Shiki taught him along with Akane silver goals was 'Never take a live unless it's a fair fight or for fun.' He was defiantly stronger than most civilians and most kunoichi up to chunin, but he never picks a fight then abandons it. He fired the arrow and it got Mizuki's back efficiently knocking her out.

He walks towards the body to take it to the T&I sector of the leaf's kunoichi, until she stood up. His eyes widen at the woman standing in front of him! "That's impossible! The amount I used should take down most jonin!" Mizuki's body started to change shape! Her body gain muscles and was slimmer, the small B-cups turns into DD-cups. Naruto just stands there as his lust for battle comes then overtakes his mind and flooded the area in KI! He pulls out Nanatsu-Yoru "C'mon! Let's play!" he charges right at her with knife in hand and his cloak thrown away!

Kurenai was looking for Naruto until she he grunts. "Naruto-kun!" She says Naruto fighting against Mizuki who was half tiger! She was about to help until her limbs stop moving and she fell at the ground. She looks and saw Shiki was the one who did that! "Why did-"she stopped as Shiki pointed to Naruto who was smiling.

"He knows you all watching." Kurenai eyes widen at this information, she moves her head again to see the rest jonins on the floor and was amazed that she did that by herself!

Naruto was smiling as the adrenaline filled his mind and body; he was simply playing around the tiger-girl as he just twirled around her attack like skill dancer. 'One of two hand-to-hand combat techniques, I'd learned from Shiki and the fake Nun.' Naruto drops his knife as Mizuki hand was about to hit his face. He stopped it with his right and lefts it up as Mizuki's momentum was still in effect moving towards him, 'and this one is for you Kotomine-sensei!' he got his left elbow and thrust into the tiger woman's chest the pressure was so great that the air made booming sound! Mizuki mouth opens as blood left from it.

Akane whistles at the power, "Bajiquan…or rather the kai men baji quan (open-gate eight-extremities fist) one Naruto's most prize techniques he learn over the years of wandering." She knows the impact from the strike must have crushed the woman lungs. But, something was wrong… Naruto breathing was coming in short, rapid takes of air and he grips his chest with strong hold. "Naruto!?"

He pukes out blood and fell! Shiki and Akane got the jonin's (after fixing their bodies) to help Naruto who was barely breathing! "Someone get a medic!" Kazumi begs as she held onto Naruto tears flooding from her right eye.

While they were busy trying to save Naruto, a male wearing a cloak and a hat covering his entire body (think Mystogan from Fairy Tail, but without the wands.) "hmm…must reported to the villages about this." He started to float and disappears into the forest.

In Kumogakure, a day ago after the game!

A, the Raikage of Kumo, was staring out the window at her village whose lives were on her shoulders. A was a daunting woman with dark skin, short blonde hair combed back, great height and a muscular build. Her face was made into a stern expression with no room for humor, but if one would make it past that they would see that she was actually quite an attractive woman. She then eyed the area outside of Kumo's borders when she recalled the gorgeous young man that had entertained her. She never really had a thought for a member of the opposite sex, so she was rather surprised that she did for that strange ocarina player, especially in such a… caring manner. She made a wish to see him again, sometime soon. He was, after all, a traveling wanderer, so he'd probably come back some day. Maybe she could be nicer this time around.

"A-Sama!" C called out as she and her partner, Daiani, came bursting into her office. A looked at her bodyguards with surprise at their entrance and overall attitude. "What?" She said simply. She sent the two to go spy on Kirigakure a few days ago so she can be prepared to see if any hostilities between the rebels and Kiri shinobi would boil over to her own village. That looks on their faces seemed to tell her so. "You remember that boy that was here a few months ago? The one with the strange flute?" C went on.

"Naruto?" She said with her stony face, but inside her heart was racing. 'Was he in trouble?' she thought to herself.

"He's…well, he is a HE right?" C asked.

A was glaring at her now. "I'm pretty sure," A said coldly, "why are you asking me about that?"

C started to stammer, she too couldn't exactly explain what she saw that day.

Daiani stepped forward. "That Naruto boy managed to activate a bloodline that we have never seen and defeated one of the Seven Swordsman of the Mist," she said. "And one of our spies just confirmed this information."

A eye's went wide, "What?!" She shouted as lighting started to crackle lightly around her.

"It's true!" C claimed, "We saw it ourselves!"

A was shock beyond anything. Where could a boy, just a skilled musician and acrobat, learn to defeat a kunoichi? A legendary one at that. And how did he manage to activate a bloodline? Men lacked the charka to do so. What was Naruto? "Then what happened after he defeated the kunoichi?" She asked.

"He ran off," Daiani said. "The swordswoman said something about the Mizukage issuing a warrant for his arrest. Do you think the Mizukage knew before or what?" The two question their kage.

A was silent in thought. 'What power does the boy have? What made him so special?' She thought as an image of him flashed before her eyes. She closed her eyes and saw him again, on the street corner playing a sad tone on his flute… and the look of that was mixed with happiness and sadness. The first time she saw him…that first time she fell for someone. Her face turned red as she looked up. 'Where did that come from?!' she shouted at herself. "A-sama?"

Daiani asked. A looked at her two bodyguards. "Send teams out to the other villages, I want to know where Naruto is and I want him brought to me immediately. Kumogakure is going to receive her first male ninja, her first…Shinobi," she said with a smile.

The two smiled back as they did their kage's bidding. A turned to look back at her village, her heart started to flutter more rapidly at the thought of Naruto coming back and staying.

At That Time, With the Kiri Rebels

In the tent of Terumī Mei, leader of the Kiri Rebels, she and some of her best were talking about strategy for taking the village from the Mizukage. The rebels were powerful on their own as most of them had a Kekkei Genkai, but their problem was fewer numbers and most of them lost moral due to the fact that most of them were fighting against friends, family or already lost someone close to them.

Beautiful, that was the first word that comes to most people's minds when they first see Mei. She had a voluptuous body with a striking, fair face that was framed by her long, auburn hair tied into a knot on top. She had green eyes that usually had a gentle gleam in them, but during business or a fight they could be fixed into a state of uttermost seriousness. "Mei-san," Chōchō, one of Mei most loyal kunoichi and wielder of the sword Hiramekarei, whispered in her ear.

"What is it?" She asked as she looked over the map. "Your scout has returned from her mission from Kumo and Konoha, she has…odd news," she said. Mei nodded in understanding as she left, as she did several kunoichi nodded in her direction and she nodded back with a light smile. It wasn't long till she reached the tent where the scouts stayed, as she approached her newest spy, Kishi. She bowed as Mei approached, she smiled at the girl. "What did you find?" Mei asked

Kishi was silent, as if she was trying to exactly explain what she saw. "I saw Ameyuri Ringo chasing after a boy," she stated.

Mei raised an eyebrow, she knew Ameyuri as an effective but very brutal women. "I don't see how Ameyuri's love life is going to help us," she said with disinterest.

"No Mei-sama, you misunderstood. She was chasing after the boy so she could arrest him," she stated.

This got Mei's attention, "Arrest him? For what?" She asked.

Kishi shrugged. "I honestly don't know, but it appears that the Mizukage herself ordered it. So it must have been important, but even that wasn't the oddest thing."

Mei eyed her more. "Go on," she said

"Ringo managed to get this boy and seemed ready to kill him, I was about to interfere but the boy managed to fight back and broke her nose in the process," she said.

Mei's eyes went wide at that statement. "The boy also managed to get away from her, but this is where things get even stranger; the boy pulled out an explosive note and shot an arrow at Ringo, hitting the ground. She then started to yell at the boy about a Kekkei Genkai."

Mei gasped. "A bloodline? Did you get a look at it?" She asked.

Kishi shook her head. "No, I'm afraid not, but whatever it was seemed to shake the boy. He finally got away by slicing the note with a rare knife that seemed to come from the second shinobi war." she said as she gave Mei a sketch of the weapon.

Mei studied it, she heard of special knives being used as weapons during the First Kunoichi World War, but they were decommissioned due to the amount of training one had to do to master them. "What was the boy's name?" Mei asked. "I don't know. All I really know about him was that he was a traveling wanderer. But, he is in Konoha and was capture by them," Kishi said.

Mei studied the sketch; Kishi's story made her impressed and curious about this young man, she wanted to meet him in person. "Can you recall what he look like?" She asked.

She smiled when she saw the faint blush on Kishi's face.

"I'm guessing that you do." Mei teased the girl, making her blush more.

"He isn't the kind of face a woman doesn't forget easily." Kishi admitted. "He has blonde hair, spiky. Sun-kissed skin with whisker-like birthmarks on his face. Blue eyes, wears a white hood with a strange mark nothing like a seal."She said.

Mei nodded. "I'll be sure to send out scouts for him. Kirigakure will soon be under our control, with help from our newest…hmmm, we can't call him a Kunoichi now can we? How about…Shinobi? It's got a nice ring to it," She said with a smile.

The spy leaves with dark smirk, 'almost…master's plan is almost done and Naruto Uzumaki will DIE!'

Also At That Moment, in Otogakure.

Orika, former snake sennin of Konoha and leader of the newly established Otogakure in Oto no Kuni(Land of Sound), formerly Ta no Kuni(Land of Rice Paddies), looked over some of her notes for experiments when one of her spies returned. Orika was a breathtaking beauty with extremely pale skin and yellow snake like eyes with purple markings. Her traditional clothing and looks made her look as if she was of nobility, but the yellow in her eyes was a fierce, calculating wickedness. "What news do you bring me of Konoha?" She ordered as the spy bowed.

"Mistress, Mizuki was killed and Konoha has taken back the scroll." The spy said as she braced herself as she felt her master's wrath. "But I do have of other news!" She said, causing the rage to die down.

"By all means, let's hear it," Orika hissed.

"Konoha has a male, no older then 15, who can use charka." She said instantly.

Orika eyes went wide. "Impossible!" She said angrily. "No such thing is possible!"

The spy flinched at her anger. "O-Our sensor sensed strong charka within him and we all saw him keep up with Mizuki in Taijutsu along with crushing her lungs with single strike! Mistress I swear what I speak is the truth!" She said.

Orika was silent as she thought to herself. There was no way a man can be a ninja, man lacked the charka to do such things a normal Kunoichi can do… unless. She smiled in a sinister manner. "You, go back and tell our eyes inside Konoha to keep an eye on this boy. Tell me everything she can about him." She ordered as the spy bowed and went to carry her orders out.

Orika looked out to her village. "So my theories were right about you, Naruto-kun," she said to herself.

The spy who left suddenly smirks like a demon, 'the day of the true Zero II will come.' The person said while disappearing into thin air.


A week after the game

Naruto awaken to see a boy around his age with a red katana on his side, he had forest green hair that fell to his shoulders. "'Bout time senpai."

He said to Naruto who was daze from the battle, "Nero-san?" he said weakly.

The boy face turn into fake surprise, "Holy crap, the dead man speaks!"

"I'm sorry…so sorry that you and the rest die that day."

Nero shook his head as he walk to Naruto and ruffles his hair. "Old friend…it wasn't your fault. That traitor did me in along with our friends." He pulls out a shamisen and plays it expertly, "Naruto… you want to join in?" He asked as the boy pulls out his ocarina and plays with him. The two play as the Gods and Goddesses were listening. When they finished Nero smiles, "Naruto take my shamisen, it's going to be useful to you than me."

He shoves it to Naruto's hand and slowly begins to vanish. "By the way…Don't blame yourself, we will meet again!"

Naruto opens his eyes to see a hospital room! "Ner-"he stops as the three string instrument was in his lap. He looks at it and plays it, unaware that the jonins and his sensei's were listening.

Kazumi heard the song and it seems so…sad. "Naruto-kun…"

Shiki face broke into a frown, 'He had to face closure soon and fast.'

Naruto stops as he smiles, "Ahh…first time playing it and I'm already good as him." He silent prays for the boy in his dreams.

The girls all look at each and went to Naruto's room. Naruto was surprised that they all came, he admittedly pull his hood…without realizing that it was taken away from him. He blushes from the giggles from the girls. Akane wearing her purple dress look at Naruto with a smile. "Naruto-kun, the doctor told us you body had some stress with the technique you used and you'll be fine in a day or two." She said as Naruto nodded and quietly looks at his lap.

"Umm…" he started making Shiki knows what he was going to say and told him to spill it. "Everyone…" Naruto says as he hid under the covers and the girl smile warmly to him as he continued. "I broke the rules."

"What rules?" Asuna asks.

Akane answer this question, "You see Naruto broke his own games rules and now has to pay a penalty."

The girls were worried as they look at the boy who was blushing again.

"The punishment is to have all the players of his game get the prize no matter what!" Akane smirks at her little brother. He 'eep' and duck under the bed.

The girl nodded dumbly again…until it them. "EHHHH!?" they all fainted with most of them having nosebleeds.

Shiki sighs, "You know you are a bigger pain then Zero you know that?" all she got from her friend was a raspberry and mock innocent look. "I rest my case" she left the room with small smile. "I'm happy for Naruto…but, I can't help but be a little jealousy for the girls.'

Chapter End

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