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As it turns out, Vice-AKA Leon Kennedy-is working with Viper to conspire against Red. This information must be pretty damn important for the two to try and turn on Red. Is it part of the larger conspiracy to overthrow Red and create a vacuum here in Insane City? I'm not sure. All I know is I've gotten a gun and I've gotten the intel. Now I'm running for my life.

Status Report 7: The Files

I'm running down the halls a million miles a minute. I turn every corner I can find, weaving my way through what appears to be a rundown store house. Vice must have carted me off when he knocked me unconscious. Bastard. I'm not sure where that puts me on his property. Cursing inwardly, I take another corner before I hear gunfire going off in the hallways. I'll give that blonde dick some credit, he's keeping up with my hectic movements a lot easier than I thought he'd be able to. The gunfire isn't too close, but it's close enough to make me sweat.

I take yet another corner before dropping low, pressing my back against the wall. It's cold against my heated body. Working hard, I calm my breathing. I can't keep running. I'm getting nowhere. Stopping is a risk, especially since it isn't just Vice who's following me. Viper is no doubt tailing me, too. She wants her prisoner back.

Frowning, I keep my mind focused. I can hear Vice's footfall as it turns into the hallway. I can hear his deep breathing, angry and unsettled. He doesn't have the calm mask I'm so use to him wearing. Internally, I smirk. I knew I could get him worked up.

He's getting closer to the corner I'm tucked behind. Right as he's about to turn the edge, I twist around, pointing my gun at him and firing. Vice gives off a yelp, stumbling back. My bullet's hit, striking him in the shoulder. It's not a deep hit, more of a graze, but it's enough to shock him. I level my gun with his head. I can't kill him. Yet. Getting to my feet, keeping the gun level, I stand in front of him.

"You don't want to do this," Vice's words are calm despite his trembling body.

"Where's the exit?" I don't have time to waste on this scumbag. His little girlfriend will be here soon to flank me.

He gives a small smirk, "Sucks, doesn't it? Escaping only to-"

I fire the gun next to his head, Vice wincing as the loud bang crashes into his eardrum. My ears are ringing from the confined hallways, I can't image how bad it is that close to the barrel. I'm only slightly disturbed by the amount of pleasure I get from the thought. "I won't miss next time. Answer!"

For the first time ever, Vice looks scared. Not overtly so, not the whole nine yards. But in his eyes. He knows I'm serious. Knows I won't hesitate to end his pathetic reign, erase him from the history books. There's a tremble on his lips when he speaks. "Take a left at the next two halls. That'll get you on the street." I only stand for a second longer before backing up slowly. I keep my gun raised, files pressed tightly to my chest, before turning and dashing off. I take the two lefts without delay, finding the door to the street. I bust through it, catching the street sign.

Watermacker Street. I think about the maps I've studied.

Shit. I'm right in the middle of Vice's territory.

Quickly, I begin running down the street. I have to make it to Red's territory if I'm going to get out of this mess. Not that I like thinking of Red as my only hope for escaping this little unexpected mess alive, but it's the truth.

I don't know how long I'm running before a woman-Viper, as it seems in the moonlight-jumps down from a window, landing on the street. I stop, glaring forward. I can hear feet following after, no doubt Vice.

She puts a sly smile on her face, "You shouldn't run like that, kid."

God, for the last time, I am not young enough to be called kid. "Becoming your bitch sounded like a worse option."

The smile she wears is mocking but I keep my cool. She wants to knock me off my game, make me unbalanced. I'm not going to let her. "Cole, Cole, Cole. You're so naive. This isn't a game. If I have to, I'll shoot you."

Keeping my gun level, I glare at her, "Go ahead and try it."

Kennedy speaks from behind, "I wouldn't encourage her." I can only roll my eyes. "End this peacefully, Cole, while you still can. I'd hate for a face as pretty as yours to become another casualty."

I'm not sure if he's trying to flatter me or mock me. Probably the latter. My gun stays trained forward, "I'm not going down without a fight."

Viper doesn't hesitate. She opens fire. I leap out of the way, tucking and rolling to the side. She's got deadly accuracy. I keep running. Vice opens from behind and I dive through a broken window on a side building for cover. They've got me pinned good. Maybe I shouldn't have been so brash? Too late for that.

My brashness is part of my charm, I guess.

I can hear Viper reloading, Leon covering by firing into the window I'm ducking behind. Shit, they've got me pinned. Leaning against the half wall I've got, I check my ammo supply. 9 bullets left. Not nearly enough to take down both of them, even considering my sharp shooting skills. Even through the hail of bullets, I close my eyes and think. There's got to be a back door here, but getting to it is the problem. I come into sight, I'll be shot through. Simple as that. I could wait out their assault, though there's no guarantee that Kennedy hasn't called for reinforcements. I'm working on an enemy's timetable. If he's called people here, he's just biding time until they arrive.

Even if reinforcements haven't been called in, I'm running down the clock just sitting here. No doubt the kids have heard the gunfire and have already garbed their automatic rifles and sub-machine guns. They'd be flooding the streets any moment now, and I don't doubt Vice will send them this way. Then I'd really be outgunned.

So moving is my only option.

I grip the files closely to my chest and begin to army crawl across the floor, sticking as close to the wall as possible as I make my way to the back of the dark store. I can hear the bullets wiz over me, striking the back wall and cracking the cement there. They're still shooting high; they don't see me. Yet.

My eyes soak in the area quickly. Use to be a convenience store, counter will provide good cover. There's almost always a back door behind the counter, makes a quick escape for the employee should something go awry inside.

Moving faster, I pull myself behind the counter right as a bullet lodges itself into the solid metal frame. Grimacing, I shuffle onward, keeping myself as quiet as possible. They're shouting out there, but I can't hear what they're saying. Then I hear heeled boots step into the building and I know Viper's on my tail. Well, at least they're not stupid. They know what I'm up to.

Wasting no time, I reach a thin doorway and pull it open. Viper opens fire at the door, her heels rushing forward. I duck my way through the door, pulling it closed before taking off. It's an alleyway, skinny and winding. I've got to move.

Rushing through it, I round a corner and climb the chain-linked fence that greets me. Files still in hand, I take off down the open street, sticking close to the side. My heart is pounding as I race out of Vice's territory. I can hear an alarm begin to ring out, like a siren, alerting everyone that I've escaped.

I keep running.

The sound of boots smashing against the ground comes behind me. Shit.

I keep running.

Vice is shouting, his voice carrying as I round another street corner. He's commanding his men to follow after.

I keep running.

The street where Red's territory begins is visible now. I cross that, Vice can't follow after. It'd be suicide. Red would destroy him.

I keep running.

More boots falling behind me, the sound of guns cocking and setting.

I keep running.

The volley reaches my ears just as the pain reaches my brain. My world tumbles and crashes down around me as I hit the cement face first. Every bit of me hurts, I'm not sure what's been struck. I try to move, to pull myself up, but the pain surges with every movement, causing me to collapse onto the pavement again.

Footfall approaches me and I increase the grip on the files. He is not prying these from my hands. I'll bleed all over them, make them unreadable-something! I won't hand it over to him. He's not winning.

The boots enter my vision and I can feel the smirk looking down at me. One of those disappears only to slam against my back. I yelp, red flashing across my vision. Holding back the whimper that forms on my lips as the boot digs into me, I tighten my grip on the files. The foot drops down again and again, and I can't hold back my screams. Stars dance across my vision as the foot kicks me in the face, possibly breaking my nose. But I hold on. I won't let go.

The sound of a vehicle, muffler loud and the spray of gunfire, bullets dancing above me.

The food disappears but the pain settles into my bones and I grip the files tighter. I'm not letting go. I'll never let go. Even as chaos begins around me, I cling tightly to the papers. I cannot let go.