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Naruto woke up to the morning as he ran out of the hospital room, "Hmph." He grunted as he jumps from building to building. "It seems life is going to be interesting." He said to himself as he went to his home. He took out one of the scrolls that Shiki gave him, "This is for anyone who tries to uses the sacred Moon Style's. This is one of four deadly set of techniques that are known to destroy a moon. This scroll contains the Full Moon style's which makes the user body goes into extreme amounts of power but will not harm the user.

To first use these techniques you must push your body to high amounts of pain to resistance the Full Moon's dramatic boost in power and defense. Second is the Ten no kami bodītekunikku (heavenly Divine Body technique) that only the Ryougi family has possessed. This power allows the user to nullify pain and purge out poisons and illnesses from the body. The user is able to move his life-force into an attack that Ryougi's clan made and called, Doragon no tenkū shinken(Heavenly Divine Fist of the Dragon) this attack is possibly the most powerful in history for Full Moon technique. However, the user only has a few seconds because the life-force of the user that will make the technique. The user total lifespan will be the amount of time for the technique, each decade that the user have will be exactly a second. For Ryougi's who are a branch clan with the Uzumaki's who originally made the Moon styles have exactly 250 years for lifespan meaning that only 25 seconds can be used for it. But, the user can sacrifice his life-force to gain more time for the technique.' Naruto stops as he wonders about his lineage, "If this scroll is telling the truth that means Shiki-sama and I are related! And I have huge amount of years to make use of this technique…" he trails off as he saw Kazumi and Anko trailing him. "I swear…" he stops at one of the buildings, so he can talk to them.

Anko and Kazumi saw the scrolls that were in Naruto's arms. "Yo!" the lazy silver-haired ninja said. "How have you been?" she asked trying out to blush hard from the dream she had last night.

Naruto stretch out a bit, "Just a bit stiff…" he notice that both girls were releasing pheromones from what he said, but didn't care. "Also, I'm getting a change of clothing as well." He made a small twirl as he showed he was only wearing his hospital gown, "So, what do you guys need?" he asked as he tried to be relax around them. Living with Shiki made him very… cautious around others from the killer intent she often release in night time.

Anko looks at his feet, desperately trying not to rape him with Kazumi watching. "Hokage-sama asked to escort you to the academy for your teammates."

Naruto eyebrows went up, "I see…well then let get some new clothes first." He said as he left and they fellow him, "You guys don't have to fellow me to my own home."

Anko smirks, "Why do you have porn in there that you don't want anyone to see?"

Naruto rolled his eyes, "No…but my mothers were pretty…horny from what the S&M room told me." He joke as Kazumi nosebleed started to stain her mask and Anko giggling making Naruto take back what he said.

They arrived at his house as they walk in when Naruto went and turn on the lights reviling the mess in the living room! It was filled with candy, soda, sake, instant foods, ramen, and…WAS THAT A EYEBALL!? Before the author can say anything Naruto stomp on it, "Damn, mutations come here more times that I can count!" he yells, "Oi, don't go anywhere I'll be right back." He said as he jumped to his room that was the master bedroom.

Anko walks to a couch…at least she hope that it was one. She sat in it and luckily for her it was, "Damn, I didn't think Naruto was this kind of guy." She said in honest tone.

Kazumi looks at the place, "Maybe because since Naruto is always on the move he didn't have any real reason to tidy up." she said and saw a book that said 'My memories' in a fancy silver writing. "Anko look at this!" The snake-charmer of the leaf ran towards her and saw photos of Naruto with strange looking people.

Anko pointed to Naruto smiling with a girl with white hair they seemed…rather close. "Wow, I never thought the stud would smile that big again since he was kick out of the orphanage." She said as they saw another photo with Naruto standing with a green-haired teen that seemed to be smiling at Naruto brotherly as they high-fived each other. "Whoa, I never thought Naruto would make a male friend and smile like that as well."

Kazumi flips another page that showed Naruto with his back turn with two graves in the background. "…Anko…I think this is his family. There ones that Shiki told us, these people that…died in the game."

"They are." Both kunoichi look and blush as they saw what Naruto wore. Naruto was wearing a white and blue shirt with blue jeans. "Also, can do me a favor and dropped the book?" he asked politely as Anko literally dropped it hypnotize from the sight of Naruto muscles as the shirt he wore hug it tightly. "ooo…kay?" he said unsurely as he went to the door, "You guys are coming right?" as he put a white jacket making the jonin nods and quickly.

Meanwhile, in the academy

A classroom at the Kunoichi Academy was vivid with activity. Several girls, after just completing the genin test last night, were eager to get assigned onto teams and prove themselves to their families and villages and have their names know in glory.

"Sasuki-chaaaan!" Two girls, a blonde with blue eyes named Ino and a pinkette with green eyes named Sakura, squealed as they launched themselves at a brooding girl with black hair and onyx eyes. Ino was an attractive girl with a decent B sized bust behind a purple vest like blouse with a raised collar, a skirt that was cut off on the sides and bandage on her stomach and legs. She also wore purple and white elbow warmers with this, and her forehead-protector around her waist as a belt. Her platinum blond hair and fair skin made her the spitting image of her mothers.

Sakura was an equally attractive girl, but with a smaller bust, as she wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, with short sleeves, tight dark green shorts, and a forehead-protector which she used to accentuate her face.

"Hey! I was here first Ino-pig!" Sakura shouted at the blond who sneered back.

"No! I was here first billboard brow!" Ino shouted back.

"Oh Kami, they're at it again!" Kira Inuzuka claimed as she slammed her head on her desk. Kira was a girl with a feral yet charming appearance with wild spiky brown hair and black canine-like eyes with the red fang markings of her clan on her cheeks. Her small dog companion barked in agreement. She wore a sleeveless grey hooded coat with a brown fur trim that covered her small C breasts with matching arm & leg guards along with black biker shorts. Her forehead-protector was on her forehead.

"What did you expect? *sigh* this is so troublesome." Shika Nara said tiredly as she drifted to sleep.

Shika wore an open short sleeved grey jacket with green edges with a tan mesh bodysuit that outlined her mid C sized breasts and short brown skirt. Her hair was in a pineapple-like jet-black ponytail. She had dark eyes that gleamed with both laziness yet brilliance. She had an annoyed expression but it didn't deny that she had both of her mothers' good looks.

Sasuki started to sneer at the two girls that were fighting over her. "WILL YOU TWO JUST SHUT UP!?" She snapped. The two girls jumped at their idol's anger. "I KEEP TELLING YOU TWO, I DON'T WANT ANY OF YOU!" Sasuki was definitely among the best looking girls among the genin, which was saying quite a bit giving how all of them were attractive in their own ways. She had her clan's onyx eyes with lightly pale skin and black hair with slight spikes in the back that between her neck and shoulders. She wore a wide-neck kunoichi mini-dress with high slits on the sides. She also wore mostly handless black elbow-gloves and what looked to be a cross between thigh-highs and sandals. She had a small D sized chest.

The two girls started turned to her. "W-Why Sasuki-chan?" Sakura asked tearfully.

"Yeah! What's wrong with us?!" Ino asked with anger rather than sadness.

Sasuki rolled her eyes. "For one, I like men, and ONLY MEN," she started. "Second, I find you two annoying." Ino and Sakura's jaws dropped at that. "And the last and most important reason is that you both are too weak for me!" She snapped.

Ino and Sakura tear up as they were told off by their crush.

"Whoa." Kira said, "That will leave a mark!" she said with giggle as her friend Hinata nodded in agreement. Hinata was a girl with a regal sense of beauty. She had bluish dark hair and the pale, pupil-less eyes of her clan. Her baggy hoodie hid her mid-sized D bust that she was very embarrassed about.

She never really talked to the two girls, but she did feel sorry for them. She wished she would never feel the sting of rejection from the one person she loved, though she started to frown when she thought about him. How he may never come back.

It wasn't long till the chūnin teacher, Iriko Umino, walked into the room. The new genin went silent as she walked in. Iriko had dark skin with a scar that ran across the bridge of her nose. She wore the basic chūnin jacket with a small DD chest and brown hair in a ponytail. She was a very attractive woman with kind, dark eyes. She had a small smile on her face as she looked over her former students. "So this is it," she told them. "The day you all meet your teammates and your jōnin instructors." Most of the girls in the class room smiled widely with pride at that.

But things soon changed when an ANBU wearing the dog mask walked in. The girls instantly started to whisper amongst themselves, even the ones famous for their silence. The ANBU whispered something into Iriko's ear; they noticed how the teacher's face took on a surprised look. "Y-You're serious?" She asked the ANBU.

The ANBU nodded deeply as she turned to the door and gestured to someone outside. They girls gasped at who walked in. It was a male with long, spiky gold hair with sun-kissed skin and bright blue eyes with silver tears painted on his face. He had a handsome face with whisker-like marks. He wore a blue version of ninja pants with a white jacket covering his upper body. He looked at the girls with a very faint blush from the attention he was getting but was studying them intently as well.

The ANBU walked out leaving the man in the room with the girls staring at him openly, drooling slightly, or a combination of the two. "So care to introduce yourself to your fellow um… kunoichi?" Iriko asked. Immediately the girls let out a shout.




Naruto stood in front of the class, "My name is Naruto and for the record…I'm a boy." He stated. The girls instantly went silent again, right before how they charged him.

"You're a guy?!" Asked one girl as they surrounded him.

"I'm going to be a ninja," he said.

"What?" Sasuki asked with a sneer at him.

Naruto looked over and saw her glaring at him with her arms crossed. "Yeah, I can mold chakra, so I was forced to be here…that and I was train by intresting people in my life that also might be a part of this." he said cryptically.

Sasuki sneer grew more. "Men don't have a place here. You belong in a kitchen."

Naruto grinned sarcastically. "You know I would if my landlady didn't try to kill me for taking her spot for cooking." He said while he pale a bit that Ayaka scar the living hell out of him for trying to make a snack.

The girl glared daggers at the boy who smiles at her for a few moments till a girl with a long ash grey ponytail and circular glasses with a kind appearance stepped between them. "Now now, let's be nice to the first ever male ninja in history." She said to Sasuki before turning to Naruto. "I, for one am glad to meet you…" She paused as she waited for his name.

He smiled, the girl was slightly taller than him, meaning that she was probably older, and was fairly good looking. She wore a dark purple shirt with a high collar, a white undershirt, and fingerless gloves with armored plates on the back of the hand, a white cloth waistband worn at an angle, tight dark purple pants, and blue sandals. She wore her forehead-protector in the normal noted that she had a fairly nice bust; he guessed it was a small D. She had a nice smile that made his heart flutter a bit; he would be lying if he said he wouldn't be able to fall for her.

Just because Zero made him slightly emotionless doesn't mean he can't still regain them. "My name is Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto." he said as he gave a small smile.

There were several gasps as he heard the girls whispering. "Namikaze, like the Fourth?" He heard one say.

"Hai, I was born between Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minako. My father or rather parental mother was the Fourth," he clarified as he turned to the feral Inuzuka girl who said it. He noted that the girl blushed deeply as he studied her. "That's another reason why I'm here, since I'm the only living member of two clans who can use chakra, I'm legally bounded to be a 'shinobi', as I believe the term is." Naruto lied knowing that this was his punishment for breaking his games rules.

"Shinobi?" Ino said as she leaned in.

Naruto noted the hungry look in her eyes. "Yes, that's what the Third started calling me," he said.

"Mendokusē, no offense, but can you prove it?" Shika asked. "It's a rather wild claim."

Naruto smiled making her blush before he started charge his right arm and hand with a golden glow. "Doragon no tenkū shinken!" He threw his fist into a wall that exploded from the burst of energy and leaving a very big hole in the wall! "Damn…I thought I was holding a lot back!" he exclaimed. It seems that the technique is incredibly strong withered he hold back or not. He was hit with huge pain in his chest, but held strong that no saw he suddenly pain. 'Guess that's the backlash for such a strong move.' His body calm down as the pain passes on."Is that good enough?" He asked.

They all nodded dumbly just as Iriko started to cough loudly. "Now girls…and boy, please take your seats while you wait for your sensei to show up."

"Hang on," said a girl with pale, almost white, skin and short black hair, before asking, "can I ask Naruto-kun one thing?" Iriki nodded as the girl walked up to him. Naruto noted that there was something off about her; she was strange for some reason. She wore a small black sleeveless top with red accents on the edges that highlighted her C breasts that had qipao-style neck and shorts of the same dark color with matching red accents. Her black eyes seemed to shine against her black hair.

"So what do you want to ask me?" He asked as she got closer.

She didn't say anything, before grinning widely and pulling down his pants and underwear leaving his 10 inch dick to be seen by the rest of the girls. "Oh my, he's really a…he," Sai said. "He's quite large!" She giggled. The rest of the girls were either passed out from their nose bleeds or so shocked by what they saw that their brains overloaded and left all cognitive thought behind.

"WHAT THE HELL!?" Naruto shouted as he quickly brought his pants back up.

Sai was giggling like a perverted old woman. "Now now don't hide such a blessing," she teased.

The pink-haired girl comes up from behind the girl named Sai. "Clean up your act baka!" She shouted.

Sai groaned. "OW! That hurt Sakura!" She whined.

"Well you just don't yank down people's pants!"

"Ehhhh you're no fun."

"ENOUGH!" Iriko shouted using her infamous Demon Head Jutsu, making all the girls cower in their seats. Naruto just sat next to a wall and a girl wearing a thick coat with a high collar that seemed to have an insect wing-sheath look to it. She had messy dark brown hair held up with her forehead-protector, along with a set of sunglasses. Naruto smiled faintly at her, but didn't see the blush the girl had when she saw his smile and the image of his… flesh-stick burned into her eyelids.

It wasn't long till Asuna walked in with her characteristic cigarette in her mouth. "Alright, where's Team 10?" She called out. Ino, Shika and Chō of the Akimichi clan walked down. Asuna looked over them and nodded; she then looked up and saw Naruto looking at from her. A faint blush crawled up into her face. "You go ahead and meet me at Team 10's training grounds," she said. They nodded as they left while Asuna walked over to Naruto.

Naruto instantly hid his face from her when he heard her voice. "Sooo, I see you here Naruto-kun," Asuna said. "So how's that arm that Touko made?"

The boy shrugs moving his right arm and starching the fingers. "Basically the same if not better then my old limbs."

"Wait, you two know each other?" Sakura asked.

Asuna smiled at her. "Yep, the hokage let me and few others judge his skill before letting him join you guys." she said as she gave Naruto a hard but friendly smack on the back.

Naruto tried his best to ignore her still a little guilty for the things he said for the hunt of Asagami…speaking which whatever happens to her?

Meanwhile, in Konoha interrogation HQ Asagami was so somehow on the ceiling Anko had a whip, chocolate sauce, and dominatrix outfit. "Oh, Asa-chan~! Why don't you come and play with Anko?"

Asagami shook her head as anime tears came from her eyes as little yoyo's dangling up and down. "I said I was sorry for making you dropped your dango!"

That's another story to be in hold unfortunately. Back to Naruto and the academy.

Asuna walked out before giving Naruto a quick wave and a wink that he didn't acknowledge. It wasn't long till Kurenai came in; there was a little greeting but it was even more awkward than with Asuna. It was more like a competition on who can say the fewest words and blush the reddest. It wasn't long till the girls got paranoid about his relationships with his 'sensei.' Kurenai took with her Kira, Hinata and the girl with the sunglasses.

So it was just Naruto, the girl named Kabuko, the pink haired girl that has been staring at him forever with that dreamy look, that one girl that's still glaring daggers at him, the girl that showed his manhood to everyone and a girl he hadn't talked to. The last girl had long, light brown hair that went well with her light-brown, almost golden eyes. One bang was straight while the other was braided. She had somewhat pale skin. She wore a series of kimono-shirts, over them was a knee-length purple dress with a short left sleeve and long right sleeve with slits on the side that came up to her upper-thigh, under which was a pair of black biker shorts. Over the dress was a light-pink sash. She also wore black shinobi sandals. She was actually a good looker, but he didn't bother to talk to her because of his whole… 'Sai-fiasco.'

Naruto knew that he was supposed to be in team 11, but he didn't know who was on the team. As far as he knew it could be the pinkette and painter girl or the angry girl and the glasses girl. His thoughts were interrupted when the door open and showed a woman with long hair came into the classroom. She has long purple silky hair, shining brown eyes, red lipstick, D-cup breasts, and amazingly soft creamy skin for a kenjutsu user like her and had two swords wrapped to her back. She wore typical jonin attire with the exception of having armor in place of a jonin vest which accentuated her figure all the more.

"All right, I'm looking for a…" she stopped as she laid eyes on Naruto."Hello, Uzumaki-san" she said politely and stood in front of him. Naruto blushed at that as she continued. "I'm sure the Hokage didn't tell you this, but I'm your jōnin instructor Naruto-kun," she said.

"I-I see," he stuttered uneasily at the closeness and the look in her eyes it have lust rather interested that made him unsettled.

The woman nodded. "So who's the rest of team 11?" She asked. It wasn't long till both Kabuko and the brown haired girl stood up. The three of them looked between them; they studied each other like the teams did before them. Measuring their possible strengths and weakness and what their roles would be. the woman did the same, before nodding. "Meet me up on the roof and we'll get intros out of the way!" She said before she disappeared to the top in a burst of smoke, signaling it to be a Shunshin no Jutsu(Body Flicker Technique).

The three teammates looked at each other once more. He smiled at Kabuko, who give him a slight nod and a smile, and at the brown haired girl who just nodded back before they went to the roof.

On the roof they saw the woman patiently waiting for them. "Welcome everyone." She said. "Okay, we'll start with our names, likes, dislikes, hobbies, hopes for the future." she explain. "So we'll start with you!" She said as she pointed at Kabuko.

Kabuko pushed her glasses up. "My name is Yakushi Kabuko, my likes are jack mackerel and sea bream while my dislikes are raw meat. My hobbies are taking care of my scalpels and other medical supplies. My hope for the future is to be a powerful medic-nin and maybe settle down with a family," she said. At the last part she smiled at Naruto a bit, who smiled back.

The jonin nodded, "Okay, you next miss!" She said as she pointed at brown hair girl. "Your turn!'

The girl shifted uneasily. "M-My name is Kurama Yakumo," she said, "and my likes are painting. I dislike untruthful people and critics. My hobbies are painting and my hope for the future is to become a powerful kunoichi, using mainly Genjutsu and to have a happy life."

The woman nodded again. "Last but not least, it's your turn Naruto."

Naruto coughed to clear his throat. "My name is Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. My likes are ramen, knives, bows, and classical music while my dislikes are the time it traitors, vegetables, and being forced to do things I don't like. My hobbies are training, playing my ocarina, and writing songs. My hope for the future is to have a nice life and see my life through to the end." he said.

"Well my name is Uzuki Yūgao. My likes are the Moon, candied apples, practicing my sword, and flower pressing. My dislikes are spicy and bitter foods, selfish people, and people who hate the moon. My hobbies are moon viewing. My hope for the future is to make you three the best kunoichi…and shinobi!" she told them. "Tomorrow we're going on a mission to test your abilities, teamwork, and lastly weaknesses if you have any."

Chapter end.

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